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    Sp9 Thomas Sprigg

    Sp9 Thomas Sprigg was the son of Thomas Spriggs Sp10 and Catherine Griffin,
    was born: about 1630 in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England,
    died. December 29, 1704, Resurrection Manor, Calvert, Prince George's Co., MD
    -6 Thomas William Beall, b. 1883; d. 1950-1959.
    -7 FRANK HUGHES Beall, b. 1885; d. 1932

    Sprigg Pedigree

    Data primarily from
    Descendants of Thomas Sprigge b 1555 and Alicia Saddyingstone b 1566
    There is a
    tax assessment for the 16th year of the reign of King Henry VIII (1525) for Rothwell Hundred of Northamptonshire noting Robtus Bridgeman and Thoma Spriggs as subcollectors in Bowden Parva/Little Bowden, Johna Sprigge in Rushton All Hallows, as well as Willo saddyngton in Braybroke/Braybrooke. Whether the latter was related to or just a tenant of (or both) the Barons Latimer of Braybrooke requires resolution, but the barony passed into the Griffin family and the Sprigg/Griffin marriage below at the latest did bring relationship.
    Sir Thomas Sprigg Sp11 b 1580 St Bernard Wilts d 1628 Eaton Wilts
    m Catherine Stone b 1585 Kettering d 17 Aug 1661 dau of Capt John Stone b 28 Apr 1575 Croston Lancashire k 8 Aug 1633 Battle of Pfaffenhofen? Bavaria Germany
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    It is really something to sing and dance about.
    Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
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    Thomas Sprigg Sp10, born Abt. 1604 in Banbury, Northamptonshire, England, and died January 14, 1677/8 in London, England. Buried: London, England.
    m Katherine Griffin Gr10 1629 in Kethering, Northampton, England, daughter of George Griffin. Katherine Griffin was christened October 22, 1610 in Broton, Somerset, England.
    Sp9 Thomas Sprigg , b. 1630, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England; (Colonel in the Royal Lancers) d. December 29, 1704, Resurrection Manor, Calvert, Prince George's Co., MD. He (and probably the Nuthalls) settled first in Virginia; Thomas first appears in Maryland in March 1651, . He held the rank of lieutenant. He was a neighbor of Catherine Graves in Accomack County, VA. Shortly after his marriage to Catherine, they moved to the new colony of Maryland, where her brother-in-law, William Stone, Husband of Verlinda Graves, was governor. Thomas Sprigg's land certificate in Maryland shows that he transported himself, his wife Catherine, Verlinda Roper, Nathaniel Sprigg, and several others. Verlinda Roper was Thomas's young stepdaughter; Nathaniel may have been an infant son - no other record of him has been found. The family settled in Kent County., MD, then across the bay in Calvert Co., MD. From the book: "Monnet Family Genealogy" written by Orra Eugene Monnette, copyright: 1911. Information received from Ms. M. Baldock states: "Thomas Sprigg obtained a land grant for 600 acres called "Spriggly" for transport of Catherine his wife and 5 other Persons." {Prov. Court Lib. B 13, fw 112} Colonel Thomas Sprigg (the immigrant) served as Colonel of the Calvert County militia before 1704. His son, Lieutenant Colonel served in the Calvert County militia before 1726. He was referred to frequently as both "Major" and Lieutenant Colonel. As early as 1660-1661 Thomas Sprigg was commissioner of the Quorum for Calvert County and Sheriff for that county from 1664 to 1667, after which he was further honored by being made "High Sheriff." The will of Thomas Sprigg, the immigrant, was made May 9, 1704, and probated December 29, 1704. His wife is not mentioned and had, therefore died before that date. The will gives the names of the children and friends. His son, Col., Thomas Sprigg was the executor and received the estate, Northampton. In 1651, Was in Northampton Co., Western Shore of Virginia. Buried: Prince George's, MD December 29, 1704. She probably died at child birth of Thomas Jr.
    m1 before 1651, Catherine Graves wid. Roper (there were stepchildren, Verlinda and Nathaniel). They probably came to Maryland with Catherine's brother-in-law, the newly appointed governor, William Stone. She was daughter of Thomas Graves and Katherine Crowshaw/Crozier.
    Sp8-1 Nathaniel Sprigg b c Dec 1655, Northhampton Co., VA. ?died young.
    Sp8-2 Samuel Sprigg b c 1656, Northhampton Co VA.
    Sp8-3 Sarah Sprigg b c 1655 Northampton Calvert Co Md, d. Bef. Nov 25, 1736, Prince George's Co MD Thomas Sprigg made gift of land deed which identified Sarah as his oldest daughter. b 1650/5
    m1 Enoch Coombs b 1652 d 1727 son of Enoch Combs b c 1638 ?Warwickshire d St Marys MD and Barbara Nuthall immigrated in 1664 from England with his parents.
    m2 c 16 Mar 1676/7 in MD John Pearce b c 1650 in England d June 1687 lost at sea, son of John Pearce and Sarah Simkins.
    -1 Barbara Coombs b Oct 1704 Montgomery Md d 23 Dec 1799 Prince Georges Co Md (She is also shown as the sister of the Elizabeth Coombs who m Alexander Beall b c 1670.) m James Beall Magruder b 25 Jan 1696 d 1779 Prince Georges Co. Md
    -2 Elizabeth Combs b 1650/?c 75 Pr Geo Co MD d there 1743 m Alexander Beall b Oct. 11, 1649 St Andrews, Scotland d Sep. 16, 1744 Largo, MD
    -3 Sarah Pearce b 1675 Calvert MD d 28 Nov 1761 Pr Geo Co MD m1 James Beall b c 1651 in St. Andrews Parish Fife SCT d 1725 m2 John Haswell b 1675 d 1750
    -1-1 Enoch Magruder b 1723 in Md. d 1786 Prince Georges Co Md m Meek Wade b 1722 in Md d Jan 1794 Prince Georges Co. Md
    -2-1 William Beall b 1683/?1700 d 1756/?1769
    -2-2 Ninian Beall b 1686 d 1772
    -2-3 John Beall b 1688 d 1742 m Verlinda Magruder b 1690 d 1745
    -2-4 Ruth Beall b 1692
    -3-1 James Beall b 1690 d 1733
    -3-2 Joseph Beall b 1719 Montgomery Co MD d 12 Jan 1802 Rockville Montgomery Co MD m Eleanor/Elinor Prather b 2 Apr 1738 Qu Annes Parish Pr Geo Co MD d 1802 Rockville
    -1-1-1 Sarah Magruder b 1755 in Md d 1820 Prince Georges Co Md m Col William Lyles
    -2-3-1 Mary Beall b 1700/?c 1710 Pr Geo Co MD d 30 Jul 1743 Frederick MD m Benjamin Thrasher b 1700 Pr Geo Co d 1741
    -2-3-2 Samuel Beall b 1713 d 1778
    -2-3-3 Jonas Beall b 1715 d 1813
    -2-3-4 Josias Beall b 1715 d 1803
    -2-3-5 Sarah Beall b 1717 d 1779
    -2-3-6 R3ebecca Beall b 1719 d 1734
    -2-3-7 Basil Beall b 1721 d 1753
    -2-3-8 Lucy Beall b 1723 d 1799
    -2-3-9 John Beall b 1726 d 1800
    -2-3-10 Hannah Beall b 1729 d 1791
    -2-3-11 Ruth Beall b 1730 d 1770
    -2-3-12 Clement Beall b 1734 d 1778
    -3-2-1 Jeremiah Beall b 1760 d 1841
    -3-2-2 Nathaniel Beall
    -3-2-3 Rachel beall b 1764 d 1839
    -3-2-4 Eleanor Beall d 1800
    -3-2-5 Martha Beall b 1770 Pr Geo Montgomery Co MD d 1840 Cooper MO m Samuel Swearingen b 22 Nov 1765 Pr Geo Parish Montgomery Co MD d 15 Mar 1824 Howard MO
    -3-2-6 Horation Beall b 1775
    -3-2-7 Josias Beall b 1783
    -3-2-8 Joseph Beall b 1789

    -2-3-1-1 Thomas Thrasher b 29 Oct 1725 PR Geo Co d 6 Jun 1804 Frederick MD m Martha Lee b 1729 d 1806
    -3-2-5-1 Nicholas Swearingen b 1793 d 1856
    -3-2-5-2 William Swearingen b 1795 d 1880
    -3-2-5-3 Elimelich Samuel Swearingen b 14 Apr 1811 KY d 6 Feb 1881 New Franklin Howard Co MO m Amanda Wilds d 1900
    -3-2-5-4 Obediah Swearingen b 1800 d 1875
    -3-2-5-5 John Swearingen b 1825

    -2-3-1-1-1 Sarah Thrasher b 1765 Frederick MD d 24 Jun 1826 Bath VA m Stephen Hook b 1756 d 1835
    -3-2-5-3-1 William Swearingen b 1832 d 1889
    -3-2-5-3-1 Rebecca Swearingen b 1833 d 1834
    -3-2-5-3-2 Josephine Swearingen b 1835
    -3-2-5-3-3 Malissa Swearingen b 1837
    -3-2-5-3-4 Martha Swearingen b 1838 d 1839
    -3-2-5-3-5 Molly Swearingen
    -3-2-5-3-6 Newton Swearingen b 1839
    -3-2-5-3-7 Roxanna Swearingen b 1840 d 1871
    -3-2-5-3-8 Robert Swearingen b 1844 d 1845
    -3-2-5-3-9 Annie Swearingen b 1846 d 1869
    -3-2-5-3-10 Stevens Swearingen b d 1849
    -3-2-5-3-11 Charles Obed Swearingen b 19 Mar 1850 Howard Co MO d 25 Sep 1917 Boonesboro Noward Co MO m Mary Boozier b 1850 d 1917
    -3-2-5-3-12 Josephine Swearingen b 1852 d 1881
    -3-2-5-3-13 Martha Swearingen b 1855 d 1861
    -3-2-5-3-14 Betty Swearingen b 1859 d 1866

    -2-3-1-1-1-1 Stephen Hook b 1785 d 1866 m Elizabeth Harnsbarger b 4 Apr 1787 Rich Patch Alleghany VA d there 3 Nov 1864
    -2-3-1-1-1-1-1 John Hook b 1812 d 1884 m1 Eliza Holms d 1846 m2 Paulina Cummings b 1829 d 1877
    -2-3-1-1-1-2 Nancy Hook b 1790
    -2-3-1-1-1-3 Martha Hook b 1793 d 1869
    -2-3-1-1-1-4 Elias Hook b 1800 d 1845
    -2-3-1-1-1-5 Daniel Hook d 1831
    -3-2-5-3-11-1 George Swearingen b 1869 d 1902
    -3-2-5-3-11-2 Mollie Swearingen b 1884
    -3-2-5-3-11-3 Ellanna Swearingen
    Sp8-3-1 Sarah Pearce b 1677 probably Calvert Co Md d 1761 Prince Georges Co Md
    m James Beall 1693 in Prince George's County, MD b about 1670 d 1725 Prince Georges Co Md son/?grandson of Alexander Beall and Margaret Ramsey.
    Sp8-3-1-1 Margeret Beall b c 1694 in Prince Georges Co Md d after 1761 in SC
    m Thomas Odell/Odle b 7 Jan 1692/3 in Anne Arundel Co. Md. d after 1761 in SC, son of Thomas Odle b about 1660 in England d 1717 Prince Georges Co Md m Sarah Ridgeley b about 1660 Lower Norfolk Co. Va. d 1727 Prince Georges Co. Md dau of Henry Ridgley and Elizabeth Howard.
    -1 William Odle/Odell b about 1714 Randallstown Baltimore Co. Md d 1749 Baltimore Co. Md. m (reporterted by m Elizabeth Talbot b about 1715 Baltimore Co. Md. d after 1749 Baltimore Co. Md.
    -2 Rachel Odell m y Prather
    -3 Sarah Odell b 1720, Prince George's Co Md m Jacob Duckett b 11 Nov 1714 Pr Geoges Co MD
    -4 James Odell
    -5 John Rogers O'Dell
    -6 Mary Odell
    -7 Thomas Odell
    -1-1 William Odle m Asenath Owings
    -3-1 Anna DUCKETT b c 1741 Pr Geo Co d 1804 Campbell VA m William Butler b c 1738 Frederick MD d 9 Nov 1836 Anderson TN
    -3-2 Thomas Duckett
    -3-3 Charity DUCKETT m Whitten
    -3-4 Margaret DUCKETT
    -3-5 Jacob DUCKETT, Jr.
    -3-6 Mary DUCKETT
    -3-7 Joseph DUCKETT
    -3-8 Josiah DUCKETT
    -3-9 Elizabeth DUCKETT
    -3-10 Richard DUCKETT

    -3-1-1 Sarah Elizabeth Butler b 9 Nov 1768 Frederick MD d 1860 Anderson TN m Ancel W Manely

    -3-1-1-1 Sarah Ann Manely
    -3-1-1-2 Frances Jackson Manely b 18 Fewb 1798 VA d 1850 TN m Thomas B Hudson b c 1792 VA d 20 Apr 1860 Anderson TN son of George Hudson and Mary Molly Berry grandson of George Hudson Jr b 1740 and Annie Holland grgranson of George Hudson Sr and Martha Hancock
    -3-1-1-3 Elizabeth Odle Maneley m y Wright
    -3-1-1-4 Caleb Washington Manley
    -3-1-1-5 William Woolen Manley
    -3-1-1-6 Ann Duckett Manley
    -3-1-1-7 Polly Ellender Manley
    -3-1-1-8 John Alexander Butler Manley
    -3-1-1-9 Thomas Alexander Butler Manley
    -3-1-1-10 Ancil Washington Woolen Manley

    -3-1-1-2-1 Richard George Hudson b 4 Feb 1819 TN d 11 Nov 1881 Morgan TN m Sarah G Mead b TN d 3 Sep 1846 Roane TN
    -3-1-1-2-2 Robert William Hudson b 17 Jul 1831 Oliver Springs TN d 7 apr 1917 Warsaw MO m Elizabeth Rebecca Mead b 1834 dau of John Mead and Elizabeth Matlock grandau of William Mead and Sarah Garland

    -3-1-1-2-1-1 Elizabeth Jane Hudson b 3 Jul 1842 Morgan TN d 29 Jun 1921 Coalfield Morgan TN m David Crawford Jackson
    -3-1-1-2-1-1-1 Mary Matilda Jackson b 23 Apr 1873 Morgan TN d 18 Oct 1943 Knoxville TN m Charles Wesley Gouge
    Sp8-3-1-2 James Beall b 1698 d 1733. Information obtained from the internet: Descendants of Alexander Beall James Beall: "First Families of America" Vol VII, page 188: received part of plantation "Good Luck" and "Lone Head" by fathers will. James was a landowner.
    m 1716 Mary Ann Edmonston, dau of Archibald Edmonston and Jane Beall. Mary Ann Edmonston: The book "Seventeenth Century Colonial Ansestors" indicates Mary Ann Edmonstons name is really Margaret.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1 Allen Beall b 1728 d before 1776
    m1 Sarah Ann Tyson 1749.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-1 Tyson Beall b 1750 Pr Geo Co MD d 1837 Montgomery MD
    m1 Jan 1783 Elizabeth Turner
    m2 MILLY JEMIMA Beddor, Feb 1804.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-2 Robert Lamar Beall b 1757 Montgomery MD d 1851 DC
    m1 Feb 1802 Nancy Edmonston
    m2 Ann Aldirch b 1740 Gloucester Providence RI d 1802
    -1 Eliza Beall b 1804
    -2 Eleanor Lamar Beall b 1814 Baltimore d 22 Feb 1857 Mt Sterling Brown Co IL m James Wilson b 1804 d 1860
    -3 Elizabeth Beall b 1817 d 1857
    -4 William Beall b 1818 d 1877 m Elizabeth Thorn

    -2-1 William Wilson b 1824 m Mary Wilson b 1843 d 1919
    -2-2 John Wilson b 1836 d 1865
    -2-3 Damaris Wilson b 1838 d 1904 m William Logsdon b 1829 d 1916
    -2-4 Elizabeth Wilson b 1840 d 1926 m Stout Kendrick b 1835 d 1908
    -2-5 James Wilson b 1842 IL d 14 Feb 1916 Mt Sterling m Selena Putman
    -2-6 Eliza Wilson b c 1844 d 1886 m Flavius Price b 1838 Brown Co IL d 12 Jul 1924 Mt Sterling
    -2-7 Thomas Wilson b 1846 d 1921 m Martha Kendrick b 1863
    -2-8 Martha Wilson b 1848 d 1880
    -2-9 Mary Wilson b 1850 d 1860
    -2-10 Norville Wilson b 1852 d 1900
    -2-11 Anna Wilson b 1855 IL d 1894 Brown Co IL m Jasper Tice b 1847 d 1928
    -2-12 Robert Wislon b d 1857

    -2-1-1 Clayton Wilson b 1871 d 1951 m x
    -2-1-2 Bertha Wilson b 1873 d 1945 m Lewellyn Hepworth b 1872
    -2-1-3 Oscar Wilson b 1874
    -2-1-4 xy Wilson
    -2-3-1 William Logsdon b 1868 d 1924
    -2-3-2+ 4 ch Wilson
    -2-5-1 xy Wilson m yx
    -2-5-2 Edgar Wilson b 1879 d 1935
    -2-5-3 George Wilson b 1876 d 1961
    -2-5-4 America Wilson d 1969 m Lenville McLaine b 1879 d 1953
    -2-6-1 Julia Price b 1869 d 1946 m William Jones b 1864 d 1901
    -2-6-2 Edgar Price b 1876 d 1877
    -2-7-1 Rosa Wilson b 1873
    -2-7-2 Calista Wilson b 1875 d 1964 m William Fredlin b 1866 d 1934
    -2-7-3 John Wilson b 1879 d 1947 m Lydia Griffith
    -2-7-4 Mabel Kendrick Wilson b 1885 d 1986 m Lewis Lindsey b 1887 d 1957
    -2-7-5 Walter Wilson b 1890 d 1976
    -2-10-1 William Wilson b 1878
    -2-10-2 Edith Wilson b 1879
    -2-10-3 Elmer Wilson b 1890 m Josephine Fink b 1898 d 1998
    -2-10-4 Helen Wilson b 1893 d 1937 m y
    -2-11-1 y Tice m Calista Price d 1985
    -2-11-2 Eugene Tice b 1882 d 1917
    -2-11-3 Alta Tice b 1884
    -2-11-4 Albert Tice b 1886 d 1914
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-3 Rebecca Beall, b 18 Sep 1759 Rock Creek Parish MD d 1826 Hampshire WV
    m1 y Singleton
    m2 John Jack Feb 1780.
    m2 1760 Ann Nicholas. She is likely to be a descendant of the Nicholas family of Roundway in either the main branch, the Allcannings branch or the Winterborn Earls branch, but the social, geographic and temporal proximity suggests either of the following as possble father (Ni7-2) John Nicholas of Seven Islands or (Ni7-3) George Nicholas, who were the brothers of (Ni7) Robert Carter Nicholas, although there is no known record of an Ann among their children.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4 Thomas Allen Beall, b 12 Oct 1762 Frederick Co MD d 1826 Mason Co KY First Families of America" Vol III, page 188-of Maryland and Mayville, Kentucky. Rock Creek Chruch, Washington D.C. records for birth. Member 4th Company, Lower Battalion, Montgomery County, 1780, Col. John Murock Commanding. He was a Private. Thomas Allen went to Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky about 1794. Move again to a farm on Absom Creek, near May's Lick, Kentucky before 1826.
    m 1791 Susanna Hale/?Beddo b 1770 d 1827
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1 Asa/Asia Beall, b 28 Nov 1792 d Feb 28, 1875. obtained from internet: Descendants of Alexander Beall. Asa Beal was born 12 miles from Baltimore, MD. Served in the War of 1812. Enlisted at May's Lick, Kentucky as a private in Captain William McKees Company of Kentucky militia from August 27, 1812 to March 10, 1813. Not yet 21 so he gave his birth date as November 28, 1790 to enlist - it is so recorded in the government records. As a carpenter, he helped build the first Grist Mill in Cincinnati, Ohio. Moved to Patoka, DuBois County, Indiana about 1822. Lived in Parke County, Indiana in 1829. Moved to Mossville, Peoria County, Ill. about 1832, then to Kickapoo, Peoria County, Ill. Bought and moved to Charles Beall farm in 1851. Bought and moved to Lawrence Beall farm in 1858 and died there.
    m SUSAN MAY COYLE Dec 2, 1819 in Bullett, Kentucky, dau of PATRICK COYLE and SUSAnnA BUNCH.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1 Thomas Allen Beall, b March 11, 1823, d June 13, 1897
    m 23 Sep 1852 OPHELIA Bush dau of DAVID Bush and ROXALAnnA MINTER.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-1 Marion Eugene Beall, b. 1853; d. 1923. continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-2 Fred Blynn Beall, b. 1854; d. 1927. continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-3 ASA PASCHAL Beall b 1857 d 1949.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-4 Harriet Ellen Beall b 1859 d 1940 continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-5 Thomas Allen Beall b 1860 d 1918 continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-6 Mary ROSALANA Beall b 1863 d 1954
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-7 John David Beall b 1866 d 1952 continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-8 Susan Maria Beall b 1868 continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-9 Effie Celesstine Beall b 1870 d 1947 continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-10 Minnie Pauline Beall b 1873 continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-11 Ada Ophelia Beall b 1876 d 1912. continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-2 SUSAN Beall b Oc 20 1820 d Vanarsdale Cem., Kickapoo Il m Issac VANARSDALE Susan & child died during child birth.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-3 Harriet ELLEN Beall b Sep 26, 1827 d 4 Apr 1903
    m 1847 James MORRIS ROGERS
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-4 MARIA S Beall b 18 Jun 1831 d. 1838 bur Mossville IL
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-5 William HEATH Beall b 26 Aug 1834 d 17 Sep 1921
    m Frances Lawrence, dau of FRANCIS LAWRENCE and Mary.
    -1 Glenn Beall b 1874. continued below
    -2 INFANT BEAL Beall b 1876
    -3 Thomas Allen Beall b 1878.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-6 John Beall b 3 Jul 1836 d yin Kickapoo IL
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-7 Francis Marion Beall, b 18 Feb 1840 d Feb 2, 1924
    m Mary Margaret CURL 1865.
    -1 Charles Wesly Beall, b. 1867 d. 1937. continued below
    -2 CLARA Josephine Beall, b. 1870; d. 1905. continued below
    -3 Mary EMILINE Beall, b. 1874
    -5 Harriet Estella Beall, b. 1878. continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-8 Josephine Beall, b 25 Aug 1842 d Jan 18, 1918
    m Charles William LAWRENCE 1874
    -1 Asaf Lawrence, b. 1875. continued below
    -2 SUSAN Mary LAWRENCE, b. 1877; d. 1931.
    -3 Nettie R. LAWRENCE, b. 1883; d. 1956. continued below
    -4 Luther W. Lawrence, b. 1885. continued below
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-2 Harriet Beall
    m GEORGE BURROUGH, 1815.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-3 NANCY Beall
    m bef. 1819 John Allen,
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-4 iv. Mary POLY Beall
    m 1817 James ARTHUR JR.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-5 ABSALONIT/Absalom B Beall b 25 Mar 1791 d 28 Feb 1873 Sumner Co TN
    m bef. 1831 SUSAN Harris b 6 Dec 1792 d 17 Dec 1876 Sumner Co TN
    -1 Tyree Beall
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-6 GAZAWAY Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-7 SAMUEL Beall
    m 1828 Fannie PEPPER
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-8 DEBORAH Beall
    m 1826 William ROBINSON
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-9 Elizabeth Beall
    mTyson Beall ALFRED PADGETT, 1824.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-10 Tyson Beall
    m 1828 CATHERINE KITTY GRIFFITH (from Bruce Baker's tree)
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-11 Thomas Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-12 William Beall
    m Bef. 1831 MARIAH x
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-5 Mary Beall, b. 1764; d. 1828
    m Henry BAGGERLY. he m1 x
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-6 Elizabeth Beall, b 1766 d 1837
    m y LEWIS to New York state.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-7 ELLEN Beall, b. 1768.
    Sp8-3-1-2-2 RACHEL Beall, b 1718 Pr Geo Co MD d 1783 m Nathaniel CRAWFORD b c 1715 d 1763 (from Bruce Baker's, William Tucker's and John Quinn's trees)
    Sp8-3-1-2-3 James Beall, b 1719 ?d y
    Sp8-3-1-2-4 Jane Beall, b. 1720.
    Sp8-3-1-2-5 SAMUEL Beall, b. 1721
    m. SUSAnnA SOPER.
    Sp8-3-1-2-6 Robert Beall, b. 1722.
    Sp8-3-1-2-7 ALEXANDER Robert Beall b 1723 Pr Geo Co MD d 28 Nov 1776 Frederick Co MD
    Sp8-3-1-2-8 James Edmonston Beall, b. 1727.
    Sp8-3-1-2-9 Thomas Beall b 1730 d 1783
    m Sophia Belt b 1718 Pr Geo Co dau of Benjamin Belt b 19 Jun 1682 Anne Arundel Co d 28 May 1737 Pr Geo Co and Elizabeth Middleton.
    Sp8-3-1-2-10 CHARITY Beall, b 1733
    m HASWELL MACRUDER/Magruder b 1736 d 1818
    Sp8-3-1-2-11 ARCHILBALD Edmonston Beall b 1725 Pr Geo Co MD d 12 Apr 1791 Montgomery MD
    m Jane Edmonston
    Sp8-3-1-3 Mary Beall, b 1694 d 1723
    m Thomas Odell.
    Sp8-3-1-4 John Beall, b. 1696.
    Sp8-3-1-5 Nathaniel Beall, b. 1699; d. 1757. Information obtained from internet: Descendants of Alexander Beall: Nathaniel died without a will but his brother Robert Beall Jr., plantar of St. George's Parish of Prince George's County, Maryland, left a will probated July 15, 1740 and in his will left to Elizabeth Beall wife of Nathaniel, a bed tick bolster and bed clothes, and one hogshead of tobacco weighing 900 pounds. To James and Roger Beall sons of Nathaniel Beall, he gave two cows and one yearling
    m1 Elizabeth BROOKE
    m2 Ann MURDOCK.
    Sp8-3-1-5-1 GEORGE W. Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-2 William MurdockK Beall, b. 1742.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3 Elizabeth Beall b 1740
    m MODECAI Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-1 Nathaniel Beall, b. 1762.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-2 NANCY Ann Beall, b. 1762.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3 COLMORE Beall, b 1760 d Bef. 1839
    m1 Mary SHEKELLS.
    m2 Jane DOULL OFFUTT + ch.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-1 Child of COLMORE Beall and Mary SHEKELLS is:

    i. John8 Beall, b. 1792.

