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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway, Allcannings and Virginia
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about. 
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

Send contributions, additions and corrections and report faulty links!

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Poland: Counts and Kings of Poland, Dukes of Silesia, Dukes of Glogau & Sagan
Piastus d 861
1. Ziemovitus/Siemowit d 892 according to the chronicles of Gallus Anonymus, the son of Piast the Wheelwright and Rzepicha. He was considered one of the four legendary Piast princes, but is now considered as a ruler who existed as an historical person.
He became the duke of the Polans in the 9th century after his father, son of Cho?cisko, refused to take the place of legendary Duke Popiel. Siemowit was elected as new duke by the wiec. According to a popular legend, Popiel was then eaten by mice in his tower on the Goplo lake. The only mention of Siemowit, along with his son Lestko and grandson Siemomys?, comes in the mediæval chronicle of Gallus Anonymus. Siemowit's grandson Mieszko I of the Piast dynasty is considered the first ruler of Poland to be baptized, though evidence of Arian Christians predating his reign was discovered in south Poland.
A. Lescus/Lestek b ca. 870-880. d 913 Though proof of his actual existence is unclear, if he did exist, he must have been an influential person, because the tribes that lived in what is now Poland were known as "Lestkowici".
GenEU starts with the following Ziemomysl, identifying him as "possibly a son of Leszek" ie. Lescus.
i. Ziemovisks or Ziemomysl, Count of Poland d c963 was the third Polish duke, and the father of Poland's first historical ruler, Mieszko I. He was son of Lestek. Siemomys? is credited with leaving the lands known as Greater Poland to his son Mieszko I, who further expanded them during his reign. His name in German was Ziemomysl.
a. Miecislaus or Mieszko I, Count of Poland b 922, d 25.05.993, 3rd son considered the de facto creator of the Polish state. He continued the policy of both his father and grandfather, who were rulers of the pagan tribes located in the area of present Greater Poland. Either through alliances or by use of military force, Mieszko extended the ongoing conquests and early in his reign subordinated Kuyavia and probably Gdansk Pomerania and Masovia. For most of his reign, Mieszko I was involved in warfare for the control of Western Pomerania, eventually conquering it up to the vicinity of the lower Odra River. During the last years of his life he fought the Bohemian state, winning Silesia and probably Lesser Poland.Mieszko I's marriage in 965 to the Premyslid princess Dobrawa and his baptism in 966 put him and his country in the cultural sphere of Western Christianity. Apart from the great conquests accomplished during his reign which proved to be fundamental for the future of Poland, Mieszko I was renowned for his internal reforms, aimed at expanding and improving the so-called war monarchy system.According to existing sources, Mieszko I was a wise politician, a talented military leader and charismatic ruler. He successfully used diplomacy, concluding an alliance with Bohemia first, and then with Sweden and the Holy Roman Empire. In foreign policy, he placed the interests of his country foremost, even entering into agreements with former enemies. On his death, he left to his sons a country of greatly expanded territory, with a well-established position in Europe. Mieszko I also appeared as "Dagome" in a papal document from about 1085, called Dagome iudex, which mentions a gift or dedication of Mieszko's land to the Pope the act took place almost a hundred years earlier.
m1 ??
1 son d young
m2 Dobrava of Bohemia d 977, dau of Boleslaus I, Duke of Bohemia
2 Boleslaus or Boleslaw I, King of Poland, Duke of Bohemia b 967, d 17.06.1025
m1 Judith of Hungary
Mieszko II Lambert Piast, King of Poland or mother as below
m3. 987 Emnilde d 1017, dau of Dobromir, Sorb chieftain
A Miecislaus or Mieszko II, King of Poland b 990, d 10.05.1034
m Richeza of Lorraine d 21.03.1063, dau of Ezzo, Count Palatine of Lorraine or the Rhine
i Casimir I , Count of Poland b 25.07.1016, d 28.11.1058
m 1041/2 Dobronega Maria of Kiev dau of Vladimir I, Count of Kiev
a Boleslaus or Boleslaw II, King of Poland b 1042, d 22.03.1081
b Vladislaus or Wladislaw I, Count of Poland b 1043, d 04.06.1102
m1 Judith of Bohemia d 25.12.1086, dau of Vratislaus II, Duke/King of Bohemia
1 Boleslaus or Boleslaw III, Count of Poland, Duke of Pomerania b 20.08.1085, d 28.10.1138
m1 1103 Sbyslava of Kiev d by 1112, dau of Svyatopolk, Prince of Kiev
A Vladislaus or Wladislaw II, Prince of Cracow and Silesia b 1105, d 30.05.1159 - continued below
m c1126 Agnes of Austria dau of Leopold III of Austria
B+ other issue
m2 1115 Salome dau of Count Heinrich von Berg-Schelkingen
C Miecislaus or Mieszko III, Prince of Poland, Duke of Pomerania b 1126/7, d 13.03.1202
The following comes from GenEU Piast2.
