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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Belt of Maryland

Possible progenitor of this family was:
Be11. y BELT bap 18 JUN 1624 in All Saints Pavement, York, NRY d on 31 JUL 1632 in Bossall, NRY
Be10 John Belt b 1645 Norfolk VA d 1698 Anne Arundel Co MD
m Elizabeth Tydings b 1656 Anne Arundel Co MD d there 1737
Be9-1 JOSEPH Belt. 1. JOSEPH Belt m 1707 in Maryland HESTER MARGERY BEALL Be10-15 b in 1687 in Montgomery Co or Prince George Co Md bap 1687 MD d 26 Jun 1761 in Anne Arundel, Prince George Co, dau of Col NINIAN BEALL and RUTH MOORE.
Notes for JOSEPH Belt:
Information from the intranet: Descendants of Ninian Beall:

Joseph Belt was a member of the house of Burgesses 1727-1729 (MD Arch Vol. 35, folio 57) Colonel Commanding Prince George Militia 1754-1756. for Prince George County in 1726.

He patented land called Chevie Chase, January 12, 1721, 550 acres and later enlarged to 1,000 acres. It lies just north of now Washington City. The name is derived from Cheviot Hills, a line of hills which separates England from Scotland. In 1725, Col. Belt built the Chevy Chase Manor House. It was built of brick 2 1/2 stories tall, with a hip roof. It was located about 400 yards SE of the now Chevy Chase Circle. It was razed in 1907 to make way for improvements. It was in excellent condition when it was torn down. "Early Families of Southern Maryland" According to MD Deponents, Joseph was 38 in 1719. Near the entrance of All Saint's Church at Chevy Chase Circle, Washington DC is an inscription on a large stone: Col. Joseph Belt, 1680-1761, Oatentee of Chevy Chase, Trustee of the first free school in Maryland, one of the founders of Rock Creek parish, Member of the House of Burgesses, Col. of Prince Georges County, Militia during the French and Indian Wars.

"First Familis of America"- owned 1,000 acres; keeper of the Great Seal; Gent. justice, Prince Georges County, MD., 1726-28; burges, 1725-37; commd It. col., of militia, 1728-61; member Col. George Beall's Troop of Horse, 1748; trustee for first free schools in Marylan; owned Friends Choice, Belts Discovery, Belts Hunting Quarter, Good Luck, Addition to Good Luck, Oronoko, Seneca Hills, Friendship, Arthurs Seat, Thompson's Lot, Belt's Pasture, and Chelsea; planter and surveyor.

Children of JOSEPH Belt and HESTER BEALL are:

Be9-1-1 JOHN Belt b. May 13, 1707, Queen Ann Parish, Maryland; d. Aft. 1765
m MARGARET QUEEN b 1701 Queenstown Road Maryland d 1775 St Marys Co MD dau of Samuel Queen b 1672 d 1710 and Sarah Marsham b 1658 Engl d 1712 (dau of Richard Marsham and Katherine Brent grandau of Giles Brent b 1603 Engl d 1677 VA) she m2 Basil Waring
Be9-1-1-1 Catherine Belt b 1730 Pr Geo Co MD d there 1773
m Benjamin Brashear b 1730 Geos MD d 1808 Natchez MS son of->
+1 Samuel Brashear b 1700 Pr Geo Co MD d 1771
m Elizabeth Brashears b 1709 Queene Anne Co MD d 1744 Pr Geo Co twice gandson of->
(data on Sibling from Jerry Thomas' Tree)
-b Robert Brashears b 19 Feb 1704 Pr Geo Co MD d 1 JUl 1786 Guilford Co NC m Charity Dowell b 1711 d 1787 dau of Phillip Dowell and Mary Tydings b 1693
-b-1 Ann Brashears b 1729 d 1816 m Moses Ball b 2 May 1717 Arlington Fairfax Co VA d 3 Sep 1792 Clarendon Fairfax VA son of John Ball b 1670 d 1722 and Winifred Williams b 1676 d 1742
-b-1-1 George Ball b 1743 d 1825 m1 Ann Noriss m2 Elizabeth Tunnell b 1744 d 1835 + ch dau of William Tunnell b 1702 d 1787 and Ann Howard b 1710 d 1814
-b-1-1-1 James Ball b 1781 d 1883 m Nancy Breeding d 1869
-b-1-1-1-1 Sarah Ball b 1795 d 1876
-b-1-1-1-2 Hardin Ball b 1803
-b-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Ball b 1806 d 1855
-b-1-1-1-4 Sarah Ball b 1808 m Alexander Wilson
-b-1-1-1-5 Mahala Ball d 1865 m Richard Thompson
-b-1-1-1-6 John Ball b 1810 m Martha Large
-b-1-1-1-7 Harden Ball b 1812 m Mary Caldwell
-b-1-1-1-8 John Ball b 1814 d 1897 m Martha Ball b 1817 d 1872
-b-1-1-1-9 Robert Ball b 1814 d 1876 m Nancy Moore
-b-1-1-1-10 Emily Ball b 1821 m Mitchell Chapman b 1813
-b-1-1-1-11 Ellihue Ball b 1822 d 1891 m Pricy Thompson
-b-1-1-1-12 Ricy Ball b 1823 d 1875 m William Berry
-b-1-1-1-13 Elizabeth Ball m Henry Waller
-b-1-1-1-14 Lucinda Ball b 1827 m David Moore + 3 ch
-b-1-1-1-15 Nancy Ball b 1829 d 1899 m Thomas Thompson
-b-1-1-1-16 Calvin Ball b 1830 m1 Zetta Young + 1 ch m2 Basrbara Diamond
-b-1-1-1-17 James Ball b 1834 d 1862 m Cynthia Moore
-b-1-1-1-18 Charlotte Ball b 1837
-b-1-2 John Ball b 1746 d 1814 m Mary Thrift b 1750 d 1804
-b-1-3 Moses Ball b 1748 m Mary Hardin
-b-1-4 Robert Ball b 1750 d 1776
-b-1-5 Basil Ball b 1754 m Malinda Mailand
-b-1-6 Anne Ball b 1757 d 1812
-b-1-7 James Ball b 1758 d 1783 m Cassandra Ellis
-b-1-8 Sabilla Ball b 1760 d 1817
-b-2 Philip Brashears b 1727 d 1797 m Ann Wilson b 1729 d 1816
-b-2-1 Robert Brashears b 1759 Henry Co VA d 1830 Franklin Co IL m Martha Wilson b 1765 d 1816
-b-2-1-1 Benjamin Brashears b 1790 m Jane Scott b 1793 d 1855
-b-2-1-1-1 Arteme Brashears b 1833 d 1906 m John Austin b 1832 d 1911 son of Greene Austin b 1805 d 1885 and Nancy Freeman b 14 Sep 1807 d 24 Aug 1876 Greene Co MO
-b-3 Robert Brashears b 1731 d 1816 m Phebe Nicks
-b-4 Asa Braqshears b 1745 d 1818 m Jemima Nelson b 1755 d 1820
-b-5 Zaza Brashears b 1756 d 1816 m Elizabeth Adkinson
-c Elizabeth (Brashear m Turner
-d John Brashear
-e Anne Brashear m Brown
-f William Jones Brashear
-g Bazil Brashear
-h Otho Brashear
-i Mary Brashear m Boren
+2 Samuel Brashears b 1664/22 Jun 73 Pr Geo Co d 1740 Calvert Co
m 1693 Ann Jones b 1676 Little Manny Somerset cO MD/?1673 Pr Geo Co MD
d 1722 twice gr grandson of->
-b Mary Jones b 1676 Pr Geo Co MD d 1750 m Benjamin Brashear
-b-1 Thomas Brashear
-b-2 Ann Brashear
-b-4 Mary Brashear
-b-4 Benjamin Brashear Jr
-b-5 Sarah Brashear
-b-6 Elizabeth Brashear
-b-7 John Brashear
-b-8 Eleanor Brashear
-b-9 William Brashear Sr
+3 Robert Brashears b 1642 d 1712
m Alice Spriggs b 1648 d 1720
+3 William Jones b c 1640 Wales d c 1702 Calvert Co MD
m Margaret/?Dorothy Cager b 1647 AA MD d there 1720 she m2 1667 St Marys Co MD George Monroe
+4 William Jones b c 1620
+4 Robert Cager b 1618 d 5 Sep 1667 St Marys Co MD
m Dorothy James b 1622 d 1702
Be9-1-1-1-1 Margaret Brashear b 1766
Be9-1-1-1-2 Sarah Brashear 1764 -1
-2-1 Cynthia Brashear 1786-1840
-2-2 Sarah Brashear 1783-1831
-2-3 Richard Brashear 1785-1851
-2-4 Eden Brashear b 1790 Jefferson Co KY d 1839 Claiborne MS m Priscilla Gilliland b 1787 KY d 1860 Larue Co KY dau of Thomas Gilliland b 1755 and d 1831 and Priscilla Huff b 1769 d 1821
-2-5 Cordelia Brashear 1785-1853
-2-6 Patricia Brashear 1790-Unknown
-2-7 Martha Brashear 1789-1874