    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-2 Children of COLMORE Beall and Jane OFFUTT are:
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-2 ii. Mary Ann8 Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-3 iii. Elizabeth Beall, b. Abt. 1795 m. John MCCOY.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-4 iv. Rebecca Beall, m. UNKNOWN Smith.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-5 Sarah Beall, b. Bef. 1829.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-6 vi. NANCY Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-7 vii. Margaret Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-8 viii. William Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-9 ix. COLMORE JR Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-10 x. Daniel Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-11 xi. ELIZA Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-12 xii. Thomas Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-13 xiii. Jane Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-14 xiv. MINERVA Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-15 xv. ALEXANDER Beall b 1793 d 1880.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16 58. xvi. James PERRY Beall, b 1795
    m1 (1) Minerva Huff. 
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-1 i. Elizabeth9 Beall, b. 1820.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-2 ii. CASSANDRA Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-3 iii. Rebecca Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-4 SUSAN Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-5 MINERVA Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-6 COLMORE C. Beall b 1826
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-7 James P. Beall, b. 1832.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-8 CYRUS Beall, b. 1834.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-9 John Beall, b. 1836.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-10 Zephaniah Beall b 1847 d 1910
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-10-1 John Wayman Beall, b. 1879; d. 1968. continued below
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-10-2 Minnie M. Beall, b. Abt. 1868. continued below
    m2 Jane ALBERT.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-11 Jane Beall, b. 1819.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-12 ZENAS Beall, b. 1819; m. Elizabeth Ann PUGH.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-17 xvii. Cassandra Beall, b. 1801; m. William Taylor.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-4 Sarah BEALL, b 1766 m HUMPHREY COLLINS
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-5 ELIZABETH BEALL, b. 1768; m James SMEATHERS
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-6 vi. William BEALL, b. 1770. 
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-7 MORDECAI JR BEALL, b. 1772
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-8 ELISHA BEALL, b 1776
    m x BEALL
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-8-1 William BEALL
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-8-2 HARVEY BEALL
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-8-3 iii. MORDECAI G. BEALL. 
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-8-4 ELIASHA BEALL.
    Sp8-3-1-5-5 CHARLES Beall b. 1749.
    Sp8-3-1-5-6 Mary Beall b 1746 d April 9, 1822
    m1 Ralph Hilleary
    Sp8-3-1-5-6-1 ELENOR Hillary.
    Sp8-3-1-5-6-2 William Hillary, b. March 22, 1768 d. October 06, 1824.
    Sp8-3-1-5-6-3 Ann Hillary, b. January 05, 1770; d. Jan 08, 1844; m 20 Jun 1799, Allegany Co Md John SCOTT.
    Sp8-3-1-5-6-4 LEVI Hillary, b. 1773, Prince George's Co., Md d. 1856.
    m2 Ralph Crabb Hillary March 09, 1760, son of WILLAIM Hillary and MargaretTE Crabb.
    Sp8-3-1-6 Sarah Beall b 1703 d after 1723 SC
    m REGINALD O'DELL son of Thomas Odell and Sarah Brewer Ridgely
    -1 Sarah Odell b 1721 Pr Geo Co MD d 16 Apr 1815 Newberry SC m Jacob Duckett b 11 Nov 1714 Pr Geo Co MD d1764 Frederick MD son of Richad Duckett and Charity Jacob -1-1 Thomas Duckett b 24 Nov 1744 Pr Geo Co MD d 4 Nov 1824 Newberry SC m x Odell dau of James Odell b c 1726 Baldi Christi Pr Geo Co d 15 May 1779 Frederick Co MD and Martha Prather
    -1-2 Ann Duckett b 1748 Pr Geo Co Md d 1805 Newberry SC m William Butler Son of Henry Boteler and Sarah Magruder
    -1-1-1 James Odell Duckett b 10 Mar 1767 Frederick MD d 16 Oct 1806 Laurens SC m Sarah Dora Whitmore
    -1-1-2 Martha Odell Duckett b 9 Mar 1771 Frederick Co MD e11 Jul 1841 Lauderdale AL m Levi Fowler
    -1-2-1 Jacob Butler b 1765 Frederick Co Md d 20 Oct 1839 Clinton anderson Co TN m Martha Manley dau of John Jacob Manley and Tabitha Stone
    -1-1-1-1 John Duckett b 11 Nov 1794 Laurens SC d 18 Oct 1856 Lauderdale AL m Nancy Elizabeth Fowler
    -1-1-2-1 Nancy Elizabeth Fowler b 8 1794 Newberry SC d 17 May 1862 Lauderdale AL m John Duckett
    -1-1-1-1-1 = -1-1-2-1-1 Martha Duckett b 1818 Lauderdale AL m John Young and had James Hosea Young b 18 Nov 1838 Florence AL m Sarah Ellen Shelby b 28 Sep 1840 Hardin TN d 28 Jan 1900 Des Arc Prairie AR dau of Eli G Shelby b c 1793 Mecklenberg NC d 26 Nov 1854 Hardin TN m Rebecca White b 25 Nov 1800 ancestors of Ralph McLain, author's DNA match
    -1-2-1-1 Nancy Harriet Butler b 10 Nov 17899 Campbell Va d 7 Nov 1864 Pilot Grove Hancock IL m James Manning Jones son of Thomas Jones and Mary ??Manning
    -1-2-1-1-1 Martha Patsy Jones b 27 Jul 1816 Anderson TN d 1890 Rockwood Roane TN m Benjamin Hagler son of Ohn Hagler and Martha Patsy McCaleb
    -1-2-1-1-1-1 Nancy Jane Hagler b 31 Mar 1839 Roane TN d 31 Aug 1904Rockwood m Philip Anderson Wilson son of William Washington Wilson and Elizabeth Davenport ancestors of Philip Williams, author's DNA match
    Sp8-3-1-7 Robert Beall b 1705 d 1740
    Sp8-3-1-8 Joseph Beall b 1708 d 1798 Reputiated the Stamp Act.
    Sp8-3-1-9 Zephaniah Beall b 1720 d 1801
    m Keziah Offutt PRITCHETT 1768.
    Sp8-3-1-9-1 Zephaniah Beall, b 1773
    m Margaret CRAWFORD.
    Sp8-3-1-9-1-1 Kezia Affert Beall, b Dec 25, 1798 in Washington Co PA d Oct 22, 1857
    m 1814 STEPHAN Thomas COOPER. Kezia is buried in the Cooper family cemetery in Peachbottom Twp York Co PA Stephan Thomas Cooper information provided by Ruby Marie Burk.
    -1 Thomas John COOPER
    -3 MABEL Elizabeth COOPER
    m y BURK.>
    Sp8-3-2 John Pearce, b. 1674; d. 1766; m. Mary ?.
    Sp8-3-3 Thomas Pearce.
    Sp8-4 John Sprigg, b. Abt. 1658, Calvert/Prince George's Co.,MD.
    Sp8-5 Thomas Sprigg, b. 1668, Northampton, Prince George's/?Calvert Co MD d. 1726/?30 Pr George Co Md. Thomas Sprigg Jr. was brought up by his stepmother, Eleanor Nuthall Sprigg. He was a member of the Maryland Assembly from Calvert County in 1676 (Authority, Maryland Archives, Vol. 7, p. 104) also a member of the Maryland Assembly from Prince George's County in 1712 (Authority, Orig. Proceed., Vol 42, Folio 446, 1704-1713). Same 1713, where he is called "Major Sprigg" (Authority, Orig. Proceed., Vol. 42, Folio 505). Same 1714 and 1715 (Org. Proceed., Vol. 43, Folio 44).. In 1715, he was called "Lieutenant Colonel" and in 1716, "Colonel." Justice of the Peace, Prince George's County, 1697 to 1704. {Information obtained from the "Monnet Family Genealogy," copyright 1911. He lived in Ann Arundel County
    m 1690 in Prince George's Co Margaret MARIARTE dau of EDWARD MARIARTE and HONORE O'BRIEN possibly Osborn
    Sp8-5-1 Priscilla Sprigg b. Abt. 1697, Prince George's County, MD d 1734 Prince George's Co MD
    m 22 Aug 1716 in Queen Anne's Parish MD Ralph Wright Crabb b 1694 d 1734
    Thomas Crabb b about 1670
    m Elizabeth Wright.
    Sp8-5-1-1 Sarah Crabb b October 20, 1717 in Prince George's County, Md d 1746 in Md
    m Robert MAGRUDER Dec 5, 1734 in Prince George's Co MD.
    -1 Eleanor MAGRUDER.
    Sp8-5-1-2 Thomas Crabb, b. April 21, 1719.
    Sp8-5-1-3 Henry Wright Crabb, b. January 16, 1722/23, Prince George's County, MD; d. June 12, 1764, Frederick, Co., MD; m. Ann Snowden (She was born about 1724. She died in 1775 in Prince George's Co., Maryland, daughter of Richard Snowden was born in 1688. He died on 26 Jan 1763, and Elizabeth Thomas m on 19 Dec 1717.) and had: Jeremiah Crabb who married Elizabeth Ridgely Griffith. daughter of Col. Charles Greenbury Griffith and Sarah Ridgely
    Sp8-5-1-4 Ralph Wright Crabb, b. September 29, 1724, Prince George's County, MD; d. Bef. 1740, Maryland.
    Sp8-5-1-5 Elinor/Eleanor Crabb, b. September 20, 1726, Prince George's Co., MD; m. LANSDALE UNKNOWN.
    Sp8-5-1-6 Jeremiah Crabb, b. October 1728, Prince George's Co., MD; d. 1777, Anne Arundel Co., MD.
    Sp8-5-1-7 vii. John Crabb, b. June 15, 1731.
    Sp8-5-1-8 Margaretta Crabb, b August 13, 1720 in MD: Prince George's, Queen Ann Parish, and died Aft. 1790 in Frederick, Co., MD
    m1 William Hilleary.
    m2 WILLAIM Hillary November 12, 1758 in Queen Ann Parish, Prince George's, Maryland, son of Thomas Hilleary and Eleanor YOUNG. William Hillary (Thomas, Thomas): Tradition has recorded as an "Indian fighter," but record of his service in the French and Indian Wars remains hidden. {Monnet Family Genealogy} He lived Prince George's & Frederick County, MD and was a planter and large slave holder. 1790, Living in Frederick Co., MD
    Sp8-5-1-8-1 Tilgman Hillary, b. February 04, 1751/52, Prince George's Co., Maryland.
    Sp8-5-1-8-2 Elizabeth Hillary, b. Abt. 1755, Maryland.
    Sp8-5-1-8-3 Sarah Hillary, b. Abt. 1758, Maryland.
    Sp8-5-1-8-4 WILLAIM Hillary, b. 1738, Maryland; d. probably in Prince William County, VA. August 25,1792: leased property in Romney, VA (WV) from Rev. Denny Fairfax. Denny Fairfax was named in the last will and testament of Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain called Scotland and proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia. {page 490-495, Monnet Family Genealogy} The track was located in what was known as "Swan Pond" land and could be seen from the site of the log cabin of Abraham Monnett, and are both in short range of Knobley Mountain, which towers in beautiful panoramic view a short distance away. Born 1738 or 1739 Died in Prince William Co. VA
    Sp8-5-1-8-5 Ralph Crabb Hillary, b Dec 2, 1740 in Md d Oct 2, 1823
    m Mary Beall March 09, 1760, dau of Nathaniel Beall and Ann MURDOCK.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-1 i. ELENOR Hillary.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2 William Hillary b Mar 22, 1768, and died October 06, 1824.
    m Margaret PERRY September 15, 1791.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-1 MATILDA Ann Hilleary
    m JACOB FECHTIG, Jan 3,1825, Allegany County, Maryland.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-2 FETCHTIGG Hillary.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-3 James William Hillary (William7, Ralph Crabb6, WILLAIM5, Thomas4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1). Marriage Record states (Was this the father or the son?: On April 21, 1914, James William Hilleary at age 24, born at Aspine, Colorado while residing at Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co., Montana married Clara Dick at age 18, who was born at Liavet Co., Colorado and residing at Anacoda, Deer Lodge Co., Montana married. Officiating Minister was James W. Tait, "Minister of the Gospel." Aime Page, Clerk of the Third Judicial District Court of the State of Montana, in and for the County of Deer Lodge, said Court being a Court of Record, having common law jusrisdiction, and a Clerk and Seal, do certify that the above is a true copy of the Marriage Record of James William Hilleary and Clara Dick.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-3-1 James William b 1889 in Aspine, Clolorado, d December 1936 in Schellsburg, PA
    m CLARA WITTE DICK April 21, 1914 in Deer Lodge Co, Montana, daughter of John DICK and AnnIE SQUIRE. Information from the internet:
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-3-1-1 Donald Hilleary born: October 11, 1935 and died January 1987. He lived in Cumberland, MD. Social Security Number: 218-30-2327.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-3-1-2 Russell Hilleary born: September 25, 1904 and died April, 1980. Social Security number: 214-05-5567.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-3-1-3 Wesley Hilleary b 25 Sep 1914 and died December 29, 1988. Social Security Number: 219-03-8232.

    Children of James Hilleary and CLARA DICK are:

    -1 CLARA AnnA10 Hilleary, b. October 16, 1916, Pueblo, Colorado.

    Notes for CLARA AnnA Hilleary:

    Birth Certificate: State of Colorado.

    James W. Hillery at age 27 and Clara W. Dicks at age 20 had a child, Clara Anna Hillery. Resided at No 3 Block M, Pueblo, Colorado. James listed as Laborer and Clara listed as "Housewife."
    Clara born at 6:00am. No. of child of this mother "2." No. of child of this mother living: "2."
    Doctor: W.O. Paterson, MD
    -2 John William Hilleary.
    -3 WESLEY Earl Hilleary.
    -4 MARGUERITTE ROSE Hilleary, b. June 29, 1928.
    -5 Ralph FRANK Hilleary, b. September 03, 1925.
    -6 Martha ELLANOR Hilleary, b. 1931.

    Sp8-5-1-8-5-2-4 Ralph Crabb Hillary. Died in infancy 
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-3 Ann Hillary, b. January 05, 1770; d. January 08, 1844; m John SCOTT, June 20, 1799, Allegany County, Maryland.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-4 Levi Hillary, b 1773 in Prince George's Co., Maryland, and died 1856.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-4-1 Levi S. Hillary b. 1773, d. 1856.
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-4-1-1 Levi Hillary who lived in Cumberland County, Maryland. He was a prominent businessman of Cumberland, Maryland and had accumulated a great deal of property and had a financial career. His one son, John Francis Hilleary, born November 15, 1873 died at an early age. John, in 1892, had secured the degree of B.S. from the Villanova College and in 1898 that of M.E. from Cornell University. He died July 31, 1909. He was the last of this branch of the family and his father justly mourned his departure and endured a continuing sorrow. {from the Monnet Family Genealogy}
    Sp8-5-1-8-5-4-1-1-1 John Francis Hillary, b. November 15, 1873; d. July 31, 1909.
    Sp8-5-1-8-6 Ann Hillary, b. June 11, 1748, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. September 02, 1833, Ross, Pickaway, Ohio.
    Sp8-5-1-8-7 Jeremiah Hillary, b. 1762, Frederick, Maryland; d. January 03, 1837, Buried: Bald Knob, Salt Creek Twp, Licking, Ohio.
    Sp8-5-1-8-8 Anna Hillary, b. 1742, Prince George's Co., Maryland.
    Sp8-5-1-8-9 Margaret Hillary.
    Sp8-5-1-8-10 Eleanor Hillary.
    Sp8-5-1-8-11 Wright Hillary.
    Sp8-5-1-8-12 xii.
    Sp8-5-1-8-13 Thomas Hillary.
    Sp8-5-1-9 Edward Crabb. b 1734 in Prince George, Md. d about 1775 in Prince George,Maryland.
    m Ursula Sprigg on 1 Feb 1792 in Prince. She was born on 31 Mar 1773 in Maryland. She died on 28 Jul 1826 in Prince George,Maryland. The had 8 children of double Sprigg and single Beall descent.
    Sp8-5-2 Margaret Sprigg b Abt. 1698, Prince George's Co MD; d 1755, Maryland.
    m1 Richard Keene Bef. 1716
    m2 FRANCIS KING Sep 26, 1717 in Queen Ann's Parish, Prince George's Co MD.
    Sp8-5-2-1 Thomas King.
    Sp8-5-2-2 Cave King b about 1718.
    m Thomas Williams b 25 Jan 1717 Pr Geo Md d about 1770 Qu Anne Parish Pr Geo Md
    -1 Col THOMAS WILLIAMS b 1739, Queen's Ann Parish m RACHEL DUCKETT d/o Richard Duckett Jr and Elizabeth x (?he is reported to ha m1 Mary Nuthall b c 1715 dau of John Nuthall Nu9-2 b c 1690 and Eleanor Sprigg Sp7-6 b c 1695 m2 2 Jun 1735 Elizabeth Williams b c 1705 dau of Thomas WILLIAMS b 1693 and Eleanor PRATHER b: ABT 1700. Was there a third marriage, or are these reports incorrect, or is Rachel Duckett the daughter of one of these other marriages?)
    -2 ELIZABETH Ellen WILLIAMS b ABT 1743 in Queen Anne's Par Prince George's Co m THOMAS MULLIKIN.
    Sp8-5-2-3 Francis King.
    Sp8-5-3 Henry Wright Sprigg, b 16 Jan 1722/23 m Ann Snowden.
    Sp8-5-4 Ralph Crabb Sprigg, b. September 29, 1724.
    Sp8-5-5 Eleanor Sprigg, b. Abt. 1699, Prince George's Co., MD; d. Prince George's Co., MD.
    m 1716 Henry Wright
    Sp8-5-5-1 Mary Wright, m Thomas Snowden.
    Sp8-5-5-2 Margaret Wright.
    m married John Gantt.
    Sp8-5-5-2-1 Henry Wright Gantt.
    Sp8-5-5-2-2 Margaret Gantt.
    Sp8-5-6 Elizabeth Sprigg, d. Nov 1781; 
    m1 JOSIAH Wilson and had three children
    m2 Turnor Wooton. two times widower, whose daughter, Elizabeth Wooton, (by his second wife, Agness Chambers) married Dr. Richard Sprigg.
    Sp8-5-7 Thomas Sprigg, b. 1693-1694, Prince George's County, MD; d. 1725.
    Sp8-5-7-1 ANNE SPRIGG.
    Sp8-5-7-2 Edward Sprigg.
    8-5-7-2-1 Richard Sprigg.
    Sp8-5-7-3 Thomas Sprigg, b. 1715. 
    Sp8-5-7-4 John Sprigg, b. November 26, 1716.
    Sp8-5-7-5 Mary Sprigg b 15 Dec 1723
    m June 1746 Jeremiah Belt, son of Joseph Belt and Hester Beall.
    -1 Richard Belt.
    -2 Edward Belt.
    -3 John Sprigg Belt
    -4 George Belt.
    -5 Thomas Sprigg Belt
    -6 Mary Belt
    -7 Fielding Belt
    -8 Margery Belt
    -9 Tobias Belt.
    Sp8-5-8 Osborn Sprigg b c 1707 Pr Geo Co MD d 7 Jan 1750
    m1 Elizabeth Norris b c 1704 d c1726 + 1 ch
    m2 July 11, 1727 Rachel Belt b 13 Dec 1711 Md d 1761 + ?8 ch dau of Joseph Belt and Hester Beall.
    The number of children differs from one source to the other:
    -1 Margaret Sprigg b 20 Apr 1726 Pr Geo Co d c Oct 1804 m Capt William Bowie b c 1721 Brookridge Pr Geo Co d 9 Apr 1791 son of John Bowie and Mary Muliken
    -2 JOSEPH SPRIGG b 1736? m Hannah Lee b about 1735?
    -3 THOMAS SPRIGG b 1747 Prince George Co Md d Dec 13, 1809, Washington Co MD m ELIZABETH BELT, 1780, Maryland.
    -4 RACHEL SPRIGG b 1 Jun 1733 d 1808 m 1 Jan 1753 THOMAS HARWOOD b 6 Dec 1726 MD d 15 May 1791
    -5 PRISCILLA SPRIGG b Sep 26, 1735 m 28 Nov 1762 BARTON LUCAS Anne Arundel Co
    -6 ELIZABETH SPRIGG b c 1737 Maryland d c 1783 m 7 Jan 1778 THOMAS WATKINS b 1736 son of Nicholas WATKINS and Ariana WORTHINGTON/?Margaret Lamb he m1 Elizabeth Jones + 3 ch
    -7 Esther Sprigg b 15 FEB 1730 Maryland d ABT 1758 Md m ABT 1746 Thomas Bowie b c 1722 Nottingham Dist Pr Geo Co son of John Bowie and Mary Mulliken he m2 Hannah Lee
    -8 Ursula Sprigg
    -1-1 Elizabeth Bowie b ABT 1746 Maryland m ABT 1764 Walter Smith
    -1-2 Walter Bowie b ABT 1748 d 19 NOV 1810 m 16 MAY 1771 Mary Brookes b Nov 1747 d 16 May 1812 dau of Benjamin Brookes and Elizabeth Townley
    -1-3 Gov Robert Bowie, b ABT MAR 1750 Prince George's Co d 8 JAN 1818 Nottingham, Prince George's Co m ABT 1772 Priscilla Mackall
    -1-4 William Sprigg Bowie, Capt. b ABT 1751 Prince George's Co d ABT AUG 1809 m 13 DEC 1781 Elizabeth Brookes
    -1-5 Osborne Sprigg Bowie b AFT 1752
    -1-6 Margaret Sprigg Bowie b ABT 1765 at: m 24 DEC 1785 Benjamin Brookes
    -1-7 Ann Bowie b ABT 1767 d ABT 1827 m 28 OCT 1790 Maryland Philemon Lloyd Chew
    -2-1 Joseph Sprigg b 1760 Pr Geo Co Md d 5 Dec 1821 Randolph Il m Ann Taylor b 1760 Washington Md dau of Ignatius Taylor b 7 Apr 1709 St Mary's Md d 7 Apr 1761 St Pauls Parish Stafford Va
    -2-3 Thomas SPRIGG
    -2-4 Corbin SPRIGG
    -2-6 Ann/Hannah Sprigg b about 1766 m1 Charles Carroll b 1767 Bellevue Allegheny Co PA d 14 Oct 1823 Groveland Twp m2 James Gwaltney
    -1-1-1 Rachel Ann Smith b c 1770
    -1-2-1 Margaret Bowie b 22 MAR 1772 d 3 JUN 1797
    -1-2-2 William Bowie b 29 JAN 1776
    -1-2-3 Daniel Bowie b 7 MAR 1777
    -1-2-4 Elizabeth Bowie b 11 APR 1781 d 17 AUG 1810 at:
    -1-2-5 Walter Bowie Jr. b ABT 1785 Prince George's Co d 24 APR 1839 Prince George's Co m 30 NOV 1812 Prince George's Co Amelia Margaret Weems
    -1-2-6 Juliet Matilda Bowie b ABT 1788
    -1-3-1 Mary Mackall Bowie b ABT 1776 d 31 JUL 1825 m 27 MAR 1794 Turner Wooton Thomas Contee Bowie
    -1-3-2 Elizabeth Margaret Bowie b 4 OCT 1780 3 JUN 1854 Baltimore Co m 30 DEC 1800 John Henry Waring
    -1-3-3 Margaret Ann Bowie b ABT 1783 Prince George's Co d ABT 1850 m 25 DEC 1804 Reverdy Gheslin
    -1-3-4 James John Bowie b ABT 1785
    -1-3-5 Robert William Bowie b 3 MAR 1787
    -2-1-1 Ignatius Sprigg b 1798 Washington Co Md d 1880 m Mary Adkins b 1800 Randolph Co Il d 1834
    -1-6-1 Ann Maria Bowie Brookes b 17 NOV 1789 d 18 JUL 1862 m 21 FEB 1813 Philemon Chew
    -2-6-1 Elizabeth Carroll b 1785 m John Gwaltney b 1775 d 1845
    -2-6-2 William T Carroll
    -2-6-3 Jane Carroll
    -2-6-4 Henry Carroll
    -2-6-5 Hannah Carroll
    -2-6-6 Daniel Joseph Carroll
    -2-6-8 Anne Carroll
    -6-1-1? y Watkins b c 1785

