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Innes 3

: Innes of Balveny, Innes of Cowie, Innes of Edingight, Innes of Innermarkie, Innes of Orton Ortoun, Innes of Rosieburn
Walter Innes, 1st of Innermarkie d before 03.11.1499
m Christine Gordon
1. Robert Innes, 2nd of Innermarkie d c10.1551
m c1510 Elspeth Stewart dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl
A. Robert Innes of Monycabok dvp before 10.11.1547
m Marioun Ogilvy dau of Alexander Ogilvy of Deskford
i. Robert Innes, 3rd of Innermarkie b 1532, d 09.1584
m 06.1553 Margaret Innes dau of Alexander Innes, 14th of that ilk
a. Robert Innes, 4th of Innermarkie d 12.07.1595
m Jean Barclay dau of Walter Barclay of Towie Barclay
1 Sir Robert Innes, 5th of Innermarkie, 1st Bart of Balveny d before 02.1642
m1 Jean Innes dau of James Innes of Minnonie
m2 before 1607 Barbara Burnett dau of Alexander Burnet of Leys
A Sir Walter Innes, 2nd Bart of Balveny d before 10.12.1650
m 28.04.1623 Lilias Grant dau of John Grant, 5th of Freuchie
i Sir Robert Innes, 3rd Bart of Balveny d 08.06.1689
m Janet Gordon dau of Sir John Gordon, 1st Bart of Haddo
a+ 5 children sons dvpsp
ii Margaret Innes d 02.1688
m William Farquharson
iii Barbara Innes
m 08.08.1659 John Douglas of Murrastown
iv Katherine Innes
m 21.04.1681 Archibald Dunbar of Newton
B William Innes of Kinnermony
m c1624 Elizabeth Barclay dau of Walter Barclay of Towie Barclay
i Margaret Innes
m William Sutherland of Kinstairie
ii daughter
C Isobel Innes
m 1625 Robert Cumming of Altyre d c1655
D Margaret Innes
m Patrick Og Grant of Easter Elchies
m3. c02.1626 Margaret Dunbar
2 Alexander Innes of Torrieglas
3 James Innes of Wester Coxton d before 1653
m Isobel Grant
A James Innes of Denoone d before 19.08.1670, colonel
m Barbara Maxwell
i Sir George Innes, 4th Bart of Balveny d 02.02.1698, priest
ii William Innes dsp before 02.1698
iii Isobel Innes
m William Ruthven of Easter Denoone
iv Margaret Innes
m James Stirling Captain of Berwick Town, major
4 William Innes of Mayne and Orbieston d before 1634
m Magdalene Falconer
A Walter Innes of Ortoun d 1684
m1 02.07.1630 Margaret Sutherland dau of James Sutherland of Kinstairie
i Alexander Innes of Orbieston and Ortoun dsp before 1698
m 01.06.1671 Margaret Crichton dau of George Crichton of Arveckie
ii Margaret Innes
m1 02.11.1660 Robert Gibson of Linkwood
m2 before 1671 James Rose of Allanbuie
m2 1661 Margaret Hamilton dau of Sir William Hamilton of Ellieston
iii Sir James Innes of Orton, 5th Bart of Balveny d 1722
m 02.12.1699 Margaret Fraser dau of Thomas Fraser of Cairnbulg
a Sir Robert Innes of Orton, 6th Bart of Balveny b 1702, d 31.08.1758
m 1734 Margery Winram d 30.09.1765, dau of Colonel Winram
1 Catherine Innes d 16.04.1805
m 01.1760 James Forbes, 17th Lord b c1725, d 29.07.1804
b Sir Charles Innes, 7th Bart of Balveny b 21.02.1704, d 08.04.1768, captain
m Isobel Paton dau of Alexander Paton of Kinaldie, Provost of Aberdeen
1 John Innes dvp
