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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

Change the two party system
so people against something like abortion
but for something like environmental protection never again get bigger and badder storms
and two bankrupting wars instead.

Make the Electoral College a permanent government body with seat distribution proportional to the party tally in each state and give it the right to approve cabinet members and under secretaries instead of the US Senate!

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Adam 3

Eber Heber
m. Melka dau of Madai
1. Phalec Peleg
A. Ragau Reu
i. Saruch Serug, Governor of Ur
a. Nammu
b. Engur
c. Nachor Nahor
1 Sulgi
2 Dungi
3 Thara Terah
m. Amethelo Or Unk
A Haran dvp
i Lot
B Nahor
m. Milcah dau of Haran
C Abraham originally called Abram b 1812BC, d 1637BC §A
m. Sarah
i Isaac
m. Rebecca
a Israel originally called Jacob
m1. Leah
1 Judah Judas, King of Goshen b c1564BC
m1. ?
A Er
m. Tamar dau of Epher Atlas
B Onan
C Shelah
m2. Tamar or Thamar dau of Epher Atlas, Judah's daughter-in-law
D Phares or Perez
i Esrom or Hezron
m. daughter of Nachit
a Aram or Ram
m. Miss
1 Aminadab - continued below
ii Hamul
E Zarah
i Darda or Dardanus
2 Levi 4th son ancestor of Levites and Kohens
3+ other issue - Reuben, Simeon, Issachar, Zebulin, Dinah
m2. Bilhah
8+ other issue - Dan, Nephtali
p1. Zilpah
10+ other issue - Gad, Asher
m2. Rachel
12+ other issue - Joseph, Benjamin
b Esau
p1. Hagara
ii Ishmael
m. Rala dau of Mudad
a Nabit
1 Yashjub
A Yarub
i Tayrah
ii Nahur
a Mugawwam
A Adnan
p2. Keturah
iii+ other issue - Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, Shuah
B. Kaber
2. Yoktan
Aminadab - continued above
1. Naasson Nahshon, Prince of Judah a 1230BC
A. Salmon
m. Rachab
i. Booz Boaz
m. Ruth
a. Obed
1 Jesse
m. Nahash
A David, King of Israel and Judah d 973BC, 6th child
m1. Michal dau of King Saul, sp
m2. Ahinoam
i Amnon dsp
m3. Abigail
ii Chileab Daniel d young
m4. Maachah dau of Talmai, King of Guechour
iii Absalom dvp
iv Tamar
m5. Haggith
v Adonijah
m6. Abital
vi Shephatiah Chefatia
m7. Eglah
vii Ithream Yitream
m8. ??
viii+ other issue - Ibhar, Elishua Elishama, Elpalet Eliphelet, liadah Beeliada, Abishai, Nogah
m9. ??
xiv Jerimoth
a Mahalath
m. Rehoboam, King of Judah
xv+ other issue - Japhia, Nepheg, Asahel, Joab
m10. Bathsheba dau of Eliam Ammiel, formerly wife of Urias
xix son d infant
xx Nathan
a Mattatha
1 Menan Menna
A Melea
i Eliakim
a Jonan
1 Joseph - continued below
xxi Shammuah Shimea
xxii Shobab
xxiii Solomon originally called Jedidiah, King of Israel and Judah b 1015BC, d 933BC
B+ other issue - Eliab, Abinadab, Chimea, Nethnal, Raddai, Ocem, Cerouya, Abigail
Joseph - continued above
1. Judah
A. Simeon
i. Levi
a. Matthat
1 Jorim
A Eliezer
i Jose Joshua
a Er
1 Elmodan Elmadam
A Cosam
i Addi
a Melchi
1 Neri
A Salathiel Shealtiel

sources: The Bible in particular Genesis Chapter 11, Matthew Chapter 1 & Luke Chapter 3 plus various web sites including particularly for ancestry of King David, 'RoyalData' particulary from Ishmael to Adnan, & 'joelines' at this address does not always connect when typed directly into a browser's address line but can normally be accessed by using a good search engine Google, etc. and typing-in "adam and eve to charlemagne".
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