    -1-6-1-1 William Holland Chew b 10 JUL 1815
    -1-6-1-2 Maria Louisa Chew b AFT 1815
    -1-6-1-3 Margaret Sprigg Bowie Chew b 3 JAN 1818 m 22 JUN 1843 William Hallam Tuck b 1809
    -1-6-1-4 Philomen L. Chew b ABT 1826
    -1-6-1-5 Richard Benjamin Brookes Chew b 18 MAY 1828
    -2-1-1-1 Dr. William Sprigg b 1821 Il m Rosanna Levins
    -2-6-1-1 James Gwaltney b 10 Apr 1802 Smith Tn d there 1839/?59 m Lucy Upton b 1818 d 1891 dau of James Upton and Lucy
    -2-6-1-2 Archibald Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-3 Carroll Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-4 Constant Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-5 Edward Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-6 elizabeth Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-7 George Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-8 x Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-9 y Gwaltney m Martha Upton
    -2-6-1-10 Selinda Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-11 Thomas Gwaltney m elizabetn Ann Ward
    -2-6-1-12 William Gwaltney
    -2-6-1-13 Dawson Gwaltney b Sep 1819 TN m eliz Jane Ward
    -2-6-1-14 Sereptia Gwaltney b 1827 d c 1925
    -6-1-1-1 y Watkins b c 1810
    ancestor of John Watkins, author's DNA match

    -1-6-1-3-1 Maria Louisa Chew Tuck b 1845
    -1-6-1-3-2 Philemon Hallam Tuck b AFT 1845
    -1-6-1-3-3 Somerville Pinkney Tuck b 1849
    -2-1-1-1-1 Ignatius Sprigg b 26 Nov 1856 Old Grand Glaize ar d 3 Apr 1933 Diaz AR m Susan Robertson Wilmans b 10 Feb 1858 dau of James Edward Wilmans b 23 Nov 1829 Meade Co Ky and Matilda Taylor Robertson b 12 Apr 1829 Ky d 2 Feb 1902 Newport AR
    ancestor of William Donaldson Sprigg, author's DNA match
    -2-6-1-1-1 Archibald Gwaltney b 21 Oct 1838 Tn d there 13 Feb 1903 m Mary Jan Baird
    -2-6-1-1-1 Sarah Elizabeth Gwaltney b 26 Sep 1861 Tn d 25 Feb 1945 m James Henry Wright 1858 - 1921 +
    -2-6-1-1-1-1 Henry G C Wright 1887 - 1977 m Sadie Belle Winfree ancestors of Andrea Lynn Wright and Roger Allen Wright, author's DNA match (author is only a Taylor, Sprigg and Legh but not a descendant of Lee of Virginia)
    -2-6-1-1-2 y Gwaltney m elizabeth Allison b 1855 d 1920 + 5 ch
    Rachel Sprigg b 1 Jun 1733 d c 1800 m Capt Thomas Harwood b 6 Dec 1726 d 1791 son of Thomas Harwood b 19 Sep 1698 d 1770 and Sarah Belt. -1 Capt Thomas Harwood III b 23 OCT 1753 Md d 15 May 1791 m1 Ann Whyte + 2 ch dau of Andrew Whyte b by 1774 and Hannah x d Nov 1797 m2 Asnath Graham + 1 ch
    -2 Margaret Harwood b 3 DEC 1753/5 Maryland m 3 Feb 1773 St james Parish William John Hall
    -3 Priscilla Harwood b 4 JAN 1758 Maryland
    -4 Osborne Sprigg Harwood b 2 MAY 1760 Maryland d 21 Dec 1847 Cherry Hill West River Anne Arundel Co m Elizabeth Ann Harwood dau of Lt Col Richard harwood b 1 Dec 1738 and Margaret Hall
    -5 Rachel Harwood b 19 FEB 1764 Maryland
    -6 Lucy/Lucinda Harwood b 7 MAR 1767 d 5 Sep 1835 Philadelphia m Richard Harwood
    -7 Mary Ann Sprigg Harwood
    -1-1 ? Harwood
    -1-3 Judge James HARWOOD b 1791 d 1847 ?Baltimore m1 10 Jun 1823 Sarah Elizabeth Greenbury Kemp b Calvert Co dau of Bishop James Kemp and x Hall m2 Susan Hyatt wid of Col Jacob Heinman
    -2-1 William John HALL b. 1 Jan 1791 m -4-1 s b
    -2-2 Margaret "Peggy" H. HALL m Benjamin Harwood b 6 Jan 1783 All Hallows Parish
    -4-1 Maria HARWOOD b 9 Jul 1795 All Hallows Parish Anne Arundel Co d 14 May 1814
    -4-2 Margaret Hall HARWOOD b 18 Dec 1798, All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co d. 18 Sep 1889 m William John Hall b 1 Jan 1791 son of William John Hall b 13 Jan 1748 All Hallows Parish and Margaret Harwood
    -4-3 Rachel Ann HARWOOD b 21 Oct 1803 d 16 Jan 1843, Anne Arundel Co
    -4-4 Mary Elizabeth HARWOOD b 20 Dec 1805
    -4-5 Thomas Richard Sprigg HARWOOD b. 4 Dec 1808 d. 17 Dec 1894

    -1-3-1 James Kemp HARWOOD b 12 Sep 1824 d 19 Dec 1895 m Henrietta Glenn dau of Judge John Glenn and Henrietta Wilkins
    -1-3-2 Edward Noel Cox HARWOOD b 30 Oct 1827 d 28 Jan 1867 unm
    -2-1-1 etc. = -4-2-1 etc
    -2-2-1 Mary Dryden HARWOOD b 8 Jan 1827 d 23 Nov 1891 m Nov 1852 Thoimas Richard Kent b 1813 d 1886
    -2-2-2 Benjamin HARWOOD b 19 Aug 1821
    -4-2-1 Mary Priscilla HALL b 14 Jan 1827 m 19 Nov 1846 Francis Henry Stockett b 1 May 1821 son of Joseph Noble Stockett and Ann Sellman
    -4-2-2 Judge William Sprigg HALL b 9 Jul 1832 d 25 Feb 1875
    -4-2-3 Dr. Richard T. HALL

    -2-2-1-1 Robert Wheeler KENT b 1854 d. 1927
    -2-2-1-2 Ida T. KENT b Jun 1858 d 1908 m 4 Dec 1877 John Thomas Hodges Jr b May 1847 MD d 1897
    -2-2-1-3 Harwood KENT b 1858 d 1876
    -2-2-1-4 Cora Beckwith KENT b 1861 d 1894 m Samuel Roland White b 153 d 1934
    -2-2-1-5 Maude KENT b d 1863
    -2-2-1-6 Margaret KENT b 11 Mar 1864 d 15 Oct 1917
    -2-2-1-7 Mary Dryden KENT b 2 Dec 1865 d 7 Feb 1941
    -4-2-1-1 Elizabeth Claude Stockett b 1857 m Julius Hall Jr b 12 Oct 1853 d 31 Dec 1924

    -2-2-1-2-1 Harwood HODGES b 1878 d 1880
    -2-2-1-2-2 Annie Fitzhugh "Nannie" HODGES b 28 Jan 1880, "Mt. Elm," Rutland, Anne Arundel Co
    -2-2-1-2-3 Mary Dryden HODGES b May 1882 Anne Arundel Co d 2 May 1952 Baltimore Co
    -2-2-1-2-4 John Thomas HODGES III b. 21 Sep 1883 Anne Arundel Co d. 16 Jul 1919
    -2-2-1-2-5 Charles Addison HODGES b. 3 Apr 1885 d 28 Mar 1955
    -2-2-1-2-6 Ida Kent HODGES b 1887 d 1889
    -2-2-1-2-7 Ella Lee HODGES b 19 Jan 1893 Anne Arundel Co d 1 Apr 1973
    -2-2-1-2-8 Benjamin Watkins HODGES b 26 Sep 1894 d 30 Jun 1948
    -2-2-1-4-1 Irene Harwood WHITE b Jun 1887, Maryland d. 1952
    -2-2-1-4-2 Gertrude WHITE b. Aug 1888, Maryland d. 1909
    -2-2-1-4-3 Samuel WHITE b May 1891, Maryland
    -2-2-1-4-4 Allen H. WHITE b. Apr 1894
    -4-2-1-1-1 Frances Stockett HALL
    -4-2-1-1-2 Julius HALL III b 21 Aug 1888, Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co d 25 Feb 1875 bur All Hallows Chapel Davidsonville m Elizabeth Sellman Welsh b 10 Sep 1832 + 6 ch
    -4-2-1-1-3 Margaret Harwood HALL b. 17 Sep 1890 d 20 Jan 1984
    Ursula Sprigg b 31 MAR 1743 Prince George's Co d 28 Jul 1826 in Prince George Md m 1 FEB 1759 Edward Crabb b ABT 1734 Prince George's Co son of Ralph Wright Crabb b 1694 in Prince George Md d about 8 Mar 1733 in Queen Ann Parish Pr Geo Co Md, and Pricilla Sprigg (m 22 Aug 1716 in Prince Georges, Queen Ann Parish Md).
    John Charles Crabb, b 12 Nov 1762 in Maryland. He died on 5 Dec 1827 in Jackson Co., Indiana. He was buried in Crabb Cem., Brownstown, Jackson Co., Indiana. He married 1 Susannah Smith on 1 Feb 1792 in Prince George Co., Maryland. She was born on 31 Mar 1773 in Vermont. She died on 23 Jul 1826 in Jackson Co., Indiana. She was buried in Crabb Cem., Brownstown, Jackson Co., Indiana. They had the 13 children
    Ralph Crabb b 28 Sep 1760 in Prince George's Co Md.
    Pricilla Crabb was born in 1765 in Prince George's Co
    Thomas Crabb b 1767 in Prince George's Co
    Jeremiah Crabb b 17 Sep 1769 in Prince George's Co
    Bazil Crabb b 15 Jun 1772 in Prince George's Co
    Sp8-5-9 Mary Sprigg, b. Abt. 1704, Maryland.
    Sp8-5-10 John Sprigg b Abt. 1709, Maryland.
    m2 July 1668 in Maryland Eleanor Nuthall (Nu9) b 1648 , daughter of John Nuthall (Nu10) and Elizabeth Bacon (Ba10) wid of Dr John Holloway. Information from the internet: Ancestors of JeanAnn Goss: "Martha Sprigg (Sp8), born about 1677 in Calvert County, Maryland; died before November 13, 1742. She was the daughter of Thomas Sprigg and Eleanor Nuthall." The following is unverified: John Nuthall son of James Nuthall and Jane Wiseman; James Nuttall about 1578 England son of Charles Nuttow and Margaret Taynter; Elizabeth Bacon daughter of Nathaniel Bacon and Elizabeth Kingsmill.
    Sp8-6 Elias Sprigg, b about 1664/?after 1 Sep 1668/73 d Bef. 1700.
    Sp8-7 John Sprigg, b Abt. 1666/?after 1 Sep 1668/1700, Prince George's County, MD.
    Sp8-8 Mary Sprigg, b 1668/?71, Anne Arundel or Prince George's Co d Jan 27, 1693/94 in Anne Arundel Co Md
    m 12 Mar 1688/89 in Anne Arundel Co MD Thomas Stockett Jr b 17 Apr 1667 Northampton Va d 1732 Anne Arundel Md son of Capt Thomas Stockett b 2 APR 1635 in England d 4 MAY 1671 in will probated Anne Arundel, MD and Mary Wells and Mary Wells (dau of Richard Wells and Frances Whyte grandau of Richard whyte b c 1580 Hutton Hal Exxex Engl d Rome It and Catherine Weston) . and had according to ysearch org/V7675
    -1 Thomas Stockett b ABT 1690 of, Northampton, Va m Elizabeth Noble
    -2 Olive Eleanor Stockett b 8 Dec 1693 All Hallows Sou, Anne Arundel Co. Md. d 1771 All Hallows South River Parish, Md m Richard Williams b 1684 Anne Arundel, Md d 2 Apr 1768 Anne Arundel Md.
    -3 Benjamin Stockett,
    -a Thomas Stockett ?= b 1700 by Demaris Welch in Anne Arundel Co to Thomas Stockett Jr b 1767 m Mary Prather b 1701 Pr Geo Co
    -1-1 Thomas Noble Stockett IV b 12 JUL 1747 Anne Arundel Co d 19 MAY 1802 Anne Arundel Co m Mary Harwood b 18 NOV 1753 Anne Arundel Co d 14 JUN 1845 Anne Arundel Co
    -2-1 Stockett Williams b 1715 All Hallows, Anne Arundel Co Md d 1776 Prince Georges Co. Md m Mary Waters dau of John Waters b 30 May 1698 d about 1768 and Mary Ijam b 1707 d 1768 grandau of Samuel Waters b 1675 Pr Geo Co, William Ijams and Elizabeth Plummer
    -2-2 Richard Williams
    -2-3 Joseph Williams
    -2-4 Eleanor Williams b abt 1715 MD d abt 1765 m Francis Linthicum b 29 SEP 1709 Anne Arundel Co d 1765 Anne Arundel Co
    -1-1-1 Richard G. Stockett b 7 FEB 1776 Anne Arundel Co d 27 FEB 1861
    -1-1-2 Joseph Noble Stockett b 16 NOV 1779 Anne Arundel Co d 21 DEC 1854
    -2-1-1 John Williams b before 1768,
    -2-1-2 Richard Williams,
    -2-1-3 William Williams,
    -2-1-4 Charity Williams
    -2-1-5 Ann Williams
    -2-1-6 Cheney Williams
    -2-3-1 Joseph Williams
    -2-3-2 Richard Williams
    -2-4-1 Richard Linthicum b 12 APR 1752 Anne Arundel Co d 1817 Dorchester Co Md
    -1-1-1-1 George L. Stockett b abt 1800 Anne Arundel Co d 17 FEB 1875 m Christiana W. Tompson
    -1-1-2-1 Sophia Stockett b 10 APR 1839 Anne Arundel Co d 11 SEP 1888 m John Henry Sellman b 13 Nov 1837 d 6 Jul 1892 Anne Arundel Co son of John H Sellman b 27 Jun 1806 and Lucinda Harwood
    -2-4-1-1 Rachel Linthicum b 14 DEC 1785 Md d 7 APR 1856 m Joseph Stewart b 25 Mar 1779
    -1-1-1-1-1 Margaret Ann Stockett b 11 OCT 1822 d 11 MAR 1877 m Rinaldo Dorsey b c 1811 Anne Arundel Co d 10 M 1849 Howard Co Md son of Ralph Dorsey b 1782 d 22 Apr 1817 and Harriet Warfield
    -2-4-1-1-1 James A. Stewart b 24 NOV 1808 Dorchester Co US Rep 1855-1861, 1867-1879 MD Supreme Court Justice bur Dorchester Co Cambridge, Christ Episcopal Church Cem m Rebecca S Eccleston b 11 AUG 1816 d 3 MAY 1899
    -2-4-1-1-1-1 Mary Josephine. Stewart b abt 1840 MD
    -2-4-1-1-1-2 Rebecca S.. Stewart b abt 1846 MD
    -2-4-1-1-1-3 Alfred H Stewart b 1848 d 193 m Mary Leonard
    -2-4-1-1-1-4 Donald. Stewart b 1852 d 1924
    Sp8-9 Edward Sprigg b 1655 Pr Geo Co d 30 Nov 1751 Prince George's Co Maryland
    m1 Mary Belt
    m2 Elizabeth PILE b Apr 26, 1720, Queen Ann Parish, Prince George's, Md
    m3 UNKNOWN, July 11, 1727, Prince George's Co Md.
    Sp8 Martha Sprigg b 1677 in Calvert/Prince George's Co MD d Nov 13, 1742 in Charles Co MD.
    m1 Thomas MacKay Prather 1698 in Prince George's Co., MD, son of Jonathon Prather and Lyle MacKay. Info on Marriage to Thomas MacKay Prather information came from the internet "Ancestors of Helen Elaine St. John."
    Pr7-1 Phillip Philomon Gittens Prather, b 1698, Prince George's County, MD; d. 1767, Orange County, South Carolina.
    m1 Catherine Hunt February 17, 1724/25 in Prince George Co Md, dau of John Hunt.
    Pr7-1-1 Martha Prather, b 20 Sep 1729, Queen Anne's Parish, Maryland.
    Pr7-1-2 Margaret Prather, b. 14 Sep 1730, Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. July 30, 1820, Franklin County, Ky
    m1 9 May 1750 Thomas CLAGGETT Prather,
    m2 Aft. 1758 Thomas FREEMAN.
    Pr7-1-3 John Hunt Prather, b. Abt. 1735, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. Bef. January 03, 1814, Madison County, Kentucky
    m1 Ellender Turner, July 13, 1753, Prince George's Co Maryland.
    m2 Margery Hunt December 03, 1737 in Calvert County, MD, dau of John Hunt. 
    Pr7-1-4 William Prather, b. Abt. 1739, Frederick Co MD; d. Aft. November 03, 1788, Laurens County, South Carolina; m. Mary Middleton, December 05, 1760, South Carolina.
    Pr7-1-5 Elizabeth Prather, b May 06, 1740, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. July 1804, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana; m1 Jesse Brashears Dec 8, 1760 son of Basil Brashear b 18 Mar 1714 in Clvert Co MD and Ann Belt m2 George Freeland, 1787, West Florida. -1 Zadoc BRASHEARS b 1754 in NC d 18 DEC 1816 in New Felecia Par LA m1 Susanna VAUGHN + 9 ch m2 Ann x + 1 ch
    -2 Phillip BRASHEARS b: AFT 1754 ?served Kings American Regiment: Capt Isaac Atwood's muster 1782 m c 1791 NC Mary/Polly WHITE
    -3 Elizabeth BRASHEARS b: AFT 1754
    -4 Samuel BRASHEARS b: BEF 1775 in GA/? Orange Co NC m c 1786 Rachel Durant a Creek Indian dau of Benjamin Durant and Sophia McGillvery
    -5 Asa BRASHEARS b: 1775 d before 26 Mar 1823 in St. Helena Par LA m 20 Oct 1806 in St. Josephs Cath, Baton Rouge, LA Cynthia COULTON d 20 Apr 1825 dau of Joseph COULTON and Maria STEPHENSON
    -6 Ruth BRASHEARS b: AFT 1775
    -1 Joseph BRASHEARS {10666}, born about 1778.
    -1-2 Zadock BRASHEARS, Jr. {10683}, born about 1790, died about 1852/1853.
    -1-3 Elizabeth BRASHEARS {10660}, born about 1792.
    -1-4 Ann BRASHEARS {10745}, born about 1793 in Of, West Feliciana, Louisiana d AL. m1 1820 in Louisiana Alexander BRASHEARS -4-2 b 1789 in Florida son of Samuel BRASHEARS and Rachel DURANT m2 11 Apr 1811 in Sumpter Co Al John LYLES not named in the Dawes report.
    -1-5 Delilah BRASHEARS {10746}, born May 1794 to parents who, at the time, resided in Sumpter, Co., Alabama. She married Westly TRAHERN {10741} about 1820 in Of, Alabama. Notes for Delilah: not named on Dawes rolls. Juanita Cline research-no source.
    -1-6 Vaughn BRASHEARS {10657}, born 1799 in pro, Feliciana, Louisiana. He married Mrs Vaughn BRASHEARS {10744} about 1852 in of, Sumpter, Alabama. She was born about 1800 in Of, Alabama. Notes for Mrs: Vaughn married and his family all died in Mississippi. Vaughn died in Indian Territory, OK. Notes for Vaughn: Vaughn Brashears brought the slave RICHARD BRASHEARS, that testified in the Dawes depositions, to the Indiana territory. Vaughn's family died in the Indian Territory - no additional info. It's interesting to note the name "TURNER", seems to be running in the generations of the BENJAMIN BRASHEARS [TBS#75], family also. I wonder what the significants is?.
    -1-7 Susan BRASHEARS b 1800 in Felixville, Feliciana, Louisiana d 5 May 1850 in Jackson, MS m1 David GRAHAM m2 1810 John STEWART
    -1-8 Sophia BRASHEARS {10754}, born 7 Feb 1802 in Of, West Feliciana, Louisiana. m 1825 in West Feliciana Co FL Sampson MONCRIEF b 1800 in West Feliciana County, Fl not named on the Dawes depositions as dau of Zaddock Sr.
    -1-9 Turner BRASHEARS b c 1809 in Sumpter Co Al d in Indian Territory, OK Dawes Commission deposition no ch
    -1-10 Alexander Brashear/Brookter d 1800
    -2-1 Robert BRASHEAR
    -2-2 Zadock BRASHEAR b c 1793 in New Feliciana, Louisana.
    -2-3 Samuel BRASHEAR b c 1794 in New Feliciana County, Louisana.
    -2-4 John BRASHEAR b 1795 in New Feliciana, Louisana. m c 1818 in Louisiana Catherine SHAFFETT b c 1797 Louisiana.
    -2-5 William BRASHEAR {11323}, b c 1797 in New Feliciana, Louisana
    -4-1 Samuel BRASHEARS, Jr. b c 1787 Florida.
    -4-2 Alexander BRASHEARS {10708}, born 1789 in Florida. m1 c 1820 in Louisiana Ann BRASHEARS b c 1793 West Feliciana, Louisiana dau of Zadock BRASHEARS, Sr and Susanna VAUGHN
    -4-3 Rachel BRASHEARS b c 1791 Florida m1 m2 8 Aug 1803 in Columbia Co GA David WALKER
    -5-1 Jesse BRASHEARS
    -5-2 y BRASHEARS ?d y lost in forest
    Pr7-1-6 John Prather b Abt. 1748, Frederick County, MD d 4 Dec 1829, Pickens Co SC m Eleanor Pickens, Abt. 1775.
    Pr7-1-7 PHILIP John Prather, b. Abt. 1754, Frederick County, MD; d. Bef. September 17, 1798, Sc
    m. Susannah Hubbard b about 1760 d 9 Sep 1848, July 16, 1776, Guiford County, North Carolina. and as reported by 32FZR had a son
    -1 Joseph Prater b 1794 Pickens distr. SC d 4 Apr Gainsville Hall co. GA
    m Mary Boyd b about 1795 ?SC d 7 Jul 1877 Gainesville Hall Co Ga and had
    -1-1 William Prater b 23 Apr 1818 Pendleton distr SC d 17 Dec 1877 Gainsville Ga
    m Elizabeth Jane Wilson b 13 Sep 1826 GA d 6 Dec 1908 Cleburne TX dau of William E Wilson and >Nancy b 23 Apr 1818 SC
    -1-1-1 Nancy Ann Prater b 29 Dec 1857 Hall Co Ga d 8 Dec 1922 Gainesville
    m Robert David Mitchell b 20 Oct 1853 clarke Co Ga son of Richard David Mitchell b 17 Apr Gum Springs GA and Emily Dalton granson of Walter Mitchell b 1784 Va d 22 Jan 1864 Banks Co GA and Elizabeth Anthony
    -1-1-1-1 Hattie Mitchell b 17 Feb 1884
    m Patrick Martin Stevens Jr
    m3 Henrietta Aft. 1740.
    Pr7-1-8 Ancestor of Jean Ann Goss
    Pr7-2 Eleanor Prather b. Abt. 1700, Prince George's Co MD m Abt. 1716 Thomas Williams (reported by b 1693 d 1749 Prince Georges Co Md -1 Thomas Williams b 25 Jan 1717 Pr Geo Md d about 1770 Qu Anne Parish Pr Geo Md m Cave King b about 1720 Anne Arundel Md d c 1792 dau of Francis King and Margaret Sprigg
    -2 Elizabeth Anne Williams
    -3 Rachel Williams b 20 Apr 1720/5 Pr Geo Md m?2 after 1741 Philip Turner b 10 Jun 1728 ( ?he m2 Rachel Warfield or she m1 y Warfield/?Duckett)
    -4 William Williams b about 1723 Pr Geo M d about 1789 m about 1758 Barbara Owen b about 1737 Pr Geo Md
    -5 Walter Williams b about 1726 Pr Geo Md m about 1751 Verlinda Magruder b about 1730 Pr Geo Co Md dau of Ninian Magruder and Elizabeth Brewer b 26 Oct 1690 All Hallows Parish Anne Arundel Co d 1 Jun 1751 Frederick MD
    -6 Henry Williams b about 1728 Pr Geo Md
    -7 Elisha Williams b 12 may 1728 Prince George Co. Md. d 24 Nov 1812 Millboro Spring, Bath Co Va m Ann Nancy Swearingen b about 1736 Queen Annes's Parish, Prince George Co Md. d between 1813 and 1839 Bath Co. Va (from Joshua Taylor's tree) dau of John Swearingen and Mary Ray grandau of Thomas Swearingen b St Mary's Co MD d 9 Mar 1711 Pr Geo Co MD and Jane Hyde d 1716 Anson Co NC gr grandau of Garrett van Swearingen b 4 Feb 1636 Beemsterdam NL d 4 Feb 1698 and Barbara d Berrette b Valenciennes FR 1636 d St Marys Co MD
    -8 Baruch Williams m about 1755 Pr Geo Md m Margaret Lucy Sprigg dau of Osborn Sprigg and Rachel Belt
    -9 Rachel Williams b about 1732 Pr Geo Md
    -10 Mary Williams b c 1734 Pr Geo Md
    -11 Eleanor/Elinor Williams b about 1737 Pr Geo Md m 27 Dec 1758 Benjamin Berry b about 1733 Pr Geo Md son of Benjamin Berry and Mary Hilleary
    -1-1 Eleanor Williams b about 1739 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md
    -1-2 Elizabeth Ellen Williams b c 1743 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md d c 1825 mm 27 Feb 1761 Capt thomas Mulikin b 24 May 1729 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md d 11 Aug 1805 Pr Geo Md
    -1-3 Ellen Williams b about 1745 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md
    -1-4 Col Thomas Williams b c 1739/45 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md m c 1768/74 Pr Geo Md Rachel Williams Duckett b 2 May 1749 Pr Geo Md dau of Richard Duckett and Elizabeth Anne williams
    -1-5 Richard Basil Williams b about 1747 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md d 1790
    -1-6 Lilburn Williams b c 1749 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md m Mary Thompson b c 1753 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md
    -1-7 Elisha Williams b about 1750 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md
    -1-8 Osborn Williams b about 1752 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel Md m about 1777 Elizabeth Magruder b about 1756 Qu Caroline Parish Anne Arundel d c 1819
    -5-1 Martha Williams b 22 Dec 1758 Frederick Co Md m about 1780 Pr Geo Md Walter Clagett b 12 Nov 1763 Pr Geo Md
    -7-1 Hazel Williams b 1758 d 1826
    -7-2 Ann Williams b 1759 d 1828
    -7-3 Mary Williams b about 1760 m Butler Stonestreet b 5 Nov 1757 d 1836
    -7-4 John Williams b 1762 d 1832 m1 Jane Chrisman + ? ch m2 Margaret Gillasby b 1762 m3 Jane Rout b 1754 d 1833 + ? ch
    -7-5 Martha Williams b 1773 Frederick Co MD d 1851 Stephens City Frederick Co VA m Simon Carson b 1769 d 1856

