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The most critical link in this pedigree is as usual the American immigrant: Pr10 Thomas Prather 
Thomas Prather was the son of Thomas Prater (Pr11) and Margaret Quintyne (Qu11) Birth: 26 Dec 1604 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England or Eaton Water Wilts. Death: 1629 ?? 1666, Burial: Maryland, Marriages: Mary McKay ; Marriage: about 1621 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
gives her name as Mary McKay Powell and year of birth as 1608 and year and place of marriage 1623 in Virginia as well as his death year as 1666. This would mean he was 17 and she was 13, which might indicate how great the need was to have new settlers and children in this young struggling colony with people dying right and left of the malarial fevers, starvation and Indian attacks.

He was not in Virginia before February 1623, unless listed as "Petter",  but John and Cathren Powell were already at Bass's Choice, however without Mary McKay Powell.THOMAS PRATHER came to Virginia 1623 on the Marie Providence. Cavaliers and Pioneers misreads his name as PRACTOR; Nugent simply states Thomas PRATAR...He was 17-18, unmarried, alone and he did not pay for his passage. What happened? 

     The record does not suggest a sad farewell from a family which approved the adventure his family could have afforded to pay for his passage. Had the boy run away because of a quarrel with his parents or perhaps because the girl he loved had married an older man. Or was he going TO a new and adventurous life in the new land. Thomas was three years old when after several failures a settlement at Jamestown succeeded; Englishmen expected great treasure to come from America. As the boy grew up he would have heard much talk of Virginia. Perhaps his parents thought more of the dangers and hardships. 
     Did he know anyone in Virginia or anyone sailing on the Marie Providence? 
     One reference calls Thomas a stowaway, perhaps only a guess. John Powell who came in 1609 in the SWALLOW, paid the passage money for Thomas PRATER. A Thomas FAULKNER came also on the Marie Providence, and his passage was paid by ROBERT SALFORD. Later the Powells, Prathers and Faulkners are found associated. 
     Thomas was under obligation to repay his passage money by service. "The 50 acres of his headright went to Capt. Richard Sheppard of the Marie Providence who sold the balance of his time to John Powell" (Cavaliers and Pioneers gives to John Powell "50 ac for his servant Thomas Practor.) 
    From MSS Preserved in the State Papers Dept of Her Majesty's Public Record Office, England is "Muster Roll of Settlers of Virginia": 
• Elizabeth Cittee 1624 
• John Powell, his MUSTER 
• John Powell aged 29 in the SWALLOW 1609 
• Katren Powell aged 22 in the Flying Hart 1622 
• John Powell, born in Virginia 
• Thomas Prater, Servant, ages 20 in the Marie Providence 1622 
     It is difficult to define what the word servant meant to these people who commonly signed their letters, "your humble servant" The class was widely inclusive, including workers, skilled artisans, clerks, tutors, young relatives brought to America, political prisoners of war sold into service as a penalty.
     The term did not connote "menial". It did not affect a man's future social standing which was immutably based on birth. The marriages of Thomas' descendants into the colonies' best families show that he was recognized as the son of a Gentleman. 
     It was probably a happy household - the young couple and their baby in which Thomas Prater lived. He presumably served his time and then married, set up for himself and prospered. Did he keep in touch with his family back in England? We do now know. 
     Family tradition tells (as is usual) of three sons, that William returned to England, one died without issue, and Jonathan was progenitor of the Maryland family. This may be close to the truth. In 1659 (Md. Provincial Records) is William Prater, Ensign who returned to England. Samuel Preather left will Dorchester Co. Md. (Liber 10 Folio 16) in which he leaves all to (probably daughter) Sarah, wife of Thomas Newton and her children Samuel and Elizabeth; it seems he left no male issue. A Richard Prather of the same generation remained in Virginia (Grants 1656-65 pg 334) shows that he and co-grantee David Hopkins purchased 160 acres Rappahannock. With Jonathan, these seems sons of Thomas. No record of any Prater except Thomas has been found among settlers coming to Virginia - Maryland. 
     There was a big movement of people from Virginia to Maryland about 1656--60. Among them was Jonathan Prather bc 1630/5 and wife Jane bc 1635/6. Their headrights and those of six others were used by George Read. Immigrants were entitled to 50 acres apiece called headrights. It is not easy to figure the meaning of their use. Some men gave up the right in return for payment of the passage, some wished to purchase a place already cleared and built upon and sold the headright to a land speculator. A man could return his 50 acres and get back his headright to use again and again. One could be used many years after the man first entered the colony. 
Thomas Prather and Mary McKay had issue:

Pr9-1 John Prather 1629 - c 1664 d. Rappahannock Co. or Norfolk Co VA
Pr9 Jonathan Smith Prather
Pr9-3 William Prater, 1632 Ensign who returned to England.
Pr9-4 Samuel Preather 
Pr9-5 Richard Prater b. about 1635 d. Rappahannock Co. or Norfolk Co. VA
Pr9-6 John Prater b. unknown.

The number of boys raises the question of whether the girls are simply not included. This is in keeping with the Heralds' Visitation pedigrees, which often leave out the daughters as they did not inherit unless there was no male heir, and their purpose was to show who was entitled to bear the coat of arms, obligated to keep arms and supply horse for battle. So the early pedigree accounts may have selective of the males. This has made the author's task more difficult at many turns; for modern genealogy relies more on DNA analysis, while the maternal lines certainly did not play a secondary role in DNA inheritance, quite the contrary if we want to be selective at all.

The pedigree below is from with additional data added from Evelyn Thompson Nicholas and Ron Moore as well as from numerous websites to which there are numerous links.

Colonial Maryland was a closely knit society among the plantation owners with frequent marriages between relatively few families like the Howards, Spriggs, Bealls, Dorseys to name but a few. Some came directly to Maryland, others first to Virginia and later moved to Maryland. The Prathers were of Wiltshire gentry stock and soon found their place among these prominent families and intermarried with them.

Pr15 Progenitor of the Prthers was William Prater b. 1450 Eaton Water, Wiltshire England d. Inglesham, Wiltshire England
m Alice ?? Carew
Pr14 (Pr14) John Prater b. 1480 Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England d. 1547 Inglesham Manor, Wiltshire England /td>
Pr14 (Pr14) John Prater b. 1480 Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England d. 1547 Inglesham Manor, Wiltshire England m. Elene Kingston (dau of William Kingston) 1505 in Inglesham, Wiltshire England
Pr13 George Prater b. 1510 Inglesham Wiltshire, Wiltshire England d. 15 June 1564 Nunny, Somerset, England m. Jane Plott (dau of Sir Richard Plott) 1534 in Shefford Magna, Wiltshire England
m Jane Plott
Pr12 Anthony Thomas Prather b. 1545 Latton, Wilshire England. d. 21 Aug 1583 Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire England m1. Elizabeth Winter Ivye 
m2 Judith Ivey (Iv12)b 1550, West Kingston, Wiltshire d. 5/6 FEB 1577/1578, West Kingston m 1571 in West Kingston, Wiltshire England Thomas Anthony Ivye (Iv13)
m Elizabeth Malet
Richard Ivye (Iv14) of Sudbury, Gloucestershire
m Isabell Canning dau of Michaell Canning of Sudbury Gloucestershire
Hugh Malet (Ma14) b~1500 d 1541
m Isabel Michell
Pr11 THOMAS PRATER b. 1577 Stanton, St. Bernard, Wiltshire England d. 1628 Eaton Water Wiltshire, England 
m Margaret Quintyne dau of Henry Quintyne and Alice 4 June 1599 in Clyffe Papard Ch. Shefford Magna, Wiltshire England
Pr10 Thomas Prater b 1606 Wiltshire, Marborough England d. 1666 VA, USA
m Mary McKay (or Powell) in Virginia
Pr9 Jonathan Prather b 1631 Virginia d bef. 21 Aug 1680 Calvert Co. MD
Lyle Jane McKay 12 Sept 1666 in Prince George Co. MD had issue - - - - continued below
Pr9-2 Samuel Prater b. unknown d. 1679 Dorchester Co. MD
Pr9-3 William Prater b. unknown d. England
Pr9-4 Richard Prater b. unknown d. Rappahannock Co. VA
Pr9-5 John Prater b. unknown d. Rappahannock Co. VA
Pr10-2 Alice Prater
Pr10-3 William Prater
Pr10-4 Samuel Prater
Pr10-5 Richard Prather
Pr11 17) Thomas Prater
Pr11 18) William Prater
Pr11 19) Elizabeth PRater
Pr11 20) Ferdinado Prater
Pr11 21) George Prater
Pr12-2 (Pr12-2) Richard Prater b. 1540
Pr12-3 George Prater b. 1551
Pr12-4 John Prater b. 1550
Pr12-5 Dorothy Prater b. 1552
Pr12-6 Nicholas Prater b. 1553
Pr12-7 Bartholomew Prater b. 1560
Pr12-8 Alis Prater b. 1555
Pr12-9 Margaret Prater b. 1556
Pr12-10 Elinor Prater b. 1559
Pr13-2 John Prater b. 1520
Pr13-3 Joane Prater b. 1518
Pr14-2 William Prater b. 1485

- - - - - - The Prather generations born in a America - - - - - -

Pr9 Jonathan Prather b. 1631 Virginia d bef. 21 Aug 1680 Calvert Co. MD continued from above
m 12 Sept 1666 in Prince George Co Lyle Jane MacKay b 1635 Norfolk VA d 7 Dec 1713 dau of A MacKay b 1604 UK d 1674 MD she m2 1684 John Smith
Pr8-1 Jonathan Prather II b 12 Sep 1665/6 Calvert Co MD d 20 Mar 1735/6 Pr Geo Co MD
m1 Elizabeth Clagett b 1673 Calvert Co + 1 ch
m2 Elizabeth Biggers + 8 ch dau of John Bigger and Anne Kendall
-1 Mary Jane Prather b 12 Sep 1703 d 1779 Rockville Montgomery Co MD m Aaron Prather b 10 Oct 1710 Pr Geo Co son of Thomas M Prather and Martha Sprigg Yoakley
-2 Jonathan Prater III b c 1683 Pr Geo Co d 1734 Md m1 Mary Ann ?Prather m2 Susan Aldridge m3 Jane Mullikin b 1693 + 5 ch dau of James Molikine/Miliken Jr and Mary Jane Prather b 1660 Pr Geo Co d 1680 Calvert Co (dau of Thomas Prather jr and Mary Powell b 1608 Wiltshire d 1680 Elizabeth City Co VA)
-3 Anne Prather b 15 Apr 1698 Anne Arundel Co d 10 Jul 1738 Pr Geo Co m Henry ODell Jr b c 1698 d Jun 1738 Pr Geo Co son of Thomas Henry Odell b 1655 Engl d 1722 Pr Geo co and Sarah Ridgely b ABT 1665 in Wardridge, Anne Arundel Co
-4 Martha Prather b 1705 Pr Geo Co d 1780 m William Nathan Prather II b 8 Mar 1699/1700, Prince George Co MD d. Sept 1780 Prince George Co. MD
-5 Thomas Prather
-6 Elizabeth Prather
-6 Sarah Prather
-7 Susanna Prather
-8 Rachel Prather b 11 Sep 1711 Pr Geo Co m Francis Dorsett
-1-1 Mary Prather
-1-2 Aaron A. Prather Jr b 1732 Pr Geo Co m1 Mary Johnson m2 1755 Montgomery MD Mary Swearingen
-1-3 Samuel Prather b c 1734 d 3 Feb 1785 Frederick MDm Elizabeth Garrett
-1-4 Elizabeth Prather b c 1736
-1-5 Baruch Prather b 20 Oct 1742 Pr Geo Co m Sarah Higgins b 29 Aug 1761 Frederick Co Md d 1 Oct 1844 Spears Ky
-1-6 Basil Prather b 20 Oct 1742 Pr Geo Co m 1765 Chlorinda Robertson
-1-7 Barbara Prather b c 1744 Pr Geo Co
-1-8 Ruth Prather b c 1747 Pr Geo Co d 1777 Fayette Pa
-1-9 Mary Prather b 1749 Frederick Co MD
-1-10 Walter Prather Sr b c 1751 d 18 Jan Bourbon KYm Anna Higgins
-1-11 Elisha Prather b c 1753 Frederick Co MD d 1756
-1-12 Zachariah Prather b c 1756 d 1815 m Ruth Allison
-1-13 Verlinda Prather b 1758 Frederick MD m Joshua Saffel
-1-14 Elizabeth Prather b 1760 Frederick Co m Aaron Swasson
-2-1 Jonathan Prather IV b 1715 Pr Geo Co d 16 Aug 1771 Bedford VA m Catherine Reece b 1725 Bedford Va d 1772 dau of William Reece
-2-2 William Prater b 1712 Sarah Prater dau of y Prater
-2-3 Thomas Prater b 1725 d 1820 Bedford VA m Josie Allen b c 1726 dau of Robert Allen b 1701 Bedford Co VA and
-2-4 Elizabeth Prather b 1718
-2-5 Mary Prather b 1716
-3-1 Thomas Odell b 28 Jul 1726 Pr Geo Co m Keziah Offut b 1735 dau of William Offutt and Jane
-3-2 Eleanor ODELL b 1725
-3-3 Rignall O'Dell b 1728? Pr Geo Co d there 1763 m Martha Duckett 14 Oct 1716? Pr Geo Co
-3-4 Elizabeth ODELL b 11 Feb 1730 Qu Annes Parish
-4-1 John Joseph/?Josiah Smith Prather b 1724 Pr George's Co Md d ther before 1764 m Avarilla Hyatt dau of Seth Hyatt and Alice Davis grandau of Charles Hyatt and Sarah Tewksbury
-4-2 Casandra Prather b 1744 Pr Geo Co d 1827 Newberry SC
-4-3 William Nathan Prather b 9 Mar 1789 Laurens SC
-4-4 Brice Prather b 1721? Md d 8 Jul 1806 Laurens SC
-4-5 James William Prather b 1729 Pr Geo Co d there 7 Mar 1791 m Ann Turner b 1735 d 1795
-4-6 Benjamin Prather
-4-7 Martha Prather b 1738
-4-8 Samuel Prather
-4-9 Nathan Nathan Prather b c 1742 Pr Geo Co d there 16 Mar 1814 m Ann
-4-10 Basil Pitts Prater b 1745 Pr Geo Co d 14 Jul 1842 Laurens SC m Priscilla van Swearingen b c 1745 MD d 1832 Laurens Co SC
-4-11 Netha Prather
-8-1 Rachel Dorset
-8-2 John Dorsett

