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Cromwell 3

: Cromwell of Cheshunt Park, Cromwell of Hinchinbrook, Cromwell of Spinney Abbey, Cromwell of Theobalds
Ievan ap Morgan ap Williams of New Church
m. Margaret Kemeys 
1. William ap Ievan
  A. Morgan Williams
Morgan, who originally came from Llan Newidel, Glamorganshire, was a brewer and innkeeper in Putney.
  m. Catherine Cromwell (dau of Walter Cromwell of Putney)
  i. Sir Richard Williams, later Cromwell, of Hinchinbrook, Sheriff of Huntingdonshire & Cambridgeshire (b c1496, d 1545/6)
  Sir Richard assumed the name Cromwell in honour of his cousin the Earl of Essex. According to BE1883 (supported by TCP), upon the dissolution of the monasteries "he obtained all the lands, in Huntingdonshire, belonging to any religious house in that county".
  m. (1518) Frances Murfyn (bur 1533, dau of Sir Thomas Murfyn or Murphyn of Ely, Lord Mayor of London)
a. Sir Henry Cromwell of Hinchinbrook (d 07.01.1603)
  m1. Joan Warren (d 1584, dau of Sir Ralph Warren, Lord Mayor of London)
  (1) Sir Oliver Cromwell of Hinchinbrook (b 1562/3, d 28.08.1655)
  m1. Elizabeth Bromley (dau of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor)
  (A) Henry Cromwell (d 18.09.1657)
  m1. Battina Pallavicini (bur 1618, dau of Sir Horatio Pallavicini) 
  (i) Battina Cromwell (d young) 
  m2. Lucy Dyer (d 1639-40, dau of Sir Richard Dyer of Great Stoughton) 
(ii) Henry Cromwell, later Williams of Bodsey House (dspm 03.08.1673)
  m. Ann Cromwell (d 1637, dau of Richard Cromwell of Upwood) @@ below
  (iii) Carina Cromwell
  m. William Hetley of Broughton 
  (iv) Elizabeth Cromwell
  m. Henry English of Norfolk 
  (v)+ other issue - James (dvpsp), Pembroke (d 1639), Anna (bur 1669), Elizabeth, Mary, Mary 
m3. Elizabeth Lucy (bur 1658, dau of Sir Edward Lucy) 
  (B) John Cromwell (3rd son) presumably the John who married ... 
  m. Abigail Clere (dau of Sir Edward Clere of Ormesby)
  (C) Elizabeth Cromwell (d 02.05.1666) of this generation, probably of this marriage 
  m. Sir Richard Ingoldsby of Lethenborough
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas, William (d 02.1666), 3 daughters
  m2. Anne Hoofman (bur 1626, dau of Egidius Hoofman, widow of Sir Horatio Pallavicini) 
  (I) Anna Cromwell 
  m. John Baldwin 
  (J)+ other issue - Oliver, Giles, Mary 
  (2) Robert Cromwell of Huntingdon (b 1560, d 1617)
  m. Elizabeth Steward (b 1564, d 1654, dau of William Steward of Ely)
  (A) Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector, Head of the Commonwealth (b 25.04.1599, d 03.09.1658, 2nd son) §A
  m. (22.08.1620) Elizabeth Bourchier (d 08.10.1672, dau of Sir James Bourchier of Felsted and Little Stambridge) 
(i) Richard Cromwell of Hursley, Lord Protector (b 04.10.1626, d 12/3.07.1712, 3rd son)
  m. (01.05.1649) Dorothy Major (b c1630, d 05.01.1675-6, dau of Richard Major of Hursley)
  (a) Anne Cromwell (b c1658, dsp 1727)
  m. Thomas Gibson (physician general)
  (b) Dorothy Cromwell (b c1661, d 1681)
  m. John Mortimer of Somerset
  (c)+ other issue - Oliver (b c1656, d 1705), Elizabeth (d unm 1731), Anne (d young), Mary (d young), Dorothy (d young)
(ii) Henry Cromwell of Spinney Abbey, Lord Deputy of Ireland (b 20.01.1627, d 1673) - continued below 
  m. (1665) Elizabeth Russell (b c1635, d 1687, dau of Sir John Russell, 2nd Bart of Chippenham)