m1 Elizabeth of Hungary d c1155, dau of Bela II, King of Hungary
i Ludmilla of Poland b c1150, d 1223
m Frederick I, Duke of Lorraine d 08.1206
ii Judith of Poland
m Bernard, Count of Anhalt b 1140, d 1212
iii+ other issue
m2 by 1154 Yevdokia of Kiev dau of Izyaslav II, Prince of Kiev
iv Anastasia of Poland
m c1177 Bogislaw I, Duke of Pomerania d 1187/8
v+ other issue
D Judith of Poland d by 1175
m 1148 Otto I, Margrave of Brandenburg b c1127, d 07.03.1184
E+ other issue
m2 c1089 Jutta of Germany b 1047,d 1100, dau of Emperor Henry II
c Svatava of Poland d 1126
m 1062 Vratislaus II, Duke/King of Bohemia d 1092
ii Ryksa of Poland
m Bela I, King of Hungary b 1016, d 12.1063
iii Gertrud of Poland d 04.01.1107
m c1043 Izyaslav, Count of Turov, Count of Novgorod, Prince of Kiev b 1024, d 03.10.1078
B daughter
m Svyatoslav I 'the Damned', Prince of Kiev b 980, d 1019
3 Gunhilda or Swiesoslawa of Poland
m1 Eric VI 'the victorious', King of Sweden d 995
m2 c990, div 1000 Sveyn I 'Forkbeard', King of Denmark, Norway and England b 965, d 02.02.1014
Shown by GenEU as sister of Mieszko but more often though not necessarily more correctly described as his daughter though, if so, whether by his 1st or 2nd wife is unknown was ...
4 Adelaide of Poland d after 997
m1 Michael, Duke of Hungary d c978
m2 c985 Geza, King of Hungary
m3. c979 Oda d 1023, dau of Dietrich von Haldesleben, Margrave of the Nordmark
Cidebur -972
unkown son d 963
d Adelajda d after 997
Vladislaus or Wladislaw II, Prince of Cracow and Silesia b 1105, d 30.05.1159 - continued above
ROYL identifies Vladislaus's wife as Christina, dau of Emperor Henry V by Maud, dau of Henry I of England, but GenEU identifies her as ...