-2-4-1 Lucy Brashear b 1820 m Barnabas B Walters b 1812
-2-4-2 Martha Lee Brashear b 1834 KY d 1921 Larue Co KY m John H Phelps b 1835 d 1903
-2-4-3 Sarah Moneypenney Brashear 1828-1885 Hardin Co KY m George W Connor b 1828 d 1887 son of Christopher Connor b 1804 d 1888 and Susan A Redman b 1804 d 1874
-2-4-4 William Brashear 1811-1855
-2-4-5 Richard Brashear b 1814 Hardin Co KY d 22 Sep 1879 m Nancy Huss b 1819 dau of John Huss and Ellander Pennebaker
-2-4-6 Elizabeth Brashear 1816-1874
-2-4-7 Eden Brashear 1818-1882
-2-4-8 Thomas G Brashear 1836-1867
-2-4-9 Lew Allen Brashear 1822-1887
-2-4-10 Lewis Brashear 1823-1876
-2-4-11 Marsham Brashear 1825-1851
-2-4-12 Nancy Brashear 1826-Unknown
-2-4-13 Celia Brashear 1827-Unknown
-2-4-14 Mary P Brashear 1833-1867
-2-4-15 Nicholas R Brashear b 1837

-2-4-2-1 George William Phelps 1856-1939
-2-4-2-2 Amanda Phelps 1858-Unknown
-2-4-2-3 Mary Belle Phelps 1863-1908
-2-4-2-4 David J Phelps 1866-1885
-2-4-3-1 C A Conner 1854
-2-4-3-2 Richard Conner 1857
-2-4-3-3 Eden Vesper Conner 1860-1945
-2-4-3-4 Rosie J Conner 1865-1936
-2-4-3-5 John William Conner 1868
-2-4-3-6 Thomas A Conner 1875-Unknown
Be9-1-1-1-3 Marsham Brashear b 1753 Pr Geo Co d 1807 Nelson Co Ky m Lucy Phelps b 1759 VA d 1840 Nelson Co KY dau of Thomas Phelps b 1733 Albemarle Co VA d 1798 Madison Co VA (son of Thomas Phelps b 1699 d 1750 and Elizabeth Patterson b 1703 d 1772) and Sarah Guy b 1735 d 1775 -1 Cynthia Brashear 1786-1840
-3-2 Sarah Brashear 1783-1831
-3-3 Richard Brashear 1785-1851
-3-4 Eden Brashear b 1790 Jefferson Co KY d 1839 Claiborne MS m Priscilla Gilliland b 1787 d 1860
-3-5 Cordelia Brashear 1785-1853
-3-6 Patricia Brashear 1790-Unknown
-3-7 Martha Brashear 1789-1874