  (iii) Bridget Cromwell (bpt 04.08.1624, d 06.1662 (not 1681))
  m1. (15.06.1646) Henry Ireton, Lord Deputy of Ireland (d Limerick 26.11.1651, Lt. General)
  m2. Charles Fleetwood (d 04.10.1692, General, CIC for Protector Richard Cromwell)
  (iv) Elizabeth Cromwell (bpt 02.07.1629, dsp 06.08.1658)
  m. (1645/6) John Claypole of Norborough
  (v) Mary Cromwell (bpt 09.02.1636/7, dsp 14.03.1712/3)
  m. (18.11.1657) Thomas Belasyse, 2nd Viscount, Earl Fauconberg (b 1627/8, dsp 31.12.1700)
(vi) Frances Cromwell (bpt 06.12.1638, d 27.01.1720)
  m1. (11.11.1656-7) Robert Rich, younger of Warwick (b 1634, dvpsp 16.02.1657-8)
  m2. Sir John Russell, 3rd Bart of Chippenham (bpt 06.10.1640)
  (vii)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 13.10.1621, dvp unm bur 31.05.1639), Oliver (bpt 06.02.1622/3, dvp 1648), James (bpt/d 01.1631/2) 
  (B) Catherine Cromwell
  m1. Roger Whetson of Whittlesey 
  m2. John Jones (b 07.02.1596-7, Colonel) 
  (C) Margaret Cromwell
  m. Valentine Wauton of Great Stoughton 
  (D) Anna Cromwell (d 1646) 
  m. John Sewster or Shouster of Wistow 
  (i) Robina Shouster
  m. Sir William Lockhart of Lee (b 1621, d 1675, Ambassador)
  (E) Jane Cromwell
  m. John Desborough 
  (F) Robina Cromwell
  m1. Peter French (Dr.) 
(i) Elizabeth French
  m. John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 1630, d 1694) 
  m2. John Wilkins, Bishop of Chester 
(G)+ other issue - Henry (b 31.08.1595, d young), Robert (d young), Joan (bpt 24.09.1592, d 1600), Elizabeth (b 14.10.1593, d unm 1672) 
  (3) Henry Cromwell of Upwood (d 1630) 
  m1. Eluzai (bur 1619, widow of _ Jones) 
  (A) Richard or Philip Cromwell (b 1603, d 1626) 
  m. Elizabeth Hake (dau of William Hake of Peterborough) 
  (i) Henry Cromwell (d young) 
(ii) Anna Cromwell (d 1637) 
  m. Henry Cromwell, later Williams of Bodsey House (dspm 03.08.1673) @@ above
  (B) Henry Cromwell (dsp) 
  (C) Elizabeth Cromwell
  m. Oliver St. John 
  (D) Anna Cromwell (d 23.09.1651)
  m.John Neale of Dean (b 20.12.1612, d 28.10.1680) 
  m2. Margaret Wynde (dau of Sir Thomas Wynde of South Wolton) 
  (4) Sir Philip Cromwell of Bigginhouse (bur 1629) 
  m. Mary Townsend (dau of Sir Henry Townsend, chief justice of Chester)
  (A) Thomas Cromwell of Clifton 
  m. Elizabeth 
(i)+ issue - Thomas (b 1656), Henry, Barbara (b 1657) 
  (B) Richard Cromwell (d 1661) 
  m. _ Anderson 
  (i) Elizabeth Cromwell of Denton 
  (C) Elizabeth Cromwell
  m. Dr. _ Paget 
(D)+ other issue - Henry (b 1607), Philip (d c1645), Oliver (d 1649), Robert, Joan, Ann, Mary 
  (5) Joan Cromwell (b 1558, d 1641)
  m. Sir Francis Barrington, 1st Bart of Barrington Hall (d 1628)
  (6) Elizabeth Cromwell (b c1574, bur 21.02.1664-5)
  m. William Hampden of Great Hampden (d 02.04.1597)
  (6) Frances Cromwell
  m. Richard Whalley of Kirkston or Kirton 
(7) Mary Cromwell (b c1576)
  m. (c02.1598-9) Sir William Dunch of Little Wittenham (b 1578, d 22.01.1611)
  (8) Dorothy Cromwell
  m. Sir Thomas Fleming of Stoneham (son of the Lord Chief Justice)
  (9)+ other issue - Richard (d unm 1628, MP), Ralph (bur 1651) 
  m2. _ Weeks (d 1592) 
  b. Sir Francis Cromwell of Hemingford, Sheriff of Huntingdonshire & Cambridgeshire (d 1598) 
  m. Margaret Mannock (dau of Henry Mannock of Hemingford) wife of Francis, presumed mother of ... 