-1-2-1 Aaron Prather III
-1-2-2 Elizabeth Prather
-1-2-3 Basil P. Prather
-1-2-4 Azariah Prather
-1-2-5 Verlinda Prather
-1-2-6 Baruch William Prather
-1-2-7 Eleanor Prather
-1-2-8 Thomas Prather
-1-2-9 John Prather
-1-2-10 William Baruch Prather
-1-6-1 Nancy E. Prather m Cooper
-1-6-2 William Prather
-1-6-3 Walter Prather
-1-6-4 Thomas Prather
-1-6-5 Basil Robertson Prather
-1-6-6 Catherine Prather
-1-6-7 John Asa Prather
-1-6-8 Aaron Prather
-1-6-9 Samuel Prather
-1-6-10 Lloyd Benton Prather
-1-6-11 Rebecca Prather
-1-6-12 Rachel Prather
-1-6-13 Sihon S Prather
-1-6-14 Chloe Prather
-1-6-1 Susannah Prather m Jenkins
-1-12-1 John Allison Prator b 3 Jan 1780 Montgomery Co MD d 7 Jul 1863 Upson Co GA
-2-1-1 x Prather
-2-1-2 Laticia Tabitha Prather b 1753 VA
-2-1-3 Reece Reason Prather b 1763 VA d 1830 IN
-2-1-4 Thomas Andrew Prather b Bedford VA d 7 Jul 1813 Greene TN m Delilah Broyles b 1762 Culpeper Co VA d 1850 dau of Jacob G Broyles and Elizabeth Yowell b 1734 Culpeper Co VA d 1772
-2-1-5 William Prather b c 1756 d 1825
-2-1-6 Isaac Pace Prather b c 1760 Bedford Co VA
-2-1-7 Mary Prather
-2-1-8 Sarah Elizabeth Ann Prater m y Allen
-2-1-10 Elizabeth Ann Prather
-2-1-11 Jonathan Prather b c 1758 Bedford Co d 1832 m Sarah Moseley
-2-1-12 William Thomas Prather b 1748 d 1796 m Martha Wyatt b 1752
-2-2-1 Thomas William Prater
-2-3-1 Johanathan Prater
-2-3-2 Archibald Prater Sr b c 1755 VA d 10 Aug 1831
-2-3-3 Thomas Prater b 26 Mar 1756 Pr Geo Co d 12 Aug ^1841 Jackson Co IN m Hannah Miles b 1762
-2-3-4 William Prater
-2-3-5 Nehemia Prater
-2-3-6 Sara Prater
-3-1-1 Eleanor Odell b c 1750 Frederick MD d 1825 m Banjamin Jacobs
-3-1-2 Baruch ODELL b 1755 m Mary Margaret
-3-3-1? Reginald O'Dell
-4-1-1 Josiah Prather b aBOUT 1846 Pr Georges Co Md Md d before 3 Nov 1823 Laurens cO SC m Mary Pearson dau of Enoch Pearson and Tabitha Jacocks
-4-5-1 James Prather Jr m Elinor x
-4-5-2 Benjamin Prather b 1755 Pr Geo Co m Rachel Walker b c 1759 Pr Geo Co
-4-5-3 Joseph Jeremiah Prather b 4 Jun 1762 m Elizabeth Welch b 22 Feb 1761 Pr Geo Co d 3 Sep 1821
-4-9-1 Ann Yates Wilcoxen Prather m Robert Swailes
-4-10-1/-4-1-2-1? King Prather Sr b c 1790 Laurens Co m Letha Lilly + 8 ch

-1-12-1-1 Henry W Prator b Jan 1824 Upson Co GA d 14 Aug 1884 Hope Hempstead AR m Caroline Perdue
-2-1-3-1 Robert Prather
-2-1-3-2 Rachel Prather
-2-1-4-1 Elizabeth Prather b 27 Oct 1783
-2-1-4-2 Sarah Prather b 1788 d 1861 m William Chanley
-2-1-4-3 Abigail Prather b 20 May 1804 m Ira Harmon
-2-1-4-4 Jonathan Prather b 22 Mar 1797 m Rosannah Broyles/Breuel b 25 Aug 1795 Washington Co TN dau of Reuben Broyles and Rosina/Rosanna Broyles
-2-1-4-5 Jeremiah Prather b 17 Apr 1802 Greene Co TN m Elizabeth
-2-1-4-6 James Prather b c 1792
-2-1-4-7 William Prather b 18 Mar 1795
-2-1-4-8 Kate Prather b 23 Jan 1786
-2-1-4-9 Sallie Prather b 6 Apr 1788
-2-1-4-10 Lilley Prather b c 1793
-2-1-4-11 Mary Prather
-2-1-11-1 Kitty Prather b 1800 VA d 1832
-2-1-11-2 Susan Prather b 1805 m Jesse Simmons
-2-1-11-3 Rachel Prather b 1787 d 1832
-2-1-11-4 Jordan Prather b 1804 Bedford Co m Patsy Jane Atkins
-2-1-11-5 Anna Prather
-2-1-12-1 Nancy Prather
-2-1-12-2 Benjamin Franklin Prather
-2-1-12-3 William Prather
-2-1-12-4 Drucilla Prather
-2-1-12-5 Thomas Prather b 1805
-2-1-12-6 John Prather
-2-1-12-7 Martha "Patsey" Prather b 1779 Wytheville Wythe Co VA d 1831 Warren Co TN m George Layne b 1776 Wytheville d 1848 McMinnville TN son of William Waterman Laine/Layne and Sarah ??Ellsberry
-2-3-3-1 Elizabeth "Betsy" Prater b 1777 NC d 1860 Johnson KY m Abraham Adam Picklesimer b 4 Jun 1775 Montgomery Franklin Co VA d 11 Oct 1823 Prestonsberg KY
-2-3-3-2 Martha Prater b 1794
-2-3-3-3 Elisha Prater b 17 Dec 1792 d 19 Jan 1835 Morgan Co IN
-2-3-3-4 Nancy Prather bb 1787 VA d 19 May 1871 Morgan Co IN
-2-3-3-5 Thomas Prather b 1765 NC
-2-3-3-6 Drucilla Prater b 1776 d 1782
-2-3-3-7 William M. Columbus Prather
-2-3-3-8 Basil Prather b 16 Sep 1785 VA d 21 Jun 1874 Green Twp Morgan IN
-3-1-1-1 Martha Eleanor Jacobs b Sep 1780 Pr Geo Co d 1 Jun 1851 Warren AR m Nathaniel Halley/Hallery
-3-1-1-2 Jemima Jacobs b 1772 Anne Arundel d TN m William Woodward b MD d Wilson Co TN son of William Woodward b 1742 and Jane Ridgely b 1750 MD
-3-1-1-3 Walter Jacob b 1785 Pr Geo Co d Jan 1833 Yazoo Co MS m Gracey Bond
-3-1-1-4 Sarah JACOB b c 1785 Pr Geo Co m Andrew J Thompson
-3-1-1-5 John JACOB
-3-1-1-6 M0rdecia JACOB
-3-1-1-7 Benjamin Mordecai JACOB
-4-1-1-1 Rachel Bell Prather b 1780 SC d 24 Nov 1823 Wayne Co Ind m Abraham Endsley son of Andrew Endsley and Jane Cummings
-4-5-1-1 Basil Prather m Elizabeth Delay
-4-5-2-1 Rachel Prather b c 1785 MD d 1850 Ky m John Nicholls
-4-5-3-1 Richard Prather b 17 Feb 1784 d Feb 1856 m Genenevive Jane Jone Jeney b 1791
-4-9-1-1 Ann Wilcoxson Swails b 1804 MD d 14 Nov 1862 Linn IA m John George Noah
-4-10-1-1 King Prather Jr b 1823 SC d Troup Co GA m x Priniler b 1828 GA + 6 ch

-1-12-1-1-1 James H Prator b 17 Aug 1846 Thomaston Upson GA d Valliant McCurtain OK m Frances M Ethridge
-2-1-4-2-1 John chandler b 1825 d 1910 m Susan Health b 1822
-2-1-4-3-1 Caroline Harmon b 1831 Washington Co TN d 6 May 1910 Tarrant Co TX m James Madison Gann
-2-1-11-2-1 Isaac Simmons b 1829 d 1854 m Sarah Elizabeth Harrison
-2-1-11-2-2 James Simmons b 1847 m Mary Bush
-2-1-11-4-1 George Washjington Prather
-2-1-12-7-1 x Layne m Winton
-2-1-12-7-2 Benjamin Prather Layne
-2-1-12-7-3 Wyatt Layne b 16 Jul 1803 Coffee TN d 18 Sep 1877 Fort Deposit AL m Jane Biles
-2-1-12-7-4 Thomas Layne b 1805
-2-1-12-7-5 Louisa Layne b 1811
-2-1-12-7-6 Leonard Layne b 22 Feb 1833 TN d 11 Nov 1896 Copperas Cove TX m Sarah Seawell b 1833 d 1916 + 2 ch
-2-1-12-7-7 Nancy Layne b 1835 Warren Co TN
-2-1-12-7-8 Ellsberry Layne
-2-3-3-1-1 Thomas Picklesimer
-2-3-3-1-2 Catherine Gearheart
-2-3-3-1-3 Nathaniel Picklesimer
-2-3-3-1-4 John Picklesimer
-2-3-3-1-5 Mary Ramey
-2-3-3-1-6 David Picklesimer
-2-3-3-1-7 Samuel P Picklesimer
-2-3-3-1-8 Elizabeth Pickesimer
-3-1-1-1-1 Martha Ellen Halley b c 1812 d 1882 m y Fulford
-3-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Halley m Price m1 John Usra Moore
-3-1-1-2-1 Elenore Woodward b 23 Jan 1796 MD d 13 Jul 1855 Franklin Co TN m William Smith b 3 Feb 1792 d 28 Aug 1847 Franklin Co TN
-3-1-1-3-1 Jane Jacob b 23 Dec 1808 GA d Yazoo Co MS m Thomas Griggs Yarborough m2 Orville Roberts
-3-1-1-3-2 Joseph M. Jacob b 8 May 1815 Pike Co MS d 15 Sep 1878 Hinds Co MS m Mary Ann Rowland b 2 Jul 1819 MS d 24 Sep 1878 Hinds Co MS
-3-1-1-3-3 Permelia Jacob b 12 Aug 1810 GA d 1890 MS m1 Theophilius Green b 1805 m2 Elisha Roberts
-3-1-1-3-4 Sarah Jacob b 20 Oct 1817 MS d 27 Sep 1886 Decatur MS m Hon Hamilton Cooper
-3-1-1-3-5 Mordecai Ezekiel Jacob
-3-1-1-3-6 Lydia Jacob b 8 May 1821 Pike Co MS d 11 Oct 1890 Raymond Hinds MS m John Oliver Cooper b 11 Dec 1810 natchez MS son of William Gill Cooper and Dempsey Donaho b 5 Aug 1788 SC
-3-1-1-3-7 Eleanor "Ellen" Jacob b 1822 Pike Co MS d 1833 MS
-3-1-1-3-8 John W. Jacob b1824 d Aug 1864 LA
-3-1-1-3-9 James W. Jacob b 1826 Hinds MS d 31 Dec 1848 m Martha Jane Wise
-3-1-1-3-10 Benjamin F. Jacob b 13 Apr 1828 Hinds MS d 6 Jun 1863 Copiah MS
-3-1-1-4-1 James J. THOMPSON b c 1815
-3-1-1-4-2 Andrew J. THOMPSON Jr.
-3-1-1-4-3 Eleanor THOMPSON
-3-1-1-4-4 Louisa THOMPSON
-3-1-1-4-5 Elizabeth THOMPSON
-4-1-1-1-1 Elihu Endsley b 1 Feb 1803 Grant Co Ind d 10 Feb 1880 Amboy Ind m Sidney Parsons
-4-5-1-1-1 William Barton Prather m x Boswell
-4-5-2-1-1 Joseph Reuben Nicholls b c 1813 E VA d Greenup KY m1 America Barker b c 1867 KY + 1 ch Rebecca Stevens + 9 ch
-4-5-3-1-1 Andrew Jackson Prather b 16 Nov 1829 m Martha Glaze
-4-9-1-1-1 Anna Noah b 21 Dec 1810 d 22 Dec 1870 m Isaac Nicoson
-4-9-1-1-2 RoberNoah
-4-9-1-1-3 David Noah
-4-10-1-1-1 Brice R Prather b 1865 Rock Mills Randolph Co AL d Troup Co GA m 1888 Mary K Hollis