c Sir William Innes, 8th Bart of Balveny 5th son b c1717, d 13.03.1817, Lt. Colonel
m1 Sarah Hodges d 15.05.1770, dau of Thomas Hodges of Ipswich
1+ 2 daughters
m2 22.03.1774 Mary Maria Parsons dsp 1819, dau of Major Parsons of York
d Margaret Innes b 25.01.1703
m 04.07.1741 Sir Ludovick Grant, 6th Bart of Dalvey
e Mary Innes d 08.04.1777
m 16.01.1755 Alexander Watt minister of Alves
f Jean Innes d 09.08.1788
m John Geddes
g+ other issue - Walter, James captain, RN
iv Mary Innes b 01.1663
B Barbara Innes
m 02.07.1630 James Sutherland son of James of Kinstairie
5 Archibald Innes of Westerton d before 1642
m Barbara Innes dau of John Innes, 2nd of Coxton
A Margaret Innes
m 13.11.1630 James Geddes of Auchinhalrig
6 Beatrix Innes
m 1595 William Mackintosh of Borlum
7 Agnes Innes
m 1612 Walter Innes of Auchlunkart @1@ below
8 Isobel Innes
m1 Patrick Gordon of Proney d 1624
m2 before 1628 John Gordon in Hallhead
9 Elizabeth Innes
m Henry Stewart of Ardbrodin
B. Alexander Innes of Ardgrane dspl before 1570
m Griselda Auchinleck widow of Andrew Reid of Colliestoun
C. Walter Innes dsp, priest
D. John Innes of Edingight
m 1545 Marjorie Leslie dau of Alexander Leslie of Wardis
i. Thomas Innes, 2nd of Edingight d 1625
m1 Janet Seton dau of John Seton of Auchenhuiff
m2 Janet Abercromby widow of Ogilvy of Netherclunie
m3. Isobel Ogilvie
Not known which wife was mother of ...
a. Thomas Innes, 3rd of Edingight dvp before 1618
m Janet Innes dau of Robert Innes, baillie of Elgin
1 John Innes, 4th of Edingight d 04.1674
m 06.1637 Christian Bruce dau of Sir John Bruce of Airth
A John Innes, 5th of Edingight d 03.02.1726
m1 1659 Elizabeth Gordon dau of John Gordon of Ardlogie
i John Innes, 6th of Edingight d 06.1719
m 1691 Helen Strachan d 01.1715, dau of Michael Strachan of Auchnagatt
a John Innes, 7th of Edingight b 10.1692, d 1748
m 03.1720 Jean Duff b 1696, d 23.05.1776, dau of Patrick Duff of Craigston
1 John Innes, 8th of Edingight, Provost of Banff b 22.02.1721, d 07.06.1790
m 22.02.1721 Elizabeth Grant d 22.03.1803, dau of Lewis Grant of Auchterblair and Carron
A Sir John Innes, 9th of Edingight, 9th Bart of Balveny b 23.06.1757, d 23.03.1829 had issue
m 06.08.1796 Barbara Forbes b 1770, d 1844, dau of George Forbes of Boyndlie and Ladysford
B Jean Innes b 07.11.1754
m 12.09.1772 James Milne
C Elizabeth Innes b 16.04.1756, d 19.03.1822
m1 1774 Thomas Innes of Monellie d 06.09.1779 @2@ below
m2 1780 George Robinson of Gask b 15.11.1758, d 06.05.1825
D Anne Innes b 15.05.1762
m Alexander Innes at Garmouth
E+ other issue - Thomas b 15.06.1759, dsp 1789, James b 20.08.1760, d unm 21.09.1818, Maj. General, Alexander b 11.07.1763, dsp before 1796, Margaret b 16.06.1765, d 01.09.1857, Helen b 11.10.1766, d 09.10.1806
2 Alexander Innes of Cowie and Breda b 12.07.1727, d 30.06.1788
m 1768 Elizabeth Davidson d 08.07.1795, dau of William Davidson of Midmar Castle
A John Innes of Cowie b 20.08.1776, d 17.04.1832, WS had issue
