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Germany 5: Dukes of Bavaria and Saxony, Dukes of Luneburg and Braunschweig / Brunswick
Welf, Duke of Bavaria d 1101
m1 Ethelina of Saxony dau of Otto, Duke of Saxony
m2 c1071 Judith of Flanders dau of Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders
1. Welf, Duke of Bavaria b c1073, d 24.09.1120
m 1089 Matilda of Tuscany d 1115
2. Henry 'the Black', Duke of Bavaria b c1074, d 20.10.1139
m Wulfhild of Saxony b 1075, d 1126, dau of Magnus, Duke of Saxony
A. Henry 'the Proud', Duke of Bavaria and Saxony b c1108, d 20.10.1139
m 29.05.1127 Gertrude d 1143, dau of Emperor Lothar III of Supplinburg
i. Henry 'the Lion', Duke of Bavaria and Saxony b 1129, d 06.08.1195
m1 1147, div 1162 Clementia of Zahringen d before 1167
a. Gertrud or Rira of Saxony d 1197
m1 1166 Friderich IV, Duke of Swabia b 1145, d 1167
m2 1177 Knut VI, King of Denmark dsp 11.11.1202
m2 01.02.1168 Matilda of England b 1156, d 06.08.1195, dau of Henry Plantagenet, King Henry II of England
b. Otto IV, Duke of Swabia, Emperor d 15/9.05.1218
m1 1212 Beatrix von Hohenstaufen b 1198, d 1212/3, dau of Emperor Philip
m2 1214 Marie of Brabant d 1243, dau of Henry I, Duke of Brabant
c. Henry I, Palatine of the Rhine b c1173, d 28.04.1227
m1 1194 Agnes of Staufen b 1176, d 1204, dau of Conrad, Palatine of the Rhein
1 Henry II, Palatine of the Rhine b c1196, dsp 01.05.1214
m 1212 Matilda of Brabant d 1267
2 Irmingard of the Rhine d 24.02.1260
m c1217 Hermann I, Margrave of Baden d 1243
3 Agnes of the Rhine d 16.08.1267
m 1222/5 Otto II, Duke of Bavaria b 07.04.1206, d 29.11.1253
m2 1211 Agnes of Landsberg d 1248
d. William 'of Winchester', Duke of Luneburg d 13.12.1213
m 1202 Helene of Denmark d 1233, dau of Waldemar I, King of Denmark
1 Otto 'Puer', Duke of Luneburg and Braunschweig b 1204, d 1252
m 1228 Matilda of Brandenburg d 10.06.1261, dau of Albert II, Markgrave of Brandenburg
A Albert I 'Magnus', Duke of Braunschweig b 1236, d 15.08.1279
m1 1254 Elisabeth of Brabant b 1243, d 1261
ROYL tables CCLXIX and CCCCXVI show Albert's 2nd wife as Adelheid, daughter of Aldobrandus of Este, but we follow GenEU in showing her as ...
m2 1263 Alessina of Montferrat d 06.02.1285, dau of Boniface, Marquis of Montferrat
i Henry I 'Mirabilis' , Duke of Braunschweig-Grubenhagen b 1267, d 07.09.1322 had issue
m 1282 Agnes of Misnia/Meissen dau of Albert, Margrave of Misnia/ Meissen
ii Albert II 'Pinguis the Fat', Duke of Braunschweig-Gottingen b c1268, d 22.09.1318
m 10.01.1284 Richenda or Rira/Rixa dau of Henry, Prince of the Wenden
a Magnus I 'the Pious', Duke of Braunschweig-Gottingen b c1304, d 1369
m Sofie of Brandenburg b 1300, d c1356, dau of Henry I, Margrave of Brandenburg
1 Magnus II, Duke of Braunschweig-Luneburg b c1328, d 26.07.1373
m Katharina of Anhalt d 1390, dau of Bernard III, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg
A Sophie of Braunschweig
m 1373 Erich III/IV, Duke of Saxe-Lauenberg b 1354, d 21.06.1412
B+ other issue
2 Katharine of Braunschweig
m 1391 Gerhard, Count of Holstein, Duke of Schleswig d 1404
3+ other issue
iii Matilda of Braunschweig b 1276, d 1318
m c1290 Henry, Duke of Glogau d 1309/10
iv+ other issue
B Johann, Duke of Luneburg b c1242, d 1277 had issue
m 1265 Liutgard of Holstein
C Helen of Braunschweig-Luneburg b 1223, d 06.09.1273
m1 1239 Hermann II of Thuringia d 1241
m2 1247/8 Albrecht I, Duke of Saxony d 1260
D Agnes of Braunschweig-Luneburg
m Wizlaw II of Rugen d 1302
i Margaret of Rugen
m Bugislaus Bogislaw IV, Duke of Pomerania d 1309
E+ other issue
p. Ida von Blieskastel d c1190
e. Matilda Mechtild
m 1167 Henry Borwin I of Mecklenburg d 28.01.1227
B. Judith of Bavaria
m Friederich II, Duke of Swabia b c1090, 1147
C.+ other issue

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