-1-12-1-1-1-1 Henry Thomas Prator b 10 Oct 1869 d 29 Nov 1929 Stonewall Pontatoc OK m Laura A Allen
-2-1-4-2-1-1 Nancy Laurazona Francis Chandler b 21 Jan 1860 KY d 22 Apr 1938 Fort Towson OK m Robert Sanford Bonner b 27 Nov 1859 Scottsville Allen Co KY d 12 May 1928 Tort Towson
-2-1-4-3-1-1 Texarcana Gann b 1855 TX m William C Combs
-2-1-4-3-1-2 Thomas Gann b 1863 TX
-2-1-4-3-1-3 Nettie Amanda Gann b 5 Feb 1866 TX
-2-1-11-2-1-1 Andrew Joel Simmons
-2-1-11-2-2-1 Samuel Benjamin Simmons
-2-1-12-7-3-1 Benjamin Franklin Layne b 1833 Hillsboro Coffee Co TN d 1877 TN m Sarah Willis
-2-1-12-7-3-2 Clarissa C Layne b 10 Sep 1836 Coffee Co TN m Elijah Reynolds
-2-1-12-7-3-3 Josephus Layne b 1840 TN
-2-1-12-7-3-4 Martha Layne b 1836 TN
-2-1-12-7-3-5 Polly Layne b 1842
-2-1-12-7-6-1 Mary Elizabeth Layne b 1854 d 1940 m Joseph Crawford b 1822 AR d 1905 Copperas Cove TX
-2-1-12-7-6-2 Cora Layne b 1860 d 1889 y Johnson
-3-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Fulford b 1839 d 1890 m y Bell
-3-1-1-1-2-1 Mordecia Moore m Julia Anne Calloway
-3-1-1-2-1-1 Jonathan Smith b 22 Aug Franklin TN d 3 Aug 1926 Benton AR m Nancy Baggett b 16 Aug 1839 dau of Abraham Clinton Baggett and Nancy Runnels
-3-1-1-3-2-1 Elisha Walter Jacob
-3-1-1-3-2-2 Sarah Eleanor Jacob
-3-1-1-3-3-1 Elisha Roberts Jr
-3-1-1-3-4-1 William Gill COOPER III b 1838 Dacatur MS k 1864 Battle of Corinth MS
-3-1-1-3-4-2 Mary Ann COOPER b 26 Jan 1841 Decatur MS d 12 Mar 1902 Shelby Co TX m1 W L Wolfe m2 Daniel Bradham m3 B F W Vaughn
-3-1-1-3-4-3 Celia Caroline COOPER b 1844 MS d MS m1 Clark Smith m2 Samuel S Garvin
-3-1-1-3-4-4 Hamilton Bond COOPER b 3 Mar 1845 Decatur MS d 2 Jul 1912 Greenville TX m Abbie Mann
-3-1-1-3-4-5 Permelia Jane COOPER b 10 Mar 1848 Decatur MS d 8 Jul 1918 Pinehill TX m Blueford John Gary
-3-1-1-3-4-6 Joseph Jacob COOPER b 19 Jul 1853 Decatur MS d 28 May 1924 Lawrence MS m Carolyn Pernecia Parks
-3-1-1-4-1-1? possibly here was THOMPSON
-4-1-1-1-1-1 William Endsley b 16 Jun 1842 Miami Co Ind d 5 Sep 1902 Poplar Bluff Mo m Sarah Emeline Daubenspeck
-4-5-1-1-1-1 xy Prather
-4-5-2-1-1-1 Simon Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-2 Nancy Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-3 Amy Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-4 Enoch Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-5 John Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-6 Solomon Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-7 Elijah Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-8 James Gilbert Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-9 Jesse Nicholls Sr
-4-5-2-1-1-9 William Riley Nicholls
-4-5-2-1-1-10 Daniel Nicholls
-4-5-3-1-1-1 Andrew Moses Prather b 19 Nov 1857 d 6 Jul 1914 m3 Lenora Nevada Hitchcock + 4 ch
-4-9-1-1-1-1 Jesse Jasper Nicoson b 14 Sep 1834 d 2 Jun 1898 m Sarah Shick b 8 Oct 1833 d 21 Mar 1911 dau of John Shick

-1-12-1-1-1-1-1 Edmond T Prator b 24 Mar 1897 Queen City Cass TX m Eula Harrison
-2-1-4-2-1-1-1 Clara Adeline Bonner b 15 Sep 1883 Scotsville d 5 Jan 1958 Monathans Ward Co TX m Julian Edmund Winston b 3 Jun 1877 Bayou Bluff d 22 Nov 1954 Houston TX
-2-1-4-2-1-1-1-1 Henry Sanford Winston b 6 Jan 1904 Fort Towson m Winnie Christene Wheeler
-2-1-12-7-3-1-1 Joseph Orafio Layne b 8 Aug 1860 TN
-2-1-12-7-3-2-1 Dora L Reynolds b 1866 d 1937 AL m William Waterman Norman
-2-1-12-7-3-2-1-1 John E. Norman
-2-1-12-7-3-2-1-2 Phillip Rice Norman
-2-1-12-7-3-2-1-3 Myra Norman m y Gingles
-2-1-12-7-3-2-1-4 Eula Mae Norman m y Barganier
-2-1-12-7-6-1-1 Robert Leonard Crawford b 1871 d 1957
-2-1-12-7-6-1-2 Beulah H. Crawford b 1878 d 1896
-2-1-12-7-6-1-3 Susie Crawford b 1890 d 1976 m Albert M Walker b 1881 d 1922
-3-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Eleanor Bell b 1875 d 1951 m William Juristine Smith
-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 William Edgar SMith b 20 Nov 1896 d 22 Oct 1940 m Frances Allethea Murray b 1905 d 1997
-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Rosalynn Smith b 18 Aug 1927 m Pres James E Carter
-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 William Jerrold Smith
-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 Murray Lee Smith
-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-4 x Smith m Wall
-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-5 xy Smith
-3-1-1-1-2-1-1 Marion Moore m Myrtle Berry
-3-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 Elderleen Moore m William Witt and had x Witt m y Martin
-3-1-1-2-1-1-1 Sarah E Smith b 30 Jul 1866 d 13 Feb 1886 m y Phillips
-3-1-1-2-1-1-2 Roscoe Jonathan Smith
-3-1-1-3-4-6-1 Emma Caroline COOPER b 1876 Newton MS m y Jones
-3-1-1-3-4-6-2 Elton John COOPER b 27 Jun 1877 Lawrence MS d 24 Dec 1966 Elmer Rapides LA m x Nester
-3-1-1-3-4-6-3 Sarah Ada COOPER
-3-1-1-3-4-6-4 Fannie COOPER b 2 Aug 1880 d 17 Sep 1880
-3-1-1-3-4-6-5 William H. COOPER
-3-1-1-3-4-6-6 Adaline Demaryus COOPER b 2 Dec 1883 Decatur MS d 17 Jun 1942 Lawrence MS m y Bounds
-3-1-1-3-4-6-7 James Hamilton COOPER
-3-1-1-3-4-6-8 Joseph Clifton COOPER
-3-1-1-3-4-6-9 Robert "Lee" COOPER
-3-1-1-3-4-6-10 Walter Eugene COOPER
-3-1-1-3-4-6-11 Albert Mason W. COOPER b 27 Jan 1895 Coryell TX d 3 Jul 1966 Brandon MS m x Weems
-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Viola Endsley b 10 Jun 1890 Pulaski Co Ind d 19 Aug 1975 Ontario Cal m "Chick" Hahn grandparents of Paul Hahn, author's DNA match
-4-5-3-1-1-1-1 Mahlon Runyon Prather b 16 Nov 1886 d 25 May 1887
-4-5-3-1-1-1-2 Andrew Jerome Prather b 22 Aug 1895 d 18 Jun 1942
-4-5-3-1-1-1-3 Lanorah Prather b 14 May 1869 d 14 Mar 1909
-4-5-3-1-1-1-4 Ruth Prather b 29 Mar 1890 d 12 Mar 1964 m Dalton Dwight Harris son of John Franklin Harris and Mollie Slack b 1860 (dau of Isaac Urian Clack and Elizabeth Mary Williams)
-4-5-3-1-1-1-5 Corinne Prather b 12 Apr 1892 d 26 Jan 1896
-4-5-3-1-1-1-6 Catherine Evangeline Prather b 9 Oct 1898 d 2000
-4-9-1-1-1-1-1 Isaac Nicoson III
Pr8-2 Jane Prather b 1664 possibly the same as Jane Elizabeth Prather b 1664 in Calvert Pr George's Co Md
m James Gunnel Mulikan Jr
-1 Jane Mulikin b about 1693 Pr Geo Co Md m Jonathan Prather
-2 Mary Mulikan b ?1732 Md d 1790 Fairfax Va m John Wheat
-3 William Mulliken
-4 James Mulliken III b c 1681 Calvert Co Md m Charity Belt b by 1697 AA MD dau of John Belt and Elizabeth Tidings b 1645 AA MD d there Dec 1737 m2 John Lamb

-2-1 Rebecca Wheat b 12 Oct 1789 Pr George's Co Md d 12 Apr 1875 Adair Co Mo m William Burgess Beall
-4-1 James Mulliken IV
-4-2 Elizabeth (Mulliken) Duvall
-4-3 Mary Mulliken
-4-4 John Mulliken
-4-5 Margaret Mulliken
-4-6 Jeremiah Mulliken
-4-7 Belt Mulliken

-2-1-1 ancestor of author's autosomal DNA match John Scott Robinson
-4-1-1 James Mulliken IV b 5 Mar 1710 Qu Anne Parish MD m 31 Oct 1734 Mary Pottinger
-4-1-2 Elizabeth Mulliken b 25 Dec 1711 Pr GFeo Co d 1799 m Samuel Duvall b 7 Oct 1707 Great March Pr Geo Co son of Mareen Duvall and Elizabeth Jacob
-4-1-3 Mary Mulliken b 27 Apr 1714 Qu Annes Parish m Samuel Norwood
-4-1-4 John Mulliken b 29 Mar 1716
-4-1-5 Margaret Mulliken b 30 Nov 1719
-4-1-6 Jeremiah Mulliken b 30 Jan 1722
-4-1-7 Belt Mulliken b 8 Feb 1725 m Mary Drukett/?Duckett b c 1755

-4-1-2-1 Margaret Duvall b Pleasant Grove Pr Geo Co m Jacob Denune son of William Denune and Elizabeth Duvall
-4-1-2-2 James Duvall b 31 Mar 1732 Pleasant Grove m Sarah Duvall b 1 Oct 1732 dau of Mareen Duvall b 14 OCT 1702 in 'Great Marsh' Prince Georges Co and Ruth Howard b ABT 1702 in Prince Georges
-4-1-2-3 Charity DuVall b 6 May 1734 Pleasant Grove d 1773 m John McDougle b 11 Mar 1730 Edinburgh son of John McDougal and Elizabeth Bays
-4-1-2-4 Elizabeth Duvall
-4-1-2-5 Elisha Duvall,
-4-1-2-6 Samuel Duvall
-4-1-2-7 Jacob Duvall
-4-1-2-8 Jeremiah Duvall
-4-1-2-9 Jesse Duvall
-4-1-2-10 Gabriel Duvall
-4-1-7-1 Martha Hall Mulliken m 12 Feb 1798 Jacob Franklin Waters b 16 Jul 1775
-4-1-7-2 Ann Druckett Mulliken b 23 Mar 1788 m y Bowie

-4-1-2-3-1 Ann C. McDougle
-4-1-2-3-2 Samuel McDougle b 9 Feb 1758 Hyattstown MD
-4-1-2-3-3 Alexander McDougle b 21 Apr 1759 Hyattstown m1 Anne x m2 25 Feb 1783 Margaret Nawood + 4 ch
-4-1-2-3-4 Elizabeth McDougle b 11 Jan 1761 MD d Jun 1840 Wayne Twp Warren Co OH m 14 Nov 1799 Culpeper VA Richard Duke b VA son of William Duke and Mary Thorton
-4-1-2-3-5 Benjamin McDougle b 15 Sep 1762 Clarke Co VA d 18 Feb 1843 Flint Hill Rappahannock Co VA m Elizabeth Duke b 29 Jan 1766 Rappahannock Co dau of William Duke and Mary Thorton
-4-1-2-3-6 Mary McDougle b 17 May 1764 MD
-4-1-2-3-7 Sarah McDougle b 22 Nov 1768 MD m 2 Jan 1798 William McBee b c 1756 Halifax Co Va d 28 Jan 1826 Knox Co TN son of William McBee and Abigail ?Hubbard
-4-1-2-3-8 Charity McDougle b 18 Feb 1771 Md m 15 May 1788 Frederick Co MD Vachel Barnes son of Peter Barnes b 1712 AA MD d there 1759 and Rachel x
-4-1-7-1-1 John Arnold Waters
-4-1-7-1-2 Anna Maria Waters
-4-1-7-1-3 Rachell Sopia Waters
-4-1-7-2-1 Richard Druckett Bowie b 27 Jan 1823