m 25.07.1802 Une Cameron Barclay-Allardice b 13.09.1778, d 09.1809, dau of Robert Barclay of Urie
B William Innes of Raemoir b 29.03.1781, d 09.09.1863 had issue
m 19.10.1809 Jane Brebner d 19.06.1872, dau of Alexander Brebner of Learney
C+ 8 daughters
3 James Innes of Maisly b 01.11.1729, d 10.03.1812
m 17.01.1754 Isobel Abernethy dau of Abernethy of Mayen
A John Innes, later Ramsay of Barra d 14.04.1814 had issue
m 25.06.1785 Mary Ramsay d 18.12.1811, dau of John Ramsay of Barra and Straloch
B Alexander Innes of Pitmedden b 1756, d 22.07.1829
m Christine Susan Forbes b 1769, d 11.03.1834, dau of George Forbes of Boyndlie and Ladysford
i+ 6 daughters
C Elizabeth Innes b 1762, d 06.06.1838
b James Innes
c Alexander Innes of Rosieburn, Provost of Banff b 12.1701, d 16.04.1761
m Katherine Abercromby dau of Alexander Abercromby of Glasshaugh
1 Thomas Innes of Rosieburn d 27.08.1784
2 Catherine Innes
m George Davidson, later Gordon, 12th of Gight b 14.11.1741, d 09.01.1779
3+ 3 daughters
d Thomas Innes b 01.1715, d 1738, captain RN
e Anne Innes
m 24.03.1719 James Innes, Provost of Elgin
m2 11.1663 Isobel Hamilton dau of John Hamilton of Corse of Kinnoir
ii James Innes in Thornton d before 1725
iii Thomas Innes of Muiryfold b 1681, d 12.09.1754
m Mary Gordon
a son
b Thomas Innes of Monellie d 06.09.1779
m 1774 Elizabeth Innes b 16.04.1756, dau of John Innes, 8th of Edingight@2@ above
1 Elizabeth Mary Innes of Netherdale d 17.01.1851
m 1797 James Rose, later Rose-Innes b 11.08.1774, d 04.08.1814
iv Anne Innes d 1700
m 1687 Patrick Duff of Craigston and Hatton b c1655, d 03.08.1731
v Helen Innes
m 07.06.1698 William Scott, Provost of Banff
vi Elspeth Innes
m 22.10.1703 George Ruddoch of Blairock
vii Margaret Innes
m 1707 George Geddes in Burnside
ii. John Innes of Auchlunkhart a 1578 father or grandfather of ...
a. Walter Innes of Auchlunkhart
m 1612 Agnes Innes dau of Robert Innes, 4th of Innermarkie @1@ above
1 _ Innes of Auchlunkhart presumed intervening generation
A Walter Innes of Auchlunkhart
vi Helen Innes
m 25.12.1706 Andrew Steuart, 6th of Tanachie and of Auchlunkart d 17.09.1719
2 Isobel Innes
m Andrew Steuart, 4th of Tanachie d c1656
iii. Robert Innes
iv. Jerome Innes
a. Isabel Innes
m John Gordon of Ardlogie
b.+ 2 sons dsp and 2 daughters
E. Janet Innes
m William Leslie of Wardis
2. Walter Innes of Toux ancestor of Inneses of Auchintoul, Calrossie and Inverbreaky
m1 _ Forbes dau of William Forbes, younger of Drumallachie
m2 Janet Terrall of Inverbreaky
3. Patrick Innes of The Keam
m Christian Cockburn
A. Alexander Innes, 1st of Coxton b 1532, d 05.10.1612
m1 Janet Reid
m2 Catherine Gordon dau of George Gordon, 2nd of Cairnborrow
4. Thomas Innes of Elrick d before 1528
m Margaret Robertson dau of Alexander Robertson of Struan
5. Elizabeth Innes
m div John Ian Mor Grant, 1st of Glenmoriston d 09.1548

Sources: BP1934 Innes of Balveny
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