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Swinton 2: Swinton of Kimmerghame, Swinton of Swinton
Alan de Swinton, 6th of Swinton
1. Alan de Swinton, 7th of Swinton d after 1247
A. Alan de Swinton, 8th of Swinton a 1262
i. Alan de Swinton, 9th of Swinton a 1273
a. Henry de Swinton, 10th of Swinton a 1331
1 John de Swinton, 11th of Swinton a 1335
A Alan de Swinton, 12th of Swinton a 1364
i Henry de Swinton, 13th of that ilk
a Sir John de Swinton, 14th of that ilk d Homildon Hill 14.09.1402
m1 Joan d 1374
m2 c1386 Margaret, Countess of Mar b c1360, d by 19.10.1393, dau of Donald, 8th Earl of Mar
m3. c1392 Margaret Stewart dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, Regent
1 Sir John Swinton, 15th of that ilk d Verneuil 17.08.1424
m c1423 Marjory Dunbar dau of George, 11th Earl of Dunbar
A Sir John Swinton, 16th of that ilk d before 1500
i Sir John Swinton, 17th of that ilk d c1520
m1 1475 Catherine Lauder dau of Sir Robert Lauder of The Bass
a John Swinton, 18th of that ilk d 1549 - continued below
m c1523 Marion or Margaret Home dau of Sir David Home of Wedderburn
b+ other issue - Nicholas of Harcase, David, Alexander, Thomas
m2 Elizabeth Cuninghame
ii Margaret Swinton
m Thomas Falside of that ilk
B. John de Swinton possibly the same person as John de Elphinstone a 1248
John Swinton, 18th of that ilk d 1549 - continued above
m c1523 Marion or Margaret Home dau of Sir David Home of Wedderburn
1. John Swinton, 19th of that ilk d 1579
m 1552 Katherine Lauder d 1604, dau of Sir Robert Lauder of The Bass
A. Robert Swinton, 20th of that ilk, Sheriff of Berwickshire d 1628
m1 mcrt 15.02.1587/8 Katharine Hay dau of William Hay, 5th Lord of Yester
i. John Swinton, 21st of that ilk d unm 1633
ii. Katharine Swinton
m Sir Alexander Nisbet of that ilk
m2 1597 Jean Hepburn dau of Sir Patrick Hepburn of Whitecastle
iii. Sir Alexander Swinton, 22nd of that ilk, Sheriff of Berwickshire d 1652
m Margaret Home dau of James Home of St. Bathans
a. John Swinton, 23rd of that ilk d 1679
m1 1645 Margaret Stewart d 1662, dau of William Stewart, 2nd Lord Blantyre
1+ 3 sons presumed dvpsp and 1 daughter
m2 1671 Frances Hancock sister of John Hancock of Wallieford
5 Alexander Swinton, 24th of that ilk d unm 1687
6 Sir John Swinton, 25th of that ilk d 1723
m1 Sarah Welch dau of William Welch of London
A Frances Swinton
m Henry Veitch minister of Swinton
m2 1698 Anne Sinclair dau of Sir Robert Sinclair, Bart
B John Swinton, 26th of that ilk d 1774
m 1722 Mary Semple d 04.09.1768, dau of Rev. Samuel Semple
i John Swinton, 27th of that ilk d 05.01.1799, Senator as Lord Swinton
m 1758 Margaret Mitchelson dau of John Mitchelson of Middleton
a John Swinton, 28th of that ilk, Sheriff of Berwickshire d 1820 had issue
m Mary Anne Hepburne dau of Robert Hepburne of Clerkington, cousin
b Robert Swinton dsp, Lt. Colonel
m ?? Elphinstone dau of Alexander Elphinstone of Glack
c George Swinton of Einbrugh d 1854 had issue
m 1820 Anne Elizabeth Swinton of Swinton dau of Samuel Swinton of Swinton
d William Swinton b 1784, d 1853 had issue
m 1815 Elizabeth Blair dau of General Sir Robert Blair
e Elizabeth Swinton
m 1796 George Carnegie b 21.08.1773, d 1839
f+ other issue d unm - Samuel d 1825, General, Archibald, Margaret, Mary, Isabella, Harriot, Catherine, Anne
ii Samuel Swinton captain
m Felicite Jeanne Le Febre
a Archibald Swinton of Warsash had issue
b Samuel Swinton of Swinton b 02.08.1773, d 1839, captain had issue
m 19.03.1800 Isabella Routledge dau of Robert Routledge
c John Swinton d 1825 had issue
d Richard Swinton d 1828 had issue 1 daughter
e Felicite Jean Swinton
m1 div Archibald Mitchelson of Middleton
m2 John Trotter of Dyrham Park
f Charlotte Swinton
m John Brown Surgeon General
iii Archibald Swinton, 1st of Kimmerghame and Manderston d 1804, captain
Details of this family found in BLG1952 Swinton of Kimmergame.
m 1776 Henrietta Douglas d 1827, dau of James Douglas of Mains, later Campbell of Blythswood
a John Swinton, later Campbell-Swinton, 2nd of Kimmerghame b 22.09.1777, d 08.03.1867 had issue
m 15.03.1809 Catherine Rannie d 1821, dau of James Rannie of Leith
b+ other issue - James d 1813, Archibald d 1806
iv Anne Swinton
m Robert Hepburn of Baads
v Katherine Swinton
m Walter Ferguson
vi+ other issue - Robert, Francis, Pringle d young, Elizabeth d unm, Jean d unm, Mary d unm
C Robert Swinton had issue
m Catherine Rutherford dau of Robert Rutherford of Fairnylee
D Jean Swinton
m John Rutherford professor
E+ other issue - Francis, William, 3 daughters
7 Isaac Swinton
b. Sir Alexander Swinton d 1700, Senator as Lord Mersington had issue
m1 _ Dalmahoy dau of Sir Alexander Dalmahoy of that ilk
m2 Elinor Nisbet
m3. Katharine or Alison Skene of family of Hallyards
1 Mary Swinton
m1 John Fletcher of Aberlady
m2 1690 James Bruce, 6th of Kennet d before 11.1728
Not known by which wife was ...
2 Beatrix Swinton
m Sir Alexander Broun of Bassendean, 4th Bart of Colstoun d 1750
c. Catherine Swinton
m Alexander Broun of Thorndykes and Bassendean
d. Jane Swinton apparently of this generation
m Sir James Cockburn, 2nd Bart of Ryslaw d by 04.1666
e.+ other issue - Robert d Worcester, James d Worcester, George of Chesters, David of Laughton
iv. Robert Swinton
v. Helen Swinton
m 1626 John Hepburn of Smeaton
B.+ other issue - Alexander of Glenerig, George of Betrichesyde
2. George Swinton
3. Elizabeth Swinton
m Mathew Sinclair, 9th of Longformacus

Sources: BLG1952 Swinton of that ilk
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