-4-1-2-3-2-1 Samuel (S?) Mcdougle b Aug 1810 PA d 20 Oct 1865 Fayette Co PA m Catherine
-4-1-2-3-3-1 Catherine Mcdougle
-4-1-2-3-3-2 John A. McDougle
-4-1-2-3-3-3 Catherine Mcdougle
-4-1-2-3-3-4 Charity Mcdougle
-4-1-2-3-5-1 Charity McDougle m Tobin
-4-1-2-3-5-2 Elizabeth McDougle m Corran
-4-1-2-3-5-3 William McDougle
-4-1-2-3-5-4 Benjamin McDougle
-4-1-2-3-5-5 Samuel McDougle
-4-1-2-3-5-6 Joshua McDougle
-4-1-2-3-5-7 John McDougle
-4-1-2-3-4-1 William Duke m Rebecca Rowland
Pr8-3 William Nathan Prather I b. 1668 Calvert Co. MD d. 1747 Prince George/?Calvert Co. MD
m Anne Yates b about 1671/2 Calvert Co Md d after 1734/5 dau of:
+1 George? Yates
Mary/?Ann Stockett b about 1655 Norfolk Co Va/?Anne Arundel MD
Pr8-3-1 Pr8-3-1 John Prather b 12 Jun 1713 Prince George Co. MD d. 6 Nov 1796 Montgomery Co. MD
m Rachell O'Dell dau of thomas O'Dell and Margaret Beal in Queen Anne Parish, Maryland
Pr8-3-1-1 m1 Rachel Gaither
Pr8-3-1-1-1 Pr8-3-1-2-1) Rachel O'Dell Prather b. abt 1770 NC m. Benhamin Beasley 30 Sept 1791 Stokes Co NC
Pr8-3-1-1-2 Amelia Elvira Prather b. abt 1771
Pr8-3-1-1-3 Sarah Prather
Pr8-3-1-1-4 John Prather m. Mary Polly Franklin 19 Aug 1816 Stokes Co. NC
m2 Verlinda Roby
Pr8-3-1-1-5 Hamilton Erwin Prather b 8 Oct 1804 Iredel C. NC d 22 Apr Lincoln Co NC
m. Mary Lambert 18 May 1825 in Lincoln Co. NC
-1 Joseph Jeramiah Prather b. 7 Feb 1835 Lincoln Co. NC d. 26 Dec 1912 West Blockton, Bibb Co. AL Pr8-3-1-2-5-1) JOSEPH JERAMIAH PRATHER b. 7 Feb 1835 Lincoln Co. NC d. 26 Dec 1912 West Blockton, Bibb Co. AL m1 27 May 1858 in Gaston, Lincoln Co. NC Jane Elizabeth Shields dau of James Shields and Nancy Thomlinson
Children of Joseph J. Prather and Jane Elizabeth Shields
-2 John Jasper Prather b. 2 Apr 1826 in Lincoln Co. NC m. Unknown
-3 Sarah Verlinda Prather b. 1 Apr 1828 Lincoln Co. NC m. John M. Porter 16 Nov 1847 Mecklenburg Co. NC
-4 Simon Thomas Prather b. 7 Feb 1833 Lincoln Co. NC d 1855 Mt. Holley NC.
-5 Hamilton Huggins Prather b. 14 Feb 1836
-6 Eli Elisha Prather b. 9 July 1837
-7 Mary Ann Prather b. 9 Sept 1830
-1-1 Addie Luella Prather b. 27 Jul 1873 Alexander City, Tallapoosa Co. AL d. 23 Aug 1948 in Johnston City, Williamson Co. IL m. Michael Shannon II son of Michael Shannon I and Catherine Richeford 18 Sept 1891 in West Blockton, Bibb Co. AL
-1-2 Irene Elizabeth Prather b. 17 Jan 1868 NC d Texas m. ?? Mayo
-1-3 William T. Prather b 30 June 1850 NC d 30 Jun 1850
-1-4 John W.D. Prather b 28 Apr 1860 d 8 Apr 1868 in NC
-1-5 Joseph W. Prather b. 1 Aug 1863 NC d 19 Jul 1867 NC
-1-6 Mary Carletta Prather b. 28 Jan 1866 m William Pizzario Dunham d. Eastland Texas
-1-7 James H. Prather b. 7 Sept 1867 NC d 23 Oct 1942 West Blockton, Bibb Co AL
-1-8 Georgeanna Lee Prather b. 22 May 1869 NC
-1-9 Zebulon Vance Prather b. 19 Sept 1877 Tallapoosa Co. AL d. 14 May 1936 West Blockton Bibb Co. AL
-1-10 Ernest Salemma Prather b. 26 Jan 1880 Tallapoosa Co. AL d. 5 May 1955 Jefferson Co. AL
-1-1-1 Edward Thomas Shannon b 25 Mar 1901 Blockton, Bibb Co. AL d. 23 Jan 1982 West Frankfort, Franklin Co. IL m 6 Jun 1933 in Fredricktown MO Ann Evelyn Whittington dau of Harmon Whittington and Lela Newton
-1-1-2 Catherine Salena Shannon b. 12 Jun 1892 West Blockton Bibb Co. AL d. 31 Oct 1928 West Blockton, Bibb Co. AL
-1-1-3 Janie Lee Shannon b. 21 Nov 1893 West Blockton, Bibb Co. AL d. 4 May 1962 m. William Fancher
-1-1-4 Michael Shannon III b. 18 Aug West Blockton, Bibb Co. AL d. 9 July 1978 Williamson Co. IL m. Clair Blockley Hines
-1-1-5 Joseph Shannon b. 2 Jun 1897 West Blockton, Bibb Co AL d. 6 Han 1962 Johnston City Williamson Co. IL
-1-1-6 James Matthew Shannon b. 30 Sept 1899 West Blockton Bibb Co. AL d. 18 May 1965 Williamson Co. IL
-1-1-7 Agnes Joanna Shannon b. 16 Mar 1903 West Blockton Bibb Co. AL d. 1996 Johnston City, Williamson Co. IL
-1-1-8 Louie Patrick Shannon b. 6 Aug 1905 West Blockton Bibb Co. AL d. 3 Sept 1906
-1-1-9 Mamie Elizabeth Shannon b. 20 Oct 1906 Abernant, Tuskaloosa Co. AL d. Chicago, Cook Co. IL m. Frank Davis bef 1933
-1-1-10 Evelyn Estelle Shannon b. 31 May 1908 Abernant Tuskaloosa Co. AL d. 21 Aur 1915 Abernant Tuskaloosa Co. AL
-1-1-11 Frances Theo Shannon d. Dec 1999
-1-1-12 John Morgan Shannon b. 24 Jul 1912 Abernant, Tuskaloosa Co. AL d. Jul 1981 Johnston City IL Williamson Co. IL
-1-1-13 William Vance Shannon still living
-1-1-1-1 Mora Alice Shannon b 1935 Herrin, Williamson Co. IL d. Pinehurst, Moore Co. NC m 11 Aug 1956 Robert Leslie Bagwell son of Leslie Albon Bagwell and Luella Hammacher
-1-1-1-2 Eda Kathleen Shannon still living
Pr8-3-1-1-6 Thomas Prather II b. 2 Feb 1782 Rowan Co. NC d. 1855 Surry Co. NC m Unknown 1807
Pr8-3-1-1-7 Eleanor Helen Prather b. 1786 Rowan Co. NC m. Benjamin Gaither 30 Jul 1818 in Rowan Co. NC
Pr8-3-1-1-8 Eli Prather b. 1787 d. 1812 m. Cassandra Lovelace 23 Mar 1802 McCracken Co KY
Pr8-3-1-1-9 Elizabeth Prather b. 1788 d. Mead Co. KY m. Russel Bassett
Pr8-3-1-1-10 Elisha R. Prather b. 20 Mar 1790 d. aft 1860 Bureau Co. IL m. Elizabeth Hurley 20 Mar 1821 Bureau Co. IL
Pr8-3-1-1-11 Hiram Henry Prather b. 14 Jan 1796 m. Ann Lovelace
Pr8-3-1-1-12 Nathen Franklin Prather b. 24 Nov 1800 d. 14 Mar 1844 m. Elizbeth Lambert 2 July 1826 York Co. SC
Pr8-3-1-2 Sarah Prather b. 1738 MD m. Zachariah Linthicum
Pr8-3-1-3 Mary Prather b. 1747 MD d. 1776 m. William Duvall
Pr8-3-2 William Nathan Prather II b 8 Mar 1699/1700, Prince George Co MD d. Sept 1780 Prince George Co. MD
m Martha Prather 1722 St. Johns Parish MD dau of Jonathan Prather II and Elizabeth Biggers
-1 John Joseph Smith Prather b 1724 Pr George's Co Md d there before 1764 m Avarilla Hyatt dau of Seth hyatt and Alice Davis grandau of Charles Hyatt and Sarah Tewksbury
-2 Casandra Prather b 1744 Pr Geo Co d 1827 Newberry SC
-3 William Nathan Prather b 9 Mar 1789 Laurens SC
-4 Brice Prather b 1721? Md d 8 Jul 1806 Laurens SC
-5 James William Prather b 1729 Pr Geo Co d there 7 Mar 1791 m Ann Turner b 1735 d 1795
-6 Benjamin Prather
-7 Martha Prather b 1738
-8 Samuel Prather
-9 Nathan Nathan Prather b c 1742 Pr Geo Co d there 16 Mar 1814 m Ann
-10 Basil Pitts Prater b 1745 Pr Geo Co d 14 Jul 1842 Laurens SC m Priscilla van Swearingen b c 1745 MD d 1832 Laurens Co SC + 14 ch
-11 Netha Prather
-1-1 Josiah Prather b aBOUT 1846 Pr Georges Co Md Md d before 3 Nov 1823 Laurens cO SC m Mary Pearson dau of Enoch Pearson and Tabitha Jacocks
-5-1 James Prather Jr m Elinor x
-5-2 Benjamin Prather b 1755 Pr Geo Co m Rachel Walker b c 1759 Pr Geo Co
-5-3 Joseph Jeremiah Prather b 4 Jun 1762 m Elizabeth Welch b 22 Feb 1761 Pr Geo Co d 3 Sep 1821
-9-1 Ann Yates Wilcoxen Prather m Robert Swailes
-10-1 King Prather Sr b c 1790 Laurens Co d 1870 Rock Mills Randolph Co AL m Letha Lilly x ü 8 ch
-1-1-1 Rachel Bell Prather b 1780 SC d 24 Nov 1823 Wayne Co Ind m Abraham Endsley son of Andrew Endsley and Jane Cummings
-5-1-1 Basil Prather m Elizabeth Delay
-5-2-1 Rachel Prather b c 1785 MD d 1850 Ky m John Nicholls
-5-3-1 Richard Prather b 17 Feb 1784 d Feb 1856 m Genenevive Jane Jone Jeney b 1791
-9-1-1 Ann Wilcoxson Swails b 1804 MD d 14 Nov 1862 Linn IA m John George Noah
-10-1-1 King Prather Jr b 1823 SC d Troup Co GA m Priniler x b 1828 GA + 6 ch
-1-1-1-1 Elihu Endsley b 1 Feb 1803 Grant Co Ind d 10 Feb 1880 Amboy Ind m Sidney Parsons
-5-1-1-1 William Barton Prather m x Boswell
-5-2-1-1 Joseph Reuben Nicholls b c 1813 E VA d Greenup KY m1 America Barker b c 1867 KY + 1 ch Rebecca Stevens + 9 ch
-5-3-1-1 Andrew Jackson Prather b 16 Nov 1829 m Martha Glaze
-9-1-1-1 Anna Noah b 21 Dec 1810 d 22 Dec 1870 m Isaac Nicoson
-9-1-1-2 RoberNoah
-9-1-1-3 David Noah
-10-1-1-1 Brice R Prather b 1865 Rock Mills Randolph Co AL m Mary K Hollis + 5 ch
-1-1-1-1-1 William Endsley b 16 Jun 1842 Miami Co Ind d 5 Sep 1902 Poplar Bluff Mo m Sarah Emeline Daubenspeck
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Viola Endsley b 10 Jun 1890 Pulaski Co Ind d 19 Aug 1975 Ontario Cal m "Chick" Hahn grandparents of Paul Hahn, author's DNA match
-5-1-1-1-1 xy Prather
-5-2-1-1-1 Simon Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-2 Nancy Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-3 Amy Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-4 Enoch Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-5 John Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-6 Solomon Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-7 Elijah Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-8 James Gilbert Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-9 Jesse Nicholls Sr
-5-2-1-1-9 William Riley Nicholls
-5-2-1-1-10 Daniel Nicholls
-5-3-1-1-1 Andrew Moses Prather b 19 Nov 1857 d 6 Jul 1914 m3 Lenora Nevada Hitchcock + 4 ch
-9-1-1-1-1 Jesse Jasper Nicoson b 14 Sep 1834 d 2 Jun 1898 m Sarah Shick b 8 Oct 1833 d 21 Mar 1911 dau of John Shick
Pr8-3-3 Jane Prater b. 12 Oct 1703 Prince George Co. MD m William Ward 27 Dec 1723
Pr8-3-4 Pricilla Prather b. 21 Sept 1707 Prince George Co. MD m. William Brasher Jr. 11 June 1734 Queen Anne Parish Prince George Co. MD
Pr8-3-5 Margaret Prather b. 9 Aug Prince George Co. MD d. aft 1733
Pr8-3-6 Joseph Prather b. 11 July 1711 Prince George Co. MD
Pr8-3-7 Sarah Prather b. 23 Mar 1715/16 Prince George Co. MD m. 45) William Prather 15 Jan 1738/39
Pr8-3-8 Elizabeth Prather b. 1718 Prince George Co. MD
Pr8-4 George Prather b 1668 Calvert Co Mdd 1698 Pr Geo Co MD
m 1688 Mary Bignell
Pr8 Thomas Prather b. 1673 d 15 Mar 1711/2 in Orphan's Gift Prince George's Co., MD.
Martha Sprigg (Sp8) daughter of
Thomas Sprigg Sp9 Lord of Northampton Manor, Prince George’s Co Md.
m2 Eleanor Nuthall Nu9 his second wife. was the daughter of
John Nuthall (Nu10) by his wife Elizabeth (Bacon) Holloway; (Ba10), widow of Dr. John Holloway of Accomac County, Virginia.
Pr7-1 PHILLIP/PHILOMIN GITTENS PRATHER b 1698 Prince George's Co MD d. 1767, Orange Co SC.reported by
m1 17 Feb 1724 Catherine Hunt b 1710 Pr Geo Co d there 1736 + 1 ch dau of John clair Hunt and Elizabeth Turner b 1662 Va d 1727 Va
m2 3 Dec 1737 in Calvert Co Margery/Margaret Hunt b about 1718 +1 ch
m3 Henrietta Mayfield
-1 Martha Jenny Prather b 17 Jan 1733 Qu Annes P d 1775 Laurens SC m 1749 Laurens SC William Hallum b 1713 Pr Geo Co d 6 Sep 1782 Cambridge Abbeville SC son of John Hallum and Mary x
-2 William Prather/Prator/Praytor d 3 Nov 1788 Laurens SC m 5 Dec 1760 Mary Middleton b c 1741 965th Distr = Laurens SC dau of John Middleton
-3 Philip Gittings/?John Prater b 1750 d 17 Sep 1798 Anderson Pendleton Distr SC
m 12 Jul 1755 in Haw River Guilford Co NC Susannah Hubbard b about 1760 d 9 Sep 1848 in son Jeremiah's house Pickens district SC dau of Israel Hubbard and Anna Lawrence
-1-1 Elizabeth Hallum b 1750 Ninty Sixth Greenwood SC d 1814 Abbeville m1 1760 Sullivan Pearson m2 1767 SC Joseph Smith
-2-1 Dorcas A. Prator/Prater b c 1763 d c 1789
-2-2 William Isaac Prather b
-3-1 John Prather b c 1778 Pendleton Distr SC d 185 Calhoun Co AL m Mary Elizabeth Boone b c 1758 SC
-3-2? Joseph Prater b 1794 Pickens Distr. SC
m Mary Boyd
-1-1-1 Dorcas Smith b 19 Aug 1783 NC d 7 Aug 1858 Pickens SC m 25 Sep 1804 in Pendfleton SC Thomas Gassaway b 24 Oct 1777 Frederick VA d 3 Dec 1853 Pickens son of James Gassaway and Elizabeth Scruggs
-3-2-1 William Prater b 23 Apr 1818 Pendleton Distr SC d 17 Dec 1877 Gainesville Hall Co GA
m Elizabeth Jane Wilson
-1-1-1-1 Samual F Gassaway b Apr 7 1811 in Pickens SC d 12 Apr 1862 Yorktown VA
Pr7-2 ELEANOR PRATHER b c 1700, Prince George's Co d 1732 MD MD m THOMAS WILLIAMS Abt. 1716 -1 William Williams b 1720s and d before 22 March 1769 m Barbara Owen b after 1726 and before 1732/3; d. before 16 March 1791 dau and heir of Thomas Owen halfsis of Robert Caid -1-1 Thomas Owen Williams b 21 Feb 1748 d 24 Oct 1818 m Mary Clagett Berry b 24 Aug 1746 d Mar 1811
-1-2 Elizabeth Ann Williams b 30 Oct. 1749, m. Zachariah Berry
-1-3 Elisha Owen Williams b 09 May 1752
-1-4 William Prather Williams b 29 April 1754 d 11 Apr 1811 unm
-1-5 Elinore Hilleary Williams b 05 Apr. 1757 d ~1815 Prince George's Co bur Hagerstown church yard m Rezin Davis
-1-6 Martha Williams b 22 Dec 1759 m Walter Claggett s/o Thomas and Mary Meek Magruder Clagett
-1-7 Edward Owen Williams b 18 Apr. 1761
-1-8 Barbara Williams m 23 Dec 1786, Prince George's Co Francis Magruder
-1-9 Walter Caid Williams b by 1769 m 2 Aug 1796 Motgomery Co MD Chrisatiana Heugh
-1-1-1 Thomas Owen Williams Jr b 1776 d 1810
-1-1-2 Elisha Washington Williams b 1778/9
-1-1-3 Mary Williams b 8 Nov 1780 d 9 Dec 1857 m Pr Geo Co 5 Jun 1815 Thomas Berry
-1-1-4 Jeremiah Williams
-1-1-5 William Berry Williams
-1-1-6 Otho Williams
-1-1-7 Eliza Thomas Williams m 17 Jun 1822 Pr Geo Co Washington Berry
-1-6-1 William Clagett of Georgetown DC
-1-6-2 Walter Clagett
-1-6-3 Martha E. Clagett m Henry Addison
-1-6-4 Sarah Clagett m Jeremiah Berry s/o Zachariah Berry
-1-6-5 Darius Clagett m 7 March 1825 to Providence Dorsey Brice d/o John Brice of Washington, DC
Pr7 Thomas McKay Sprigg Prather, b 1703/4, Prince George's Co Md (??Northampton, England) d 24 Jul 1785, Washington Co MD, Will at Hagerstown Md.
m1 10 Jun 1725, Prince George's Co ELIZABETH CLEGGETT/Claggett dau of Thomas Claggett b 1677 in Calvert Co and Mary Keene b ABT 1684 in Calvert Co

