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Ogilvy 2: Ogilvy of Deskford, Ogilvy of Findlater, Ogilvy of Inchmartine, Ogilvy of Murie, Ogilvy of Seafield
Sir Andrew Ogilvy of Inchmartine a 1461
m before 29.02.1439-40 Marjorie Glen dau of Sir John Glen of Inchmartine
1. Sir David Ogilvy of Inchmartine d before 06.01.1506
m Martiota Hay
A. James Ogilvy of Balgally and Inchmartine d Flodden 09.09.1513
m Isabella Oliphant
i. Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartine d c1554
m1 Mariota Stewart dau of Thomas Stewart, Lord Innermeath
m2 Elizabeth Kynnaird dau of Patrick Kynnaird of that ilk
a. William Ogilvy of Inchmartine d before 05.1566
m Janet Gray dau of Patrick Gray, 3rd Lord
1 Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartine d before 24.05.1623
m1 Marion or Marjorie Gray d 06.1582, dau of Patrick Gray, 5th Lord
A Patrick Ogilvy dvp 21.11.1592
m Margaret Halyburton dau of Sir Thomas Halyburton of Pitcur
i Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartine d 30.03.1651
m mcrt 02.1609 Anne Campbell dau of Sir Duncan Campbell, 1st Bart of Glenorchy
a Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartine, 2nd Earl of Findlater d 30.03.1658
m Elizabeth Ogilvy dau of James Ogilvy, 1st Earl of Findlater below
1 James Ogilvy, 3rd Earl of Findlater d 1711
m1 c1658 Anne Montgomerie dau of Hugh Seton Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton
A Walter Ogilvy d unm
B James Ogilvy, 4th Earl of Findlater, 1st Earl of Seafield b 11.07.1663, d 15.08.1730
m 1687 Anne Dunbar b c1672, d 14.08.1708, dau of Sir William Dunbar of Durn
i James Ogilvy, 5th Earl of Findlater, 2nd Earl of Seafield b c1689, d 09.07.1764
m1 c1714 Elizabeth Hay d before 12.1723, dau of Thomas, 7th Earl of Kinoull
a James Ogilvy, 6th Earl of Findlater, 3rd Earl of Seafield d 03.11.1770
m 09.06.1749 Mary Murray b 03.03.1720, d 29.12.1795, dau of John Murray, 1st Duke of Atholl
1 James Ogilvy, 7th Earl of Findlater, 4th Earl of Seafield b 10.04.1750, dsp 05.10.1811
m 1779 Christina Teresa Murray d 24.05.1813, dau of Sir Joseph Murray, Bart, Count of Melgum
b Margaret Ogilvy d 20.02.1757
m 31.10.1735 Sir Ludovick Grant, later Colquhoun of Luss, later Grant of Grant, 7th Bart b 13.01.1707, d 18.03.1773
Ancestors of 5th and later Earls of Seafield.
c Anne Ogilvy d 08.02.1759
m 14.09.1733 John Hope, 2nd Earl of Hopetoun b 07.09.1704, d 12.02.1781
m2 12.1723 Sophia Hope b 31.05.1702, dsp 25.04.1761, dau of Charles Hope, 1st Earl of Hopetoun
ii Elizabeth Ogilvy d 24.09.1778
m 15.07.1710 Charles Maitland, 6th Earl of Lauderdale b c1688, d 15.07.1744
iii Janet Ogilvy b c1695, dsp 25.12.1720
m1 1716 Hugh Forbes, younger of Cragievar b 1695, dvpsp
m2 1719 William Duff, 1st Earl of Fife b c10.1697, d 30.09.1763
iv+ other issue - William b 06.05.1699, d young, George d unm 01.1732
C Patrick Ogilvy of Lonmay and Inchmartine b c1676, d 20.09.1737
m1 Elizabeth Baird dau of Sir James Baird of Anchmedden
i "Lady Tyrie"
m2 Elizabeth Montgomery d 29.06.1753, dau of Francis Montgomery of Giffen
ii Patrick Ogilvy b 24.03.1712, 3rd son
m Mary Ogilvy dau of Archibald Ogilvy of Rothiemay
iii+ other issue - James b 24.07.1709, Francis b 11.09.1710, Hew, Mary
D Anne Ogilvy d 27.08.1735
Anne is shown by TSP as daughter of the Patrick shown above as her brother. We follow BP1934 Seafield and BE1883 Graham of Strathern, etc..
