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Dampierre 1

: Dampierre of Bourbon, Dampierre of Flanders
Vitier de Moeslain d c1080
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1. Thibut de Dampierred-sur-l'Aube d 1106/7
m Elizabeth de Monthlery dau of Milon I de Monthlery
A. Guy I de Dampierre, Viscount of Troyes d 1151
m 1120/5 Helvide de Baudement d 1165, dau of Andrew de Baudement
i. Guillaume I de Dampierre d c 1161
m Ermengarde de Mouchy dau of Dreux de Mouchy
a. Guy II de Dampierre, Constable of Champagne, Sn de Bourbon et de Montlucon d 18.01.1216
m 1196 Mahaut or Mathilda de Bourbon b c1165, d 18.06.1228, dau of Archambault V/VI de Bourbon
1 Archambaut VI/VIII de Dampierre, Sn de Bourbon b c1189, d 23.07.1242
m1 1205 Guigone de Forez
A Archambaut Archembaud VIII/IX de Dampierre, Sn de Bourbon d 1249
m c1228 Yolande de Chatillon-sur-Marne, Countess de Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre d 1254, dau of Guy III de Chatillon
i Mahaut II, Dame de Bourbon, Countess de Nevers, etc b c1234, d 1262
m 1248 Eudes de Bourgogne, Count de Nevers, etc b 1230, d 1266/9
ii Agnes, Dame de Bourbon, Countess de Nevers, etc b c1237, d 07.09.1288
m1 1248 Jean de Bourgogne, Sn de Bourbon d 09.1267
m2 1277 Robert II, Count d'Artois b 1250, d 11.07.1302
B Margaret de Dampierre of Bourbon d 12.04.1256
m 22.09.1232 Thibaut I 'le Grand', King of Navarre, Count de Champagne et de Brie b 1201, d 08.07.1253
m2 Beatrix de Montlucon
C Marie de Dampierre = Marie de Bourbon b c1220, d 1274
m 1240 Jean I, Count de Dreux et de Braine b 1215, d 1249
D Beatrix/Agnes de Dampierre
m Beraud de Mercoeur
2 Guy III de Dampierre, Sn de Saint-Just,etc d c1275
3 Guillaume II de Dampierre b after 1196, d 1231
m 1223 Margaret, Countess of Flanders and Hainault b 02.06.1202, d 10.02.1280
A Guillaume III de Dampierre, Count of Flanders b 1224, dsp 06.06.1251
m 11.1247 Beatrix of Brabant b 1225, d 11.11.1288, dau of Henry II, Duke of Brabant
B Guy de Dampierre, Margrave of Namur, Count of Flanders b 1225/6, d 07.03.1304/5
m1 c1246 Matilda, heiress of Bethune d 08.11.1264, dau of Robert VII de Bethune
i Robert III 'de Bethune' de Dampierre, Count of Flanders and Nevers b c1249, d 17.09.1322
m1 Blanche d'Anjou b c1250, d 1269
a Charles d young
m2 03.1272 Yolande de Bourgogne, Countess de Nevers, etc b 1248, d 02.06.1280
b Louis, Count de Nevers et de Rethel d 24.07.1322
m 1290 Jeanne, Countess of Rethel d after 12.03.1328
1 Louis I, Count of Flanders, of Nevers et de Rethel b c1304, d Crecy 1346
m 1317/1320 Margaret of France, Countess of Artois b 1310, d 09.05.1382, dau of Philip V, King of France
A Louis II, Count of Flanders, etc b 25.11.1330, d 09.01.1384
m 06.06.1347 Margaret of Brabant b 09.02.1323, d 1368, dau of Jean III, Duke of Brabant and Limburg
i Margaret III, Countess of Flanders, etc b 13.04.1350, d 16.03.1405
m1 1357 Philippe I, Duke of Burgundy b 08.1346, d 21.11.1361
m2 19.06.1369 Philippe II, Duke of Burgundy b 15.01.1342, d 27.04.1404
partners unknown
ii+ 15 recorded illegitimate children
2 Jeanne b c1295, d 1374
