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Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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: Eppes of Lyde Kent, Eppes of Virginia

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Ep14. Alen EPPES b 22 Sep 1500 in Lyde, Kent d c 1551.
m c 1535 Agnes HARLE b 1504 in Lyde, Kent

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Ep13-1 Alyce EPSE b c 1528 in Lyde, Kent, England.
Ep13-2 Margery EPSE b c 1530 in Lyde, Kent, England.
Ep13 John EPPES b 1526.
Ep12 John EPPES b 1566 d Nov 1627
m Thomazine FISHER b c 1573 in Detling, Kent
+1 Alexander Fisher b c 1532 Maidstone Kent d c Sep 1590 Horswepool Detling
m Katherin Maplesden b c 1543 Kent
Ep11 Francis EPPES b 15 May 1597 in Ashford, Kent, bap 14 May 1597 in St. Mary's The Virgin, Ashford, Ky. d 30 Sep 1674 in Charles City, Va. came to Virginia in the ship "Hopewell", which name he gave to his plantation on the south bank of the James River. Francis was at first an Ensign, then Captain, and later Lieutenant-Colonel of Militia. Shirley's Hundred Island is now called Eppes Island
m c 1625 Mary x in Kent
Ep10-1 John EPPES b 1626 in Ashford, Kent, England d 16 Oct 1679 Charles Co, Va bur Shirloy, Hundred Island, Va.
Ep10 Francis EPPES b 19 Nov 1627 d 2 Dec 1678.
m1 x + 1 ch m2 Elizabeth Littleberry b 1623 Engl d 23 Sep 1678 Bermuda Hundred Henrico VA + 5 ch (?? which order and wife was nother of which child)
Ep9 Francis Eppes b 1659 Shirley Hundre Henrico Co VA d there 1718
m Ann Isham b 1665 Kg & Qu Co VA
Ep8 Col. Francis EPPES IV b 1686 d Dec 1734
m Sarah Kennon b 1689 in Conjuror's Neck, Chesterfield Co Va
Ep7-1 Martha Eppes b 1712 VA d 1748 m John Wayles b 1715 Lancaster Engl -1 Martha Wayles b 1748 d 1782 m1 Bathurst Skelton m2 Pres Thomas Jefferson
Ep7-2 Richard Eppes
Ep8-2 Isham EPPES b 1688 Henrico, Va d Jul 1717 in Henrico Co VA bur unm
Ep8-3 Elizabeth EPPES b 1690 d Apr 1777
m Henry Randolph b 1 Jan 1689 Appamattoc VA d 1 Aug 1726
Ep8-3-1 Sarah RANDOLPH b 10 Oct 1715 d 1774
m Collier Barksdale
Ep8-3-2 Henry RANDOLPH IV b 11 Feb 1721 d 30 Apr 1771
m Tabitha Poythress b 1725 Henrico VA d 17 Sep 1805 dau of Robert Poythress b c 1699 Henrico and Elizabeth Bland
-1 John RANDOLPH b 1743/1744 Henrico, , VA d 6 Jun 1803.
-2 Peter RANDOLPH b 1748 Henrico, , VA d 20 Jan 1832 in Georgia.
-3 Elizabeth RANDOLPH b 1750 Henrico, , VA d 1776.
-4 Thomas RANDOLPH b 1752 Henrico VA d c1776.
-5 Robert RANDOLPH b 1754 Henrico VA d 1831.
-6 Elizabeth RANDOLPH b c 1757 Henrico Co Va d 1776.
-7 Richard RANDOLPH b 1759 Henrico, VA d 1828 in Wilkes Co GA
-8 Nancy RANDOLPH b c 1759 Henrico VA
-9 Robert RANDOLPH b 1759 Henrico Co Va> d 1831 in Columbia Co GA
-10 John RANDOLPH b 1759 in Chesterfield Co VA d 13 Apr 1815 in Camp Russell, Mobile, Alabama.
-11 RANDOLPH b c 1761 Va.
-12 Elizabeth RANDOLPH b c 1763 Henrico, VA.
-13 Mary RANDOLPH b 1763 Henrico VA d 18 Apr 1805.
-14 Nancy RANDOLPH b 1765 in VA.
-15 Ann RANDOLPH b c 1765 Va.
-16 Marie RANDOLPH b c 1767 Va.
-17 Edmond RANDOLPH b c 1769 Va.
-18 Francis RANDOLPH b c 1771 Va.
-19 William RANDOLPH b 1745/1746 d 27 Jun 1791 m?1 31 JUl 1761 Albemarle VA Elizabeth Little b 1727 England + 12 ch m2 Miriam Ann Eppes b 1741 Henrico VA dau of Edmond Eppes and Maria Henrietta Hardiman

