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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Irish 2

Modhchorb d 357BC
1. Fearchorb d 320BC
A. Adamhor Foltchmoin d 286BC
i. Niodh Seathamhuin d 221BC
a. Jonadhmhar or Inadmore d 153BC
1 Lughaidh Luaghne d 137BC
A Carbre Loisgleathan, King of Munster
i Duach Donn Dalte Deagha, monarch of Ireland d 114BC
a Eachaidh or Eaghaig Garbh, King of Munster
1 Muireach, King of Munster
A Bodhafeibbis, prince of Munster
i Luigheach More, King of Munster - continued just below
i. Luigheach More, King of Munster - continued just above
a. Eanu Munchaoin or Anna Marighain, half-king of Munster
1 Deirgthine or Diergheine, King of Munster
A Dearg, prince of Munster
i Modha Neid or Monaid, King of Munster
m Sioda dau of Aloin son of Fiachcedh of the Earnaidhe
a Eagon More
m Beara dau of Heber More son of Birdena, King of Castille
1 Oilliall Olum or Aongus had 19 sons
A Eagen
B Cormac Case
m1 ??
m2 Samuir dau of General Fionn by Ailbhe below
i Modha Ciurb, King of Munster
a Finairb or Fearcorb , King of Munster - continued just below
C Cianna
i. Finairb or Fearcorb , King of Munster - continued just below
a. Liughaidh Mean or Luigemane, King of Munster
1 Comal, King of Munster
A Cais, King of Thomond
i Blad, King of Thomond
a Catharfin, King of Thomond
1 Eochaidh Babderg or Eagaig Baildarg, King of Munster
A Connall, King of Thomond
i Hugh Caomh, King of Thomond
a Cathal, King of Thomond - continued just below
i. Cathal, King of Thomond - continued just above
a. Turlogh Theodoras, King of Munster
1 Mahon a 7th century
A Aniuan, prince of Munster
i Corc or Coreach, King of Munster
a Lachtna, King of Thomond
1 Lorcan or Liccon, King of Thomond
A Kennedy or Cennetig, King of Thomond d 951
m1 ??
i Donncuan
ii Mahgamain, King of Munster
iii Marcan, Abbot of Terryglas
m2 Urchada dau of Urchad, King of West Connacht, son of Murchad
iv Brian Boru, King of Ireland b c926, d 23.04.1014
Eanda Aighnach d 193BC
1. Labhra Luirc , prince of Ireland
A. Blathachta, prince of Ireland
i. Easanmhuin Eamhma, prince of Ireland
a. Raighnein Ruadh, princeof Ireland
1 Finhagmna, prince of Ireland
A Eochoidh Feidhliach, monarch of Ireland
m1 Cloth Fionn dau of Eochaidh Achticathan
i Fineamhna
a Lughaidh Riebdearg d 26BC
1 Criomhthan Niadhmar d 4AD
m Mar Eath Chahah dau of Loch son of Daire, a Pict
A Fioraidhach Fionfachtnach d 24AD
i Fiachadh Fionohudh d 54
m Eithne dau of King of Scotland
a Tuathal Teachtmar d 109 - continued just below
m Baine dau of King of England
m2 Cruathan Cruthearg
A. Tuathal Teachtmar d 109 - continued just above
m Baine dau of King of England
i. Feidhlimdidh Reachtnar d 122
m Aghna dau of King of Denmark
a. Eochoidh Finam Fuothwafrt
b. Fiachadh Guidhe
c. Conn Ceadchadheah d 145
m Eithne dau of Lughaidh son of Daire
1 Art Aonthir, monarch of Ireland
m Meidydh dau of Cannon Cualamn
p. Eachtach dau of Alchataigh, a blacksmith
A Cormac Ulfhada a 213
m Eithne Dlianhdys dau of Duining son of Cana Badh
i Daire
ii Cairbrelifefeachaire a 254
iii Cealloch
iv Gratne
m Fionn, General his first marriage
p. Diarmid O'Dairbahn
v Ailbhe
m Fionn, General his second marriage
a Oifin
b Samuir
m Cormac Case above

Sources: 'Royal Geneaolgies'. NB. The above information was recorded from notes taken. The script in the book 'Royal Genealogies' is easy to read so there may be several spelling and transcription errors.
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