    -1-2-1 James Mullikin b c 1761 Qu Caroline Paris Anne Arundel Md m c 1786 Ann Duvall b c 1765 Qu Caroline Parish
    -1-2-2 Thomas Mullikin b c 1762 Woodwardsville m1 30 Nov 1791 Elizabeth Smith dau of Richard John Smith
    -1-2-3 Benjamin Mullikin b c 1769 Woodwardsville d 26 Jan 1848 m1 c 1794 Sarah Harwood b c 1773 m2 Athea Stewart b c 1773
    -1-2-4 Basil Mullikin b c 1771 Woodwardsville Anne Arundel Md m 11 Feb 1806 Susannah Ridgeley b c 1785 Woodswardsville
    -1-2-5 Ellender Mullikin b c 1773 Woodwardsville m c 1794 John Smith b c 1769
    -1-2-6 Cave Mullikin b 4 Jul 1776 Woodwardsville d 8 Jan 1847 Martinsburg WV m1 25 May 1801 William Archable Tuck b c 1776 d Feb 1813 m2 c 1814 Thomas Henderson Edlin b c 1772 Woodwardsville
    -1-2-7 Elizabeth Mullikin b c 1778 Woodwardsville m 10 Jul 1802 James Lowe b c 1774
    -1-2-8 Charity Mullikin b c 1779 Woodwardsville d 10 Jul 1841 m Capt Caleb Sears
    -1-2-9 Sarah Mullikin b c 1781 Woodwardsville m c 1802 y Clarkson
    -1-2-10 Osborn Mullikin b c 1783 Woodwardsville m1 28 Feb 1805 Elizabeth Geither b c 1784 m2 c 1808 A Collins b c 1787 m3 M E Steven b c 1787
    -1-2-11 Mary Mullikin b c 1781 Woodwardsville Anne Arundel Md m 23 Jul 1806 Richard Tydings
    -1-2-12 Baruch Mullikin
    -1-2-13 Ellen Mullikin b c 1789
    -1-4-1 Elizabeth Williams b c 1769 Pr Geo Md
    -1-4-2 Eleanor Williams b c 1771 Pr Geo Md m c 1792 Pr Geo Md Philip Turner b c 1767 Pr Geo Md
    -1-4-3 Elisha Williams b c 1773 Pr Geo Md
    -1-4-4 Rachel Williams b c 1775 Pr Geo Md
    -1-8-1 Theodore Williams b c 1790 Anne Arundel Md m Caroline Grover b c 1804 Anne Arundel Md
    -5-1-1 Darius Clagett b about 1781 Pr Geo Md
    -7-3-1 Elinor Stonestreet b 1780
    -7-3-2 Ann Stonestreet b 1784
    -7-3-3 Elizabeth Taylor Stonestreet b 22 May 1786 d 23 Mar 1841 m Andrew Skidmore b 10 May 1799 Pendleton WV d 24 Sep 1863 Grant WV
    -7-3-4 Elisha Stonestreet b 1788
    -7-3-5 Thomas Stonestreet b 1790 d 1858
    -7-3-6 Jarrett Stonestreet b 1791 m Sarah Rider d 1859
    -7-3-7 John Stonestreet b 1793
    -7-3-8 Butler Stonestreet b 1795
    -7-3-9 Richard Stonestreet b 1800
    -7-4-1 Sydney Williams
    -7-4-2 Otho Williams b 1770 d 1826
    -7-4-3 Letitia Williams b 1781
    -7-4-4 Jared Williams b 1783
    -7-4-6 Mariam Williams b 1787
    -7-4-7 Letitia Williams b 1788 d 1864 m Jared Sexton b 1788 d 1864
    -7-4-8 Sidney Williams b 1790
    -7-5-1 John Carson b 1796 Frederick Co VA d 1849 Madison Co MO m Sarah Stephens b 1793 d 1882
    -1-2-2-1 Sallie Mullikin b c 1795 Anne Arundel Md d Lancaster Pa m y Woods
    -1-2-2-2 Mary Mullikin b c 1797 Anne Arundel Md
    -1-2-2-3 Thomas Mullikin b c 1800 Anne Arundel Md
    -1-2-2-4 Henrietta Mullikin b c 1802 Anne Arundel Md
    -1-2-2-5 Hilary Mullikin b c 1804 Anne Arundel Md
    -1-2-2-6 Richard Mullikin b c 1806 Anne Arundel Md
    -1-2-6-1 Elizabeth Ellen Tuck b c 1802 woodwardsville
    -1-2-6-2 Caroline Mary Tuck b c 1804 woodwardsville
    -1-2-6-3 Julia Ann Tuck b c 1806 woodwardsville
    -1-2-6-4 William Hallum Tuck b c 1808 woodwardsville
    -1-2-6-5 Sophia Tuck b c 1810 woodwardsville
    -1-8-1-1 William Grover Williams b c 1837 Anne Arundel Md d 1912 m Matilda Dare Linthicum b 1840 Anne Arundel Md
    -7-3-3-1 Martha Skidmore b 13 May 1810 Pendleton WV d 14 Feb 1848 WV m George Washington Judi b 24 Jan 1793 Pendleton WV d 18 jan 1875-8 Pendleton WV
    -7-3-6-1 Archer Stonestreet b 1827
    -7-3-6-2 Rachel Stonestreet b 1827
    -7-3-6-3 Rebecca Stonestreet b 1835 d 1873
    -7-3-6-4 Barbara Stonestreet d 1868 m Samuel Rucker
    -7-3-6-5 Mary Stonestreet b 1844
    -7-4-7-1 Thomas Sexton b 1813 d 1863 m Jane Robinson b 1816 d 1864
    -7-4-7-2 Jane Sexton d 1840
    -7-4-7-3 Thomas Sexton d 1863
    -7-4-7-4 Letitia Sexton b 1825 d 1840
    -7-4-7-5 Elton Sexton b 1816 d 1887
    -7-4-7-6 Adniram Sexton b 1819 d 1882
    -7-4-7-7 Sereptha Sexton b 1821 d 1892
    -7-5-1-1 Simon Carson b 1817 d 1902 m Ann Painter

    -1-8-1-1-1 Bertha Letitia Williams b 1882 Anne Arundel Md d 1939 m Zachariah Ridout Duvall b c 1878 Anne Arundel d 1939
    -1-8-1-1-1-1 William G Duvall b 1909 d 1972 m Elizabeth S Sutton
    -1-8-1-1-1-1-1 William G Duvall Jr m Sylvia Marie Bunce
    -7-3-3-1-1 David Judy
    -7-3-6-4-1 George Rucker b 1860 d 1925
    -7-3-6-4-2 John Rucker b 1862 d 1938
    -7-3-6-4-3 Frances Rucker b 1865
    -7-3-6-4-4 William Rucker b 1868 d 1951 m ARdella Simmons b 1873 d 1952
    -7-4-7-1-1 Mariah Sexton b 1839 d 1913 m1 Benjamin Franklin b 1836 m2 Adolphus Weaver b 1806 d 1890
    -7-4-7-1-2 Margaret Sexton b 1841 d 1917
    -7-4-7-1-3 Ellen Sexton b 1842 d 1861
    -7-4-7-1-4 John Sexton b 1844 d 1863
    -7-4-7-1-5 Joseph Sexton b 1844 d 1858
    -7-4-7-1-6 Mary Sexton b 1849 d 1894
    -7-4-7-1-7 George Sexton b 1851 d 1852
    -7-4-7-1-8 Allen Sexton b 1853 d 1901
    -7-4-7-1-9 Louisa Sexton b 1856 d 1909
    -7-4-7-1-10 Ocie Sexton b 1861 d 1925
    -7-5-1-1-1 Martha Carson b 1845 d 1926 m John McLeod b 1834 d 1906
    Pr7 Thomas McKay Sprigg Prather, b. 1704, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. July 24, 1785, Washington Co MD
    m1 Elizabeth Claggett, June 10, 1725, Prince George's Co., Md dau of Thomas Clagett Jr and Mary Keene
    Pr6-1 Charles Prather
    Pr6-2 Mary (Polly) Prather b: 6 Jan 1730, married Aaron Moore, d 1791 P: Springhill Twp, Fayette County Hosea Moore B 26 Dec 1763 d 26 Apr 1832 Adams Co, Brush Creek Twp, Ohio
    m Isabelle Hanna b 7 Jun 1766
    Aaron Moore b 2 Aug 1792
    m Eleanor 'Nelly' Prather b 1795 dau of John Prather b 1783
    Pr6-3 Thomas Clagett Prather
    Pr6-4 Richard Prather
    Pr6-5 Jonathan Prather
    Pr6-6 William Basil Prather
    Pr6-7 Henry Abram Prather
    Pr6-8 Eleanor Prather
    Pr6-9 James Prather
    Pr6-10 Sarah Prather
    Pr6-11 Ann Joanna Prather
    Pr6-12 Elizabeth Prather b 10 Jan 1742/3 All Saints Parish Pr Geo Co Md d after 24 Jun 1785
    m2 bef. October 31, 1754 Sarah Beall, b 1697 Anne Arundel Co Md dau of James Beall and Sarah Pearce she m1 Reginaald Odell + 2ch
    m3 Jeannette Smiley, Bef. December 02, 1770, Maryland.
    Pr6-13 William Basil Prather b c 1768 Washington Co Md d Lincoln Co Ky
    m c 1792 Louisville Ky Martha Merriwether b c 1772 Washington Co d
    -1 Thomas Prather
    -2 William Prater b c 1795 Louisville Ky d 1838-50 n Waco Tx m Maria x b c 1799 Waco McLennan Co Tx
    -3 Nancy Prather b c 1796 Louisville Ky m5 Jun 1814 John Swats b c 1792 Louisville
    -2-1 Isaac Prate b c 1815 Waco d c 1846 Austin#s Colony Txr m Ellender McGee wid of Caswell Bledso + son Geo Wash Bledsoe she m3 Claudius/Claude Tidwell b c 1829 Jefferson Co Al dau of Ralph McGee and Lydia Cude
    -2-2 Thomas Freeman Prater b 8 Dec 1822 Waco d Bowie Tx m 9 Oct 1837 Waco Elizabeth Walker b c 1822 Waco
    -2-3 Sarah/Sally Prater b c 1824 Austin's Coony Tx m1 23 Nov 1843 Galveston Co Tx James Blandine b 1820 Austin's Colony Tx m2 c 1851 Hugh Kelly
    -2-4 y Prater b c 1828 Waco
    -2-1-1 Louis P Prater b c 1844 Huntsville Tx
    -2-1-2 Margaret Lydia Prater b c 1845 Austin's Colony Tx
    -2-2-1 Thomas Freeman Prather b c 1838 San Augustine Tx m Caroline Austin b c 1838 San Augustine Tx
    -2-2-2 James W Jesse Prather b c 1839 San Augustine Tx m 25 Nov 1856 Brazos Co Tx Ellen Robinson b c 1839 Waco
    -2-2-3 Mary L Prather b c 1840 San Austine Tx m 30 Jul 1856 Brazos Co Tx John L Pace b c 1836 Waco
    -2-2-4 Sarah Jane Pratherb c 1841 San Augustine Ty m 9 Nov 1854 Brazos Co Ty Norton Wright b c 1836 Bowie Tx
    -2-2-5 Virginia Littlepage Prather b 4 Jun 1843 Bowie Tx m 15 Jan 1867 Bowie Tx Benjamin Franklin Ezell b 22 Jul 1839 d 9 Aug 1928 Hayes Co Tx
    -2-2-6 Carrie Almeda Prather
    -2-3-1 Catherine Blandine b c 1848 Austins Colony
    -2-3-2 Mary Ann Blandine b c 1850 Austin's Colony Tx d Galveston Co m c 1871 Austin's Colony Richard Williams b c 1846 Austin's Colony

