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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

Change the two party system
so people against something like abortion
but for something like environmental protection never again get bigger and badder storms
and two bankrupting wars instead.

Make the Electoral College a permanent government body with seat distribution proportional to the party tally in each state and give it the right to approve cabinet members and under secretaries instead of the US Senate!

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Adam 1

Adam b 4004BC, d 3074BC §A
m. Eve
1. Kain
A. Enoch
i. Irad
a. Mehajael
1 Methusael
A Lamech
m. Tzilah
i Naamah
m. Noah b 2948BC, d 1998BC see 1 below
2. Abel
3. Seth b c3874, d c2962BC
m. Azura see 2 below
A. Enoch Enos b 3769BC, d 2864BC
m. Noam see 3 below
i. Keinan Cainan b 3679BC, d 2769BC
. m. Mualeleth see 4 below
a. Mahalaleel Maleleel b 3609BC, d 2714BC
m. Dina dau of Barakiel
1 Jared b 3544BC, d 2582BC
m. Baraka
A Enoch b 3382BC, d 3017BC
m. Edna dau of Danel
i Methuselah or Mathusala b 3317BC, d 2348BC
m. Edna dau of Azrial
a Lanech or Lamech b 3130BC, d 2343BC
1 Noah b 2948BC, d 1998BC §A
m. Naamah dau of Lamech see 1 above
A Japhet b c1244BC, d 1846BC
i Gomer
a+ issue - Askamaz, Riphath, Tugama
ii Magog
a Baath
1 Feniusa Forsa
b+ other issue - Johnath, Fathachta
iii Madei
iv Jaran
a+ issue - Elisha, Tarshish, Kittin, Dodanim
v+ other issue - Mesech, Tubal, Tiras
B Shem Sem
m. Sedeqetelebab dau of Eliakim see 5 below
i Arphaxad - continued below #####
ii+ other issue - Elam, Asser, Loeb, Aram, Gec, Hoel, Gheter, Mechec
C Ham or Cham
b Rakel
c Eliakim
1 Sedeqetelebab
m. Shem see 5 above
ii Barakil
B Azrial
2 Danel
b. Rashujal
ii. Baraktel
iii. Mualeleth
. m. Keinan b 3679BC, d 2769BC see 4 above
B. Noam
m. Enoch b 3769BC, d 2864BC see 3 above
4. Azura
m. Seth b c3874, d c2962BC see 2 above
i. Arphaxad - continued above #####
a. Cainan in Luke 3 but not in Genesis 11
1 Shelah Sala
m. Muak dau of Kesed
A Eber Heber
m. Melka dau of Madai
B Abin
i Qahtan
a Jurham
1 Mudad
A Rala
m. Ishmael

Sources: The Bible in particular Genesis Chapters 5 & 11 & Luke Chapter 3 plus 'Royal Genealogies' particularly from Adam to Noah and descent from Japhet and various web sites including 'RoyalData' particularly for descent from Shem to Rala &
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