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Brown 2: Broun of Bassendean, Broun of Colstoun, Broun in Hume Castle, Broun of Thornydykes
BP1934 reports that this family was "in possession of the lands of Colstoun, co. Haddington, as far back as the 14th century" but does not mention anyone before George Broun who died in 1603.This indicates some loss of faith in the earlier report given in BP1870 which starts with Walter Le Brun as shown in the following pedigree. As there is a difference between the immediate ancestry of the early baronets, for interest and information purposes what BP1870 reports is shown on the upper section of this page, however, more research is necessary before any attempt should be made to connect any of it with the information from BP1934 in the lower section.
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Walter Le Brun or Bron, 1st of Colstoun and Glamilshiels a 1116
1. Sir David Le Brun of Colstoun a 1125
A. ?? Le Brun
i. ?? Le Brun
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
a. ?? Le Brun
1 Ralph Le Brun a 1296
A ?? Le Brun
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
i Richard Le Brun a 1323
a ?? Le Brun
1 Sir William Broun of Colstoun
m Margaret de Annand co-heiress of the barony of Sauchie
Described in BP1870 as grandson of William by Margaret de Annand but in BLG1886 in which the first of the family mentioned is this William as their son was ...
A William Broun of Colstoun and Sauchie a 1480
m Marion
i Alexander Broun of Sauchie and Finderlie
m Margaret Halket dau of James Halket, 4th of Pitfirran
ii+ 2 daughters
iv William Broun of Colstoun and Otterstoun
BP1870 has a gap between the William who is shown above as alive in 1480 and the undermentioned George who is reported to have married Jean Hay of the Yester family. That Jean is not found in the Hay records but those records do mention a Marion Hay d 06.1564, dau of Sir John Hay, 2nd Lord of Yester who married George Broun of Coulston d before 15 Feb 1519-2. As mentioned, the next reported by BP1870 was ...
a George Broun d 1603
m Jean Hay dau of Lord Yester
1 George Broun of Colstoun
m Margaret Murray dau of Sir D. Murray of Stanhope
A Sir Patrick Broun, 1st Bart of Colstoun
See below.
m1 dau of the noble family of Sinclair
m2 Lady Jean Ramsay
B George Broun of Thornydyke
See below. BP1870 reports that he had 3 sons - Alexander father of 3rd and 4th baronets, James dsp, and George as shown below.
2 John Broun had issue
3 William Broun had issue
m _ Swinton dau of _ Swinton of Swinton
BP1934 reports as follows on this family. As it disagrees with the above, we presume that further research made the family decide that the above pedigree was not secure.
Patrick Broun of Colstoun d 17 Oct 1603
BP1934 does not mention Patrick's wife but TSP Dalhousie shows that he was married to ...
m mcrt 10 May 1574 Elizabeth Ramsay dau of George Ramsay of Dalhousiepresumed mother of ...
1. George Broun of Colstoun
m 1599 Euphemia Hoppringle dau of James Hoppringle of that ilk
A. James Broun of Colstoun d 1668-9
m 1625 Anna Heriot dau of Robert Heriot of Trabroun
i. George Broun of Colstoun d 1657
m Margaret Murray dau of Sir David Murray of Stanhope
a. Lilias Broun
m James Bannatyne of Newhall
ii. Sir Patrick Broun, 1st Bart of Colstoun d 1688
m1 Alison Sinclair dau of James Sinclair of Stevenson
m2 Jean Ramsay dau of John Ramsay of Edington
Not sure which wife was mother of ...
a. Sir George Broun, 2nd Bart of Colstoun dsp 1718
m by 1692 Elizabeth Mackenzie d 05 May 1703, dau of George Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Cromarty
b. Robert Broun d 31 May 1703
m Margaret Bannatyne dau of James Bannatyne of Newhall
1 Jean Broun of Colstoun
m Charles Broun of Cleghornie
A George Broun of Colstoun Lord of Session as Lord Colstoun
m Elizabeth Dalrymple dau of Hew Dalrymple of Drummore
i Charles Broun of Colstoun
a Christian Broun b 28 Feb 1786, d 22 Jan 1839
m 14 May 1805 George Ramsay, 9th Earl of Dalhousie, Governor of Canada b 23 Oct 1770, d 21 Mar 1838, General, CIC India
ii Anne Broun d 18 May 1768
m 12 Nov 1763 Sir David Dalrymple, 3rd Bart of Hailes b 28 Oct 1726, d 29 Nov 1762, Lord of Session as Lord Hailes
B Anne Broun d 26 Feb 1790 apparently of this generation
m John Buchan of Letham d 21 Nov 1792
2 Margaret Broun
m David Kyle Colonel
3 Elizabeth Broun
m1 John Hamilton of Udston
m2 1732 John Williamson minster of Inveresk
4 Mary Broun
m Robert Waddell of Muirhouse
5+ other issue d 31 May 1703 - Patrick, George
c. Ann Broun
m 1695 Sir Hew Cathcart, 1st Bart of Carleton d 1723
B. George Broun of Thornydykes
m Marion Turnbull
i. Alexander Broun of Thorndykes and Bassendean
m1 Catherine Swinton dau of Sir Alexander Swinton of Swinton
m2 Mary Bruce dau of Robert Bruce of Kinnaird
Not sure which wife was mother of ...
a. Sir George Broun of Thornydykes, 3rd Bart of Colstoun dsp 15 Aug 1734
m Janet Spottiswoode dau of Alexander Spottiswoode of Warristown
b. Sir Alexander Broun of Bassendean, 4th Bart of Colstoun d 1750
m Beatrix Swinton dau of Alexander Swinton of Mersington
1 Sir Alexander Broun of Bassendean, 5th Bart of Colstoun d 1775
m 1755 Mally Colquhoun dau of Adam Colquhoun of Glins
A+ issue - Agnes b c1766, a 1826, Beatrix
ii. James Broun dsp
iii. George Broun
a. Alexander Broun in Hume Castle
1 George Broun in Hume Castle
A James Broun in Hume Castle
m Alison Brodie dau of William Brodie
i Sir Richard Broun, de jure 6th Bart of Colstoun d 13 Dec 1781, minister of Kingarth then Lochmaben
m 1765 Robana McBryde d 05 Feb 1819, dau of Col. Hugh McBryde of Beadland
a Sir James Broun of Mayfield, 7th Bart of Colstoun b 12 Mar 1768, d 30 Nov 1844 had issue
m1 31 Jul 1798 Marion Henderson d 20 Aug 1825, dau of Robert Henderon of Cloughheads
m2 29 Apr 1835, sp Janet Watson d 17 Jun 1868, dau of R. Watson of Edinburgh
b William Broun of Newmains d 1831 had issue
m Nancy Mainguy dau of Col. Peter Mainguy of Guernsey

1 BP1870 Broun with some input from BLG1886 Brown-Morison of Finderlie.
2 BP1934 Broun with support from BLG1952 Broun-Lindsay of Coultoun and formerly of Wellwood.
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