-3-4-1 Lucy Brashear 1820
-3-4-2 Martha Lee Brashear 1834-1921
-3-4-3 Sarah Moneypenney Brashear 1828-1885
-3-4-4 William Brashear 1811-1855
-3-4-5 Richard Brashear b 1814 Hardin KY d 22 Sep 1879 m Nancy Huss b 1819 dau of John Huss b 29 Nov 1791 Ky d 1865 Larue Ky m Ellander Pannepecker/Pennebaker b KY b 20 Jul 1790 KY d 1880 Larue KY dau of Weiant Pennebaker b 1763 Upper Hanover Twp Montgomery Co PA d 1850 KY and Precious Ruby b 1767 d 1834 grandau of Weiant Pennebaker b 1715 d 1795 and Neeltje Sellen b 1725 d 1767
-3-4-6 Elizabeth Brashear 1816-1874
-3-4-7 Eden Brashear 1818-1882
-3-4-8 Thomas G Brashear 1836-1867
-3-4-9 Lew Allen Brashear 1822-1887 m Martha Walters b 1822
-3-4-10 Lewis Brashear 1823-1876
-3-4-11 Marsham Brashear 1825-1851
-3-4-12 Nancy Brashear 1826
-3-4-13 Celia Brashear 1827
-3-4-14 Mary P Brashear 1833-1867
-3-4-15 Nicholas R Brashear 1837

-3-4-9-1 Agnes Brashear
-3-4-9-2 Margaret Brashear b 1855 d 1930
-3-4-9-3 Andrew Brashear b 1858
Be9-1-1-1-4 Richard Brashear 1756-1806
Be9-1-1-1-5 Robert Turner Brashears 1755-1832
Be9-1-1-1-6 Tobias Brashear 1754-1811
Be9-1-1-1-7 Hester Brashear 1762-1801
Be9-1-1-1-8 Catherine Brashear 1764-1833
Be9-1-1-1-9 Turner Brashear 1751-1831
Be9-1-1-1-10 Lucy Brashear 1768-Unknown
Be9-1-1-1-11 Eden Brashear 1773-1839
Be9-1-1-2 Sarah Haddock Belt 1731-Unknown
Be9-1-1-3 Esther Margaret Belt 1731-1768
Be9-1-1-4 Marsham Queen Belt 1735-1801
Be9-1-1-5 Osborn Belt 1735-Unknown
Be9-1-1-6 Joseph Belt 1739-1761
Be9-1-2 ANN Belt, b. 1709, Maryland; d. 1762; m. THOMAS CLAGETT, 1727.
Be9-1-3 RACHEL Belt, b. Dec 13, 1711, Maryland; d. 1761.

Children of RACHEL Belt and OSBORN SPRIGG are:
4 SPRIGG, b. 1747, Prince George Co., Maryland; d. December 13, 1809, Washington Co., MD; m. ELIZABETH Belt, 1780, Maryland.
ii. RACHEL SPRIGG, b. June 01, 1733; m. THOMAS HARWOOD.
iii. PRISCILLA SPRIGG,style="mso-spacerun: yes">b. September 26, 1735; m. BARTON LUCAS, November 28, 1762, Anne Arundel Co., MD.
v. ANN SPRIGG, b. Maryland; m. TURNER WOOTTON.

Be9-1-5 JOSEPH Belt, b 19 Dec 1717, Queen Ann Parish, MD d 6 May 1761.

Children of JOSEPH Belt and ANN SPRIGG are:

-1 THOMAS Belt b 1751 Long Meadows Md d 1823 Globe Tavern Hagerstown Washington Co MD m Elizabeth Lawson Bowie b 1756 d 1799
-2 JOSEPH Belt.
-3 CHARLES Belt.
-5 ANN Belt.
-1-1 Joseph Sprigg Belt 1769 m Sarah Burgess b 1770 dau of Elizabeth Magruder b abt 1722 Prince Georges Co, Upper Marlboro d 1794 m2 Richard Burgess
-1-2 Elizabeth Bowie Belt 1779 m Samuel Lane Smith
-1-1-1 Charles Belt Unknown d 1899
-1-1-2 William Joseph Belt 1793-1858 m Ellen Ursula Bowie 1804-1881 dau of John Burgess Bowie 1770-1821 m Catherine Hall b 1770 d 1856 ?dau of Benjamin Hall b 1694? and Mary Brooke b ?1576 d 1721
-1-1-2-1 Algernon Sidney Belt m Susie M Green had issue
-1-1-2-2 Catherine Bowie Belt
-1-1-2-3 Samuel Sprigg Belt m Mary Wilson
-1-1-2-4 William Seaton Belt 1827-1870
-1-1-2-5 Charles R Belt 1832 m Antionette Blake b Calvert Co MD had issue
-1-1-2-6 Ellen Victoria Belt 1840-1901 m Jonathan Yates Kent b 1825 d 1901 had issue
-1-1-2-7 Violetta Lansdale Belt 1846-1918 m Edmund Coolidge Bowie b 1845 had issue
Be9-1-6 TOBIAS Belt, b. 20 Aug 1720 d 17 May 1785, Prince Georges Co MD

Children of TOBIAS Belt and MARY HAMILTON are:

-3 JOSHUA Belt
-4 LEVIN Belt
-5 LLOYD Belt
-6 FORBES Belt
-7 LUCY Belt
-8 DRYDEN Belt
Be9-1-7 MARY Belt, b. December 24, 1722, Maryland; m. (1) EDWARD SPRIGG; m. (2) THOMAS PINDLE; m. (3) EDWARD HALL, October 10, 1738.
Be9-1-8 JAMES Belt, b. July 23, 1726, Maryland.
Be9-1-9 JEREMIAH Belt, b c 4 Mar 1723/24, Prince George Co MD d. 1784-1785, Prince George Co., MD
-1 RICHARD Belt.
-2 EDWARD Belt.
-4 GEORGE Belt.
-6 MARY Belt.
-8 MARGERY Belt.
-9 TOBIAS Belt
Be9-2 BENJAMIN Belt b 1682 Prince George Co MD d. Abt. 1773, Prince George Co., MD. BENJAMIN2 Belt (JOHN1)was born 1682 in Prince George Co., MD, and died Abt. 1773 in Prince George Co.,"mso-spacerun: yes">He married ELIZABETH. -1 JOSEPH3 Belt, b. 1716; d. June 16, 1793.
-2 MIDDLETON Belt, d. 1745.
-3 BENJAMIN Belt, d. 1775.
-4 SOPHIA Belt, m y BEALL.
Be9-3 JOHN Belt b 1678, Anne Arundel Co., MD; d. 1745, Anne Arundel Co MD;
m LUCY LAWRENCE, February 10, 1701/02, All Hallow Parish, MD., dau of Benjamin Lawrence b about 1640 in Accomac Co. Va. and Elizabeth Talbott Ta11
-1 Elizabeth Belt 1712-1759
-2 Higginson Belt 1720-1786 m1 Sarah Lawrence m2 Sarah Marshall 1720-1758 dau of William Marshall 1688-1734 and Rebekah Bishop 1693-1734 she m2 John Pottenger b 1691 and had Sarah Pottenger b 1720
-3 Sarah Belt 1709-1793
-4 John Belt 1700-1788
-5 Mary Belt 1710-1748
-6 Joseph Belt 1707-1793
-7 Lucy Belt 1711-1777
-8 Leonard Belt 1704-1793
-9 Margaret Belt 1719-1743

-2-1 Carlton Belt 1743-1802
-2-2 Rebecca Belt 1746-?
-2-3 Higginson Belt 1745-1795
Be9-4 CHARITY Belt b c 1686, Anne Arundel Co., MD d 1740 Prince George Co., MD
m. JAMES MULLIKIN, Abt. 1707, Maryland.
Be9-5 SARAH Belt, b c 1690
m THOMAS HARWOOD, Sep 11, 1718, All Hallow Parish, MD.
Be9-6 6 JEREMIAH Belt b 1698, Anne Arundel Co MD d 1750 Prince George Co MD
-1 Mary Belt m James Norwood b c 1731 in Baltimore, d c 1793 in Montgomery MD