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Lauder 1

: Lauder Lawedre of Edrington, Lauder Lawedre of The Bass, Lauder of Wyndpark
Sir Robert de Lawedre, Lothian a 1056, came into Scotland
1. Robert? de Lawedre
2. Joanni de Lawedre the first mentioned by Young
A. Sir Robertus de Lawedre a 1188, 1200, crusader
i. Robert de Lawedre
a. William de Lawedre of Lowther, Sheriff of Perth a 1251
1 Sir Robert de Lawedre of the Bass d 05.1311
A Sir Robert de Lawedre of The Bass & Edrington, Chamberlain d 09.1337, Ambassador to England
m Elizabeth
i Roger de Lawedre of Popill, East Lothian
ii Sir Robert de Lawedre of Quarrelwood, Edrington & The Bass d by 1370, Justiciar
this generation omitted by Young
a Sir Alan de Lawedre or Lauder of Whitslaid, The Bass, etc., 1st of Haltoun d before 03.1407
m before 1360 Alicia Campbell dau of Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow
1 Sir Robert de Lawedre or Lauder of The Bass & Edrington d before 14.06.1425
Young identifies Sir Robert's wife as Agnes Fallow. GLF, who shows an Agnes Faulaw as second wife of a later Robert see below, names this Robert's wife as ...
m Annabella
Alexander & William, shown by Young and some others as brothers rather than sons of Sir Robert, are sometimes identified as Sir Robert's illegitimate sons being 'frater uterinus', i.e. by the same mother. However, GLF reports that a charter by Sir Robert in 1411 specifically identifies William as his son & heir by Annabella.
A William de Lawedre or Lauder, Bishop of Glasgow, Chancellor of Scotland b c1380, d 14.06.1425
B John de Lawedre or Lauder dvp 1421
m Katherine dau/heir of William de Landells by Jonet
i Beatrice Lauder
ii Christian Lauder
m James Rutherfurd of that ilk d before 15.07.1455
iii Mariotta Lauder d after 06.1443
m before 1424 Alexander Home, 1st Lord
iv Elizabeth Lauder d before 08.1468
m _ Home of Crowdy
C Sir Robert de Lawedre or Lauder of Edrington & The Bass d 1451 - continued below
D James de Lawedre or Lauder a 1459
E Alan de Lawedre or Lauder 'of that ilk' of Lauder Tower a 10.1464, Bailie of Edinburgh
It appears that, although Alan's successors were not the senior line of the family, they became known as 'of that ilk'. This was possibly because they lived in Lauder, East Lothian.
F Gilbert de Lawedre or Lauder a 05.1449, Bailie of Lauder had issue
m before 1420 Annabella Maitland dau of Sir Robert Maitland of Thirlestane & Lethington
G George de Lawedre or Lauder, Bishop of Argyll a 1466
H Patrick de Lawedre or Lauder
I Alexander de Lawedre or Lauder, Bishop of Dunkeld d 11.10.1440
2 Sir George de Lawedre or Lauder of Haltoun, Provost of Edinburgh d c1430
Young omits George and identifies his son Alexander as husband of both Helen Douglas and Elizabeth Forrester. GLF reports that it was Alexander who married Elizabeth Forrester and Sir George who married ...