m2 bef. 31 Oct 1754 SARAH BEALL b 1713 in Prince George's Co she m1 Rignall Odell b 24 Oct 1705 dau of James Beall b 5 FEB 1651/52 in St. Andrew Parish, Fifeshire, Scotland and Sarah Pearce b 1677 in Calvert Co

m3 between 1767 and 1769 JEANNETTE SMILEY Sm7 and had:>

Tracing the Smiley line has been an elusive task.

The green characters show the possible line for the author's X DNA matches.

Pr6-1 Thomas Claggett Prather b 9 May 1726 Frederick Md k 11 Oct 1758 Loyalhanna Westmoreland PA Battle of Lovathanna - French & Indian War
m 9 May 1750 Md Margaret Prather b 14 Sep 1730 d 30 Jul 1820 Franklin Co Ky dau of Philip Philamond Prather

-1 Capt. Thomas V. Prather b 16 Dec 1751 "Maiden's Ferry Plantation" Frederick Co Md d 24 Jul 1786 d Fort Harrod Lincoln Co KY. (now Mercer Co) bur Old Pioneer Grave Yard Ft. Harrod, KY m 7 Jul 1776 PA Record: Wedding Bond Book #1 m1 Mary Ann Phillips d Adair Co Ky + 6 chdau of Theophilius Philips b c 1720 and Ann Prather m2 Mary Anne Lawrence b c 1789 + 4 ch dau of John Lawrence and Elizabeth McKinney
-1-1 Col. Stephen Prather b 18 Jun 1782 Parish of Kentucky, Lincoln Co d 19 Dec., 1832 Nacogodoches Co Texas. Served under Gen Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans, victor of the "Freedonian War" in 1827, where he recruited 60 Indians and 8 whites and a settler to put down a rebellion supported by 200 mercenaries in a surprize attack without a shot. bur Wood/Snell Cem. near Broaddus, San Augustine Co TX m Jan 1808 Concordia, LA Tamera Elizabeth Plowden
-1-2 Margaret Prather b 20 Apr 1777 Fayette Co PA m Ephraim Lilliard
-1-3 Thomas Freeman Prather b 10 Jan 1779 Fayette Co PA m Mary Ann Lawrence b c 1780
-1-4 Eleanor Prather b 2 Sep 1780 Westmoreland Co PA d 18 Jul 1860 Onion Creek Travis Co TX m Abraham McKinney
-1-5 Nelly Prather
-1-6 Elizabeth Prather
-1-7 Ann Prather
-1-8 Harriett Prather
-1-9 Maria C. Prather
-1-10 James Prather
-1-1-1 Sarah Ann Prather
-1-1-2 Thomas Freeman Prather b 8 Dec 1811 Catahula Parish LA d Before 1860 prob. Travis Co TX m 9 Oct 1837 San Augustine Co TX. (Record: Mar.Book # 1 m Elizabeth Walker
-1-1-3 Elizabeth Mary Ann Prather b 16 Aug 1810 LO d 22 Jul 1855 San Augustine TX m1 y Brunson m2 Blassengame W Harvey
-1-1-4 Stephen Eliphalet Prather
-1-2-1 Ephraim Wallace Lillard b 1820 m Martha
-1-4-1 Margaret McKinney
-1-4-2 Thomas Freeman McKinney
-1-4-3 Artemesia McKinney
-1-4-4 Sally McKinney b 4 Dec 1807 Christian Co Ky m Francis Kirtley Collins
-1-4-5 Charles Chastain McKinney
-1-4-6 James Prather McKinney
-1-4-7 Abraham Samuel McKinney
-1-4-8 Thomas Freeman McKinney
-1-4-9 Thomas Freeman McKinney b 1 Nov 1801 Christian Co Ky d 2 Dec 1873 Onion Creek TX m Anna Gibbs
-1-4-10 Mary Polly POLLY McKinney
-1-4-11 Euphemia McKinney m 26 Mar 1811 Christian Co Ky d 18 May 1902 Travis Co TX m James Walker Austin b 4 Apr 1804 Albemarle Co OH d 2 Sep 1865 Austin TX son of Henry Austin and Nancey Anne Watts

-1-1-2-1 Frank H. Prather b Jan 1849 Texas prob. Travis Co d after 1930 prob. Hayes Co TX m Lillian C. Kelso
-1-2-1-1 Ephraim Wallace Lillard Jr b 1862 m Laura
-1-4-11-1 W. T. Littleton Austin b 16 Jul 1834 Randolph Co MO
-1-4-11-2 William Henry Austin b 20 Jul 1835 Randolph Co MO
-1-4-11-3 Sally Ann Austin b 16 Jan 1837 Randolph Co d 1900 m Archibald Johnson Rose
-1-4-11-4 Eleanor Prather Austin
-1-4-11-5 Elvira Austin
-1-4-11-6 James McKinney Austin
-1-4-11-7 Abraham McKinney Austin
-1-4-11-8 Caroline Austin b 3 Apr 1849 Randolph Co m Thomas Freeman Prather Jr
-1-4-11-9 Charles Freeman Austin

-1-2-1-1 Robert Louis Prather b Oct 1896 Austin TX m1 Gertrude Hollien, dau of Julius Hollien and grandau of Johann Hollien of Mecklenburg Germany Gertrude m2 to Jesse Lee Schmidt, son of Fritz Schmidt
-1-2-1-1-1 Ephraim Sout Lillard b 1894
-1-4-11-8-1 Eugene Booth Prather
-1-4-11-8-2 Charles Frank Prather
Pr6-2 Richard Prather b 1 Aug 1727 Pr Geo Co d 26 Nov 1789
m1 30 Aug 1782 Lucy Jacques b Feb 1729 d 5/03/1775 Washington MD + 7 ch
m2 Lydia Covenhaver b Berkeley Co VA
Pr6-3 Mary (Polly) Prather, b 6 Jan 1730 m Aaron Moore d 1791 P: Springhill Twp, Fayette Co
Pr6-3 Richard Prather (reported by b 1 Aug 1727 Queen Annes Parish, Prince Georges Co Md d 26 Nov. 1789 Clear Springs, Wasington Co. Md
-1 Sarah Moore b 26 Aug 1759 d 2 Mar 1833 Greene Co Ky m Araham Harding
-2 Elizabeth Moore b c 1752 Fayette Co PA d 1833 Monongalia WV m Alexander Wade son of George Wade b c 1720 and Ann Arrah grandson of Andrew Whitta d 30 May 1749 St Agnes Engl and Mary
-3 Ruhama Moore m Kendall
-4 Aaron Moore, II
-5 Hosea Moore b 26 Dec 1763 Fredrick, MD M: 7 Feb 1786 d 26 Apr 1832 Adams Co, Brush Creek Twp, Ohio m Isabelle Hanna
-6 Abigail Moore
-7 Eloner Moore
-8 Martha Moore
-9 Henry Moore
-10 Nancy Moore
-1-1 Hannah Harding
-1-2 Aaron Moore Harding
-1-3 Ruhannah Harding
-1-4 Mary Harding
-1-5 Lavina Harding
-1-5 Sarah Harding
-2-1 Aaron Moore Wade b 17 Apr 1780 Fayette Co PA d 21 Nov 1860 Parke IN m Julia Ward
-5-1 Aaron Moore b 2 Aug 1792 Mason County, KY d 21 Aug 1864 Brush Creek Twp, Adams Co m 8 Dec 1814 Eleanor 'Nelly' Prather b 1795 Pa d 25 Nov 1860 Adams Co., Ohio dau of Pr5 John Prather b 1783 m 1806 Elizabeth Wilson b 1783

-2-1-1 Thomas Bridge Wade b 4 Mar 1821 Butler OH d 19 May 1896 Muncie IL m Susan Holloway Vincent
-2-1-2 Pamale Wade
-2-1-3 Samuel Ward Wade
-2-1-4 Aaron Harden Wade
-1-1-1 Sarah Ann Prather

-2-1-1-1 Erastus Robert Wade
-2-1-1-2 Sylvanus Jackson Wade
-2-1-1-3 Minerva Eleanor Wade b 29 Mar 1863 m Diggs
Pr6-5 Basil Prather 5/03/1731 - 1/21/1803 d Lousiville KY
>m1 x
>m 28/15/1770 Frances Merriwether - 2/24/1850 b VA d KY
-1 Henry Prather b 11/16/1746 d 11/23/1821 b Mercer KY
-2 George Prather d Jefferson, KY
-3 Elizabeth Prather d Jefferson, KY
-4 Mary M. Prather b KY?
-5 Thomas R. Prather b 3/06/1795 - 12/25/1843 d Jefferson, KY?
-6 Martha Merriwether Prather b KY
-7 Richard Prather
Pr6-6 Charles Prather b 18 Sep 1735 d 25 Sep 1810
m Ruth Tannehill b 1732 Frederick MD d 7 Oct 1807 Brooke WV dau of William Tannehill b 1695 Frederick and Euphene PRATHER of Brooke Co WV Will Book 2 page 10 Brooke Co. is will for CHARLES and RUTH PRATHER Mentions:>
-1 Elizabeth Prather b 31 Mar 1766 Williamsport MD (one of the marriage shown must be a different EP) m Charles Wells b 6 Apr 1745 Baltimore d 16 Apr 1815 Tyler Co WV he m1 27 Dec 1764 Michal Owings b 12 Feb 1745 d 17 May 1783 + 10 ch dau of Joshua Owings and Mary Cockey ?m2 1790 Jacob Friend b 1758 Sweeds Delight Washington Co MD d 1814 OH.
-2 Henry Prather b 1763 Frederick MD d 25 Jul 1825 (willed all the town of Charleston)
-3 John Prather b 1760 Frederick MD d 27 Nov 1837 Harrison Charles Co WV m1 Mary ?Prather m2 Nancy Neff b 1 ch
-4 Catherine E. Prather (not in will) m y Gist
-5 Charles Prather b 1768 Frederick Co MD (not in will)
-6 William Radford Prather b 1759 (not in will)
-7 William Prather b 1775 VA (not in will)
-1-1 Charles Prather Wells b May 30, 1785 in Buffalo Creek Ohio Co WV d May 3, 1856 in Marshall Co WV m Jan 9 1808 Rachel Rosannia Niven dau of James MacMechen and Hannah Davidson
-1-2 Nicholas Wells, b Feb20, 1787 in Buffalo Cr Brooke Co WV d Bet. Feb 28 1877 - 1878 m Rachel Witten Jan 7 1810
-1-3 Ruth Prather Wells b Mar 30, 1788 d Aug 10, 1865 m Oct 23 1814 Abraham S. Birckhead
-1-4 Perrine Wells, b Oct 18, 1789 d May 15, 1878 m1 Mary M. Braley m2 Charlotte Miller Jul 22, 1817, dau of James Miller and Rebecca Wells.
-1-5 Joshua Wells b Bet. 1790 - 1791.
-1-6 Nacky Wells b Oct 12, 1792 in Buffalo Cr Ohio Co Va, (Brooke Co W.Va) 12 d May 19, 1803.
-1-7 Sarah Wells, b Feb 20, 1794 in Buffalo Cr Brooke Co WV d Dec 14, 1887 m Apr 22 1817 John McCoy, son of John McCoy and Easter Macartney
-1-8 Delilah Wells b Jun 16, 1795 in Buffalo Cr Brooke Co WV d Jan 25, 1869. She married Robert Grier Jun 01, 1816.
-1-9 Eli Wells, b May 14, 1797 in Brooke Co WV d Apr 28, 1854 in Sistersville, WV m Nov 23 1820 Nancy Neff, dau of John Neff and Temperance Wells
-1-10 Twenty Wells b Nov 23, 1798 in Brooke Co WV12 d Sep 22, 1816 in Tyler Co WV.
-1-11 Catherine "Katy" Adams Wells b Oct 06, 1800 in Brooke Co WV d Sep 12, 1824 in Sistersville, WV m 1817 Joshua Russell son of Russell
-1-12 Betsy Prather Wells, b Sep 28, 1802 in Brooke Co WV d Aug 24, 1873 in Tyler Co WV m Jun 17 1819 William Russell son of Russell
-1-13 Eleanor Rebecca Friend b 1793 d 1856 Williamsport MD
-1-14 Lucy Friend b 13 Oct 1796 Washington Co MD d Feb 1867 Morrow OH m 31 Jan 1815 Abraham Minson/Newson
-1-15 Elizabeth Friend b 1797 Washington MD
-1-16 Preston Jacob Friend b 27 Oct 1798 d 29 Jul 1867 Cedar IO
-1-17 Henry Friend b 1807 williamsport MD
-3-1 John Prather Jr b 1802 m Elizabeth ?Prather
-1-1-1 Alivia D Wells.
-1-1-2 James Dudley Wells.
-1-1-3 Lemuel McMechen Wells b Jun 10, 1807 in Bottom, WV d May 08, 1882 in Ashly, MO.
-1-1-4 Rolla Nivens Wells.
-1-1-5 Unknown Wells.
-1-2-1 Ruth Wells.
-1-2-2 Sarah Delilah Wells.
-1-3-1 Elizabeth Prather Brickhead.
-1-4-1 Charles V.6 Wells.
-1-4-2 Elizabeth Wells.
-1-7-1 Catherine Russell6 McCoy.
-1-7-2 William McCoy.
-1-7-3 C.A. McCoy.
-1-7-4 Thomas McCoy.
-1-9-1 John C. Wells b Nov 23, 1821 d Aug 15 1823.
-1-9-2 John C. Wells b Nov 08, 1823 m Elizabeth Jane Horn Sep 10 1851.
-1-9-3 Maria Wells b Sep 12, 1825 ma Samuel S. Russell Nov 4 1846.
-1-9-4 Friend Wells b Sep 01, 1827 m Martha Wingard Thistle.
-1-9-5 Barney Wells b Oct 22, 1829 d Feb 21, 188 m Frances Rebecca Cox Dec 11 1860.
-1-9-6 Ephraim Wells b Nov 6, 1831 d Sep 15, 191 m Elizabeth R. Paden Nove 28 1872.
-1-9-7 Wylie Wells b Nov 18, 1833 d May 10, 1866.
-1-9-8 Dorinda Talbot Wells b Feb 16, 1836 d Apr 18, 1897 m Sampson Thistle Jr Dec 15 1858.
-1-9-9 Amanda Wells b May 27, 1838 d May 3, 1862.
-1-9-10 Christopher Neff Wells b Jun 23, 1840.
-1-9-11 Martha Thistle Wells b Jun 24, 1843 Mar 29, 1935.
-1-9-12 Temperance N. Wells b May 24, 1845 d Sep 13, 1915.
-1-11-1 Samuel S. Russel.
-1-11-2 Charles W. Russel.
-1-12-1 William S. Russell.
-1-12-2 Frances Russell
-1-14-1 Joseph P Newson
-1-14-2 Nellie Newson
-1-14-3 Jacob Preston Newson
-1-14-4 Sarah Newson b 5 Feb 1818 Washington MD
-1-14-5 John Newson
-1-14-6 Louisa Newsonb c 1821 Washington MD d 1907 Morrow OH m James Madison Talmage
-1-14-7 Lucyer Newson
-1-14-8 Joseph T Newson b 11 Feb 1826 Marion OH
-1-14-9 Henry Friend Newson b 27 Oct 1829 OH
-1-14-10 Abraham Bigelo Newson b 16 Feb 1832 Gilead Morrow Co OH d 12 Jun 1925
-1-14-11 Eleanor Friend Newson b 13 Sep 1834 OH
-1-14-12 Rachel Newson b 27 Mar 1837 OH
-1-14-13 Lucy Ann Newson b 27 Mar 1840 Marion OH
-3-1-1 John Valentine Prather b 1827
-3-1-2 Elbert Campbell Prather b 1831 m Mary ?Prather
-3-1-3 Mary Prather b 1833 m Thomas C Good
-3-1-4 Samuel N. Prather b 1836
-3-1-5 George Mendel Prather b 1840