m mcrt 20.10.1692 Sir George Allardice of Allardice b 17.08.1672, d 05.10.1709
m2 Mary Hamilton dau of William, 2nd Duke of Hamilton
2 Elizabeth Ogilvy
m Alexander Innes of Fedderet
b William Ogilvy of Murie d c11.1609
1 Patrick Ogilvy of Murie
2 William Ogilvy
3 Elizabeth Ogilvy
m George Nisbet
c Elizabeth Ogilvy
m Sir Walter Ogilvy, 7th of Boyne d 1671
ii Marjory Ogilvy
m mcrt 29.07.1605 Andrew Winton
iii+ other issue - Andrew, Elizabeth, daughter
B William Ogilvy d before 25.06.1607
i Patrick Ogilvy
C+ other issue - James, Thomas
m2 Elizabeth Butter d 05.1590, relict of Patrick Stewart of Stuikis & Ballechin
m3. Geills Seytoun d 05..02.1601
2 Elizabeth Ogilvy
m 1573 John Sandilands
3+ other issue - Thomas, Andrew, John in Newtoun
b. Christian Ogilvy
m 1544 James Moncur
c. Margaret Ogilvy
m before 12.05.1554 Peter Hay of Megginch d 10.09.1596
d. Janet Ogilvy identified by a site visitor JB, 05.09.07
m c1545 Alexander Blair of Balthayock b c1521, d 1603
e.+ other issue - John of Nethur Durdie a 1568, 1589, Andrew of Drymme, Alexander, David
ii. Janet Ogilvy sister of Patrick of Inchmartin, assumed to be of this generation
m John Kinnaird of Kinnaird d Pinkie 1547
iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Andrew
2. Janet Ogilvy
m Sir Michael Balfour, 9th Baron of Strathore

Sir Walter Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater a 1440
m by 1436 Margaret Sinclair dau of Sir John Sinclair of Deskford and Findlater
1. Sir James Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater d 13.02.1509-10
m1 Margaret Innes dau of Sir Robert Innes of that ilk, 11th of Innes
A. James Ogilvy, younger of Findlater dvp 01.02.1505-6
m Agnes Gordon dau of George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly
i. Alexander Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater d 07.1544
m1 Jonet Abernethy dau of James Abernethy, 3rd Lord Saltoun
a. James Ogilvy of Cardell d c1574
m1 before 16.02.1534-5 Janet Gordon dau of Sir Alexander Gordon, younger of Lochinvar
1 Alexander Ogilvy of Collard and Findlater dvp before 27.06.1562
m before 1557 Barbara Ogilvy dau of Sir Walter Ogilvy, 3rd of Boyne
A Sir Walter Ogilvy, 1st Lord Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater d before 07.07.1624
m1 Agnes Elphinstone b 03.10.1559, d before 1594, dau of Robert Elphinstone, 3rd Lord
i Christian Ogilvy
m John Forbes, 9th of Pitsligo d 09.1625
m2 Mary Douglas dau of William Douglas, 5th Earl of Morton
ii James Ogilvy, 1st Earl of Findlater d 1652
m1 mcrt 17.02.1610 Elizabeth Leslie dau of Andrew Leslie, 5th Earl of Rothes
a Elizabeth Ogilvy
m Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartine, 2nd Earl of Findlater d 30.03.1658above
b Anne Ogilvy
m mcrt 05.04.1637 William Cunningham, 9th Earl of Glencairn b c1610
m2 Marion Cunningham d 1661, dau of William Cunningham, 8th Earl of Glencairn
iii Alexander Ogilvy, 1st of Kempcairn d before 1669
m Katherine Grant dau of John Grant of Freuchie
a Anne Ogilvy
m1 Robert Farquharson, 6th of Invercauld d 08.1666
m2 10.1666 Roderick MacKenzie
b+ other issue
iv William Ogilvy
v Margaret or Anne Ogilvy
m1 1598 James Douglas, Earl of Buchan b c1580, d 26.08.1601
m2 1603 Andrew Gray, 7th Lord d 1663
vi Mary Ogilvie d c1648
m mcrt 11.12.1613 Sir John Grant of Freuchie b 17.08.1596, d 01.04.1637
B Marjorie Ogilvy
m1 Alexander Abercromby of Ley
m2 John Gordon of Leichistoun
2 Margaret Ogilvy
m Robert Munro of Foulis d 04.11.1588
m2 mcrt 30.10.1558 Marion Livingstone d 13.02.1577, dau of Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord
partner unknown
3 Alexander Ogilvy or Ogilvie of Logie
b. Margaret Ogilvy
m before 02.06.1546 James Gordon, 2nd of Lesmoir b c1495, d c1555
c. Marion Ogilvy of Fyndauchtie assumed to be the Marion who married as follows ..
m1 Robert Innes of Monycabok dvp before 10.11.1547
m2 Sir Alexander Robertson
d. Janet Ogilvy
m 1542-3 John Gordon, 2nd of Pitlurg, 4th of Auchleuchries d Pinkie 10.09.1547
m2 before 31.12.1535 Elizabeth Gordon dau of Adam Gordon, Dean of Caithness
ii. Elizabeth Ogilvy
m1 Sir James Dunbar of Westfield
m2 Alexander Irvine of Lonmay dvp Pinkie 09.09.1547
iii. James Ogilvy,
iv. John Ogilvy,
v. Patrick Ogilvy a 10.1533,
vi. George Ogilvy
B. Walter Ogilvy of Glassaugh 4th son
i. Alexander Ogilvy a 1522
C. Jonet Ogilvy
m Alexander Abercromby 'of Birkenbog'
D. Marion Margaret ?? Ogilvy
m Patrick Gordon of Haddo
E. Catherine Ogilvy
m William Crawford of Fedderet
F. Margaret Ogilvy
m mcrt 15/6.09.1484 John Grant, 2nd of Freuchie d 01.05.1528
G. Mary Catherine ?? Ogilvy
m Alexander Urquhart, Sheriff of Cromarty
H.+ other issue - Gilbert a 1522, John a 1522, Alexander d Flodden 09.09.1513, George, Elizabeth
m2 Margaret Chaumer
2. Sir Walter Ogilvy of Auchlevyn, 1st of Boyne b 1460, d 1507-8
m 1484 Margaret Edmonstone dau of Sir James Edmonstone of that ilk of Ednam, Boyne, etc

Sources: TSP Findlater, BP1934 Seafield.
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