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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

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Coucy 1

: Counts of Amiens, Sn de Boves, Sn de Coucy, Sn de Marle
Co29. Hugh, Sn de Boves d after 1037
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
Co28. Dreux = Drogo, Sn de Boves a c1069
m Adele dau of Aubir/Alberic, Sn de Coucy
Co27. Enguerand Ingelgram I, Sn de Boves et Coucy, Count of Amiens b 1030, d 1116
m1 Ada/Adele de Roucy b 1030, d 1106, dau of Letard de Roucy, Sn de Marle
Co26. Thomas I , Sn de Coucy, Marle, etc, Count of Amiens b c1073, d 1130
m1 by 1095 Ida of Hainault b c1085, d after 1101, dau of Baldwin II, Count of Hainault
Co25-1. Ida de Coucy
m1 Alard de Chimay
m2 Bernard d'Orbais
Co25-2. Beatrix de Coucy d c1156
m Evrard III de Breteuil d 1148
m2 c1101 _ de Montaigu
m3. Melisende de Crecy d after 1147, dau of Guy de Crecy
Co25-3 Enguerrand II, Sn de Coucy, Marle and le Fere d 1147
m 1132 Agnes de Boisgency dau of Rene de Boisgency
1 Raoul I, Sn de Coucy, etc b c1135, d Acre 11.1191
m1 before 1164 Agnes of Hainault b c1142, d 1168/73, dau of Baldwin IV, Count of Hainault
A Yolande de Coucy b c1164, d 18.03.1222
m 1184 Robert II, Count of Dreux b 1154, d 28.12.1218
B Isabeau de Coucy
m1 Raoul I, Count of Roucy d 1196
m2 Henry III, Count of Grandpre d 1211
C Ade de Coucy a 1166
m Diederich III, Heer van Beveren d after 1194
m2 after 1173 Alix de Dreux b c1156, d after 1217, dau of Robert I 'le Grand', Count de Dreux
D Enguerrand III, Compte de Coucy et de Perche d 1243
m1 1201 Beatrix de Vignory widow of Jean I, Count of Roucy
m2 1204 Matilda of Saxony b 1179, d 1209
m3. Marie de Montmirail of Montmirail, etc d c1267, dau of Jean de Montmirail
i Raoul III de Coucy d Massoura 1250
m Philippe de Dammartin d 1277/81, dau of Simon de Dammartin, Cte de Ponthieu
ii Enguerrand IV de Coucy, Vcte de Meaux, etc d 1310
m1 before 1262 Margaret of Geldern dau of Otto II, Count of Geldern
m2 1288 Joanna of Flanders d 15.10.1333
iii Jean de Coucy d after 1242
iv Marie de Coucy
m1 12/5.05.1239 Alexander II, King of Scots b 24.08.1198, 08.07.1249
m2 1257, sp Jean de Brienne of Acre d 1296
v Alix de Coucy b c1219
m Arnould III, Cte de Guines or Guignes d 1283
Their second son became Sire de Coucy.
E Thomas II de Coucy, Sn de Vervins b by 1191, d 1252/3
m before 1225 Mahaut de Rethel dau of Hugues II, Count of Rethel
i Thomas de Coucy, Sn de Vervins d 1281 had issue
m1 before 1256 Elisabeth dau of Arnold III, Count van Looz
m2 before 1257 Marguerite dau of Gerard de Picquigny, vidame d'Amiens
ii Yolande de Coucy
m before 1240 Arnold de Mortagne, Bggve of Doornick a 1265
iii Felicite de Coucy b before 1241, d 1307
m Baudoin d'Avesnes, Sn de Beaumont b 09.1219, d 10.04.1295
iv Agnes de Coucy b before 1248, d 1277
m c1258 Gobert VII d'Aspremont
F Robert de Coucy, Sn de Pinon d after 1234 had issue
m1 Elizabeth de Pierrepont dau of Robert de Pierrepont
m2 before 1219 Godde widow of _ de Preaux
G Raoul de Coucy, priest
H Agnes de Coucy a 1214
m after 1190 Gilles de Beaumetz, chatelain de Bapaume
2 Enguerrand de Coucy d c1174
Co25-4 Robert de Coucy, Sn de Boves d 19.07.1191
m Beatrix de St. Pol d after 1192, sister of Hugues, Cte de Saint Pol
1 Enguerannd de Coucy, Sn de Boves
m Adele de Nesle dau of Jean de Nesle, Bargrave of Bruges
A Robert de Coucy, Sn de Boves d 1248/9
m Helvide de Nanteuil dau of Guillaume de Nanteuil, Sn d'Autreches
i Philippe de Boves probably of this generation
m Hugh, Sn de Rumigny
B Elizabeth de Coucy
m before 05.1214 Nicolas de Rumigny d 1257
2+ other issue - Robert de Fouencamps, Hugues, Thomas
Co25. Melisende de Coucy
m1 Adelelme ??
m2 Hugues IV de Gournay b c1107, d 1180
m2 Sibylle de Porcean dau of Roger de Porcean
Co27-2.+ 2 sons dsp

Sources: GenEU Coucy1.
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