  (1) Henry Cromwell (b c1565)
  (A) Richard Cromwell (a 1619)
  ii. Walter Cromwell
  a.+ issue - Joan, Anne 
  iii. Anne Cromwell probably of this generation
  m. John Walsham of Presteigne (d 1557)
Henry Cromwell of Spinney Abbey, Lord Deputy of Ireland (b 20.01.1627, d 1673) - continued above
m. (1665) Elizabeth Russell (b c1635, d 1687, dau of Sir John Russell, 2nd Bart of Chippenham)
1. Oliver Cromwell of Spinney Abbey (b 18.04.1656, dsp 04.1685) 
2. Henry Cromwell of Spinney Abbey (b 03.03.1658, d 11.09.1711, Major) 
  m. Hannah Hewling (b c1660, d 26.03.1732, dau of Benjamin Hewling) 
  A. William Cromwell of Bocking and Gray's Inn (b 24.04.1693, dsp 09.07.1772) 
  m. (1750) Mary Sherwill (b c1690, d 04.03.1752, dau of William Sherwill of London) 
  B. Richard Cromwell of Theobalds (b 11.05.1695, d 03.12.1759) 
  m. (03.09.1723) Sarah Gatton (dau of Ebenezer Gatton of Southwark, niece of Sir Robert Thornhill) 
  i. Richard or Robert Cromwell of Cheshunt Park (d unm 01.1762) 
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - Oliver (d young), Elizabeth, Anne (d 1777), Eleanor (d 1727), Letitia 
  C. Thomas Cromwell (b 1699, d 02.10.1748, 7th son) 
  m1. Frances Tidman (dau of John Tidman) 
  i. Anne Cromwell 
  m. (01.10.1753) John Field of London 
  ii.+ other issue - Oliver (d 1741), Henry (d unm 1771), Thomas (d young), Elizabeth (d young) 
m2. Mary Skinner (b c1711, d 29.01.1815, dau of Nicholas Skinner of London) 
  vi. Oliver Cromwell of Theobalds and Cheshunt Park (d 1821) 
  m. (1771) Mary Morse (dau of Morgan Morse) 
  a. Oliver Cromwell (b 1782, dvp 1785)
  b. Elizabeth Oliveria Cromwell of Cheshunt Park (b 08.06.1777, d 1849) 
  m. (18.06.1801) Thomas Artemidorus Russell of Thruxtons Court (d 1858) 
  vii. Susanna Cromwell (d 28.02.1834) Susanna may have d unm or married ...
  m. ?? (09.1794) Thomas Fuller of London 
  viii.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm 1771), Richard (d young), Elizabeth (d young), Hannah Hawling (d young) 
  D.+ other issue - Oliver (d 1703), Benjamin (d 1694), Henry (d 1692), Henry (b 16.05.1698, d unm 04.01.1769), Oliver (d 1748), Mary (d 1731), Hannah (d 1732) 
3. Elizabeth Cromwell (b 1660) 
  m. William Russel of Fordham (bur 26.06.1701) 
4.+ other issue - Francis (b 1663, d 1719), Richard (b 1665, d 1686-7), William (b 1667, d 1691), Elizabeth (b 1654, d 1659)

Source(s): BLG1952 (Bush (formerly Cromwell) formerly of Cheshunt Park), FMG (vol 2, Cromwell)
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