    -2-2-1-1 Prather, Charles Frank b 6 Sep 1874 Travis Tx d 27 Dec 1955 Conchio Tx m Eva Jefferson
    -2-2-1-2 Prather, Thomas Freeman b ABT 1880 Travis Tx
    -2-2-5-1 Ezell, Clarence S b. ABT 1868 British Honduras
    -2-2-5-2 Ezell, Maurice b. ABT 1870 British Honduras
    -2-2-5-3 Ezell, Nora Margaret b. ABT 1872 British Honduras
    -2-3-2-1 Williams, Howard b. CA. 1872 Austin's Colony,Tx
    -2-3-2-2 Williams, Tudor b. CA. 1874 Austin's Colony,Tx
    -2-3-2-3 Williams, Henry b. CA. 1876 Austin's Colony,Tx
    -2-3-2-4 Williams, Horace b. CA. 1878 Galveston Co
    Pr6 Thomas Smiley Prather III, b 1770, Frederick Co Md
    m 12 Feb 1800 in Jefferson Co Ky Matilda Fontaine Fo6 b 18 Sep 1782 Louisa Co Va d 3 Feb 1823, in Louisville, Ky bur Cave Hill Cemetery, in a stone sarcaphogus
    +1 Aaron Fontaine
    m Barbara Overton Terrell
    Pr5-1 James Smiley Prather b 12 Mar 1801 Loisville d 12 Feb 1860 Louisville
    m 22 Oct 1824 Campbell Co Ky Louisa Winifred Martin b c 1804 Canada dau of Thomas Martin and Susan Wa Ledbetter
    -1 Mary Prather b c 1826 Campbell Co Ky m1 c 1849 Clinton Il George Robinson Hunt b c 1820 Campbell Co m2 Jefferson Co Ky John Mitchell b c 1824 Ky
    -2 Blanche A Prather b c 1827 Campbell Co Ky m Edward Mitchell b c 1823 Campbell Co
    -3 William Prather b c 1828 Louisville
    -4 James Smiley Prather b c 1830 Louisville
    -5 Thomas M Prather b c 1832 Louisville
    -6 Worder A Prather b c 1834 Louisville
    -1-1 Ellen Pope Hunt b c 1850 Campbell Co Ky m c 1871 Clinton Il George Weissinger Smith b c 1845 Campbell Co Ky
    -1-2 Kate Hunt b c 1855 Campbell Co Ky m c 1876 Clinton Il Samuel Hutchings b c 1850 Campbell Co Ky
    Pr5-2 William Prather b 9 Feb 1804 Louisville m 1 Dec 1835 Jefferson Co Ky Penelope E Pope b c 1815 Louisville dau of Alexander Pope
    m Martha Minor Fontaine b 19 Feb 1846 in Louisville d 21 Nov 1847 in Louisville
    -1 Catherine "Kate" Prather b c 1835 m Orville Winston b c 1830 Jefferson Co Ky.
    -2 Sue Prather. m John Zanone.
    -3 Maria Julia Prather
    -3 Matilda 'Maddie' Nicholes Prather b 22 NOV 1843 in Louisville d 5 Dec 1894 in Louisville m 8 Jan 1867 Louisville Goldsborough Robinson b 25 MAR 1845 in Louisville son of Goldsborough Robinson b 8 FEB 1819
    -4 Julia Clay Prather b 27 Feb 1838 in Louisville, d 18 Jan 1866 in Louisville
    -5 Martha Pope Prather was born on 7 May 1844 in Louisville d 10 Feb 1850 in Louisville
    -6 Penelope "Eppie" Prather b 1849 in Louisville d 1926 in Louisville
    -7 Margaret Prather b 1849 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY. d 1919 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY. m John Luse b c 1841 Jefferson Co.
    -8 Maria Prather b 19 Feb 1846 in Louisville d 21 Nov 1847 in Louisville b 19 Feb 1846 in Louisville d 21 Nov 1847 in Louisville m1 c 1863 Goldsborough Robinson b 25 MAR 1845 in Louisville son of Goldsborough Robinson b 8 FEB 1819 m2 28 Sep 1871 Anderson Co Tn Henry Clay Jr
    -1-1 Penelope Winston b c 1860 m Ernest Allis b c 1855 Jefferson Co Ky
    -1-2 Kate Winston b c 1865 Jefferson Co m c 1885 Frederick Hussey b c 1860 Jefferson Co
    -2-1 x Zanone
    -2-2 Prather Zanone b c 1865 Jefferson Co Ky
    -3-1 Frances Lee Robinson b 29 Nov 1867 Louisville m 6 Feb 1890 Louisville Frederick Daniel Hussey b 9 Aug 1857
    -3-2 Alexander Humphrey Robinson b 15 Feb 1869 Louisville m 9 Jun 1891 Louisville Catherine Nelson Ficklen b 28 Dec 1865
    -3-3 Julia Prather Robinson b 1 Jul 1870 Louisville m 16 Nov 1893 Louisville William Beynroth Hardy b 16 May 1870 Louisville
    -3-4 Arthur Lee Robinson
    -3-5 Philips Lee Robinson
    -3-6 Martha Pope Robinson
    -3-7 Matilda Robinson b 8
    -3-8 Penelope Prather Robinson b 8 Feb 1887 Beechmont Floyd In
    -8-1 x Robinson b c 1864 Jefferson Co m c 1884 William B Hardy b c 1859 Jefferson Co
    -8-2 Humphrey Robinson b c 1870 Jefferson Co
    -1-1-1 x Allis b c 1885 Jefferson Co m William B Harrison b c 1880 Jefferson Co
    -3-2-1 Goldsborough Robinson b 19 May 1895 Danville Va
    -3-3-1 Frances Lee Hardy b 18 Oct 1894 Louisville
    -3-3-2 James Edward Hardy b 22 Dec 1895 Louisville
    -3-3-3 Katherine Wendell Hardy b 12 May 1897 Louisville
    Pr5-3Mary Jane Prather 11 Aug 1809 d 7 Oct 1883 in Louisville
    m1 22 Apr 1829 Jefferson Co Worden Pope Churchill b 16 JUN 1804 in Louisville Ky d 3 JUL 1830 in Louisville son of Henry Churchill and Penelope Pope
    m2 8 Jun 1836 Dr. Charles M. Way b 25 Dec 1800 d 8 Apr 1873 in Louisville,
    -1 Worden P. Churchill Jr. b 27 Jan 1830 in Louisville d 6 Apr 1916 in Louisville
    -2 W. H. Way was born on 29 Jun 1838 d 11 Feb 1883 in Louisville
    Pr5 Pr5 Matilda Prather b 1811 d 1847?)
    m Samuel Smith Nicholas son of George Nicholas II and Mary Smith
    Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas b 1830 m y Graves/Gravis
    Ni4 George Nicholas was a farmer in Daviess County, Kentucky, in his early manhood.
    As a direct male descendant of the Nicholas Families of Alcannings and Roundway he was entitled to bear the Nicholas Coat of Arms, as were his sons and theirs etc.  Copy of Nicholas Family Bible from The Filson Club in Louisville Ky., approved by the College of Arms in London, Somerset herald of Arms, Rodney Dennys in 1975/6
    m1 1852, October, to Emma Ju1iet Hawes, who died 1854
    m2 1857, February 2, Mary Anna Pope Po4, dau of US Congressman Patrick Henry Pope, in Louisville on Feb. 2, 1857, and Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5
    Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870) lawyer unm
    Ni4-4 Matilda Nicholas (1835-1921) m Hon P Barrett of Mo.
    Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
    Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas b 1839? d 1907 m Maj. James C Johnston, C.S.A.
    Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) married Thomas
    Ni4-8 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1844- ?)
    Ni3-1 Emma Juliet Nicholas b 1854 d 1896 m John Churchill, had child, John Churchill Jr
    Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas b 16 March 1862 d 14 April 1864
    Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas b 7 Sept 1863 d 8 Sep 1863
    Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas b 20 Nov. 1864 d 6 June 1942) m 7 Oct. 1891 Lulu Allen Cherry
    Ni3-5 George Nicholas (10 Nov. 1866- 21 March 1926) m 15 July 1896 Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky., who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based. They had 3 sons and a daughter.
    Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas b 16 June 1868 d 13 June 1935 in Camrose Alta, Canada, bur. in Edna Texas
    Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas (17 Dec. 1869- June 1941) married 30 Sept. 1897 Mary Willis Middleton
    Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (4 March 1872- 30 Sep 1942) m 29 Dec. 1897 Deborah Shannon
    Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas (19 Mar 1874-June 1942)
    Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas b 28 Apr 1876 d 2 Dec. 1897 d of a football injury, Centre College, Danville Ky.
    Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas b 15 May 1878 d June 1954 m Dr. Thomas E. Bland on 20 June 1906.
    Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas b 11 Feb. 1880 d 30 Dec. 1915
    Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas b 1 July 1881- 29 May 1927 in Edna, Texas)
    Ni4-6-1 Mary Johnston b c 1845?
    Pr5-5 Maria Julia Prather (1814 -?)
    Pr5-6 Catherine Cornelia Prather (1816 - ?)
    Pr7-4 John Smith Prather, b. Aft. 1776 must be 1706, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. 1763, Bladensburg, Prince George's County, MD; m Elizabeth Nuthall, February 17, 1724/25, Prince Edward Co., MD.
    Pr7-5 Rachel Prather, b. October 1706, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. 1763
    m1 William Pottinger, 1724, Maryland
    m2 Joseph Milburn Semmes, 1731.
    Pr7-6 Aaron Allen Prather, b. October 10, 1710, Prince George's Co MD d. Bef. March 07, 1777, Rockville, Montgomery Co MD.
    m Mary Jane Prather b 29 Aug 1710 ( reports m Jane Prather b 12 Sep 1703) in Prince Georges Md d 1779 dau of Jonathan Prather II.. Elizabeth was b 1662 Calvert Md. d 1734/6 Prince Georges Md. and Elizabeth Bigger
    -1 Jonathan Prather
    -2 Anne Prather
    -3 Martha Prather, m William Nathan Prather Pr8-4-1 1722-24 St John's Parish Prince George Co Md
    -4 Susanna Prather
    -5 Mary Jane Prather m. Mary Jane ?, October 10, 1736, All Hallow's Parish Anne Arundel Co Maryland.
    -6 Rachael Prather
    -7 Baruch William Prather b 20 Oct 1742 d 2 Dec 1810 ( shows Basil not Baruch and a d 7 Oct 1822 in Clark Ind as well as a different wife but same DOB and middle name ?a twin? so -8) m Sarah Higgins b 29 Aug 1761 Frederick Co Md d 1 Oct 1844 Spears Ky dau of James Higgins and Luraner Becraft
    -8 Basil William Prather b 20 Oct 1741 Pr Georges Co Msd d 7 Oct 1822 clark Ind m Chlorinda "Chloe" Robertson b 14 Aug 1748 Frederick Md d 27 Jul 1812 Clark Ind
    -7-1 Thomas W Prather b 18 Sep 1778 Montgomery Md d Fayette Co Ky m 10 Mar 1806 Fayette Co Mary Clagett b 10 Jan 1787 + 10 ch dau of Ninian Clagett and Euphon Wilson ( shows )
    -7-2 Deborah Olivia Prather b 24 Oct 1779 Montgomery Md m 8 Oct 1801 Isaac Wilson Walker b 31 Oct 1780 Pr Geo Co Md son of Charles Walker b 1752 Prince Georges Co Md and Sarah x grandson of Lt Isaac Walker b 1721 Toaping Castle Scotland and Elizabeth Stuart of Am Rev
    -7-3 Martha Sprigg Prather 19 Feb 1781 Montgomery Md m 22 Dec 1803 in Fayette Co Nathaniel Morrison + 10 ch
    -7-4 Ann Nancy Prather b 25 Sep 1782 Rock Creek d 10 Jun 1816 Fayette Co Ky m Ebenezer Ruark
    -7-5 John Prather b 5 Feb 1785 Montgomery Md d Fayette Ky m Sarah Wilson b 25 Jan 1795
    -7-6 Rebecca Lurana Prather b 28 Apr 1788 Rock Creek Fred Md m1 28 Nov 1809 Fayette Ky John Shrock m2 James St Clair
    -7-7 Benjamin Higgins Prather b 24 Jan 1790 Rock Creek Pr Geo Paris Frederick MD d before 1859 Owen Co Ky m 30 Dec 1819 Madison Co Ky Elizabeth Knightley b 1800 Madison Co Ky dau of Abraham Kitely Knightley and Sarah Tinnis
    -7-8 Walter D Prather b 22 Jan 1792 Montgomery Md d 11 Nov 1836 Fayette Ky m 11 Jun 1816 Mary Dean "Polly" Irvine b 28 Jan 1800 Boyle Ky d 15 Jan 1851 Fayette dau of Robert Irvine and Judith Glover
    -7-9 Levina Luraner Prather b 9 Jul Fayette Ky m 24 Sep 1818 James St Clair b 1 Oct 1790 Fayette d 30 Jul 1844
    -7-10 Mary Prather b 27 Oct 1786 Montgomery Md d 2 Jan Jacksonville Il m Stephen Holland Reid b 19 Feb 1773 Londonderry NH
    -8-1 Thomas Prather III b 23 Jul 1769 Rockville Md d 25 Mar 1851 Clark Ind m Rachel Gaither

    -7-6-1 Porterfield Tolin Shrock
    -7-6-2 Rebecca Shrock
    -7-7-1 Sarah Prather b c 1821 Madison Co Ky d after 1855 Owen Ky m William Henry Harrison Cliftonc 1836 Madison Co b c 1817 Madison Co Ky d after 1880 Owens Co Ky
    -7-7-2 John H Prather b c 1822 Madison Co Ky m 25 Mar 1842 Delilah Kinman
    -7-7-3 Mary Pratherb c 1823 Madison Co Ky m 1846 y Brissey b 1819
    -7-7-4 Demarius Ann Prather b c 1824 Madison Co Ky m 10 Jan 1850 Owen Co Ky Josiah Clifton b. 8 JUL 1817 Lusbys Mill, Owen Co Ky. d. 4 MAR 1880 Lusbys Mill, Owen Co
    -7-7-5 James H Prather b c 1826 Owens Co d after 1868 m 10 Jan 1850 Jane Beasley b c 1830 Madison Co Ky
    -7-7-6 Abraham K Prather b 13 Apr 1833 Frederick Co Md d 22 Oct 1888 Lineville Wayne Co In m Mary Elizabeth Bolster
    -7-7-7 Benjamin Franklin Prather b 5 Nov 1828 Madison Co Ky d 1862 Civil War m Margaret Nancy Wilson
    -7-7-8 Elizabeth Prather b c 1830 Madison Ky
    -7-7-9 Randolph Jackson Prather b c 1834 Owens Ky d 1862 Civil War Tn m Sarah A Wainscott b 1838 Ky dau of Richard Wainscott and Sopha Mason
    -7-7-10 William M Prather b 1838 Owens Co Ky d after 1880 ?Grant Co Ky m Mary Ann Cook b 1838 Owens Co Ky
    -7-8-1 Mary Prather b c 1817 Fayette bur Prather Cem Fayette m1 19 Feb 1835 Fayette Ninian Prather b 8 Feb 1815 Fayette d 11 Aug 1841 m2 Thomas Ricketts b 1808 Plumer Venango Pa d before 1848 Fayette son of James Ricketts and Sarah Elizabeth Prater m3 1841 Samuel Varble b 1817 Fayette
    -7-8-2 Martha Prather b c 1819 Fayette m1 c 1837 Fayette Samuel Ricketts b c 1810 Fayette m2 c 1845 George W Cunningham b c 1817 Fayette
    -7-8-3 William Irvine Prather b 29 Oct 1821 Lexington Ky d 12 May 1907 Riggs Boone Co Mo m Susan Ann Blackwell b 1833 Estill Co Ky d c 1900 Bourbon Twp Boone Ky
    -7-8-5 Robert Irvine Prather b 29 Jan 1823 Fayette d there 12 May 1871 m c 1847 Obion Co Tn Caroline ?Prather b c 1827 Obion
    -7-8-5 Thomas Prather b c 1824 Fayette m c 1848 Obion Co Tn Charlott x b c 1826 NJ
    -7-8-6 Walter P Prather b 1826 Fayette Ky m 8 Sep 1849 Mary Prather b about 1828 Fayette d after 1880 Estill Ky + 5 ch dau of Thomas W Prather and Mary Clagett m2 28 Aug 1872 in Jessamine Ky Mary Ballard b 1840 no ch
    -7-8-7 John Prather b 28 Apr 1830 Lexington Ky d 20 Jun 1844 Jack's Creek Fayette Co Ky
    -7-8-8 Abraham Irvine Prather b 3 Aug 1832 Fayette d 23 Apr 1898 Woodford Ky m 19 Jul 1860 Fayette Anna Elizabeth Peyton b 6 Sep 1842 Jessamine Ky d 14 Oct 1908 Woodford dau of Zachariah Peyton b about 1816 Jessamine Ky and Susannah Knox
    -7-8-9 Sarah Prather b 1833 Lexington Ky
    -7-8-10 Durater Prather b c 1834 Bourbon Co Ky
    -7-8-11 Verlinda Shanks Prather b c 1835 Bourbon Co Ky
    -7-9-1 George P St Clair b 20 Jun 1819 Fayette Ky d 11 Nov 1846 m Judith A Davenport b about 1822 Fayette Ky
    -7-9-2 Nancy P St Clair b about 1823 Fayette Ky
    -7-9-3 Thomas Ortho St Clair b 14 Feb 1824 Fayette d there 24 Jun 1865 m Angeline Bibb b about 1827 Fayette
    -7-9-4 Rebecca St Clair
    -7-9-5 Sarah P St Clair b about 1827 Fayette m 30 Dec 1845 Nicholas Co Ky Barton Warren Smith b 7 Feb 1818 Cane Ridge, Carlisle Nicholas Co Ky son of John Smith and Sally Hand
    -7-9-6 William St Clair b about 1827 Fayette Ky
    -7-9-7 Walter St Clair b d 8 Apr 1829
    -7-9-8 Chloe/Cloey St Clair b 8 'Apr 1829 Fayette d there 11 Feb 1843
    -7-9-9 Martha Luvina St Clair b 18 May 1831 Fayette d 15 May 1905 m Oliver Moore b about 1827 Fayette
    -7-9-10 Mary Ellen St Clair b 10 May 1833 m Robert Foster b about 1829 Fayette
    -7-9-11 Matilda St Clair b 21 Feb 1835 Fayette d 21 Sep 1876 m Andrew J Smith b about 1831 Fayette
    -7-9-12 James St Clair b 29 Jul 1837 Fayette d 30 May 1879 m about 1862 Maltia J Raine b about 1841 Fayette
    -7-9-13 John St Clair b 29 Jul 1837 Fayette Ky
    -7-9-14 Amanda St Clair b about 1840 Fayette m Morris Anderson
    -7-9-15 y St Clair b d 19 Jul 1841 Fayette Ky
    -7-10-1 Reid, Martha Humphries b. ABT 1804 Lexington Ky
    -7-10-2 Reid, Minerva Minnie
    -7-10-3 Reid, Stephen Holland b. ABT 1810 of,Lexington
    -8-1-1 Ary Prather b 1790 NC d 3 Mar 1867 clark Ind m James Bennett b 1785 Rowan NC d 1822 Ind

    -7-7-1-1 Clifton, Sarah b. CA. 1837 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky d. OCT 1852 Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-1-2 Clifton, Mary E. b. CA. 1840 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-1-3 Clifton, David b. CA. 1843 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-1-4 Clifton, James Benjamin Clifton, John William b. CA. 1849 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-1-5 Clifton, Abraham Madison b. CA. 1850 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky d. OCT 1852 Lusbys Mill
    -7-7-2-1 Prather, Margaret b. ABT 1843 of,Madison,Ky
    -7-7-2-2 Prather, Sarah
    -7-7-2-3 Prather, Mary b. ABT 1846 of,Madison,Ky
    -7-7-2-4 Prather, Malvina b. ABT 1848 of,Madison,Ky
    -7-7-2-5 Prather, Elizabeth Betsy b. ABT 1850 of,Madison,Ky
    -7-7-2-6 Prather, Nancy Emily {I4138}
    -7-7-2-7 Prather, William Arthur Archie
    -7-7-2-8 Prather, John R {I4140}
    -7-7-2-9 Prather, Ida Belle
    -7-7-4-1 Clifton, Mary E. b. CA. 1852 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-2 Clifton, John Robert b. CA. 1853 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-3 Clifton, James H. b. CA. 1855 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-4 Clifton, Elizabeth A. b. CA. 1857 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-5 Clifton, Michael {I4144}
    -7-7-4-6 Clifton, Pollard M.
    -7-7-4-7 Clifton, Louisa b. CA. 1863 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-8 Clifton, Henry T. b 3 SEP 1863 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co Ky d 15 FEB 1924 Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-9 Clifton, Josephine b. CA. 1865 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-10 Clifton, Mitchel b. 8 FEB 1867 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky d 2 MAY 1955 Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-4-11 Clifton, George E. b. CA. 1869 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co
    -7-7-5-1 Prather, Sarah E b. ABT 1852 ,Owens,Ky
    -7-7-5-2 Prather, John C Breckenridge
    -7-7-5-3 Prather, George E b. 1856 ,Owens,Ky
    -7-7-5-4 Prather, Amanda b. 15 AUG 1857 ,Owens,Ky
    -7-7-5-5 Prather, Thomas Otha
    -7-7-5-6 Prather, James Wesley
    -7-7-5-7 Prather, Armilda
    -7-7-5-8 Prather, Abraham
    -7-7-5-9 Prather, Susan
    -7-7-6-1 Prather, Sarah b. 1852 of Owens Co.,Ky
    -7-7-6-2 Praytor, William Benjamin
    -7-7-6-3 Prather, Emma F
    -7-7-6-4 Prather, Hattie Belle b. 22 APR 1858 Lineville,Wayne,Ia d. 30 SEP 1871 Lineville,Wayne,Ia
    -7-7-6-5 Prather, Alice b. 1859 of Owens Co.,Ky
    -7-7-6-6 Prather, Abraham
    -7-7-7-1 Prather, Delila J
    -7-7-7-2 Prather, Millard F
    -7-7-7-3 Prather, Lloyd T b 15 DEC 1856 of,Fayette, Ky d 21 JAN 1944 ,Owen Ky
    -7-7-7-4 Prather, Porterfield {I4163}
    -7-7-7-5 Prather, Randolph Jackson Noon
    -7-7-9-1 Prather, Pleasant Samuel
    -7-7-9-2 Prather, James Owen
    -7-7-9-3 Prather, George T b. 1859 ,Owen,Ky
    -7-7-9-4 Prather, Randolph Jackson
    -7-7-9-5 Prather, William R Toby
    -7-7-9-6 Prather, Susan Sally b. ABT 1866 ,Owen,Ky
    -7-7-9-6 Prather, Fred Thomas
    -7-7-10-1 Prather, Elenora b. 1866 Lusbys Mill,Owen Co.,Ky.
    -7-7-10-2 Prather, Francis M b 1868 Owens Ky m 28 Nov 1889 Addie G White
    -7-7-10-3 Prather, John A b. 1870 ,Owen,Ky
    -7-7-10-4 Prather, Benjamin S b. 1871 ,Owen,Ky
    -7-7-10-5 Prather, James M b. 1873 ,Owen,Ky
    -7-7-10-6 Prather, Jeremiah b. 1874 ,Owen,Ky
    -7-7-10-7 Prather, Allen b. 1880 ,Owen
    -7-7-10-8 Prather, Sue b about 1882 m Linzie Thomas Works b c 1870 + 3 ch
    -7-8-2-1 Mary T Cunningham b 15 May 1850 Fayette d 18 Aug 1847
    -7-8-2-2 Sarah Cunningham b d 1850
    -7-8-3-1 Prather, Walter Lewis b 7 Nov 1851 Fayette d 15 Jun 1933 Bartlesville Ok m1 Mary Ballard + 3 ch m2 Sarah Overacker + 3 ch m3 Susie Trottingwolf b Ok no ch
    -7-8-3-2 Prather, James b 31 Jul 1853 Fayette d 2 Dec 1932 Rodgers Co Ok m 9 Aug 1876 Riggs Boone Co Mo Elizabeth Breakbill f 17 Jun 1857 Riggs + 3 sons
    -7-8-3-3 Prather, William b 15 Aug 1854 Estill Co Ky m about 1889 Mary Mildred x + John Volley Prather and Jim Willie Prather
    -7-8-3-4 Prather, Nancy B b 26 Mar 1855 Fayette m 21 Jun 1874 Shelby In Minor Ellis b 1850 shelby in
    -7-8-3-5 Prather, Samuel b. 22 NOV 1856 of,Fayette,Ky d. 21 OCT 1923
    -7-8-3-6 Prather, Irvin William b. 15 MAY 1858 of,Fayette,Ky d. 30 MAY 1858
    -7-8-3-7 Prather, Joseph Allen b 23 Sep 1860 Fayette d 7 Dec 1903 Foyil Rogers Ok m Elizabeth Cherokee Wisner b 24 Apr 1856 Tn + 6 ch
    -7-8-3-8 Prather, John Benjamin b 7 Jul 1862 Fayette d Montogmery Ks m x 1 ch John Marion Prather b about 1889
    -7-8-3-9 Prather, Mary b. CA. 1867 of Estill Co.,Ky
    -7-8-3-10 Prather, Thomas H. b 17 Jul 1868 Fayette d Jan 1952 Ok m Cora R Griffith b 13 Sep 1877 Montgomery Ks d 14 May 1968 + 12 ch dau of William Grifftith and Catherine Anders
    -7-8-3-11 Prather, Addie b 13 Apr 1870 Madison Co Ky m c 1891 Fayette Wiley Manson White b c 1866 Fayette
    -7-8-3-12 Prather, George b. 22 JUN 1874 of Fayette Co.,Ky
    -7-8-3-13 Prather, Sarah b 22 Nov 1876 Fayette m c 1897 George Cook b c 1872 Fayette
    -7-8-5-1 Henrietta Prather b c 1848 Obion Co Tn
    -7-8-5-1 Elizabeth Prather b c 1850 Obion Tn
    -7-8-6-1 Prather, Texannah
    -7-8-6-2 Prather, Julia S
    -7-8-6-3 Prather, Mary Irvine b. ABT 1856 ,Fayette,Ky
    -7-8-6-4 Prather, Edward Wiltshire {I9056}
    -7-8-6-5 Prather, Mildred A
    -7-8-8-1 Prather, George Edward
    -7-8-8-2 Prather, Annie Belle
    -7-8-8-3 Prather, Cora b. 1867 Ky d. BEF 1900
    -7-8-8-4 Prather, Ina
    -7-8-8-5 Prather, Thomas Peyton Frank
    -7-8-8-6 Prather, Nora B
    -7-8-8-7 Prather, Charles Irvine
    -7-8-8-8 Prather, William Piper
    -7-9-5-1 Smith, John b. ABT 1847 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-2 Smith, Thomas b. ABT 1849 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-3 Smith, George W b. ABT 1851 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-4 Smith, James T b. ABT 1853 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-5 Smith, Amanda L b. ABT 1855 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-6 Smith, Nancy b. ABT 1857 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-7 Smith, Jane b. ABT 1859 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-8 Smith, Walter b. ABT 1861 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-9 Smith, Frank b. ABT 1863 of, Nicholas, Ky
    -7-9-5-10 Smith, Clay b. ABT 1865 of, Nicholas, Ky d. BEF 1882
    -8-1-1-1 Joshua Silvanus Bennett b 15 Apr 1818 Rowan NC d 5 Apr 1899 bur Utica Clark Co Ind m Indiana Davis b 21 Feb 1826 Terre Haute Ind d 14 Oct 1915 Utica Ind
    m2 Stephen Yoakley Abt. April 29, 1719.
    Sp8-11 OLIVE/Oliver Sprigg, b c 1672/78, Prince George's Co MD.
    Sp8-12 Ann Sprigg b 1676 in Prince George's County, MD d Feb 1720/21 in Maryland. 1676-1679, Maybe the birth date(net)-Calvert Co.,MD
    m 1694 Phillip GITTINGS/Gittens b 1679 Northampton Pr Geo Co d 1720 MD
    -1 Thomas GITTINGS b Abt. 1694 d Abt. 1749, Frederick Co MD.
    -2 PHILLIP GITTINGS, b Abt. 1696 Md m. Elizabeth x.
    -3 Elizabeth GITTINGS, b 1698 d Aft. 1735 m 1710 Pr Geo Co PHILLIP CECIL b 28 Mar 1692 Queen Anne Parish Pr Geo Co son of William Cecil/Sessell b 1665 PA (son of William Cecil/Sessell b 1634 Stamford Lincolnshireand Mary x.
    -5 John GITTINGS, b Abt. 1702 Md d Aft. 1754, Md m Verlinda BERRY
    -6 Ann GITTINGS, b c 1704 d Aft. 1754
    -7 Kinsey Gittings b 1765 d 1830
    -3-1 Susannah Cecil b 3 Mar 1711 Pr Geo Co d 1735 MD
    -3-2 Mary Cecil b 2 Jul 1716 Pr Geo Co
    -3-7 Elizabeth Cecil b 15 Mar d c 1796 Tazewell VA m Thomas J Witten
    -3-3 John Cecil b c 1721 Pr Geo Co d there 1778
    -3-4 William B. Cecil b c 1728 New Scotland Pr Geo Co m 1754 Pr Geo Co Elizabeth Witten b 1728 Montgomery Co MD d 1797 Comus Frederick MD dau of Thomas Witten and Ann Cecil b 1700 (dau of James Cecil and Elizabeth Sollers)
    -3-5 Joshua Cecil b 1730 Pr Geo Co d Apr 1814 Stubenville Harrison Co OH m1 1760 Mary Berry Readon b 1735 Pr Geo Co d 1780 VA
    -3-6 Phillip Cecil b c 1733 Pr Geo Co d 1803 Anne Arundel Co m Elizabeth Thomas
    -5-1 Benjamin Gittings b 1736 Frederick Md d 20 May 1781 Montgomery Co MD m Ann Clemens Gallargo
    -7-1 William Henson Gittings b 12 Mar 1792 MD d 7 Nov 1869 Henderson Co IL m Elenor Mudd