-1-14-6-1 Elma Frances Talmage b 1853 OH d 1933 m Berwick Adams Barton
-3-1-2-1 John Valentine Prather Jr b 1855
-3-1-2-2 Elizabeth Prather b 6 Dec 1857
-3-1-2-3 James Cochraine Prather b 1 Jan 1864
-3-1-2-4 Mary A Prather b 1868
-3-1-3-1 Elizabeth Good
-3-1-3-2 Pinkie Good
-3-1-3-3 Celia Good
-3-1-3-4 John Ulysses Good
-3-1-3-5 Charles K. Good
-3-1-5-1 Samuel E. Prather
-3-1-5-2 Charles F. Prather
-3-1-5-3 John Prather
-3-1-5-4 Harry G. Prather
-3-1-5-5 Emiral K. Prather
-3-1-5-6 Elbert W. Prather
-3-1-5-7 Andrew N. Prather

-1-14-6-1-1 James Madison Barton b 1878 OH d 1950
-1-14-6-1-2 Frank Elzy Barton b Jun 1879 OH
-1-14-6-1-3 Anna Louise Barton b Jun 1881 OH
-1-14-6-1-4 Helen Mary Barton b Mar 1883 OH
-1-14-6-1-5 Charles Robert Barton b 12 May 1886 OH d May 1973 Butler PA m1 Etta Claire Phillips b 128 Oct 1886 McKean PA + 8 ch dau of Elliott H Phillips and Rebecca Jane Walker m2 Ruth x
-1-14-6-1-6 Joseph Talmage Barton b Jan 1889 OH
-1-14-6-1-7 Alice Gertrude Barton b May 1891 OH
-1-14-6-1-8 Esther Barton b Feb 1893 OH d 1969
Pr6-5 Eleanor Prather b 15 MAR 1733/34 in Prince George's Co m about 1758 Jacob Friend b 18 SEP 1738 in Cecil Co
Pr6-6 Elizabeth Prather b 10 JAN 1742/43 in All Saints Parish, Frederick, Prince George's Co
? Jonathan Prather b 1728 in Prince George Co., MD d 1772 in Bedford Co VA m1 Elizabeth Cresap Abt. 1748 in Frederick Co MD dau of Thomas Cresap and Hannah Johnson (wife also identified as Elizabeth Collier).
-1 Nehemiah Prather b 1749 in Md d in Floyd Co KY.
-2 Jonathan "John" Prather, born Abt. 1750 in Md d 1795 in Russell Co., VA.
-3 Thomas Prather b Abt. 1750 in Md d 1835 in Washington Co PA m Martha Wyatt.
-4 William Thomas Prather b c 1755 d 1813 Bath Ky m1 Martha + 3 ch m2 Elizabeth Fugate + 1 ch dau of Josiah Fugate and Elizabeth Smothers
-5 Glatha Prather b 1750-1759 in Md.
-6 Archibald Prather b 1754 in MD/VA d August 1831 in Magoffin Co KY m Sarah Fugate.
-7 Nancy Elizabeth Prather b Abt. 1765 in Frederick Co Md d Aft. 1830 in Washington Co PA m John D Cooper Sr. 1779 in Virginia.

-4-1 William Prather
-4-2 Benjamin Franklin Prather b 29 Apr 1772 Lynchburg VA d 30 May 1851 Loudon Co TN m Nancy Elizabeth x b 1777 Dalton GA d 3 Mar 1823
-4-3 John Prather
-4-4 Obedience "Biddy" Frances Prater b 1794 Russell Co VA d 1858 Floyd Co KY m William B Prater

-4-2-1 Sam Prater b 14 Oct 1800 m Isabella Prater b 6 Jun 1801 d 16 Feb 1832 Loudon Co TN
-4-2-2 Thomas Prater
-4-2-3 Betsoe S. Prater
-4-2-4 Gep Washington Prather
-4-2-5 William Prater
-4-2-6 Clearicy Prather b 1811 m Josiah Johnston
-4-2-7 Lutica Prather b 1816 m1 Lewis A Powell m2 Josiah Findly Danforth
-4-4-1 Mary "Polly" Prather b m y Richardson
-4-4-2 Adam Prater
-4-4-3 Elias Prater
-4-4-4 Newman Prater
-4-4-5 Jonathan Prater
-4-4-6 Eva Prather b Handshoe
-4-4-7 Samuel Prater
-4-2-1-1 James B. Prather
-4-2-1-2 Benjamin Franklin Prather
-4-2-1-3 Hugh G. Prather
-4-2-1-4 Elizabeth Jane Prather
-4-2-1-5 Nancy Ann Prather
-4-2-1-6 Isabella M. Prather
-4-2-1-7 Alexander Lafayette Prather
-4-2-6-1 Nancy Prater Johnston m Snead
-4-2-6-2 Loutitia Johnston m Wright
-4-2-6-3 Sophronia Johnston m Bacome
-4-2-6-4 Elizabeth Caledonia Johnston m Peake
-4-2-6-5 Clarissa Josephine Johnston m Lackey
-4-2-6-6 Susan E. Johnston
-4-2-7-1 Sarah Roan Danforth
-4-2-7-2 Benjamin P. Danforth
-4-2-7-3 William Danforth
-4-2-7-4 Mary Roan McKerall
-4-2-7-5 James Findley Danforth
-4-2-7-6 Alexander Fremont Danforth
-4-2-7-7 Josiah Greenlief Danforth
by 3nd wife, Jeanette ?Smiley
Pr6-8 William Prather b 1769
Pr6 Thomas Smiley Prather III b 1770 Frederick Co Md.

