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Barclay 1

: Barclay of Brechin, Barclay of Carny, Barclay (Berkeley) of Gartley (Grandtully or Gairntully), Barclay of Kerkow, Barclay of Kindersleith, Barclay of Towie
John de Berkeley, 1st of Towie (a 1069)
1. Walter de Berkeley, 1st of Gartley or Grandtully or Gairntully
m heiress of Gartley
A. ?? de Berkeley, 2nd of Gartley
i. Sir Walter de Berkeley, 3rd of Gartley (Chamberlain of Scotland 1165-1189)
m Eva of Galloway (possibly dau of Uchtred, Lord of Galloway)
a. John de Berkeley (dsp)
b. daughter
m Ingelgram de Baliol
c. Margaret de Berkeley
m Sir Alexander de Seton
ii. Robert de Berkeley of Maxton
m Cecilia Maxwell of Maxton
a. Alina de Berkeley
m Hugh de Normanville
iii. Theobald de Berkeley
a. Humphrey de Berkeley, 4th of Gartley (dspm 1225)
m. Agatha
(1)+ 2 sons (dsp) - Humphrey, Harding
(3) Richenza de Berkeley
Usually said (probably wrongly) to have married Robert of Kilmaurs, son of Wernebald.
(4) Mary de Berkeley
m Malcolm, 6th Earl of Angus b bef 1207d before 1242 son of Duncan, 5th Earl of Angus

Maud, Countess of Angus
m1 John Comyn, son of Richard Comyn, before 1242.
m2 Gilbert de Umfreville, son of Richard de Umfreville, in 1243.
m3 Richard de Douvres, son of Richard Fitzroy, Baron of Chilham and Rose de Douvres, before 2 December 1247.
Richard of Chilham, Lord of Chilham d. bt 1265 - 10 Jan 1266
Isabel of Chilham b. a 1245, d. 18 Mar 1291/92 Citations
b. John de Berkeley, 5th of Gartley
(1) Sir Robert de Berkeley, 6th of Gartley
(A) Sir John de Berkeley, 7th of Gartley (a 1296)
(i) Sir Walter de Berkeley, 8th of Gartley, Sheriff of Banff (a 1305)
(a) Andrew de Berkeley, 9th of Gartley (d 10.1322)
((1)) Sir John de Berkeley, 10th of Gartley (d c1362)
m. Margaret Graham (dau of Sir John Graham of Old Montrose)
((2)) Alexander de Berkeley, 1st of Mathers (a 1351)
m. Katherine Keith (dau of Sir Edward de Keith of Sinton)
2. Alexander de Berkeley, 2nd of Towie (b 1081, d 1136)
A. ?? de Berkeley of Towie (b 1110)
i. Walter de Berkeley of Towie (b 1150, d 1210)
a. Roger de Berkeley of Towie (b 1185, d 1226)
m. Margaret
(1) Hugh de Berkeley of Towie (b 1225, d 1300)
(A) Patrick de Berkeley of Towie (b 1257, d 1296/1300)
(i) Walter de Berkeley of Towie, Sheriff of Aberdeen (b 1280, d 1325/9)
(a) William Barclay of Kerkow and Towie (b 1320, d 1388)
m 1342 Margaret Melgdrum b 1325, widow of Sir John Abernethy of Bourtrie
((1)) William Barclay of Towie (dsp)
m c1375 x Innes dau of Sir Robert Innes of that ilk
((2)) Alexander Barclay of Kerkow and Towie b 1347, d 1405
m 1372 Marjorie
((A)) Patrick ?? Barclay b 1374, dvp
((i)) Walter Barclay of Towie d c1468
((a)) John Barclay of Towie (d 1491)
m x Innes dau of Sir Robert Innes, 11th of that ilk
((b)) James Barclay in Perth d before 1480
(ii) Sir Hugo de Berkeley, Thane of Balhelvie, lord of Balmadedy dspm before 1342
m Elena
(B) Sir David de Berkeley of Carny b 1270, d Bannockburn 24.06.1314
(i) Sir David de Berkeley of Carny and Kindersleith, later of Brechin d 1350/1
m 26.03.1315 Margaret de Brechin (dau of David, lord of Brechin)
(a) Sir David de Berkeley of Brechin d before 08.09.1368
m. Janet Keith (d 1413, dau of Sir Edward Keith of Synton)
((1)) Margaret Barclay (d before 01.08.1404)
m by 19.10.1378 Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl, Earl of Caithness (d 26.03.1437)
((2)) Joneta Barclay thought to be of this family, of this generation
m c1377 Andrew Mercer of Aldie (b c1330, d c1390)
(b) Jean Barclay
m Sir David Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld (a 1388)
(c) Christian Barclay thought to be of this family
m c 1364 Sir Robert de Innes, 8th of that ilk
(ii) ?? de Berkeley
(a) Hugh de Berkeley of Kindersleith
((1)) William de Berkeley, 1st of Collairnie (b c1350, d before 1423)
(iii) daughter
m. Sir Alexander de Lindsay
(C) Effie de Berkeley
m. Sir Walter Somerville
(2) Donald de Berkeley
(3) Walter de Berkeley ancestor of Barclays of Crawfurdjohn and Kilbirnie

Sources: 'A History of the Barclay Family', Part 2 (The Barclays in Scotland, 1067 to 1660), by Col. Hubert F. Barclay, published by The St. Catherine's Press, 1933 with, for Berkeleys of Gartley, support from BLG1952 (Barclay of Bury Hill, formerly of Mathers & Urie).
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