    -3-7-1 Elizabeth C. Witten
    -3-7-2 Susanna Witten
    -3-7-3 Phillip Witten
    -3-7-4 Jeremiah Witten
    -3-7-5 Keziah Witten
    -3-7-6 Thomas J. Witten
    -3-7-7 Ann Witten
    -3-7-8 William Witten
    -3-7-9 James B. Witten
    -3-7-10 William S. Witten
    -3-4-1 Mary Cecil
    -3-4-2 William B Cecil Jr
    -3-4-3 George Cecil
    -3-4-4 Elizabeth B Cecil
    -3-4-5 Thomas Cecil
    -3-4-6 Benjamin Cecil
    -3-4-7 John Cecil
    -3-4-8 Phillip Cecil
    -3-4-9 Archibald Cecil b 1767 Comus m1 1786 Comus Priscilla Willson m2 13 Dec 1804 Sarah Robinson
    -3-4-10 Susan Susannah Cecil b 7 Aug 1768 Comus d 1832 m 26 Jun 1788 Middletown William Kirk
    -3-5-1 Hazel Cecil b 1755 Frederick d 24 Mar 1859 Harrison Co OH
    -3-5-2 Ann Cecil b 1757 Frederick d 1816 Montgomery MD
    -3-5-3 Jeremiah Cecil b 1759 MD d 1806 Smc MD
    -3-5-4 Tappa Cecil b 1761 MD
    -3-5-5 Joshua Cecil b 1762 Frederick d 1820 Tazewell VA
    -3-5-6 Brice Berry Cecil b 1763 MD d 1823 OH
    -3-5-7 Linny Cecil b 1764 Montgomery Co MD d 1837
    -3-5-8 Malinda Verlinda Cecil b 25 Jan 1764 Kg Geo Parish Pr Geo Co d 1850 Adams IN
    -3-5-9 Elizabeth Cecil b 1765 MD m 11 Jan 1787 Frederick Co MD Jarrett Ball
    -3-5-10 Kinsey Berry Cecil b 1770 Johnson KY d there 16 May 1855
    -3-5-11 Levi Cecil b 1779 Frederick d 28 Oct 1848 Monroe OH
    -3-5-12 Adin Eden Cecil b 16 Dec 1770 Frederick MD d 12 Apr 1862 Meigs OH

    -3-4-9-1 Samuel Cecil b 1788 Comus d there 1864
    -3-4-9-2 Priscilla Cecil b 1791 Comus d 8 Mar 1885 OH
    -3-4-9-3 Elizabeth Bessie Cecil b 1793 Comus
    -3-4-9-4 Ann Celia Cecil b 1795 Comus d there 1854
    -3-4-9-5 Benjamin Cecil b 1797 Comus d 1880 Belmont OH m 10 Feb 1836 Charlotte Phelps
    -3-4-9-6 Mary Cecil b 1899 Comus d 1824
    Sp8-13 Elizabeth Sprigg b 1679 Calvert Co/?Prince George's Co MD d 4 Nov 1713 Prince George Co Md
    m1 William Penson
    m2 1698 Robert Wade b 1668 Charles Co d 2 FEB 1713/14 in Prince George's Co, son of ZACHARIAH WADE and Mary Hatton wid of Henry Darnall. Source of information on Robert Wade and his family comes from Ms. M. Baldock: Nehemiah Wade information from Colonial Families of the US... Vol II, p. 695. Samuel Magruder d. 1779; m Elinor Wade, daughter of Robert Wade. Samuel's sister married Nehemiah Wade from Colonial Families of the US... Vol. I, p. 1907, p. 349. Also, Colonial Families... Vo. II, 1911, p. 69. "Prince George's County, MD, Will Bk 1, p. 72 To sons Nehemiah and Zephaniah, land called Market Overton, lying on Piscataway in Prince George's County, 600 acres to be divided between them and if either die before they are 21 yrs old, the survivor to inherit the land."
    -1 Zephaniah Wade (reported by m Verlinda Pottenger and had John Wade b 1755 Gettysburg Pa. d Sharpsburg, Md. m Jane Brownlee and had Ruhamah Wade b 1783 in Md. d 15 Feb 1855 in Tuscarawas Co. Ohio m Richard F. Burrell, great grandson of Richard Burrell shown below:)
    -2 ZACHARIAH WADE, b 1705 Prince Georges Co Md d 1744 m Mary x according to Wheeler b 1701 Piscataway Par, Prince Georges Md d 1 Mar 1756 in Prince Georges Co.
    -3 Robert WADE b 1707 d Dec 13, 1744 m Elizabeth HAMILTON.
    -4 Elinor Wade m SAMUEL MAGRUDER b abt 1686 Calvert Co d bef 9 FEB 1779 son of Sarah Beall b 1669 Calvert Co Md d 1734 Pr Geo Co Md and Samuel Magruder b c 1658 Pr Geo Co Md d 16 Apr 1711 (son of Alexander Mac Gruether/Magruder and Margaret Braithwaite)
    -5 Ann WADE m ALEXANDER MAGRUDER ?b 1703, Prince Georges Co d bef 12 JUN 1751
    -6 Nehemiah WADE m Eleanor MAGRUDER, Abt. 1728
    -7 Richard WADE b 1708 Prince Georges Co. Md d before Mar 1738 Prince Georges Co Md m Elizabeth EDGAR Feb 18, 1726/27 and reported by

    -2-1 Meek Wade.
    -7-1 Susannah Wade b 1735 Prince Georges Co. Md d 1783 Frederick Md mRichard Burrell
    -7-2 John Edgar Wade reported by b 16 nov 1735 ?twin Prince Georges co Md d before 1781 Montgomery co Md m Abigail Brawner b 1740 charles Co Md d 13 Sept 1813 Montgomery Co Md
    William Edgar Wade b 1 Jan 1762 Montgomery Co. Md d 31 july 1849 Rutherford Co Tn m Cassandra Jones b 8 Jan 1769 Md d 6 Feb 1820 Rutherford Co. Tn

    -7-1-1 Peter Burrell
    -7-2-1 William Edgar Wade Jr b 1 Sep 1807 Montgomery Co Md d Gibson Co Tn m Rebecca Elizabeth Davis b 16 Nov 1816 Davidson Co. Tn d 20 Aug 1903 Trenton Tn
    -7-2-1-1 Isham Fielding Wade m Louisa Melvina Freeman
    Sp8-14 Eleanor Sprigg (also called Olive) b 1669 in Northampton, Prince George's, MD d 19 Feb 1727/28 in Prince George's Co MD bur Calvert Co., MD.
    m1 John Nuthall 1699, son of John Nuthall II. Nu9-2 Son of her uncle John Nuthall Nu10. and Elizabeth Bacon Ba10
    Elizabeth Nuthall, b Abt. 1709? (1685 or order of birth is wrong), MD d. Aft. 1776, MD
    also reported for this marriage was:
    Mary Nuthall b c 1709 m 13 Nov 1729 Richard DUCKETT b 21 FEB 1705 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co b c 1709
    Martha Waring dau of Thomas Waring and Jane Offutt
    -2 John DUCKETT b: 17 MAR 1734 d aft 22 JUN 1780 m 9 AUG 1759 in Queen Anne's Par. Ann Raitt dau of John Raitt and Ann
    -3 RACHEL DUCKETT b c 1740 m Col THOMAS WILLIAMS b 1739, Queen's Ann Parish son of Thomas Williams b 25 Jan 1717 Pr Geo Md d about 1770 Qu Anne Parish Pr Geo Md and Cave King b about 1718
    Belt Mullikin
    -1-2 Martha DUCKETT b: 29 JUN 17?57 m 6 Apr 1782 William Hall
    -1-3 Jane DUCKETT b 7 OCT 1761 m 30 MAR 1794 in Piscataway Par., Prince Georges Co Stephen Waters
    -1-4 Lucy DUCKETT b: 26 OCT 1763
    -1-5 Thomas Waring DUCKETT b: 9 OCT 1765 Piscataway Par Prince Georges Co
    -1-6 Elizabeth DUCKETT b: 12 JUL 1767Queen Anne's Par., Anne Arundel Co d aft 1803 m y Soper
    -1-7 Anne DUCKETT b: 5 JUN 1770
    -1-8 Basil DUCKETT b: 26 MAR 1772 in Prince George's Co m 13 Feb 1798 Sophia Mulliken
    Joseph HOWARD and Elizabeth Susannah BOWIE
    -1-8-4 Benjamin DUCKETT m Sophia Hall
    -1-8-5 Harriet DUCKETT
    -1-8-6 Basil DUCKETT m Elizabeth McElderry MULLIKIN
    -1-8-7 Sophia DUCKETT m B Lowndes Jackson bu Glenwood Cem Pr Geo Co
    -1-8-3-2-1 Thomas Howard DUCKETT b: 28 JUL 1880 in nr. Bowie, MD
    -1-8-3-2-2 Marion DUCKETT b: ABT 1885
    -1-8-3-2-3 Caroline Lansdown DUCKETT
    -1-8-3-2-4 Edmund Duvall DUCKETT
    -1-8-3-2-5 Violetta Lee DUCKETT
    -1-8-3-2-6 Gabriella Augusta DUCKETT
    -1-8-3-2-7 Allen Bowie DUCKETT b: ABT 1891
    -1-8-3-2-8 Agnes Jay Duvall DUCKETT
    -1-8-3-2-9 Margaret Louise DUCKETT
    -1-8-7-1 Sophia JACKSON m Thomas Jefferson Barclay
    -1-8-7-2 Elizabeth Duke JACKSON m Thomas Jefferson Barclay
    -1-8-7-3 Sally JACKSON
    m 17 Feb 1724/25 John Smith Prather, , Prince Edward Co., MD.
    m2 1684 in Calvert Co MD Thomas Hilleary, son of CHAMBERLAND Hilleary. Thomas Hillary the immigrant Served as Lieutenant Colonel of the Calvert County militia before 1697. In 1696 was the "High Sheriff of Prince George's County." Came to Maryland in 1639. In 1663, planted 1,050 acres of land called "Three Sisters" Located in formally Calvert now Prince George's near the town of Hyattsville, MD. The following information obtained from Sam Johnston {}: From: Wilsons and Burchells and Related Families 1608-1976, by Ralph Shearer Rowland. Thomas Hilleary came from England to Maryland about 1660. On May 2, 1661, John Bateman "Demandeth 600 acres for transporing a group of 12, including Thomas Hilleary." From 1634 until 1641, any settler who transported himself to Maryland and brought certain tools and supplies was given 100 acres for himself and 100 more for each adult he brought to the colony, plus 50 for each child. From 1641 to 1689 the grant was cut in half, and after 1689 no more free land was given. Many who were transported came as indentured servants, and repaid the cost of their passage by seven years of service. The employer then owed each his freedom and 50 acres of land. Hilleary must have been able to pay for his own travel; in 1663 he patented 1050 acres, which he called "Three Sisters;" he also acquired "Branford" and "The Farme." "Three Sister," which became his home was in present day Washington, D.C.--originally part of Calvert County. Thomas Hilleary Sr, served as Lt. Colonel in the Calvert County militia (Monnett). In 1696, he was high sheriff of Prince George's County (newly formed from Calvert in 1695) Hilleary donated land for All Saints, an historic old Episcopal church of upper Calvert County, at present day Sunderland. He died in 1697/98. His will of February 2, 1697/98 proved, March 15, 1697/98, disposed of a large estate {P.G. Co. WB 7:321, Hall of Records}. His land was divided among his children. Young Thomas Jr. was named executor.
    Sp8-14-2 Thomas Hilleary, b. 1686, Calvert/Prince George's Co., MD; d. 1718, Calvert Co., MD. (son of the immigrant): Traditional "Commandant" of : "Calvert Fort." February 14, 1728/29, may be the death date of Thomas.
    m Eleanor Young November 17, 1707 in Calvert Co., MD, dau of George Young and Elizabeth. 
    Sp8-14-2-1 John Hillary, b Abt. 1710 in Calvert Co., MD. Settled in Fredrick County.
    m1 Ann PERRY
    m2 Margaret KING December 18, 1735 in Calvert Co., MD, dau of FRANCIS KING and Eleanor Sprigg.
    Sp8-14-2-1-1 Thomas Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-2 Eleanor Hillary, b. September 20, 1728; m. y Wilson
    m1 Baruch Williams
    Sp8-14-2-3-1 Baruch WilliamS.
    Sp8-14-2-3-2 Thomas WilliamS.
    m2 (2) John Pratt.
    Sp8-14-2-4 Thomas Hillary b 1708 in Queen Ann's Parish, Prince George's Co Md MD. 
    m Sarah Odell 9 Nov 1727 in Queen Ann Parish, Prince George's Md dau of Thomas Odell and Sarah RIDGELY.
    Sp8-14-2-4-1 Eleanor6 Hillary, b 1728, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. 1787, Prince George's Co., Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-4-2 Thomas Hillary, b Aug 09, 1731.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3 Sarah Hillary b Nov 10, 1733
    m Joseph West b c son of
    +1 BENJAMIN West and Susanna STOCKETT ?=b 26 Mar 1709 Anne Arundel Co dau of Thomas Stockett and ?Damaris Welch. Supposedly Joseph West with his two brothers came with the Leonard Calvert's expedition to found Maryland, but this would have been 90 years earlier, so the father of Benjamin must be meant. +2/?3 ?Joseph West b c 1610
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-1 Thomas Hilleary West b Abt. 1755
    m Sarah MCGILL.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-1-1 TRUMAN West West b c 1780 Frederick Co Md d Western Maryland m SUSAN JohnSON.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-1-2 LEVIN West m ELIZA PRATT
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-1-3 C.W. West m ELIZA PRATT
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-1-4 x West m Joseph W. Johnson.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-2 BENJAMIN West d Abt 1840 Maryland
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-3 ARABELLA West
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-4 SUSAnnA West, m John JohnSON.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-5 ELINOR Hilleary West, m. PATRICK MCGEE.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-6 HarrietT West, m1 Thomas BEALE; m2 John ALDRIDGE.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-7 AnnA West, m Jeremiah Belt.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8 Erasmus West, b May 23, 1760, and died 1836
    m Eleanor Belt March 19, 1793 in Maryland, dau of Jeremiah Belt and x SKINNER.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-1 Henry SKINNER8 West, b. January 1794; d. October 1794.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2 Corbin West, b April 16, 1796 in Frederick County, Maryland, and died March 29, 1878 in Sweet Springs, Md
    m Mary Ann Buckels March 31, 1829, dau of Henry Buckels and Sarah x
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-1 Erasmus West m MAHALA FINLEY -1 MABEL West, m. yGARVIN.
    -2 FINLEY West.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-2 William West.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-3 EDWIN West.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-4 KATE West, d June 1917. m y SHEELEY. -1 Mary SHEELEY, m. UNKNOWN Brown.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-5 75. v. Daniel Buckels West, b 1826 in Frederick Co MD d 1907 in Big Creek, Ralls Co., MO
    m1 Jane HAYS in Monroe Co., MO + 5 ch
    m2 LouisE AYRES
    -1 Fannie Belt West, b. 1853, Renssalaer, MO (Ralls County); d. November 01, 1929, Kirkwood, MO. continued below -2 John Corbin West, b July 13, 1857 d June 03, 1939, HAnnibal, MO.continued below
    -3 Jennie Buckels West, b. 1859; d. 1948. continued below
    -4 Maude E. West, b. 1868; d. 1953
    -5 Lou West. continued below
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-6 CHARLES West, b. Feb 22, 1842; d. December 27, 1862.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-3 iii. Jeremiah Belt West, b. Nov 22, 1797.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-4 iv. SUSAN JohnSON West, b. Dec 06, 1804.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-5 v. BENJAMIN West, b. May 02, 1808, Md d. MO; m. ELLEN MORRISON.
    Sp8-14-2-4-4 Verlinda Hillary b March 05, 1734/35 in Prince George's Co., Md d 1825 in Belleville, St. Clair, Ill
    m BENJAMIN West 1760 in Hagerstown, Maryland, son of John West and Susannah OZBORNE.
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-1 i. AnnA West, b Feb 19, 1764, Prince George's Co., Md d. March 26, 1803 Cloverdale, Botetourt Va.
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-2 Henry West, b. 1761, Hagerstown, Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-3 Hilleary West, b. Oct 12, 1765, Queen Ann Parish, Prince George's, Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-4 TIGHMAN Hilleary West, b. Sep 20, 1773, Botetourt, Va d. July 07, 1851, Belleville, St. Clair, Ill
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-5 Verlinda West, b. 1775, Botetourt, Va.
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-6 WASHINGTON West, b. Feb 19, 1778, Botetourt, Virginia; d. September 09, 1863, Belleville, St. Clair, Illinois. Buried: St. Clair, Illinois, Mitchell
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-7 FRANCES West, b. 1780, Botetourt, Va d. Abt. 1820, Belleville, St. Clair, Illinois.
    Sp8-14-2-4-4-8 viii. Sarah West, b. 1782, Botetourt, Va d. Abt. 1820, St. Clair, Illinois.
    Sp8-14-2-5 Elizabeth Hillary, b. Sep 07, 1716; m. UNKNOWN Wooten
    m1 Robert LYLES, son of William LYLES and PRISCILLA.
    Sp8-14-2-5-1 William5 LYLES, b. 1640-1650, Md d. Abt. 1733 Calvert Co MD m. BARBARA LYLES.
    Sp8-14-2-5-2 Robert LYLES, b. Abt. 1689, Md
    m PRISCILLA NUTWELL, Octd 12, 1723, St. Barnbas Church, Queen Anne, Prince George's MD.
    Sp8-14-2-5-3 Mary LYLES, b. Abt. 1691, Maryland.
    m2 Henry AUSTIN.
    Sp8-14-2-6 ii. Sarah Hillary, b. Abt. 1712?+5; Last Daughter of Thomas Hilleary. Marrage records obtained from Ecclesiastical records of Frederick County.
    m James MACGILL, October 08, 1730, Frederick Co., MD.
    Sp8-14-2-7 WILLAIM Hillary, b 1717 in Calvert Co., MD, and died 1797-1798. William Hillary (Thomas, Thomas): Tradition has recorded as an "Indian fighter," but record of his service in the French and Indian Wars remains hidden. {Monnet Family Genealogy} More About WILLAIM Hillary: Fact 1: Lived Prince George's & Frederick County, MD Fact 2: William was a planter and large slave holder. Fact 3: 1790, Living in Frederick Co., MD
    m MargaretTE Crabb November 12, 1758 in Queen Ann Parish, Prince George's, Maryland, daughter of Ralph Crabb and PRISCILLA Sprigg.
    Sp8-14-2-7-1 TILGHMAN Hillary, b. February 04, 1751/52, Prince George's Co., Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-7-2 Elizabeth Hillary, b. Abt. 1755, Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-7-3 iii. Sarah Hillary, b. Abt. 1758, Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-7-4 iv. WILLAIM Hillary, b. 1738, Maryland; d. probably in Prince William County, VA. Notes for WILLAIM Hillary: August 25,1792: leased property in Romney, VA (WV) from Rev. Denny Fairfax. Denny Fairfax was named in the last will and testament of Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain called Scotland and proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia. {page 490-495, Monnet Family Genealogy} The track was located in what was known as "Swan Pond" land and could be seen from the site of the log cabin of Abraham Monnett, and are both in short range of Knobley Mountain, which towers in beautiful panoramic view a short distance away. More About WILLAIM Hillary: Fact 1: Born 1738 or 1739 Fact 2: Died in Prince William Co. VA
    Sp8-14-2-7-5 38. RalphH Crabb Hillary (WILLAIM5, THOMAS4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 SPRIGG, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born December 02, 1740 in Maryland, and died October 02, 1823. 
    m MARY BEALL March 09, 1760, daughter of Nathaniel BEALL and ANN MURDOCK.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-1 i. ELENOR7 Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2 William7 Hillary (RALPH Crabb6, WILLAIM5, THOMAS4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 SPRIGG, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born March 22, 1768, and died October 06, 1824. 
    m Margaret PERRY September 15, 1791. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-1 i. MATILDA ANN8 Hilleary, m. JACOB FECHTIG, January 03, 1825, Allegany County, Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-2 ii. FETCHTIGG Hillary. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3 59. JAMES William8 Hillary (William7, RALPH Crabb6, WILLAIM5, THOMAS4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 SPRIGG, THOMAS2, THOMAS1). Notes for JAMES William Hillary: Marriage Record states: On April 21, 1914, James William Hilleary at age 24, born at Aspin, Colorado while residing at Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co., Montana married Clara Dick at age 18, who was born at Liavet Co., Colorado and residing at Anacoda, Deer Lodge Co., Montana married. Officiating Minister was James W. Tait, "Minister of the Gospel." Aime Page, Clerk of the Third Judicial Distri8ct Court of the State of Montana, in and for the County of Deer Lodge, said Court being a Court of Record, having common law jusrisdiction, and a Clerk and Seal, do certify that the above is a true copy of the Marriage Record of James William Hilleary and Clara Dick. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1 71. JAMES William Hilleary b 1889 in Aspine, Clolorado, and died December 1936 in Schellsburg, PA.
    m CLARA WITTE DICK April 21, 1914 in Deer Lodge Co, Montana, dau of JOHN DICK and ANNIE SQUIRE. Notes for JAMES William Hilleary: Information from the internet: Donald Hilleary Born: October 11, 1935 and died January 1987. He lived in Cumberland, MD. Social Security Number: 218-30-2327. Russell Hilleary Born: September 25, 1904 and died April, 1980. Social Security number: 214-05-5567. Wesley Hilleary born: September 25, 1914 and died December 29, 1988. Social Security Number: 219-03-8232.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-1 CLARA ANNA Hilleary, b. October 16, 1916, Pueblo, Colorado. Notes for CLARA ANNA Hilleary: Birth Certificate: State of Colorado. James W. Hillery at age 27 and Clara W. Dicks at age 20 had a child, Clara Anna Hillery. Resided at No 3 Block M, Pueblo, Colorado. James listed as Laborer and Clara listed as "Housewife." Clara born at 6:00am. No. of child of this mother "2." No. of child of this mother living: "2." Doctor: W.O. Paterson, MD
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-2 JOHN William Hilleary. continued below
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-3 Wesley Earl Hilleary. continued below
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-4 Margueritte Rose Hilleary, b. June 29, 1928. continued below
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-5 v. Ralph Frank Hilleary, b. September 03, 1925.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-6 vi. MARTHA ELLANOR Hilleary, b. 1931. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-4 iv. RALPH Crabb Hillary. Died in infancy
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-3 ANN Hillary, b. January 05, 1770; d. January 08, 1844; m. JOHN SCOTT, June 20, 1799, Allegany County, Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-4 LEVI Hillary, b. 1773, Prince George Co., Maryland; d. 1856.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-4-1 LEVI S.8 Hillary. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6 Ann Hillary, b June 11, 1748 in Prince George's Co., Maryland, and died September 02, 1833 in Ross, Pickaway, Ohio. 
    m ABRAHAM MONNETT 1772 in Calvert Co., MD, son of ISAAC MONNETT and Elizabeth WilliamS. In 1802, he left Hampshire County, Va, and settled in Pickaway County, Ohio (Ross County). Rented 46 acres of land fromRev. Denny Fairfax located in Hampshire County on 2/27/1792. Part of Swan Pont Tract and bounded as by a survey made by George Murray as follows: Beginning at five white oaks on the river bank, thence with the several meanders thereof. This deed of lease was recorded in the Court of Hampshire County on 8/28/1792. It was witnessed by William Logan, William Hillery and John Dixon. The Swan Pond Tract is the homesteads of Abraham Monnett and his son, Thomas Monnett, in Virginia, in sight of Knobley Mountain and four miles from Cumberland, MD. Abraham Monnett lived from 1792 until he left for Ohio in 1802 in Hampshire County. His son, Thomas Monnett made his home ther for several years about 1800. On the "Swan Pond Tract" William Hilleary was a neighbor to Abraham Monnett during the same period, and only a few miles distant, close enough to be considered as neighboring.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1 49. i. Jeremiah MONNETT, b September 12, 1784 in Frederick County, Maryland, and died September 01, 1864. At the marriage of Jeremiah Monnett with Aley Slagle at Cumberland, Maryland, a part of the bride's dower included a number of slaves. All of these so delivered to him in bondage he freed, and he early became an abolitionist. In 1814, accompanied by his wife and young family, he removed to Pickaway County, Ohio, and located near Kingston, and thence he moved directly north, in the year 1835 to a point five miles south of Bucyrus, Crawford County, being half way between Sandusky City and Columbus. His interest in church-building and church-founding and education never ceased, and he filled his posterity with ambitions along these noble lines.
    m ALEY SLAGLE in Cumberland, Maryland. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-1 i. JACOB MONNETT, b. March 18, 1806.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-2 ii. ISSAAC MONNETT, b. November 16, 1807; d. February 22, 1894. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-3 iii. Thomas MONNETT, b. September 30, 1809. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-4 iv. ABRAHAM MONNETT, b. October 12, 1811; d. March 19, 1880. Abraham carried on his father's work, stock raising, farming and banking in Marion County, and amassed an unusually large estate, leaving at his death property to about the amount of six hundred thousand dollars. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-5 v. ELSIE MONNETT, b. October 13, 1813; d. March 22, 1863. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-6 vi. Margaret MONNETT, b. July 11, 1816. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-7 vii. HAnnAH MONNETT, b. December 13, 1817; d. April 15, 1880. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-8 viii. Ann MONNETT, b. August 25, 1819. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-9 ix. John MONNETT, b. January 11, 1820; d. June 01, 1888. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-10 x. Jeremiah MONNETT, b. January 02, 1823; d. June 03, 1852. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-11 xi. Mary MONNETT, b. April 02, 1824; d. October 28, 1889. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-12 xii. Thomas J. MONNETT, b. January 16, 1826; d. May 10, 1901. 
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-1-13 xiii. Martha MONNETT, b. January 21, 1828; d. February 27, 1904.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-2 ii. ISAAC MONNETT, b. May 23, 1773, Franklin, Maryland; d. Bef. July 07, 1864, Pickaway, Ohio; m. Elizabeth PITTENGER, Frederick County, Maryland. The first Monnett to move to Ohio was Isaac Monnett, oldest son of Abraham of Hampshire County, Virginia, who settled in what was known as Pike Hole Prairie, in Ross County in 1798. He had married in Frederick County, Maryland Elizabeth Pittenger Morris, widow of Rev. James Morris, a Methodist minister. Isaac Monnett probablylived in Frederick County, as the Pittengers were a very numerous family there, as the Federal Census of 1790 shows. A newspaper account of the death of Isaac Monnett, published at Bucyrus, Ohio, and giving the date as July 7, 1864, states that "he was born in Maryland May 23, 1773, and moved to Ohio in 1798." Abraham Monnett, his father, left Hampshire County, Virginia, in 1802, and settled in Ross County, then in Pickaway County, Ohio. His other son, Rev. Jeremiah Crabb Monnett, who had married Alic Slagle, remained behind for a few years longer, but in 1814 he also emigrated and settled in Pickaway County, Ohio.