m 12 Feb 1800 in Jefferson Co Ky to Matilda Fontaine Fo6b 18 Sep 1782 in Va dau of Col Aaron Fontaine (Fo7) of Virginia and Kentucky, and Barbara Terrell Te7
Pr5-1 James Smiley Prather b 15 Mar 1801 d 14 Feb 1860 in Louisville m1 Elizabeth Carey dau of Robert Carey and Ann m2 Louisa Winifred Martin 16 MAR 1804 d 4 SEP 1890 Louisville
Pr5-2 William Prather b 8/9 FEB 1804 in Louisville d 27 Aug 1876 in Louisville bur Cave Hill Cem m 1 DEC 1835 Penelope E. Pope b ABT 1815 in Louisville Ky dau of Alexander Pope Po7 b ABT 1772 in Va and Martha Minor Fontaine b 14 MAR 1785 in Va d 18 Mar 1848 Louisville bur Cave Hill Cem
Pr5-3 Mary Jane Prather 11 Aug 1809 d 7 Oct 1883 in Louisville m1 Dr. Charles M. Way b 25 Dec 1800 d 8 Apr 1873 in Louisville, m2 Worden Pope Churchill b 16 JUN 1804 in Louisville Ky d 3 JUL 1830 in Louisville son of Goldsborough Robinson b 8 FEB 1819 and Frances Ann Lee b 30 JUN 1816 in Va
Pr5 Pr5 Matilda Prather b 1811 – 1847 m 1829, Louisville Ky Judge Samuel Smith Nicholas
Pr5-5 Maria Julia Prather b 16 May 1814 in Louisville d 13 Feb 1840 in Louisville bur Cave Hill m 10 Oct 1832 Henry Clay Jr. born in 1811 d 22 Feb 1847 in Battle of Buena Vista, Mexico
Pr5-6 Catherine Cornelia Prather b 28 Sep 1816 d 28 Sep 1844 in Louisville bur Cave Hill m on 2 Mar 1841 Edward P. Humphrey in Louisville b 28 Jan 1809 d 9 Dec 1887 in Louisville he m2 Martha Ann Pope
Pr5-1-1 Mary Prather b about 1830 m George Robinson Hunt
Pr5-1-2 Blanche Prather b about 1832 m Edward Mitchell
Pr5-2-1 Kate Prather m Orville Winston.
Pr5-2-2 Sue Prather m John Zanone.
Pr5-2-3 Matilda 'Maddie' Prather b 22 NOV 1843 in Louisville d 5 Dec 1894 in Louisville m Goldsborough Robinson b 25 MAR 1845 in Louisville
Pr5-2-4 Julia Clay Prather b 27 Feb 1838 in Louisville d 18 Jan 1866 in Louisville
Pr5-2-5 Martha Pope Prather was born on 7 May 1844 in Louisville d 10 Feb 1850 in Louisville
Pr5-2-6 Penelope "Eppie" Prather b 1849 in Louisville d 1926 in Louisville
Pr5-2-7 Margaret Prather b 1849 in Louisville KY d in 1919 in Louisville KY m John Luse.
Pr5-2-8 Maria Prather b 19 Feb 1846 in Louisville d 21 Nov 1847 in Louisville
Pr5-3-1 W. H. Way was born on 29 Jun 1838 d 11 Feb 1883 in Louisville
Pr5-3-2 Worden P. Churchill Jr. b 27 Jan 1830 in Louisville d 6 Apr 1916 in Louisville
Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas b 1830 m y Graves
Ni4 George Nicholas (1831-1896) m1 Emma Hawes, m2 Mary Anna Pope
Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870)
Ni4-4 Matilda Nicho1as (1835-1921) m Hon P Barrett of Mo.
Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (1839-1907) m Maj. James Johnson, C.S.A.
Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) m Thomas
Ni4-8 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1844- ?) m Mary Carter d 6 Feb 1874 Louisville
Pr5-5-1 Henry Clay III b 20 Jul 1833 d 5 Jun 1862 in Louisville of Typhoid Fever.
Pr5-5-2 Matilda Clay b 30 Jan 1835 d Bordeaux, FRA.
Pr5-5-3 Martha Clay b about 1836.
Pr5-5-4 Anne Clay b 14 Feb 1837.
Pr5-5-5 Thomas Julian Clay b 30 Jan 1840 Major in CSA d 12 Oct 1863 in Atlanta, GA (Typhoid fever).
Pr5-6-1 E. W. C. Humphrey.
Pr5-6-2 Adies Humphrey b 28 Jan 1842 in Louisville d 21 Nov 1843 in Louisville
Ni3-1 Emma Juliet Nicholas b 1854 d 1896 m John Churchill
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas (16 March 1862- 14 April 1864
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas b 7 Sept 1863 d 8 Sept.1863
Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas (20 Nov. 1864- 6 June 1942) married 7 Oct. 1891 Lulu Allen Cherry and had issue.
Ni3-5 George Nicholas b 10 Nov 1866 d 21 March 1926) m 15 July 1896 Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based. They had 3 sons and a daughter.
Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas b 16 June 1868 d 13 June 1935 in Camrose Alta, Canada, bur. in Edna Texas, attended the Sorbonne in Paris
Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas (17 Dec. 1869- June 1941) m 30 Sept. 1897 Mary Willis Middleton
Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (4 March 1872- 30 Sept. 1942) married 29 Dec. 1897 Deborah Shannon
Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas b 19 March 1874 dsp June 1942 Edna Texas
Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas b 28 April 1876 d 2 Dec. 1897 of football injury
Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas (15 May 1878- June 1954 ) m 20 June 1906 , mayor of Shelbyville, Ky. son of Thomas Pope Bland.
Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas b 11 Feb. 1880 d 30 Dec. 1915 Taught at the University of Chicago, d of brain tumor
Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1 July 1881- 29 May 1927 in Edna, Texas)
Pr5-6-1-1 Edward P. Humphrey
Pr5-6-1-2 Lewis C. Humphrey
Pr5-6-1-3 Herman Humphrey
Ni3-1-1 John Churchill Jr. d 8 Dec. 1944 m1 Lucy Jones, m1 Ardath … Shel m2 Paul Hays alive in 1948
Ni3-4-1 Mary Elizabeth Nicholas, b. 4 Sept. 1892
Ni3-4-2 Margaret Nicholas, b. 21 Oct. 1893, married y Longfield
Ni3-4-3 George Nicholas, b.10 Jan. 1895, d. 10 July 1895
Ni3-4-4 Catherine Nicholas; B 10 June 1897, unmarried and living in near the Univ.of Chicago in 1950
Ni3-4-5 Esther Nicholas, b. Friday 11 Nov. 1898 at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, unmarried and living in near the Univ.of Chicago in 1950
Ni3-4-6 Curran Pope Nicholas, b. Nov. at Mt. Pleasant Iowa
Ni3-4-7 Philip Norborn Nicholas, b. 10 Oct. 1900 in Shelbyville
Ni3-5-1 George Nicholas V (1897-1927).
Ni3-5-2 Henry Thompson Nicholas (1898-1975).
Ni3-5-3 Philip Norborne Nicholas (1900-1957).
Ni3-5-4 Charles Parsons Nicholas (15 Sept. 1903 - 197?)
Ni3-5-5 Patricia Pope Nicholas (1917-1981).
Ni3-8-1 John Shannon Nicholas, 18 Dec. 1899
Ni3-8-2 Katherine Prather Nicholas, b. 27 Nov. 1901
Bl2 Anna Pope Bland, b 26 June 1908, d 15 Feb. 1970, m Dr. Eustace G. Hester.
Bl2-2 Levicy Jane Bland, b. 28 Aug. 1910 d. unmarried March 1985
Ni3-4-2-1 John Nicholas Longfield
Ni3-4-2-2 Charles Hines Longfield
Ni3-4-2-3 Harriet Ann Longfield m y Pitman
Ni3-4-2-4 William Longfield m Beverly x
Ni3-4-4-1 Catherine F. Lauder unm
Ni3-4-4-2 Cherry Lauder m y McIlvain
Ni3-4-4-3 Louise Lauder m y Roos
Ni3-4-6-1 David C. Nicholas
Ni3-5-2-1 Henry Thompson Nicholas II
Ni3-5-2-2 George Nicholas VI m1 Nancy m2 Jeanette
Ni3-5-2-3 Elizabeth V. Nicholas m y Padin
Ni3-5-4-1 Frances Young Nicholas m1 y Lee m2 y Fassett
Ni3-5-5-3 Barbara Veatch m y LaVogue
Ni3-5-3-1 Martha Nicholas m y Selden
Ni3-5-3-2 Barbara Terrell Nicholas m y Potts
Ni3-5-3-3 Philip N. Nicholas Jr
Ni3-7-1-1 Mary Anne Goodson Rogers m y Brown
Ni3-7-1-2 Edward Pope Goodson
Ni3-7-1-3 Laura Elizabeth Goodson m y?
Ni3-7-1-4 Kenton Craig Goodson
Ni3-7-1-5 Melanie Mgoodson m Middleton
Ni3-7-2-1 Carol Jane Nicholas m y Hayes
Ni3-7-2-2 Linda Lou Nicholas
Ni3-7-2-3 Mary Pope Nicholas d y
Ni3-8-1-1 Thomas Prather Nicholas II d m Anne R.
He1-1 Thomas Eugene Hester, B.S. d 2010
He1-2 William Griffith Hester, Dr.jur.
He1-3 George Nicholas Hester
He1-1 Jane Ann Hester
Pr7-4 JOHN SMITH PRATHER b about 1705 Prince George's Co Md d 3 Sep 1763, Bladensburg, Prince George's Co MD m Feb 17, 1724/25 Elizabeth Nuthall dau of John Nuthall and Eleanor Sprigg. -1 Martha Prather b 1730 Md m James Odell b 1726 Md son of Thomas Odell and Elizabeth Beall
-2 Josiah Prather b 21 Dec 1727 in Queen Annes Parish, Pr Geo Co m 1745 Frederick Co ?Jane Deakins b 1730 Frederick MD d 1754
-1-1 Martha Odell m Joseph Jeans
-1-2 x Odell m Thomas Duckett b 24 Nov 1744 Pr Geo Co MD d 4 Nov 1824 Newberry SC
-2-1 John Smith Prather b April 5, 1753 in Frederick, Md d 4 May 1797 Montgomery MD m 6 Jan 1775 in Christ Curch alexandria VA Jane Deakins?
-1-1-1 John C P Jeans b 22 Apr 1777 Hampshire Va d 8 Jun 1843 Laurens SC m Margaret Duncan =?? b 8 Jun 1778 SC d 18 Jul 1833 ancestors of Vickie Lynn Vaughn, author's DNA match
-1-2-1 James Odell Duckett b 10 Mar 1767 Frederick MD d 16 Oct 1806 Laurens SC m Sarah Dora Whitmore
-1-2-2 Martha Odell Duckett b 9 Mar 1771 Frederick Co MD e11 Jul 1841 Lauderdale AL m Levi Fowler
-2-1-1 Rev Leonard Deakins Prather b February 15, 1776 in Montgomery MD m 11 Feb 1799 Caswell Co NC Frances Elizabeth Williamson b 1 Nov 1775 in Caswell, NC d 14 Jun 1867 Memphis TN dau of Nathan Williamson b 14 Feb Fairfax VA d 23 Jan 1832 Caswell NC and Sarah Swift (dau of William Swift and Frances Waddy)

-1-2-1-1 John Duckett b 11 Nov 1794 Laurens SC d 18 Oct 1856 Lauderdale AL m Nancy Elizabeth Fowler
-1-2-2-1 Nancy Elizabeth Fowler b 8 1794 Newberry SC d 17 May 1862 Lauderdale AL m John Duckett
-2-1-1-1 Robert Richardson Prather b February 26, 1800 in Caswell, NC d 4 Mar 1881 Guilford m 28 Aug 1826 Guilford NC Frances Lambeth b 9 Dec 1805 in Guilford, NC dau of Josiah Lambeth and Elizabeth Loftin

-1-2-1-1-1 = -1-2-2-1-1 Martha Duckett b 1818 Lauderdale AL m John Young and had James Hosea Young b 18 Nov 1838 Florence AL m Sarah Ellen Shelby b 28 Sep 1840 Hardin TN d 28 Jan 1900 Des Arc Prairie AR dau of Eli G Shelby b c 1793 Mecklenberg NC d 26 Nov 1854 Hardin TN m Rebecca White b 25 Nov 1800 ancestors of Ralph McLain, author's DNA match
-2-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Prather b 1831 in NC d 1880 NC m Charles R Case b 2 Nov 1834 Guilford d there 27 Apr 1920son of Charles Case and Martha Highfill he m2 Julina Wooters
Pr7-5 RACHEL PRATHER b Oct 1706, Prince George's Co Md d 1763
Pr7-6 AARON PRATHER, b Oct 10 1710, Prince George's Co MD d Bef. Mar 7 1777 Rockville, Montgomery Co MD
m MARY JANE Prather, Oct 10 1736, All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co Md, and had issue see above
Pr7-7 Philip Prather b 1708
Pr7-8 Mary Prather b 1701 in Prince George, MD d 1734
m 1722 Thomas Stockett b 1700 (The data gathered on the Spriggs show a 200 year long line of Stocketts by the first name of Thomas, a marriage to one of these b 1767 to Mary Sprigg d 1693 but two sons by the name of Thomas b 1690 and one later, although the former lived to have descendants, while data gathered on the Stocketts shows this marriage of Thomas b 1767 and her death as recorded by Sprigg but a second marriage of Thomas to Damaris Welch in Anne Arundel Co MD, 9 Apr 1700, so this Thomas seems to be the son of the second marriage.)
-1 Susanna Stockett
Pr7-9 Elizabeth Prather b 1698
Pr7-10 Anne Prather b c 1698
Pr8-6 John Prather b 1676 Calvert Co MD d 1718
m1 Catherine Brasshear
m2 1703 Catherine Swearingen b c 1683 Calvert Co + 7 ch dau Garrett van Swearingen and Mary Smith

?possibly the same as
m?3 Elizabeth Clagett dau of Thomas Clagett b1644 St Leonards Eastcheap London d 25 Jul 1703 Design Calvert Co Md and Mary Nutley

-1 Elizabeth Prater b c 1703
-2 Mary Prater b 28 Sep 1705 Qu Anne Parish Pr Geo Co
-3 John Prater II b 28 Feb 1707 Qu Anne P
-4 Lucy Prater b 29 May 1710 Calvert Co
-5 Eliza Prater b c 1712 Calvert Co
-6 Edward Prater b c 1714 Qu Anne P d by 1747
-8 Jonathan Prather b about 1695 Calvert Co Md m Jane Mullikin s.a.
-8-1 Jonathan Prather b 1728 Pr Geo Co Md m Catherine Reece b about 1725 Bedford Co Va

-8??-1-1-1 (s.a. Pr7) William Thomas Prather b 1748 Bedford VA m Martha Wyatt b about 1752 Bedford Co Va
-8-1-1-1 Benjamin Franklin Prather b 30 Apr 1772 Lynchburg Va d 30 May 1851 Lenior City Roane TN m Lane
-8-1-1-1-1 Samuel Prather b 16 Oct 1800 Roane Co TN m Isabella Blair
-8-1-1-1-1-1 Lulu Irene Prather m Henry H Dickerson ancestors of Thomas Wayne Dickerson, author's DNA match.
Pr8-7 Elizbeth Prather b 1678 Calvert Co
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Thomas was the founder of more than 90% of the Prater / Prather family lines in America today. The other 10% were founded by other members of his family that came here at a later time. Most other branches continued with the spelling Prater here in America, while the lines from Thomas have been found to use the spellings Prather / Prater / Prator / Praytor / Prayter / Prayther / Pratter / Prader / Preater / Praeter / Praetor.
Most of these spelling variations occurred during the early establishment of and settlement of territories in Colonial times, or shortly after the Revolutionary War. The spelling variations came about mainly as a result of poor levels of education of clerks, census takers, and the public in general.
Thomas Prater was only 18 years old when he came to the Colonies. It must have been a major adventure for such a young man born and raised on a manorial estate in Northern Wiltshire to board a ship to a new land. He must have experienced many hardships.
He came on board the ship Marie Providence which landed at Elizabeth Citties, Virginia (near what is now Newport News). His name is recorded in various spellings (Prater, Prether, Prator, Prather), but Prather is used more often in the Colonies, while Prater was used in England. He came to the Colonies in 1622 from the Latton / Eaton Water Estates, on the Cricklade, Wiltshire, England. Thomas was one of three brothers who came to the Colonies between 1620 and 1623.
Prather Origins:

In earlier times when the Romans controlled central England and most of the settled world, there was a group of elite military men that were appointed to supply security for the Emperor of Rome. These men were known as the Praetorian Guard. These were not only elite military men, but were also highly educated and powerful men within the Empire, who benefited from the feudal system that the Emperor controlled. Later in history these people began to control the various areas of the world that had been conquered by the Romans and a "title" of "The Praetorian" began to evolve. This person held a powerful political position that secured control of these areas by other than military means. This held the military in check and allowed for a dual military and politically controlled local government. The Praetorian held the powers of a Magistrate, Judiciary, Tax Collector, Military Paymaster and Governor, all at one time. A Praetorian generally came up though the ranks in the military and was appointed by the preceding Praetorian. It was common practice for a Praetorian to appoint his son to succeed him. He could control his sons rise though the military to insure his success.
As the Roman Empire began to diminish, the role of the Praetorian began to diminish. The Praetorians began to insure their power by aligning themselves with the new and prevailing power of the Church. As time passed the position of the Praetorian was changed and other titles began to evolve.
The name Prater was the Anglican version of the Latin word Presbyter, Prater, The Elder and Praetor. Praetorian was a class of people of early Roman times who were Magistrates, Trusties, and Learned Men whose position was usually inherited and passed down in the family. It is believed that a descendant of this class was attached to the Norman and English Crowns and held their power though their connection with the Roman Catholic Church. Our Prater family is believed to have descended from this class of people. The Praters of England held such positions of power through out the country, both of the Crown and Church.

