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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Irish 1

1. Rotheachta
A. Firarda, prince of Ireland
i. Cas Clothach, prince of Ireland
a. Muinhearnhoin d 961BC
1 Aildergoidh d 934BC
A Cas Cead Caingniodh, King of Munster
i Failbhe, King of Munster
a Roan or Ragna, prince of Ireland
1 Rotheachta d 797BC
A Elli Molli Naghta d 796BC
i Art Imleach d 765BC
a Breasrigh d 736BC - continued just below
Breasrigh d 736BC - continued just above
1. Seadhna Jonaroia, King of Ireland d 695BC
A. Duach Fionn or Dongh Fin d 668BC
i. Lughaedh Jardhoim d 659BC
a. Eochaidh Uaircas or Eoghai Goir Gheas, d 631BC
1 Luighaidh Lamhdhearg d 619BC
A Art, King d 603
i Oiliall Finn d 587BC
a Eochaidh d 580BC
1 Lughaidh Laighe d 540BC
A Reachta Righdhearg d 451BC
i Cobhthaig Caomh, King of Munster
a Modhchorb d 357BC
Eanbhethath, prince of Ireland
1. Smiorgill, princeof Ireland
A. Fiachadh Labhraine, prince of Ireland d 1083BC
i. Aongus Ollbhuagach, King of Ireland d 1043BC
a. Maoin, prince of Ireland
1 Rotheachta d 991BC
A Den or Dein, prince of Ireland
i Siorna Saoghalach d 804BC
a Oliolla Olchaoin, prince of Ireland
1 Giallchadh d 787BC
A Nuadha Fionn Fairl d 745BC
i Simon Breac, King of Ireland d 689BC
a Muireadhoch Balgreach - continued just below
Muireadhoch Balgreach d 680BC - continued just above
1. Fiachadh Tolghrach d 596BC
A. Duach Laighrach d 547BC
i. Eochaidh Buaidhaig, prince of Ireland
a. Ugaine More 'the Great' d 421BC
m Ceafenir Crutbach dau of King of Franks
1 Laoghair Lorch d 419BC
A Oilioll Aine
i Maoin
2 Cobhthaig Caolbreag, King d 289BC
A Meilge, prince of Ireland
i Haran Gleofathach d 331BC
a Conla Cruaidh Cealgach d 316BC
1 Oilioll Caishiaclach d 291BC
A Eochadh Foltleathan d 275BC
i Aongus Tuirimheach d 233BC
a Eanda Aighnach d 193BC

Sources: 'Royal Geneaolgies'. NB. The above information was recorded from notes taken. Due to the font used in the book 'Royal Genealogies' transcription errors are possible.
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