    Notes for Elizabeth PITTENGER:

    Elizabeth Pittenger was the widow of Rev. James Morris, a Methodist minister in Frederick County, Maryland. After Elizabeth married Isaac Monnett, they moved to Ohio.

    Sp8-14-2-7-6-3 iii. Margaret MONNETT, b. August 05, 1762, Frederick County, Maryland; m. UNKNOWN SLAGLE.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-4 iv. John MONNETT, b. April 23, 1776, Frederick County, Maryland; d. March 1804.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-5 v. William MONNETT, b. October 22, 1775, Frederick County, Maryland; d. March 28, 1819.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-6 vi. OSBORN MONNETT, b. 1781, Frederick County, Maryland; d. February 24, 1867.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-7 vii. Jeremiah MONNETT.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-8 Thomas MONNETT, b 1780 in Frederick County, Maryland. Abraham Monnett's son, Thomas, did not come from Maryland with the balance of the family, but remained behind until has late as 1830 or 1835, and by that time the Monnetts had left Pickaway and gone north and were living on the Sandusky Plains in Marion and Crawford Counties. Thomas Monnett settled at Latimberville.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-8-1 Thomas MONNETT.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-8-2 HILLIARY MONNETT.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-9 Elizabeth MONNETT, b 1790-1792 in Hampshire County, Virginia, and died Feb 9, 1876. Elizabeth was the youngest of the children of Abraham Monnett and Ann Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-9-1 Orra Eugene MONNETT.
    Sp8-14-2-7-6-10 x. Ann MONNETT, b. 1778, Frederick County, Maryland; d. 1783.

    xi. Ralph MONNETT, b. 1792, Hampshire County, Virginia; d. 1796.

    Sp8-14-2-7-7 Jeremiah Hillary, b 1762 in Frederick, Maryland, and died January 03, 1837 in Bur Bald Knob, Salt Creek Twp, Licking, Ohio. Jeremiah Hillary, (William, Thomas, Thomas) accompanied his sister, Ann Hillary and her husband, Abraham Monnett to Ohio and settled in Pickaway County. By his wife, Hester Slagle, he had three children.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1 John Hillary, (Jeremiah6, WILLAIM5, Thomas4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1789 in Maryland, and died June 1854 in Pickaway, Ohio, Buried Gulich Cemetery, Muhlenburg, Pickaway, Ohio.
    m RACHAEL KOONCE December 16, 1813 in Pickaway, Ohio.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-1 John C.8 Hillary, b. Abt. 1814, Pickaway, Ohio.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-2 LEVI Hillary, b. Abt. 1816, Pickaway, Ohio. Abt. 1852, May be the birth date of Levi.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3 Mary Ann Hillary, d 1848
    m WESLEY Neely March 24, 1835 in Pickaway, Ohio.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-1 i. ISAAC9 Neely, b. 1841.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-2 ii. John Neely.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-3 iii. William Neely.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-4 iv. MIRANDA Neely, b. July 31, 1838.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-5 Marilla Neely, (Mary Ann8 Hillary, John7, Jeremiah6, WILLAIM5, Thomas4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born July 31, 1838 in Pickaway, Ohio, and died July 29, 1909 in Brook, IN. She
    m SAMUEL Wilson January 21, 1868 in Kosciosco County, IN, son of Robert Wilson and Mary BLAIR. Samuel Wilson and Jane Hilleary moved to Koskiosko Co., IN about 1855. Jane died and Samuel moved to Ohio. Married Jane's neice, Marilla Neely. Moved back to IN. Was in Darby Twp in 1850 Census. Marriage Notes for Marilla Neely and SAMUEL Wilson: May have been married in Pickaway Co., Ohio {Information obtained from Samuel Johnston} 
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-5-1 Neely Wilson10 Wilson, b. October 15, 1858, Koscioski Co., IN; d. Brook, IN.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-5-2 Elizabeth Jane Wilson, b. December 10, 1870, Koscioski Co., IN; d. May 31, 1914.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-5-3 EDWARD Wilson, b. March 07, 1873, Koscioski Co., IN; d. 1958.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-5-4 iv. LAURA Marilla Wilson, b. April 07, 1875, Koscioski Co., IN; d. 1960.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-5-5 v. OLIVE Wilson, b. April 16, 1881, Newton Co., IN; d. 1959.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4 Jane Elizabeth Hillary, b November 04, 1826. 
    m SAMUEL Wilson July 04, 1848, son of Robert Wilson and Mary BLAIR.

    Notes for SAMUEL Wilson:

    Samuel Wilson and Jane Hilleary moved to Koskiosko Co., IN about 1855. Jane died and Samuel moved to Ohio. Married Jane's neice, Marilla Neely. Moved back to IN. Was in Darby Twp in 1850 Census.

    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4-1 Mary9 Wilson, b. January 05, 1849.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4-2 ii. Robert Wilson, b. October 05, 1850, Pickaway, Ohio; d. January 19, 1934.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4-3 iii. William Wilson, b. February 07, 1853, Pickaway, Ohio; d. June 23, 1904.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4-4 iv. ALICE Wilson, b. March 22, 1855, Koscioski Co., IN; d. November 15, 1869.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4-5 v. SAMUEL Wilson, b. August 18, 1857, Koscioski Co., IN; d. March 14, 1944.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4-6 vi. Joseph D. Wilson, b. October 11, 1859, Koscioski Co., IN; d. December 28, 1903.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-4-7 vii. ELLSWORTH Wilson, b. December 23, 1861, Koscioski Co., IN; d. December 20, 1880.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-5 v. JULIA Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-6 NANCY Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-7 CALISTA Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-8 ELIZA Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-9 HESTER Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-10 HARMON Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-2 HESTER Hillary. (Jeremiah6, WILLAIM5, Thomas4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1). 
    m James HALL. He was a merchant in Adelphi Ross County, Ohio
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-2-1 64. i. JERIMIAH8 HALL.(HESTER7 Hillary, Jeremiah6, WILLAIM5, Thomas4 Hilleary, Eleanor3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1).
    m Wife was listed as Mrs. Hettie Bostwick who lived in Circleville, Ohio. Could be a Hattie who married Burr H. Bostwick. Burr was an attorney in Circleville, Ohio
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-2-1-1 i. HATTIE A.9 HALL, m. BURR H. BOSTWICK.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-3 Joseph Hillary, b 1795 in Maryland, and died March 06, 1870 in Keokuk, Iowa, Buried: Abel Cemetery, Benton, Keokuk, Iowa.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-3- Sarah PARKER January 20, 1820 in Pickaway, Ohio.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-3-1 i. Joseph8 HILLERY, b. 1825, Ohio; d. April 1850, Keokuk, Iowa.
    m2 Ann CLARY December 21, 1786 in German Reformed, Frederick, Maryland, daughter of William CLARY and Ann. 
    m3 Mary CORDROY July 16, 1796.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-4 iv. HESTER Hillary, b. March 19, 1789, Virginia; d. April 13, 1853, Ross, Ohio, Buried Old Methodist, Adelphi, Ross, Ohio.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-5 v. William Hillary, b. Abt. 1787.
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-6 vi. MargaretY Hillary, b. Abt. 1790, Frederick, Maryland; d. June 11, 1863, Greenup, Cumberland, Illinois.
    Sp8-14-2-7-8 viii. Anna Hillary, b. 1742, Prince George's Co., Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-7-9 ix. Margaret Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-10 x. Eleanor Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-11 xi. Wright Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-12 xii. John Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-13 xiii. Thomas Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-8 Henry Hillary, b February 15, 1725/26 in Calvert Co MD April 21, 1779, 1st Lt. Rev. Army.
    m CASSANDRA MAGRUDER December 01, 1751, dau of John MAGRUDER and SUSAnnA Smith.
    Sp8-14-2-8-1 WALTER Hillary, b. 1752, Prince George's Co., Maryland; d. 1824.
    Sp8-14-2-8-2 John Hillary, d. Bef. 1819; m. Verlinda WilliamS, February 24, 1791, Prince George Co., Maryland.
    Sp8-14-2-8-3 iNATHAN Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-8-4 DENNIS Hillary, b. 1755.
    Sp8-14-2-8-5 GEORGE Hillary, b. 1755; d. 1815, Moore's Plains, MD.
    Sp8-14-2-8-6 Sarah Hillary, b. 1765; m. EDWARD WHEELER, December 16, 1794.
    Sp8-14-2-8-6 SUSAnnA Hillary, b. January 1758.
    Sp8-14-2-8-8 Eleanor Hillary, b. 1758.
    Sp8-14-2-8-9 CASSANDRA Hillary, b. Abt. 1759.
    Sp8-14-2-8-10 Henry Hillary.
    Sp8-14-2-8-11 Rebecca Hillary, b. February 1761; d. 1810.
    Sp8-14-2-8-12 Ann Hillary, m. SAMUEL WHEELER, December 04, 1782.
    Sp8-14-2-8-13 Elizabeth Hillary, b. January 1763; m. James WARING, January 04, 1787.
    Sp8-14-3 FRANCeS Hillary b 1646 d 1735 ( reports 1670 but the birth dates cannot be right for all of these children or a generation might have been left out)
    m. Joseph Wilson b 1665 in Calvert Co d 1716 Calvert Co and had three children of these reported by 8x39j:
    -1 Thomas Wilson b 5 Oct 1691 Calvert Co. Md. now Prince Georges Co d 1744 Prince George Co Md m Priscilla Kent b Calvert Co. m c 23 Feb 1758 dau of Absolom Kent and Mary Wadsworth
    -1-1 James Wilson b 1 Jul 1760 Md d 3 Feb 1818 prob Jessamine Co Ky.
    -1-2 Mary Wilson b 1725 Pr Geo Co m 1744 Dickerson MD Robert Masters
    -1-2-1 Nathan Masters
    -1-2-2 William Masters b 1744 All Saints Frederick Co MD d 1793 Surrey Co NC
    -1-2-3 Notley Masters b c 1745 Montgomery Co MD m1 1772 Margaret Duckett b c 1755 Frederick Co MD dau of Jacob Duckett and Sarah Odell m2 1793 Mary Hembree
    -1-2-4 Hillery Masters b 1758 in Thouroughfare, Montgomery Co d 1813 Overton Co TN m 23 Dec 1779 Salisbury NC Mary C Davies b 1760 d 1845 dau of Matthew Davies and Nancy Lockett

    -1-2-4-1 James Masters b c 1800 m 1825 Elizabeth Thompson b 1801 d 1880
    -1-2-4-1-1 Samuel Thompson Masters b c May 19, 1830 d 8 Aug 1875 Lucinda A Cleek b 6 Jan 1845 Rhea Co TN d 26 Nov 1936 Overton Co TN dau of Henry Cleek and Marinda Littleton
    -1-2-4-1-1-1 Mary Elizabeth Masters b 24 Mar 1873 d 23 Apr 1951 m James T Goodpasture son of Francis M Goodpasture and Lydia L Thomas
    -1-2-4-1-1-1-1 Owen K Goodpasture b 27 Sep 1911 d 28 Apr 2001 m Leafie H Gore dau of Jess Gore and Agnes T Neely
    Sp8-14-4 Tabitha Hillary, b. 1650 m. Thomas Beall.
    Sp8-14-5 Verlinda Hillary, b. about 1648.
    Sp8-14-6 John Hilleary.
    Sp8-14-7 Elizabeth Hilleary b c 1665
    m1 Robert Lyles b 1665 Calvert Co d there 1705 son of William Lyles and Priscilla Ball
    m2 Henry Austin b 1668 Shevlock Cornwall d 17 Aug 1745 Calvert Co MD son of Thomas Austin b 1645 Shevlock Cornwall d 1688 Engl and Mary Hart b c 1648 Engl d 1689 MD dau of Edmund Hart and Mary Phelps
    -1 William Lyles m Barbara Soones b 1686 Calvert Co
    -2 Samuel Austin b 1710 Calvert Co d there 29 Jan 1765 m 19 Feb 1730 Calvert Co elizabeth Jane Marshall b 1709 Calvert Co dau of Thomas Marshall and Margaret Wells
    -3 Henry Austin b 1713 in Calvert d 24 Jan 1741 Anne Arundel Co
    -4 Eleanor Austin b 1714 in Calvert d there 1743
    -1-1 William Lyles Sr b 1713 m Eleanor West b 1723 Anne Arundel Co
    -2-1 Elizabeth Austin b 1731 Calvert d there 1752
    -2-2 Mary Austin b 1735 Calvert d Vandalia Montgomery Co OH
    -2-3 Rebecca Austin b 1737 d 1738
    -2-4 Verlinda Austin b 1737 Calvert d there 1765
    -2-5 Samuel Austin b 23 Oct 1739 Calvert d 26 Dec 1824 Wilmington Clinton Co OH
    -2-6 Henry Austin b 1741 Calvert Co d 4 Mar 1822 Albemarle VA m 1758 Sarah Harrison b 1741 Calvert dau of William Harrison and Hannah Christopher grandau of Andrew Harrison and Elinor Long Elliott
    -2-7 Eleanor Austin b 1745 Calvert Co d 1830 Albemarle VA
    -2-8 Thomas Austin b 1745 Washington RI d 1824 Middletown Delaware Co NY
    -2-9 James Austin b 1746 Calvert Co d there 1786
    -2-10 Margaret Austin b 7 Sep 1748 Calvert Co d 28 Feb 1786 Harford MD
    -2-11 Thomas Austin b 1749 calvert Co d 19 Dec 1778 Pr Geo Co
    -2-12 William Austin b 1750 Calvert Co d 1777 TN
    -1-1-1 Col William Lyles Jr m Sarah Magruder dau of Enoch Magruder and Meek Wade
    -2-6-1 Richard H Austin b March 10, 1737 in Exeter, Washington, RI d 21 Nov 1824 Argyle NY
    -2-6-2 Henry Austin b 1760 in Calvert d 6 Nov 1809 Albemarle VA
    -2-6-3 Richard H Austin (? son or bro of other?) b 1763 in Spotsylvania, VA d 1828 in Argyle, Washington, NY
    -2-6-4 Obediah Austin b 1765 in Albemarle d 1820 Chorlottesville
    -2-6-5 Thomas Austin b 1766 in Albemarle d Sep 1853 Clay Mo m Peggy slave
    -2-6-6 Samuel Austin b 1768 Calvert d 28 Nov 1837 Davie NC
    -2-6-7 Nancy Austin b 1770 Albemarle VA d 1820 Washington KY m 25 Jan 1790 albemarle Co VA Burdit Skinner
    -2-6-8 John Austin b 2 Feb 1773 Spotsylvania VA d 3 Oct 1821 Albemarle VA
    -2-6-9 Obediah Austin b 1780 d 1847 Nicholas Co KY m 1800 Amelia Oder b 1780 VA d 1850 Nicholas Co KY dau of Joseph Oder Elizabeth Barnes (dau of John Barnes b Pr Wm Co VA d 16 Dec 1799 Culpeper and Agnes Hawkins grandau of Michael Hawkins and Agnes Eaton)
    -2-6-10 Mildred Austin b 23 Feb 1801 Albemarle VA d there 1 Oct 1884
    -1-1-1-1 Thomas Claggett Lyles b 1783 in Alexandria Va m Eliz Seaton
    -2-6-5-1 Frances Austin b 1817 ?VA d 8 Jun 1910 Burlingame Osage Co KS m Frank Peebley
    -2-6-5-2 Alexander Ellick Austin b 1823
    -2-6-5-3 Mary Austin b 1829
    -2-6-5-4 Henry Austin b 1832 Clay MO
    -2-6-7-1 Richard Skinner b c 1791 in Va d 12 Dec 1863 Denton TX m 10 Jun 1824 Marion KY Lucinda Glassock
    -2-6-9-1 Mary Polly Austin b 1805 Nicholas Co KY d there 1860 m 30 Jan 1833 Charles mann son of John Mann (son of George Adam Mann b 15 Mar New Holland Lancster Co PA and Maria elizabeth Harmon) and Elizabeth Jones
    -1-1-1-1-1 Thomas W lyles b 1801 d 12 May 1847 Alexandria m Isabella L Deeton b 1804 dau of Christopher W Deeton and Isabella Lambert
    -2-6-5-1-1 Peter Austin b 1 Mar 1836 Clay Mo
    -2-6-5-1-2 Jack Peebley b 1840 Clay MO
    -2-6-5-1-3 Marie Peebley b 1843 Clay
    -2-6-5-1-4 Riley Austin b 1844 Clay
    -2-6-5-1-5 William Austin b 1847 Clay d Topeka KS
    -2-6-5-1-6 Frances Jane Austin b 1848 Clay
    -2-6-5-1-7 Eliza Ann Austin b 1849 Clay
    -2-6-5-1-8 Alexander Austin b1852 Clay
    -2-6-5-1-9 Julia Austin b 1854 Clay
    -2-6-5-1-10 Anges Austin b 1856 Clay
    -2-6-5-1-11 Henry F. Austin b 1862 MO
    -2-6-5-1-12 Henry Austin b 1865 KS d 10 Nov 1941 Burlingame Osage KS
    -2-6-5-1-13 Jube Austin b 1865 Mo d 10 Apr 1937 Topeka KS m 1885 Almadie Austin
    -2-6-7-1-1 Martha Skinner b 20 Jul 1829 Marion KY d aft 1856 Dennis Parker TX m c 1848 Mercer KY William Henry Brown m Brown b 7 Nov 1819 Duncansville Mercer Co KY d c Aug 1885 TX
    -2-6-7-1-2 Richard Skinner b 24 Apr 1833 KY d 22 Jun 1912 Pilot Point TX m c 1855 Marion Ky Christina Daugherty b c 1837 KY dau of John A Daugherty and Rutha Ann Catlin
    -2-6-9-1-1 Sarah Jane Mann b 12 Jul 1834 Nicholas KY d 13 Jul 1909 Marshall Lyon Co Mn m 7 Feb 1855 Nicholas Co Jacob Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-2 Eliza Jane Mann
    -2-6-9-1-3 Minor Mann
    -2-6-9-1-4 Austin Mann
    -2-6-9-1-5 Caroline Mann
    -2-6-9-1-6 Holton Mann
    -2-6-9-1-7 Mary Susan Mann
    -1-1-1-1-1-1 Rachel Rebecca D. Lyles m 4 Sep 1874 Alexandria Andrew T Sullivan Jr
    -2-6-7-1-1-1 Martha B. Brown b c 1856 Mercer KY d 1893 TX m Jasper N McIlvain son of Wrixsom R McIlvain andWroana J Joliffe
    -2-6-7-1-1-1-1 Ethel McIlvain b 23 Feb 1881 Denton TX d 2 Jan 1969 Lytle Atascosa TX m Walter W Graves
    -2-6-7-1-1-1-1-1 Anna Belle Graves b 20 Jul 1897 Pilot Point Denton TX d 31 Jul 1967 Norman OK m y Littlefield
    -2-6-7-1-2-1 Ellen Richard Skinner b 31 Jan 1863 Pilot Point d 23 Dec 1955 Dallas TX m Robert P Carruth son of George Michael Carruth and Mary Louisa Phelps granson of Robert Phelps and Victoria Palmer
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1 Mattie Carruth b 10 Feb 1893 Silverton Briscoe TX d 9 Aug 1975 Brownfield TX m 10 Dec 1917 Celina TX Harley Martin Leroy York son of James William York and Edith Pamelia Katherine Holden granson of Felix W. York and Mary E. Akin, Daniel Webster Holden and Margaret A. E. Stegall
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-1 Lillie Ruth York
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-2 Harlen York
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-3 Harley York
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-4 William Phelps York
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-5 Presley George York
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-6 Preston Charles York
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-7 Felix Leroy York
    -2-6-7-1-2-1-1-8 Emma Lou York
    -2-6-9-1-1-1 Marion B Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-2 Aaron Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-3 William Henry Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-4 Floyd M Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-5 Varilla J Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-6 Samuel Sampson Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-7 Charles Martin Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-8 Lou Ann Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-9 Estelle Maetta Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-10 Ella M Snapp
    -2-6-9-1-1-11 Calla Susan Snapp
    Sp8-14-8 Zalinda Hilleary, b. 1684.
    Sp8-14-9 Mary Hilleary, b. Abt. 1678 in Three Sisters" Calvert Co MD d Feb 1719 Pr Georges Co. see sister below for conftradictions on Berry marriages
    m Benjamin Berry b about 1670 d 10 Feb 1720 Pr Georges Co Md son of James Berry
    -1 Verlinda Berry m John Gittings b about 1702 MD d aft 1754 Md s.a.
    other ch s.b.
    Sp8-14-10 Eleanor Hilleary b c 1680 Three Sisters, Calvert, MD. reports a marriage to Baruch Williams, who died in 1697 and had a son by her named Baruch Williams b 1697 d 1724, so a small correction of dates if this and the next line are otherwise bacally correct; It could be he died and the son was born about 18 to 20 months earlier and his estate was liquidated in 1697 then she could have remarried and had her son Benjamin before the estate was settled. Many site name the wife of Benjamin as Mary Hilleary hence the above named sister
    m1 1696 in Collington, Prince George's, BENJAMIN BERRY MD, son of William BERRY and UNK KEENE. Born at The Three Sisters. Calvert, MD
    m2 John Pratt
    Sp8-14-10-1 CHARLES BERRY.
    Sp8-14-10-2 BENJAMIN BERRY b 1698 Calvert Co MD d 1766, Prince George's Co m Eleanor Williams -1 Basil Berry b abt 1748 in Md d 1826 in Bourbon Co Ky
    -2 Philip Berry b abt 1750
    -3 Benjamin Berry b abt 1752
    -4 Lucy Berry b abt 1754
    -5 Jeremiah Berry b abt 1756
    -6 Ann Berry b abt 1758
    -7 Mary Berry b abt 1760
    Sp8-14-10-3 Mary BERRY, b. 1704 Talbot, Md
    m Richard KEENE, Bef. 1719.
    Sp8-14-10-4 Verlinda BERRY, b. 1708, Prince George's Co., Maryland; m. Thomas GITTINGS. More About Verlinda BERRY: Fact 1: November 07, 1719, May be the birth date of Verlinda.
    Sp8-14-10-5 Jeremiah BERRY, b. 1712, Prince George's County; d. April 03, 1769
    m Mary CLAGETT b abt 1710 d 15 Oct 1792 dau of Richard Clagett and Deborah Dorsey b ABT 1681 in Annapolis
    Sp8-14-10-6 Eleanor Berry b 1710
    Sp8-15? claimed to be dau by Catherine Graves was:
    Alice Sprigg(s) b 1648 MD d 1720 Pr Geo Co MD
    m Robert Brashears b 1642 d 1712
    Sp8-15-1 Samuel Brashears b 1664 Pr Geo Co MD d 1740 Calvert Co MD
    m1 Mary Jones b 1675 d 1710
    m2 Ann Jones b 1676 d 1722
    m3 Mary Tydings b 1675 d 1724
    -1 Ann Brashear 1697-1731
    -2 Mary Brashear 1720-Unknown
    -3 Robert Brashears 1704-86
    -4 Brasil Brashears 1692-Unknown
    -5 William Jones Brashear 1694-1778
    -6 Samuel Brashear b 1700 Pr Geo Co MD 1771 m Elizabeth Brashears b 1709 d 1744
    -7 Elizabeth Brashears b 1709 Queen Anne Co MD d 1744 Pr Geo Co MD m1 Samuel Brashear b 1700 d 1771 m2 John Turner b 1700 d 1739
    -8 John Brashear 1703-1770
    -9 Clara Brashears 1706-Unknown
    -10 Basil Brashear 1701-1741
    -11 Otho Brashear 1714-1794 Fayette PA m Mary Holmes b 1716 MD dau of William Holmes b 1648 d 1739 and Mary Pottenger b 1689 d 1736
    -12 Elizabeth Brashear 1700-1755
    -13 William Brashear b 1711 Queen Anne Co MD 1801 m Priscilla Prather b 1707 d 1733 dau ofWilliam Nathan Prather Pr8-3 b 1668 Calvert Co MD d 1747 Prince George/?Calvert Co. MD and Anne Yates b about 1671/2 Calvert Co Md d after 1734/5 dau of George? Yates
    Mary/?Ann Stockett b about 1655 Norfolk Co Va/?Anne Arundel MD