m 1329 Jean IV, Duke of Bretagne b 1295, d 1345
c Robert, Count de Marle d 1331
m c 1323 Jean de Bretagne b 1296, d 1363
1 John, lord of Cassel d after 1331
2 Yolande, heiress of Cassel, Marle, etc b c1331, d 1395
m1 Henri IV, Count of Bar d 1344
m2 1352/3 Philippe de Navarre, Count de Longueville d 1363
d Jeanne of Flanders d 15.10.1333
m 1288 Enguerrand IV de Coucy, Viscount de Meaux d 1310
e Yolande of Flanders d 1313
m c 1287 Wautier II d'Enghien d 1309
f Matilda of Flanders
m c1314 Matthias of Lorraine d c1330
ii Guillaume de Dampierre, lord of Dendermone and Crevecoeur b after 1249, d 1311
m 1286 Alix de Beaumont d 1320
iii Baudoin de Dampierre d 1296
iv Jean de Dampierre, Bishop of Metz and Lege d 1290
v Philippe de Dampierre, Count di Teano b c1263, d 1318
m1 Mahaut de Courtenay, Countess di Chieti d 1303
m2 c1304 Philipotte de Milly d c1335
vi Margaret de Dampierre b c1253, d 03.07.1285
m 1273 Jean I 'Victorious', Duke of Brabant and Limburg b 1253, d 03.05.1294
vii Beatrix de Dampierre d 1296
m c1270 Floris V, Count of Holland d 1296
viii Marie de Dampierre d 1297
m1 Wilhelm of Julich d 1278
m2 1285 Simon II de Chateauvilain d 1305
m2 1264 Isabella of Luxembourg b c1247, d 1298, dau of Henri, Count of Luxembourg
ix Jean I, Margrave of Namur b 1267, d 31.01.1330
m1 1308 Margaret of Clermont b 1289, d 1309
m2 1309 Marie d'Artois, lady of Merode b 1291, d 1365
x Guy de Dampierre, Count of Seeland d 1311
m c1311 Margaret of Lorraine
xi Henri de Dampierre, Count de Lodi d 1366
m 1309 Margaret of Cleves
xii Margaret de Dampierre of Flanders d 1321/31
m1 15.11.1282 Alexander, Prince of Scotland b 21.01.1263-4, dsp 28.01.1283-4
m2 1286/96 Rainald I, Count of Geldern d 1326
xiii Isabelle de Dampierre d 1323
m Jean de Fiennes, sr de Tingry a 1333
xiv Beatrix de Dampierre d after 1307
m 1287 Hugues II de Chatillon-sur-Marne, Count de Blois et de Dunois b 1258, d 1307
xv+ other issue - Jeane nun, Philippa d 1304
C Jean I de Dampierre, Sn de Dampierre, Viscount de Troyes, Constable of Champagne d 1258
m 1250 Laura of Lorraine
D Jeanne de Dampierre
m1 1239 Hugues III, Count de Rethel d 1243
m2 1243, sp Theobald II, Count of Bar d 1291
E Marie de Dampierre, Abbess of flines d 1302
4 Philippe/Mahaut de Dampierre d 1223
m 1205 Guigues IV d'Albon, Count de Forez d 1241
5 Marie de Dampierre
m1 c1210 Herve de Vierzon
m2 1220 Henri I de Sully, Count de Dreux d after 1248
b. Milon a 1228
c. Helvide de Dampierre
m before 1194 Jean de Montmirail
1 Marie de Montmirail, heiress of Montmirail, etc d c1267
m Enguerrand III, Compte de Coucy et de Perche d 1243
d. Elizabeth de Dampierre
m Joffroi d'Aspremont
e. Odette de Dampierre d 1212
m Jean II de Thouotte, chatelain de Noyon d 1235/7
ii. Helvide de Dampierre
m Joffroi IV de Joinville d 1190
iii. Agnes de Dampierre d after 1192
m Narjod II de Toucy d 1192
iv.+ other issue - Anseric d after 1151, Andre a 1165, Milon a 1165, Guy, Bishop of Chalons-sur-Marne a 1163
B. Eudes a 1136
2. Hugues, Bishop of Troyes a 1082

Sources: GenEU Flanders4, 5, 'Royal Genealogies'.
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