m Helen Douglas dau of Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas
b Ann de Lawedre
m 1335 Sir Robert Chisholm of Roxburghshire
c+ other issue - William of Boroughmuir, Hector, Mariotta
Sir Robert de Lawedre or Lauder of Edrington & The Bass, Governor or Edinburgh Castle, Chamberlain d 1451, Justiciar - continued above
Although it is not clear, as GLF differs significantly from Young at this point, this generation and the next appear to have been omitted by Young.
1. Robert Lauder of Edrington & The Bass d 1495
m1 after 21.07.1442 Joneta Hume dau of Sir Alexander Hume
A. Sir Robert Lauder of Edrington & The Bass d before 02.1508
m Isobella Hay dau of John Hay, 1st Lord of Yester
i. Sir Robert Lauder of Edrington & The Bass d c1518
Young shows the Robert who was son of Sir Robert by Isabel Hay here. We follow GLF.
m Elizabeth Lawson probably dau of Sir Richard Lawson of Highriggs
a. Robert Lauder of Edrington & The Bass d 06.1576
m1 Margaret Sinclair dau of Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslin by Margaret Borthwick
Young shows the undermentioned Sir Robert, Elizabeth & Katherine as children of Sir Robert Lauder of that ilk by Mariott or Alison Cranston see here. We follow GLF in showing them as fitting here.
1 Sir Robert Lauder of Popill dvp 04.1575
m mcrt 11.02.1566-7 Margaret Hay dau of John Hay, 4th Lord of Yester
A Christian Lauder
m William Cockburn of Newhall
2 John Lauder in Fairnlaws dvp before 09.11.1575, 3rd son
A Robert Lauder d 30.07.1586, 4th son
i Robert Lauder
B Thomas Lauder of North Berwick d 13.02.1584 had issue 8 children
m Mariot Hepburn
C+ other issue a 09.11.1575 - Archibald, John ?, Patrick
3 James Lauder of The Bass d 04.10.1580, Dean of Restalrig
4 Sir George Lauder of The Bass d 27.06.1611, vicar of Auchindor
m 02.1589 Isobel Hepburn a 1638, dau of Sir Patrick Hepburn of Waughton & Luffness by Isobel Haldane
A George Lauder of The Bass b 1597, a 10.1641
5 William Lauder of Edrington d before 15.10.1614
m Isobel Ramsay
A Robert Lauder of Edrington a 06.1642
B Alexander Lauder a 03.1634
C William Lauder ?= b c 1610 d 1695
m Katherine Hunter d 1697 dau of Thomas Hunter of Hagburne
-1 Alexander Seton 5th of Pitmeddon b c 1639 m Margaret Lauder d 19 Oct 1733 -1-1 Elizabeth Seton b 1671 Edinburgh m Sir AAlexander Wedderburn of Blackness 3rd Baronet had issue
-1-2 George Seton, 1st of Mounie b c 1672 m1 Anne Gibson m2 Anne Leslie had issue
-1-3 Sir William Seton 2nd Bart of Pidmeddon m Katherine Burnett had issue
-1-4 Margaret Seton m Sir John Lauder of Fountainehall 3rd Baronet had issue
-1-5 Anne Seton m William Dick of Grange and had Isabel Dick
-1-1-1 Sir John Wedderburn of Blackness 3rd Baronet b 2 Dec 1700 d 1723
-1-2-1 Helen Seton b c 1700 m1 Alexander Leslie 8th Laird of Wathill
-1-2-2 Margaret Seton, heiress of Mounie
-1-2-3 Isabella Seton