m c1126 Agnes of Austria dau of Leopold III, Margrave of Austria
1. Boleslaus or Boleslaw I, Duke of Silesia and Breslau b 1127, d 07.12.1201
m2 Adelheid dau of Beringerus, Count of Sulzbach
A. Henry I, Duke of Silesia, etc. b by 1170, d 19.03.1238
m c1190 Hedwig of Andechs dau of Bertold IV, Count of Andechs, Duke of Meranien
i. Henry II, Duke of Silesia, etc. b by 1196, d 09.04.1241
m Anna of Bohemia b 1204, d 23.06.1265, dau of Premsyl I Otakar, King of Bohemia
a. Boleslaus or Boleslaw II, Duke of Silesia, etc b c25.12.1278
m Hedwig von Anhalt
1 Jadwiga von Liegnitz
m Konrad von Masowien, Prince of Czersk
1 Anna von Masowien of Czersk
m Premysl Prince of Ratibor
m Anna von Ratibor von Silesia
m Nikolaus II von Silesia, Prince of Troppau
1 Eufemia Przemyslide of Troppau b about 1319 d by 1362 0r 1372
m Ziemowit III Piast, Duke Masowski, son of Trojden I Piast and grandson of Boleslaw II Piast Duke of Masowski b 1251 d 1313 and Gaudemunda Zofia of Lithuania d 1288
1 Ziemowit IV Piast of Czersk, b about 1366 d 1426
m Aleksandra Princess of Lithuania
1-1 Cymbarka of Czersk
m Ernest I von Hapsburg, Duke of Austria
1-1-1 Frederick V von Hapsburg von Austria, b 1415 d 1493
m Eleonora Helena de Portugal, b 1434 d 1467, daughter of Duarte Joaez I, de Portugal & Algarves and Leonora de Aragon and granddaughter of Joao I de Portugal and Philippe de Lancaster, maternally of Fernando I of Aragon Leonor Urraca Sancha de Castile
1-1-1-1 Maximilian I von Hapsburg
1-1-1-2 Cunegonde von Hapsburg, b 1465 d 1520 m Albert IV von Wittelsbach and had Suzanne, Sabine, Wilhelm IV von Bavaria
1-1-2 Catherine von Hapsburg
1-1-3 Margarethe Archduchess of Austria
1-1-3 Albracht VI of Austria
1-2 Maria Piast of Czersk, b about 1409 d after 1449
m Bogislaw IX Duke of Pomerania-Stargard
1-2-1 Sofie of Pomerania
m Erich II of Pomerania
1-2-1-1 Katherina of Pomerania b about 1465 d 1526, m Heinrich I/VIII "the bad" of Braunschweig-wolfenbüttel and had Katharina and Heinrich. Ancestors of George I, Lady Diana and Louis XVII
1-2-1-2 Sofie of Pomerania b about 1458 d 1504, m Magnus II von Mecklenburg and had Heinrich III von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Anna von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Sofie Princess von von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Also Ancestors of George I, Lady Diana and Louis XVII
1-2-1-3 Bogislaw VI of Pomerania, b 1454 d 1523, m Anne Jagellon, Princess of Poland and had Sofie of Pomerania and Georg I, Duke of Pommern-Wolgast. also Ancestors of George I, Lady Diana and Louis XVII
1-3 Euphemia Piast, d 1447
m Boleslaw I of Silesia, Duke of Teschen
1-3-1 Premislaw II of Silesia-Teschen, d 1477
m Anna Piast, daughter of Boleslaw IV Piast of Warsaw d 1454 and Barbara ?Princess of Russia
1-3-1 Hedwig von Silesia-Teschen, d 1521
m Etienne Zejpolya and had:
Barbara Zaypolya
Jon Papolya, King of Hungary
2 Malgorzata Piast, Princess Masowien
m Heinrich VII Duke of Silesia-Lignitz
2-1 Ludwig II Duke of Silesia-Liegnitz, d 1436
m Elisabeth von Hohenzollern
2-1-1 Hedwig von Silesia-Liegnitz, d 1471
Johann II, Duke of Silesia-Liegnitz
3 Janusz I Piast of Wyszogrod, d 1429
m Danuta Anna Giedyminowicze of Lithuania
3-1 Boleslaw II Piast of Wyszogrod
m Anna Ivanova d'Holszany
3-1-1 Boleslaw IV Piast of Warsaw
m Barbara ?Princess of Russia
3-1-1-1 Anna Piast m Premislaw, see above
3-1-1-2 Konrad III Rudy Piast, Duke of Masovia
m Anna Radziwll
3-1-1-2-1 Anna Ksiezniczka Masovicka Piast, b about 1499 d after 1557
m Stanislaw Odrowaz and had:
Zofia Odrowazowna
2 Marketa zu Silesia-Troppauf, d about 1363
m Jan Jindrich zu Bohemia b about 1363 d about 1437, son of Jan de Luxembourg, King of Bohemia and Elisabeth Princess of Bohemia
2-1 Jutta
m Konrad III, Duke of Silesia-Oels
2-1-1 Jadwiga zu Oels d by 1454
m Heinrich IX zu Glogou-Krossen, son of Heinrich Duke of Sagan and Katherina of Silesia-Oppeln
2-1-1-1 Anna zu Glogou, d 1483
m Jan ze Rozmberka
2-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Baroness von Rosenberg
m Heinrich Pruschenk, Cout of Hardegg zu Glatz and had:
?Johann Count Hardegg
?Julius II Count of Hardegg-Glatz
2-1-1-1-2 Katharina von Rosenberg
m Peter Sternberg and had:
Jan Holiczky
Katharina von Sternberg
2-1-2 Anna of Silesia-Oels b about 1402 d 1442
m Georg I Prince von Anhalt-Zerbst, son of Sigismund I Duke of Anhalt-Zerbst 1368-1405 und Jutta Brigitta von Querfurt 1370 1411+
2-1-2-1 Anna/Agnes von Anhalt-Zerbst
m Johann I von Honstein
2-1-2-1-1 Wolfgang von Honstein-Vierraden-Schwedt
m Katharina von Honstein-Klettenberg and had:
Barbara von Honstein-Vierraden
2-1-2-1-2 Anna von Honstein b about 1470 d 1539
m Ulrich VIII von Regensstein-Blankenburg and had Ulrich XII von Gegenstein-blankenburg
2-1-2-1-3 Margareta von Honstein d 1508, m Volrad von Mansfeld and had Amelie von Mansfeld
2-1-2-1-4 Walburg von Honstein m Ludwig II von Everstein and had Georg von Everstein-Massow
2 Henryk V von Liegnitz b about 1249 d 1296
m Elsbieta Piast b about 1263 d 1304, daughter of Boleslaw "the Pious" King of Poland and Jolan Princess of Hungary 1241- 1298
2- Eufemia, Duchess of Silesia-Liegnitz d 1347
m Otto II, Duke von Kärnten
2- Elizabeth von Kärnten
2- Pietro II King of Sicily
2-2 Boleslaw II of Silesia-Liegnitz
2- Heinrich VI of Silesia-Liegnitz
3 Boleslaw Prince of Breslau-Liegnitz-Schweidnitz
4 Agnieszka von Liegnitz
b. Conrad I, Duke of Glogau, Bishop of Passau b by 1231, d 06.08.1273/4, 4th son
m1 1249 Salome of Poland dau of Vladislav, Duke of Poland
1 Henry I, Duke of Glogau and Sagan d 11.12.1310
m 03.1290 Mechtild b 1276, d 1318, dau of Albrecht, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
A Henry II, Duke of Glogau and Sagan b c1292, d 22.01.1342 had issue
m Mathilde von Brandenburg-Salzwedel
1 Agnieszka von glogau-Sagan
2 Heinrich III von Silesia- Glogau
3 Salomea Duchess von Silesia-Glogau
B Beatrix of Glogau b c1292, d 24.08.1322
m c1309 Ludwig IV, Duke of Upper Bavaria, King of Italy, Emperor of Germany b 1282, d 1347
C+ Konrad I Duke of Silesia-Oels
?D Agnes von Silesia-Glogau
2+ other issue Euphemia von Silesia-Glogau b 1254 m Albert II Graf von Gorz and had Albert II von Gorz-Lienz and Johan-Albrecht von Gorz
c.+ other issue Elisabeth von Silesia, Heinrich III "the wise" von Silesia-Breslau
ii.+ other issue Elisabeth von Silesia m WrAtislaw iv Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast ?and had Barnim IV Duke of Pemerania
B.+ other issue
2. Rixa/Riquilda/Richenza of Silesia d 1185
m1 1152 Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon b 1105, d 21.08.1157
m2 1161 Ramon Bereguer V, Count of Provence d 1166 ??
m3. Count Albrecht von Everstein
3. Mieszko I Platonogi, ksiaze b about 1132 in Wroclaw d 16 May 1211 in Opole m Ludmila
3-1 Kazimierz Opolski b about 1179 Opole
3-2 Ludmile of Silesia
3-3 Boleslaw of Silesia
3-4 Ryksa
4 Albert d 1168
5 Konrada I Laskonogi, ksiaze b about 1146 in Wroclaw d 1185 

1 GenEU Piast1, ROYL table CLXXVII
2 GenEU Piast4, 7, ROYL tables CCLXXXVI, CCXLIII
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