-19-1 Mary Little RANDOLPH b 20 May 1762 m y Roberts.
-19-2 Elizabeth RANDOLPH b 25 Aug 1763 d 1843 m William Isham EPPES b 6 Sep 1760 in Salem MA
-19-3 Jane RANDOLPH b 13 Sep 1764 in Bristol, , Eng bap 13 Sep 1764 in Bristol, England.
-19-4 Benjamin RANDOLPH b 11 Oct 1765 in St Augustines, Bristol, Eng bap 11 Oct 1768 in St. Augustine's, Bristol, England d 1806 in Dungeness, VA.
-19-5 William Eston RANDOLPH b 22 Jul 1766 in St Augustine, Bristol, Eng bap 22 Jul 1766 in St. Augustine's, Bristol, England d 1 Jun 1772. He was buried on 1 Jun 1772 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol, England.
-19-6 Thomas Eston RANDOLPH b 11 Apr 1767 d 11 Apr 1842.
-19-7 James RANDOLPH b 29 Jun 1770.
-19-8 Fortune RANDOLPH b 5 Aug 1774 in Redcliff, Bristol, Eng bap 5 Aug 1774 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol, England.
-19-9 Susanna RANDOLPH b 26 Jul 1775 in Redcliff, Bristol, Eng bap 26 Jul 1775 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol, England d 5 Feb 1776. She was buried on 6 Feb 1776 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol, England.
-19-10 Henry Jones RANDOLPH b 15 Jul 1778 in Redcliff, Bristol, Eng bap 15 Jul 1778 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol, England d 13 May 1860 in England.
-19-11 Jacob Little RANDOLPH b 1 Nov 1783 in Redcliff, Bristol, Eng bap 1 Nov 1783 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol, England.
-19-12 William Eston RANDOLPH b 22 Jul 1772 in Redcliff, Bristol, Eng bap 22 Jul 1772 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol, England d 14 Feb 1779. He was buried on 14 Feb 1779 in St. Mary's, Redcliff, Bristol
-19-13 Nathaniel RANDOLPH b 1765 d 1829.
-19-14 Peyton RANDOLPH b Oct 1766 d 1852 m1 Mary Payne b 1769 VA d 1842 m2 Rhoda Myers b 1769 VA d 1848
-19-15 Elizabeth Orpha RANDOLPH b Jan 1769 d 1848.
-19-16 Isham RANDOLPH b 1771 d 1821/1829.
-19-17 Henry RANDOLPH b 1773 d 1836.
-19-19 Tabitha RANDOLPH b 1777.
-19-20 Mahala RANDOLPH b 26 Mar 1778 d 18 Oct 1848.
-19-21 Daughter RANDOLPH b 1780 in Chesterfield, VA.
-19-22 Daughter RANDOLPH b 1781 in Chesterfield, VA.
-19-23 Edmund RANDOLPH b 1784 d 1784.
-19-24 Miriam RANDOLPH b Jan 1786 d 25 Oct 186

-19-2-1 William Randolph EPPES b c 1786.
-19-2-2 William Randolph EPPES b 14 Oct 1794 in St John's, Newfoundland d 27 Sep 1823.
-19-2-3 Elizabeth Randolph EPPES b 12 Sep 1796 d 8 Jul 1867.
-19-2-4 Adelaide Isham EPPES b 11 Jun 1800 in St John's, Newfoundland d 21 Dec 1885 in Glenelg, South Australia.
-19-2-5 Richard Routh EPPES b 22 Aug 1803 in Camberwell, Surrey, England d 28 Jan 1805 in Camberwell, Surrey
Ep8-3-3 Francis RANDOLPH b 19 Jun 1724 in Henrico Co VA d 1734 in Henrico, Va.
Ep8-3-4 Mourning RANDOLPH b Mar 1726 in Appomatix, Appomatix Co VA d 1732.
Ep8-3-6 Isham RANDOLPH b 20 Apr 1726 Va d 20 Apr 1760.
Ep8-3-6 Grief RANDOLPH b 1726/1727 in Appomatix, Appomatix Co VA d 1777.
Ep8-3-7 Anne RANDOLPH b 31 Dec 1717 in Appomatix, Appomatix County
Ep8-4 Anne EPPES b 1691 in Bermuda, Hundred, Henrico, VA d 19 Jun 1711 Henrico, VA.
Ep8-5 Nancy Anne EPPES b 3 Feb 1695 King & Queen, VA d 1 Nov 1765.
Ep8-6 William EPPES b 1698 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield, Va. d 1725 Henrico Co., Va..
Ep8-7 Mary EPPES b 1700 in Bermuda, Hundred, Henrico, VA. She died about 1753.
Ep8-8 Sarah EPPES b 1702 Henrico, Va d Oct 1750
Ep9-1 Mary EPPES b c 1653 in <, Of Henrico Co., Va.>.
Ep9-2 Anna EPPES b c 1655 in of Henrico Co., Va.
Ep9-3 William EPPES b 1661 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield, VA d 16 Nov 1710 Prince George Co, Va. bur Chesterfield Co, Va?.
Ep9-5 Mary EPPES b 1664 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield, VA d 1698 Henrico Co., Va..
Ep9-6 Littlebury EPPES b c 1665 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield, VA d 1743 Charles City Co., V
Ep10-3 Thomas EPPES b 8 Sep 1630 in St. Olaves, Hart Street, London, Eng d 1679
Ep12-2 Joanna EPPES b c 1568 in Lyde, Kent, England.
Ep12-3 Katherina EPPES b c 1570 in m.
Ep13-4 William EPPES b 1532 in Lyde, Kent d in 1578.
Ep13-5 Thomas EPSE b 1534 in Lyde, Kent, , Eng d 1585.
Ep13-6 Alice EPPES b 1528 in Lyde, Kent, , Eng.
Ep1-7 Marge EPPES b 1530 in Lyde, Kent, , Eng.
Ep13-8 Joanna EPPES b 1536 in Lyde, Kent