-1-2-1-1 John Leslie b c 1720
-1-2-1-2 George Leslie
-1-2-1-3 Alexander Leslie, 9th Laird of Wathill m Isabella Milne of Fraserburgh
-1-2-1-4 Seton Leslie
-1-2-1-5 Patrick Leslie
-1-2-1-6 Bissel Leslie
-1-2-1-7 Anne Leslie
-1-2-1-8 Margaret Leslie
-1-2-1-9 Mary Leslie b c 1750 m George Leslie 7th Laird of Little Folla
-1-2-1-10 Jane Leslie
-1-2-1-11 Helen Leslie

-1-2-1-9-1 William Leslie, Eighth Laird of Little Folla 10th of Warthill b 29 Jun 1770 m Jane Davidson
-1-2-1-9-2 George Leslie
-1-2-1-9-3 x Leslie

-1-2-1-9-1-1 William Leslie, 11th Laird b 16 Mar 1814 m Matilda Rose Robinson had issue
-1-2-1-9-1-2 Patrick Leslie b 1815 m Catherine
-1-2-1-9-1-3 Walter Stevenson Davidson Leslie b 11 Dec 1818
-1-2-1-9-1-4 George Farquhar Leslie b 19 Aug 1820 Warthill m Emmeline Maria Mary de Falbe
-1-2-1-9-1-5 Thomas Coats Leslie b 23 Sep 1826 m Henrietta Marion Elphinstone
-1-2-1-9-1-6 James Leslie b 5 Dec 1824
-1-2-1-9-1-7 Maryanne Leslie m Patrick Davidson of Tillchetly had issue
-1-2-1-9-1-8 Catherine Leslie
6 Henry Lauder a 1613, Bailie of Dunbar, youngest son
m Christian Hay dau of John Hay, 4th Lord of Yester
A William Lauder a 1591
7 Margaret Lauder d before 03.04.1591
m Edward Aitkin a 07.1614
8 Janet Jean Lauder
This Janet is sometimes confused with Janet Lauder of the family of Halton who married John Lindsay, Lord Menmuir. Indeed, GLF identifies Janet's 3rd husband as that Lord Menmuir. The following marriages are as reported in TSP Forrester although the 4th husband is named there as Patrick rather than Robert.
m1 mcrt 01.08.1577 Sir James Forrester of Corstorphine d 04.06.1589
m2 Sir John Campbell of Cawdor
m3. John Lindsay parson of Menmuir
m4. Robert Gray of Cransley son of Patrick, Lord Gray
9 Mariotta Lauder d after 01.1594
m 1569 Thomas Otterburn of Reidhall
10 Katherine Lauder bur 1604
m1 before 10.1552 Sir John Swinton of that ilk d 12.1579
m2 David Home of St. Leonards d 1584
m3. 1600 George Home of Broxmouth
11+ other issue - Alexander of Lochend dvp before 10.1571, parson of Glasgow, Patrick of Garvald d before 02.03.1588, Arthur of Scoonie
m2 mcrt 02.08.1558 Elizabeth Hay d before 03.1581, natural dau of John Hay, 4th Lord of Yester
14 Elizabeth Lauder
m before 27.03.1576 David Preston of that ilk and Craigmillar Castle d 03.1593
partners unknown
15 Charles Lauder d c04.1572
16 William Lauder in Gleghorne d before 09.1572
A+ issue a 07.1572 - Jonet, Katherine
b. Walter Lauder
c. Alexander Lauder of Unmarchie, Forfarshire d before 06.1576
1 Alexander Lauder of Unmarchie a 1607
2 Margaret Lauder
m James Garneys or Gairnes of Dumbarrow
3+ other issue - Walter d 1580, Giles
d. Andrew Lauder of Wyndpark, Berwickshire d 23.12.1595
1 Charles Lauder of Wyndpark d by 1632 ancestor of later Lauders of Wyndpark, later called Winepark
m _ Knox
A+ issue including 4 sons
2 other issue - James, Richard
e. Elizabeth Lauder a 08.1557
m before 04.05.1537 William Douglas of Whittinghame
f. Jonette Lauder
m before 25.10.1537 Patrick Sydserf 'of that ilk' of Ruchlaw & Howden
ii. William Lauder of West Barns d before 10.05.1556, burgess of Dunbar ancestor of Lauder of Belhaven, Beilmouth, etc.
m Jonet Liddell d 09.1576, probably sister of David Liddell in West Barns
iii. Margaret Lauder
m1 Kentigern Hepburn of Waughton & Lufness d 07.1519
m2 Alexander Hume of Polwarth d 05.1532
iv. Elizabeth Lauder
m before 30.10.1506 David Renton of Billie & Lamberton a 1512
v. Agnes Lauder
m c1504 Alexander Cockburn of Newhall
partner unknown
vi. John Lauder b c1488, a 02.1551, Archdeacon of Teviotdale & Tweeddale
B. Katherine Lauder probably of this generation
m 1475 Sir John Swinton, 17th of that ilk d c1520
m2 sp Agnes Faulaw probably dau of George Faulaw of Edinburgh, widow of William Carreboris of Edinburgh
2. John Lauder had issue
m Anna Hebburn dau of Patrick Hebburn of Hailes
3. William Lauder of Edinburgh had issue
m ? Agnes Rode dau of John Rode of Edinburgh
4. David Lauder of Popill, East Lothian d by 1466
m Mariotta
5. daughter
m Patrick Cockburn of Clerkington d c1449
partner unknown
6. Thomas Lauder, Bishop of Dunkeld d 04.11.1481

Ssources: extracts kindly provided by Gregory Lauder-Frost 16-19.06.08 from a draft of a book he is preparing on this family with, + 'Notes on Historical References to the Scottish Family of Lauder' by James Young printed by Thomas Duncan, Glasgow 1884

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