    -7-1 =-6-1 Morris Brashear 1725-Unknown
    -7-2 " Ruth Brashear 1739-1945
    -7-3 " Turner Brashear 1737-1772
    -7-4 " Samuel Brashear 1720-1792
    -7-5 " Mary Brashear 1720-1787
    -7-6 " Joseph Brashear 1722-1784
    -7-7 =-6-7 Benjamin Brashear b 1730 Geos MD d 1808 Natchez MS m1 Catherine Belt b 173 d 1773 m2 Lucy Belt b 1730 d 1773
    -7-8 " Ann Brashear 1729-1774
    -7-9 " Jeremiah Brashear 1731-1785
    -7-10 " Otho Brashear 1803-1775
    -7-11 " Elizabeth Brashear 1733-1782
    -7-12 Ann Turner 1725-1792
    -7-13 John Turner 1720-1792
    -7-14 Philip Turner 1730-1796
    -7-15 Rachel Turner 1734-1792
    -7-16 Dorcas Turner 1735-1824
    -11-1 Clare Brashear b 1737 Pr Geo Co MD
    -13-1 Mary Brashear 1737-1821 m y Anderson b 1736 he m1/2 Aganes Brashear
    -13-2 Turner Brashear
    -13-3 William Brashear 1735-1813
    -13-4 Rezin Brashear b 1742 d 1804 PA m1 Mary Johnson m2 Maxie Madcap b 1763 d 1785 + 1 ch -
    -7-7/6-7-1 Margaret Brashear 1766-Unknown
    -7-7/6-7-2 Sarah Brashear 1764
    -7-7/6-7-3 Marsham Brashear b 1753 Pr Geo Co d 1807 Nelson Co Ky m Lucy Phelps b 1759 VA d 1840 nelson Co KY dau of Thomas Phelps b 1733 Albemarle Co VA d 1798 Madison Co VA (son of Thomas Phelps b 1699 d 1750 and Elizabeth Patterson b 1703 d 1772) and Sarah Guy b 1735 d 1775
    -7-7/6-7-4 Richard Brashear 1756-1806
    -7-7/6-7-5 Robert Turner Brashears 1755-1832
    -7-7/6-7-6 Tobias Brashear 1754-1811
    -7-7/6-7-7 Hester Brashear 1762-1801
    -7-7/6-7-8 Catherine Brashear 1764-1833
    -7-7/6-7-9 Turner Brashear 1751-1831
    -7-7/6-7-10 Lucy Brashear 1768
    -7-7/6-7-11 Eden Brashear 1773-1839
    -13-4-1 Belt Brashear b 1791 d 1863 New Market MD m Katherine Robinson b 1807 d 1890
    -13-13-5 Agnes Brashear 1741 m y Anderson b 1736 m2 y Prather
    -13-13-6 Zephariah Brashear b 1740 d 1798 Berkeley WV
    -13-13-7 Martha Brashear 1738 m1 y Anderson m2 y Kean b 1735
    -13-5-1 Mary Prather
    -13-5-2 Zephriah Prather
    -13-7 Mary Anderson
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-1 Cynthia Brashear 1786-1840
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-2 Sarah Brashear 1783-1831
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-3 Richard Brashear 1785-1851
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4 Eden Brashear b 1790 Jefferson Co KY d 1839 Claiborne MS m Priscilla Gilliland b 1787 KY d 1860 larue Co KY dau of Thomas Gilliland b 1755 and d 1831 and Priscilla Huff b 1769 d 1821
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-5 Cordelia Brashear 1785-1853
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-6 Patricia Brashear 1790-Unknown
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-7 Martha Brashear 1789-1874
    -13-4-1-1 Hallie Brashear
    -13-4-1-2 Henry Clay Brashear 1833-1923
    -13-4-1-3 John Brashear 1827
    -13-4-1-4 Charles Brashear 1837
    -13-4-1-5 Samuel Brashear 1840
    -13-4-1-6 Katherine Brashear 1845
    -13-4-1-7 George Brashear 1855
    -13-4-1-8 Anna Brashear

    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-1 Lucy Brashear 1820-Unknown
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-2 Martha Lee Brashear 1834-1921
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-3 Sarah Moneypenney Brashear 1828-1885
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-4 William Brashear 1811-1855
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-5 Richard Brashear b 1814 Hardin Co KY d 22 Sep 1879 m Nancy Huss b 1819 dau of John Huss and Ellander Pennebaker
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-6 Elizabeth Brashear 1816-1874
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-7 Eden Brashear 1818-1882
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-8 Thomas G Brashear 1836-1867
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-9 Lew Allen Brashear 1822-1887
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-10 Lewis Brashear 1823-1876
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-11 Marsham Brashear 1825-1851
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-12 Nancy Brashear 1826-Unknown
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-13 Celia Brashear 1827-Unknown
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-14 Mary P Brashear 1833-1867
    -7-7 =-6-7-3-4-15 Nicholas R Brashear b 1837
    Sp8-15-2 Robert Brashears b 1678 Pr Geo Co MD d 1740 Baltimore MD
    m Mary b 1686 d 1790
    -1 Thomas Brashear b 1704 St George arish Hartford MD d 1777 Hillsborough m1 Hannah Cox b 1710 d 1779 m2 Ann Hyatt b 1706 d 1754 + 5 ch
    -2 Priscilla Brashear 1706-Unknown
    -3 Leonard Brashear 1714-Unknown
    -4 Elizabeth Brashear 1721-Unknown
    -5 Samuel Brashear 1723 Pr Geo MD m Margaret Eakin
    -6 Rachel Brashear 1726-Unknown
    -1-1 Samuel Brasher b 1730 MD d 1822 SC
    -1-2 Thomas Brasher b 1730 Hartford MD d 1790 Orange City MD m1 Sarah Custace m2 Hannah x + 5 ch
    -1-3 Hannah Brasher 1747-1767
    -1-4 Cassandra Brasher 1750 m Benjamin Armstrong
    -1-5 Rachel Brasher 1765
    -5-1 Asa Brasher b 1745- Fairfax VA
    -5-2 Zaza Brasher b 1750 Fairfax VA
    -5-3 Elizabeth Brasher b 1752 Fairfax VA
    -1-2-1 Elizabeth Brasher
    -1-2-2 Sarah Brasher
    -1-2-3 Thomas L Brasher 1730 Orange Co NC d 1790 Greenville SC
    -1-2-4 Jean Brasher 1750
    -1-2-5 John Brasher b 1760
    Sp9-2 Abraham Sprigg, b 1634, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England.
    Sp9-3 Katherine Sprigg b 1640, Kettering, England. Abt. 1640, she may have been born in Prince George's Co. MD
    Sp9-4 Joanne Sprigg b 1644 Kethering Northampton England
    m John BEALL b 1628 Largo Ligensheim Fyffe Scotland d AFT 3 July 1675 Calvert Co Md
    m1 Robert Tyler
    m2 John BEALE.
    Sp9-5 John Gordon Sprigg, b. Abt. 1628, Kettering, England.
    Sp9-6 Sarah Sprigg b Abt. 1628, Kettering, England.
    Sp9-7 ). Elizabeth Sprigg.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-1 Marion Eugene Beall was born 1853, and died 1923.
    m Mary GRACE EDWARDS 1881, daughter of John EDWARDS and Elizabeth BRACE.

    Notes for Mary GRACE EDWARDS:

    Information obtained from internet: Descendants of Alexander Beall.

    Mary Grace Edwards in several books is referred to Mary as Mary Grant which is not valid.

    Sp 102. i. MAE OPHELIA Beall, b. April 18, 1898, Woodruff, Kansas; d. January 05, 1989, Olympia, Washington. 102. MAE OPHELIA11 Beall (Marion EUGENE10, Thomas Allen9, ASA8, Thomas Allen7, Allen6, James5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born April 18, 1898 in Woodruff, Kansas, and died January 05, 1989 in Olympia, Washington. She married LEO SIE PIERCE August 18, 1918 in Taneyville, Taney County, MO, son of John PIERCE and EVA MAYDEN.
    Sp ii. Elizabeth Jane Beall, b. 1882; m. ELMER CLEMONS.
    Sp iii. Marion EUGENE Beall, b. 1885; d. 1912.
    Sp 103. iv. Thomas EDWARDS Beall, b. 1887. 103. Thomas EDWARDS11 Beall (Marion EUGENE10, Thomas Allen9, ASA8, Thomas Allen7, Allen6, James5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1887. He married EUNICE AMY SCOTT.

    More About EUNICE AMY SCOTT:

    Fact 1: Eunice last name may have been Stout.

    Sp 104. v. CLELLA GRACE Beall, b. 1889; d. 1934. 104. CLELLA GRACE11 Beall (Marion EUGENE10, Thomas Allen9, ASA8, Thomas Allen7, Allen6, James5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1889, and died 1934. She married NOAH OSCAR FAUBION
    Sp vi. RUTH ASHMORE Beall, b. 1892; d. 1955.
    Sp vii. FRANCIS MARIUM Beall, b. April 19, 1903, West Jersey, ILL.
    Sp viii. BETH ALENA Beall, b. 1905.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-2 Fred Blynn Beall  was born 1854, and died 1927.
    Sp i. MORRIS ARTHUR11 Beall, b. 1880.
    Sp ii. GRACE OLENA Beall, b. 1883; d. 1883.
    Sp iii. GLADYS Elizabeth Beall, b. May 02, 1886, Alma, Neb.; d. 1960.
    Sp iv. FRED BLYNN Beall, b. 1888.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-4 78. Harriet Ellen Beall  was born 1859, and died 1940. 
    -1 i. Helen Ophelia MCLEISH, b. 1882; d. 1954; m. ROY DOBINS.
    -2 ii. REBA ISABEL MCLEISH, b. 1885.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-5 79. Thomas Allen Beall  was born 1860, and died 1918. 
    m LILLIAN HONEYWELL. Daughter of manufacturer Honeywell
    -1 i. HOMER HONEYWELL11 Beall, b. 1890.
    -2 ii. Florence YOLANDA Beall, b. 1892.
    -3 iii. CORNELIA AILENE Beall, b. 1902.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-7 80. John David Beall  was born 1866, and died 1952. 
    -1 i. BARBARA11 Beall, b. 1890-1899.
    -2 ii. Richard Beall, b. 1890-1899.
    -3 iii. VICARS Beall.
    -4 iv. FRANCIS Beall.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-8 Susan Maria Beall  was born 1868.
    -1 i. MINNIE BLOSSOM11 MUSSELMAN, b. 1891.
    -2 ii. FOREST DAVID MUSSELMAN, b. 1893.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-9 Effie Celesstine Beall  was born 1870, and died 1947.
    m William HARWOOD.
    -1 i. Raymond Harwood, b. 1902.
    -2 ii. BEAUFORD Harwood, b. 1907.
    -3 iii. CHESTER Harwood HARWOOD, b. 1912; d. 1948, Killed in the Korean War.

    iv. CHARLES Harwood, b. 1912.

    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-10 Minnie Pauline Beall  was born 1873.
    m John S. LOGAN.
    Sp i. LEAH11 LOGAN, b. 1894.
    Sp iii. John Beall LOGAN, b. 1901; d. 1959.
    Sp iv. Margaret LOGAN, b. 1908.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-1-11 Ada Ophelia Beall  was born 1876, and died 1912.
    Sp i. ELOISE11 LEADLEY, b. 1903; m. PAUL TRACY.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-5-1 Glenn Beall  was born 1874.
    -1 i. BERTHA LENA11 Beall, b. 1895.
    -2 ii. Allen Beall, b. 1897.
    -3 iii. AnnA G. Beall, b. May 26, 1898.
    -4 iv. Florence FRANCES Beall, b. 1900.
    -5 v. LOLA Beall, b. 1902; d. 1902.
    -6 vi. RAYMOND GLENWOOD Beall, b. 1903.
    -7 vii. DAILY DEIL Beall, b. 1905; d. 1953.
    -8 viii. Robert LESTER Beall, b. 1907.
    -9 ix. GLADYS IRENE Beall, b. 1908; m. Earl RIGGIN.
    -10 x. JESSE LUCILLE Beall, b. 1910.
    -11 xi. HAROLD Louis Beall, b. 1912.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-7-1 Charles Wesly Beall  was born 1867, and died 1937.
    -1 i. STELLA BLANCHE11 Beall, b. 1892.
    -2 ii. EVERETT HUGH Beall, b. 1893.
    -3 iii. ELLIS Marion Beall, b. 1896.
    -4 iv. HOWARD CHARLES Beall, b. 1901.
    -5 v. Ralph EUGENE Beall, b. 1912.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-7-2 Clara Josphine Beall was born 1870, and died 1905.
    m LEWIS D. Graves.
    -1 i. EDSON11 Graves, m. BERNICE BURCHAM.
    -2 ii. FRANK Graves, m. MAXINE BLY.
    -3 iii. LELAND Graves, b. 1903.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-7-4 88. Harriet Estella Beall (FRANCIS Marion9, ASA8, Thomas Allen7, Allen6, James5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1878.
    -1 i. Lowell PIERCE, b. 1905.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-8-1 89. Asaf Lawrence (Josephine9 Beall, ASA8, Thomas Allen7, Allen6, James5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1875. 
    -1 i. CLIFFORD ASA11 LAWRENCE, b. 1898.
    -2 ii. HAROLD LEROY LAWRENCE, b. 1900; d. 1958.
    -3 iii. ELSIE MAY LAWRENCE, b. 1904.
    -4 iv. RUTH VIVIAN LAWRENCE, b. 1908.
    -5 v. WARD STANLEY LAWRENCE, b. 1910.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-8-3 Nettie R. Lawrence (Josephine9 Beall, ASA8, Thomas Allen7, Allen6, James5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1883, and died 1956. 
    -1 i. Josephine AMELIA11 SLANE, b. 1917.
    -2 ii. SUSAN VIRGINIA SLANE, b. 1917; m. Marion GILBERT SCHURTZ.
    -3 iii. Mary VERA SLANE, b. 1927.
    Sp8-3-1-2-1-4-1-8-4 Luther W. Lawrence (Josephine9 Beall, ASA8, Thomas Allen7, Allen6, James5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1885.
    -1 i. CHARLES William11 LAWRENCE, b. 1920; d. 1934.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-10-1 92. John Wayman Beall (ZEPHANIAH9, James PERRY8, COLMORE7, Elizabeth6, Nathaniel5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 1879, and died 1968.
    -1 105. i. Jenny AVONELLE11 Beall,  was born 1917. She married PAUL HOWARD ANDREE.
    Sp8-3-1-5-3-3-16-10-2 93. Minnie M. Beall (ZEPHANIAH9, James PERRY8, COLMORE7, Elizabeth6, Nathaniel5, Sarah4 Pearce, Sarah3 Sprigg, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born Abt. 1868. 
    m MAHLON Curtis.
    Sp i. MYRTLE M.11 Curtis, b. 1892.
    Sp ii. CHLOE Curtis, b. 1896.
    Sp iii. HOWARD Curtis, b. 1898.
    Sp iv. NORABELLE Curtis, b. Abt. 1902.
    Sp v. JENIE Curtis, b. Abt. 1905.
    Sp vi. WARREN Curtis, b. Abt. 1906.
    Sp vii. GEORGE Curtis, b. Abt. 1910.
    Sp viii. MABLE Curtis, b. Abt. 1913.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-2 John William Hilleary
    m LORAINE.
    -1 i. DARLINE11 Hilleary.
    -2 ii. James William Hilleary.
    Sp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-3 Wesley Earl Hilleary .
    m WANDA Bible
    -1 Donald Hilleary. Adopted child
    SpSp8-14-2-7-5-2-3-1-4 Margaritte Rose Hilleary 
    m David Eugene Malone, son of Earl Malone and Melissa HUFF.
    -1 MICHAEL David Malone, He married Cynthia Joyce Malick August 02, 1975 in Tearcoat Church of Brothren, Augusta, WV, daughter of Afton Malick and Georgia Veach.
    -2 Mark DanielL Malone, He married Patricia Ann Green July 22, 1978 in Bethlehem, PA, daughter of Charles Green and Joan Culligan.
    -3 David Eugene Malone II, m1 Karen Elizabeth Smith m2 Brenda Nesselrodt m3 Mary Jane x
    Sp8-14-2-7-7-1-3-5-1 97. Neely Wilson Wilson was born October 15, 1858 in Koscioski Co., IN, and died in Brook, IN.
    m Elizabeth Ginan February 06, 1895 in Newton County, IN, daughter of James Guinan and Mary Taylor.
    -1 Laverne11 Wilson, b. Brook, IN.
    -2 Josephine Wilson, b. November 10, 1910, Brook, IN. was born November 10, 1910 in Brook, IN. She married FRED Kindell, son of Joel Kindell and Mary van Dyke.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-5-1 Fannie Belt West was born 1853 in Renssalaer, MO (Ralls County), and died November 01, 1929 in Kirkwood, MO.
    m1 (1) John Brown. 
    -1 i. Sam Brown. Died in infancy.
    -2 (2) John Richard Moore December 26, 1883, son of James Moore and Sarah Davis.
    -3 Louis Daniel Moore, b. June 12, 1886, Maywood, IL; d. January 24, 1963, Fullerton, CA. was born June 12, 1886 in Maywood, IL, and died January 24, 1963 in Fullerton, CA. He married FLORA NINA Megown October 21, 1912 in Monroe City, MO, daughter of Robert Megown and Martha Shulse.

    112. Corbin Tracey Alger . He married BelleE Catlin.

    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-5-2 John Corbin West was born July 13, 1857, and died June 03, 1939 in HAnnibal, MO.
    Sp Elizabeth Finley McElroy.
    Sp i. Eva McKinley West, b. 1887; d. 1970.
    Sp8-14-2-4-3-8-2-5-3 100. Jennie Buckels West was born 1859, and died 1948.
    m James McGlothlin.
    Sp i. Mary McGlothlin, b. 1885; d. 1969; m. DAVID A. CRIPPS.
    Sp Lou West 
    mp Jason Alger.
    Sp 112. i. Corbin Tracey Alger.
    Sp ii. Frank Alger, d. Kirkwood, MO; m. Anna Springnether.