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Hampden 1

: Hampden of Great Hampden
The fact that there is a significant gap, between the early generations reported by the 18th century book that is our main source on this family and the later generations, leads us to suspect that the early generations are 'local traditional' & apocryphal and should not be viewed as secure.
Ha33. Baldwyn
Ha32 Osbert
Ha31 Baldwyn b about 1050 d about 1100
Ha30 Robert de Hampden b about 1080 d about 1140
Ha29 Symon de Hampden b about 1120 d about 1180
Ha28 Sir Robert de Hampden b about 1145 d about 1200 possibly a companion of the Conqueror or his father
m Lora Giffard dau of Walter Giffard, "the Conqueror's great friend"
Ha27 Bartholomew de Hampden b about 1170 d about 1230
m Agnes Fyenes b about 1180 d about 1250 dau of William Fyenes
Ha26 Sir Reginald de Hampden b about 1200
m Agnes Barton dau of Sir Ingram Barton
Ha25 Sir Alexander de Hampden, Sheriff of Berkshire and Bedfordshire b about 1220 d 1264
Ha24-1 Alexander de Hampden d unm
Ha24 Reginald de Hampden
m Marion Hardeby dau of Sir Brian Hardeby
Ha23-1 Alexander de Hampden d unm
Ha23-2 Sir Reginald de Hampden - continued below
Ha23 Maud Hampden possibly one of the three unnamed daughters
m Enguerrand de Fiennes
Ha23-4, -5 2 daughters
Having reported the early generations above, 'Memoirs of the House of Cromwell' does not again pick up the pedigree of John Hampden, "The Patriot", until his grandfather Griffith Hampden. Most of the following comes from the Visitation records but those records do not start until the Sir Edmund who died c1420. The gap is covered by input from various web sites.
Sir Reginald de Hampden d 1332 - continued above
m Nichola de Grenville dau of John de Grenville of Chilton
1. John de Hampden d 1375
m Joan dau of Sir Philip de Aylesbury
A. Sir Edmund Hampden of Hampden d c1420
Sir Edmund's wife was a daughter of Belknappe the Judge and relict of Sir Robert Stowe sb Edmund Stoner.
m c1394 Joanna Belknap dau of Sir Robert Belknap of Hempstead
i. Sir Edmund Hampden
ii. John Hampden of Hampden d 1450/8
m Elizabeth Whalesborough dau of Sir John Whalesborough of Whalesborough
a. Thomas Hampden of Hampden d 22.08.1483
m Margery Popham dau of Sir Stephen Popham
1 John Hampden of Hampden d 24.08.1498
m Elizabeth Sidney dau of Sir William Sidney
A Sir John Hampden of Hampden d 24.12.1553
m Elizabeth Savage dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton
i Katherine Hampden
m1 Henry Ferrers b after 1497
m2 Thomas Newdigate
a Elizabeth Newdigate
m _ Poyntz
ii Barbara Hampden
As reported on 'Paulet1' connected via Barbara's daughter, 'Tudor' shows Barbara's marriages differently. We provisionally follow the Visitation record.
m Edmund Smith son of Sir John Smith
a Anne Smith
m William Paulet
B+ other issue - William, Anthony
2 Sir Edmund Hampden of Woodstocke
m Elizabeth Alice Hampden dau of Richard Hampden of Kymble
A John Hampden
m Elizabeth Ferrers dau of Sir Edward Ferrers
i Griffith Hampden of Great Hampden, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire d 27.10.1591 - continued below
m Ann Cave d 31.12.1594, dau of Anthony Cave of Chichley
ii Elizabeth Hampden
m William Fitton on Gawsworth family
iii daughter
m Robert Williams of Kymble
B Sybbell Hampden
m David Penne
b. Elizabeth Hampden
m _ Eversby
c. Eleanor Hampden
m c1457 Walter Arden of Park Hall d 05.08.1502
d. Ann Hampden
m _ Putnam
e. Alice Hampden
m _ Butler
iii. Isabella Hampden
m John Wroughton
from 'Memoirs of the House of Cromwell':
Griffith Hampden of Great Hampden, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire d 27.10.1591 - continued above
m Ann Cave d 31.12.1594, dau of Anthony Cave of Chichley
1. William Hampden of Great Hampden d 02.04.1597
m Elizabeth Cromwell b c1574, bur 21.02.1664-5, dau of Sir Henry Cromwell of Hinchinbrook
A. John Hampden of Great Hampden, 'The Patriot' b 1594, d 24.06.1643
m1 Elizabeth Simeon d 20.08.1634, dau of Edmund Symeon of Pyrton
i. John Hampden dvp 1641/2
ii. Richard Hampden of Great Hampden bur 02.01.1695-6
m Letitia Paget dau of William Paget, 5th Lord
a. John Hampden of Great Hampden bur 16.12.1696
m1 Sarah Foley d 1687, dau of Thomas Foley of Whitley Court
1 Richard Hampden, last of Great Hampden dsp, MP
m Isabella Ellys dau of Sir John Ellys, Bart
2 Letitia Hampden
m John Birch
m2 Ann Cornwallis
3 John Hampden b c1696, d unm 04.02.1754
4 Ann Hampden d 09.1723
m Thomas Kempthorne of Bealey
b. Richard Hampden d young
c. Isabella Hampden
m Sir William Ellys, 2nd Bart of Wyham and Nocton b c1653, d 06.10.1727
iii. William Hampden d unm bur 27.01.1675-6
iv. Elizabeth Hampden
m Sir Richard Knightley of Fausley d 29.06.1661
v. Ann Hampden
m Sir Robert Pye of Farrington
vi. Mary Hampden bur 18.03.1626-7
vii. Ruth Hampden
m Sir John Trevor of Trevallyn dvp 28.05.1672
viii. Mary Hampden d before 02.05.1689
m1 Robert Hammond Colonel
m2 06.1656 Sir John Hobart, 3rd Bart bpt 20.03.1627-8, d 22.08.1683
ix. Judith Hampden d unm
m2 Letitia Vachel dsp bur 29.03.1666
B. Richard Hampden of Emington b 1596, dsp 1659
2. Sir Edmund Hampden of Prestwood had issue
3. John Hampden d 1578
4. Elizabeth Hampden
m Sir Jerome Honsy
5. Dorothy Hampden
m Robert Hatley MP
6. Ruth Hampden
m Sir Philip Scudamore
7. Mary Hampden
m y Ruffel
8. Ann Hampden
Various sources indicate that Anne was a sister of the famous John 'the Patriot' but she was probably a generation earlier.
m Robert Waller of Agmonsham

1 'Memoirs of the House of Cromwell' Volume II, by Mark Noble, vicar of Peckwood, 1784.
2 Visitation Buckinghamshire, 1634, Hampden of Hampden + various web sites as mentioned above.
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