A Presbyter was a highly educated noble that held power through the Catholic Church, which was the predominate Christian religion during this period in history. The Presbyter was an "Elder" in the church who managed the vast church properties and worked very closely with the prevailing monarchy, very similar to the Praetor in the earlier Roman Empire. No King could hope to maintain his power in a Christian country without the blessing of the church. They also knew of the great power of the church and often used it to their advantage. Thus the Presbyter was also considered a powerful figure by the King. Because a Presbyter held such a powerful position in the church and was its representative, in many cases he was also considered a priest. we can not consider these men as we might consider the monks of this period. But they were instead men of noble families that held their position in the church for political means. It is true that most of them were very firm in their religious conviction, but they were primarily military and politically oriented.
Presbyter is a Latin name, while its Anglicized name is "The Elder", "Prester" "Prater". "Praitellius", "Pretor" and "de Priers". (note the similarity of the spelling of the names Praetor, Priers, Prater) Of course these names and their meanings evolved in time. Presbyter is still considered as meaning "the elder", while Prester is considered as a variation of priest. Prater and Praitellius on the other hand evolved as meaning a Reeve (an official) and later in some areas became known as meaning "speaker". while today’s translation is "a person who babbles". In Dutch it evolved as meaning a field. (From the "Prater" park in Austria.) When researching we must remember that words and names evolve, just as they do today, and their usage or meanings change with time and society.
We are not certain where our ancestor was born or where he died but we do know that he was a Presbyter who was probably already established in Wales before the Norman Conquest. We know that he had ties with Norman Lords because of the properties his sons gained as "spoils" in the Conquest. Rienbald de Presbyter (Prater) was named Chancellor of England in 1066, so we can assume this family was very well connected with the Norman Nobility. I think that he was very closely connected to Gerald of Windsor and other Welch Princes who also had Norman blood lines.
The Prater family can be found in various parts of the world today. In about the 1290's a Bishop, who was a Prater of the family in England, was part of an emissary group sent to Austria by the Crown of England to create an alignment with the Austrian Crown to defend against France. This Bishop (Prater) was given control of church property in Vienna, Austria. This property adjoined the property surrounding the royal estate and Palace of the King of Austria. In the early 1300's a section of the property held by the Prater was given to the royal family as a hunting reserve. It was called "The Prater" out of respect for the Bishop. By the 1700's this 10 square Kilometer area known as "The Prater" was hunted out and the royal family opened it to the public as a park.
Adjoining the Prater Park was another area which was a meadow that sat very close to the royal palace where groups of minstrel shows would be held to entertain the Royal Family and other nobility of Austria. Today this meadow contains one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. "Prater Park". The Bishop (Prater) of Vienna had descendants (many of the Bishops of this period in history did not practice celibacy) who can be found in Austria, Denmark, Czechoslovakia and one branch is even in Australia. One of the branches from this Bishop established the village of Pretor near Bitola and Lake Magli Prespa in Czechoslovakia.
Another branch can be found in Denmark and descendants of this branch also migrated to Australia during World War II. The branch in Australia has changed the spelling from Prater to Prather as a result of the war. The Prater that founded the branch in Australia was working in a farm equipment plant in Austria during the outbreak of World War II and when the Germans took Austria the plant was converted to manufacturing war equipment. Mr. Prater was caught while trying to return to his family in Denmark and placed in a prison camp. After several months he and a friend escaped. He knew he could not return home without getting caught so he decided to go where they least expected, to his former employer in Austria. He was taken to his employer’s farm and hidden in the root cellar until false papers could be made and he could regain some weight and not look suspicious. He then was put to work in the plant where he remained until the allied forces pushed the Germans out. Mr. Prater then went to the American Army to enlist and he was refused because he worked in the plant for the Germans. He then went to the Canadian Army and enlisted as Prather. He was shortly shipped to Australia where he lives today.
He later brought his brother and sisters, from Denmark to Australia, to live with him. Another branch of the family migrated to Australia from England in the early 1800's. This family line descends from Richard Prater of Nunney Castle (died 1580). They continue to spell their name Prater. In Gary Benton Prather’s research of the Prater / Prather / Praytor / Prator / Preator families in America he has found: One branch that came here from Czechoslovakia (Prater - they came here about 1940). Two branches that came here from England via Canada. (Prater - they came here and settled in Montana in the late 1800's) ALL other branches of the families in America have been found to have descended from Thomas Prater (Prather) who came here in 1622 from England. The Prater family is believed to have descended from Welch Princes and Norman Marcher Barons who possibly descended from Roman Nobility.
Research by: Gary Benton Prather
Prather Family History:
Brice R. Prather's 19th great grandfather, Williamus John Prater (aka Guilliumus Johonnie de Priers) was a Shire Reeve under the Prince of Powys. The position of Reeve, in those days, was a most important title. A Reeve was very much like the combination of what we know today as Governor, Magistrate, Justice, Tax Collector/Assessor all rolled into one position. He may have also been a "Baron" of Powis. The position and word SHERIFF used today comes, from the words Shire Reeve. A shire is the English term for County but the position of Shire Reeve in those days was much more powerful than that of today’s County Sheriff.
Williamus married a descendant of the Prince of Powys thus we can see how important his social and political standing must have been. Only nobles of the highest stature could marry into a royal house.
Brockwell Yscitheor, the "Prince of Powys" had another descendant who married Hugh Delamere (also spelled Delamare / DeMara) who was a descendant of Norman Delamere of Normandy, whose Castle was De la Mere (Castle of The Lake) built in the early 900's on the edge of a lake in Normandy. These Delamares were the ancestors of Brice R. Prather's maternal 18th great grandmother, Gladys De La Mere or Delamare. Sir Johonnie Delamare built Nunney Castle at Nunney, Somersetshire, England in 1373. This Castle went to his heirs and later went to the Paulet family by marriage. Brice R. Prather's 9th great grandfather, George Prater, purchased it from his cousins the Paulets in a tax transaction and exchange from his father, Brice's 10th great grandfather, Gentleman John Prater, Esq. of Inglesham Manor’s estate.
George Prater, Esquire conducted business there but his son and heir, Richard Prater, Brice R. Prather's 8th great granduncle, was the first Prater to live in Nunney Castle. Richard’s tomb and statue effigy is in the church at Nunney. Richard was the older brother of Brice R. Prather's 8th great grandfather, Gentleman Anthony Thomas Prater. Anthony was Trustee of the Castle and estates when his brother, Richard, died in 1580.
The family connection with the De la Mere family and Brockwell Yscitheor is proven by our family coat-of-Arms. Example: In the lower section of our family coat-of-Arms is 3 wolf heads erased, Silver in color with the background of the shield in sable (black). This was the Coat-of-Arms of Brockwell Yscitheor, the Prince of Powys. Because of the "exacting" rules governing heraldry we know that the lower portion of a shield "in Chief" as it is called is an indication that the wives family coat-of-arms is ALWAYS in the lower 2/3's of the shield. Thus Guilliumus Prater married a female descendant, of direct au session, of Brockwell Yscitheor! A daughter, granddaughter or great granddaughter.
Guilliumus Prater came with William the conqueror, Duke of Normandy in 1066. He had connections with Gerald of Windsor (Pembroke Castle) & (Carew Castle). It is believed that he was a noble that served under William the Conqueror in the Welch Kingdom of Powis (Powys). It is certain that he married the descendant of the Prince of Powis. His descendants married a Carew (of Carew Castle), and into other Nobility. Carew Castle was built by Gerald of Windsor in 1109, and his heir took the name.
Yscitheor, Princess of Powys (Powis), Wales:
Yscitheor, an old Welch/Gaelic name from which the Lords of Powys used in early history 800-1100's later became De La Pole ("of the Poole"). They lived at a Castle in the Kingdom of Powys. Powys was located in central Wales and extended into several counties in Southwestern England.
Today the Castle in Montgomersyshire, Wales is called Powis. When it was first built in the 800's it was called Welchpoole because it was located at the edge of a lake, thus the name "poole" (the Welch Castle by the poole) The Yscitheor family that lived there later became known as de la Poole (of the Poole) and still later this name was shortened to De La Pole. This was a very powerful family that held many titles in the English Kingdom.
The King of Powys surrendered his kingdom to the Normans and the Norman King gave him the Lordship of their former kingdom to rule as a Principality, thus the Kings of Powys became the Princes of Powys and "held" it in Lordship for the King of England. Brockwell Yacitheor was one such "Prince of Powys". His Coat-of-Arms is 3 Silver Wolf Heads on a Black Shield. This Coat-of-Arms was made part of the Prater Coat-of-Arms which indicates that Brockwell's descendant was married to Brice R. Prather's 19th great grandfather, Guilliumus Johonnie Prater. We do not know the name of Brockwell’s descendant, but we know that by the laws of Heraldry in England that there is NO doubt that she was Brice R. Prather's 19th great grandmother, Yscitheor, Princess of Powys, Wales and lived in the early 10 or 1100's. The famous Princess Diana who was married to Prince Charles was also a Princess of Wales.
Yscitheor’s sister was married to a De La mere , who was a Baron and powerful lord, from which Sir John De La Mere descended. Sir John De La Mere (Delamare) built Nunney Castle in 1373. Brice R. Prather's 9th great grandfather, George Prater of Latton Manor died there in 1564. His son Richard Prater, Brice R. Prather's 8th great granduncle, owned and lived in Nunney Castle, Nunney, Somerset County. Richard Prater's tomb and statue effigy is in the church there.
Brockwell Yscitheor was named after one of his ancestors who was also a Prince of Powys. He was called Brockfiel (Brockwell) Yscythrog and he died in 662 A.D. His name Yscythrog is old Welch Gaelic, and means "Of The Tusk" because he wore a helmet with Horns.
Horns were called tusk in those days. He is best recorded in history for his acts against the Catholic Church in Rome and in favor of the Christian Church of Wales and his attempts to save St. David’s Cathedral which is located on the tip of South West Wales. The Old Monastery stands today, with tombs that date back to the 10th Century. The Catholic Church of Rome sent a Cardinal with his large number of attendant monks and soldiers of the Pope of England to investigate the rumor of a great Christian Church of Wales and to bring it under the control of the Roman Catholic Church of Rome. The Church in Wales was also a variation of the Catholic Church but refused to subjugate themselves to the laws and practices of the Roman Church.
The Roman Cardinal, angry, left and traveled with his group to North Wales where he asked for support from the King of North Wales.
The King was more than willing to help him, because he had been feuding with the Kings of the Southern Welch territories and Brockfeil in particular. This King took his army to South Wales to subjugate the Church of St. David. Brockfeil herd of their coming and met them with his army. Also joining him were 100 monks from St. David, who stayed in the rear to pray for his success. Brockfeil was out numbered 10 to one.
The King of North Wales attacked Brockfeil and killed all except Brockfeil and about 100 of his men. The Kings army even killed the 100 monks as they knelt in prayer. The King then went to St. David’s Church and burned the Monastery. What is so tragic about this is the fact that hundreds of years of records about the nobility and history of Wales were in its library. Upon hearing what had happened, the other Kings of South Wales came to the aid of Brockfeil and defeated the King of North Wales, but it was too late to save the Old Monastery of St. David’s Church. As a result of Brockfeils efforts he became known as the "Savior of Wales and Chosen of God". These events happen in 583 A.D. Brockfeil was a very young man when these events took place, he died in 662 A.D.
Brockwell Yscitheor, Prince of Powys, living in 1085 was descended from the brother of Brockfeil Yscythrog. The spelling of Yscitheor was a more modern Welch Gaelic variation of the spelling Yscythrog. (Ho is ther rog).
St. David’s Church was rebuilt and stands today, it is a beautiful old monastery, with many old tombs. Some of it is in ruins but the main church is still in use. It sets on the southern coastal tip of South Wales in the village of St. David’s.
The descendant daughters of Brockwell were Brice R. Prather's 18th (Gladys Delamare) and 19th (Yscitheor, Princess of Powys) great grandmothers. One married a Guilliumus Prater, Brice R. Prather’s 19th great grandfather, and the other married Hugh Delamare. A descendant of Hugh Delamere (Delamare) was Sir John Delamare of Nunney Castle, his daughter married William Prater, Brice R. Prather's 18th great grandfather, thus both Yscitheor daughters are in the Prater (Prather) line.
Richard Prater, Brice R. Prather's 8th great granduncle was an older brother to Anthony Prater, Brice R. Prather's 8th great grandfather. Anthony was made a trustee of the estates and Castle at Nunney until Richard's son was old enough to claim his right to inherit the estates (6 years later). This son was George Prater, Brice R. Prather's 1st cousin 9 times removed, whose tomb is also located in the church at Nunney Somerset. It was this George's son, that lost the Castle to Cromwell's forces during the Civil War of 1645 in England.
Research by: Gary Benton Prather
Brice R. Prather's 19th great granduncle, Reinbald de Presbyter (Prater or Prather) was the first Chancellor of England under King William in 1066. This Reinbald held the manor of Latton, Wiltshire near Eaton Water and many others across England, including Frome and Somerset which was located next to the Manor of Nunney. Nunney was later the sight that Sir John Delamere built his Nunney Castle. REINBALD THE PRIEST (REINBALD de PRESBYTER)--REINBALD PRATER, Chancellor (ref. The Dooms Day Survey, which consist of 800 hand written volumes, conducted by the Church in England between 1066 and 1086)
REINBALD de PRESBYTER (also listed as Prester / Prater) was a priest as well as Chancellor. During this period of history, most priest were born of noble families and were generally considered not to have the same religious conviction at a monk. The noble priest were hard fighting men, often with their own army. The noble priest of this period were found to have their position in the church for political reasons.
As an example, the position as the Pope in Rome was purchased (going to the highest bidder) during the 10th Century and earlier history. We also know that Reinbald gained his property (holdings) as a result of his exploits during the battles to secure England at the Conquest. The conquest of England by the Normans (and allied armies) began in 1066 and ended around 1086.
Reinbald held under Odo, the Bishop of Beck and half brother to King William. Odo also is listed in the Doomes Day Survey as holding one half of the Lordship of Eaton Water. All of Odo's holding were taken away from him by the King when he began to create problems with the Barons. Odo was banished to Normandy and all of his holdings were taken by the King. It is also noted that when Odo's holding were taken by the King that Eaton Water was held by "servants" of the King, this meaning that Eaton Water was held by a Noble family, faithful to the King.
The other half of the Lordship of Eaton Water was held by a noble family named Drews. It is very common for Manors in England to have several Lordships. An example is Nunney, Somerset: The Praters held one half the Lordship while the Maudleys held the other half in the late 1500's and early 1600's. To give you an example of the spelling variations found in the old records in England: Williamus Praters name was also spelled Wellelmus Pretor, Wellelmus Praepositus, Wellelmus Pratellius, and Wellelmus Presbyter.
It is believed that Reinbald de Presbyter (Prater / Prester / "The Elder") was probably the brother to Guilliums Prater of Eaton Water, Wiltshire, or he was, at least, a close relative. It is thought that Reinbald (also spelled Rainbold) was descended from Roman, Flemish, Welch, and Norman Nobles. His holding around Latton Manor, Wiltshire was inherited by the Earls of St. German and later came into the hands of Brice R. Prather's 9th great grandfather, George Prater of Latton Manor, Wiltshire County.
It is believed that George Prater was a Reeve of Nunney, Somerset and other Manors held by the Paulets (Poweletts) as well as Manors held by the Earls of St. German and Earls of Bolingbroke.
To continue with Williamus Prater:
Williamus was a Reeve in Lincolnshire. (Shire is a term meaning County) A Reeve is an official or "One who governors" for the established "Title Holder". The Title Holder is one who holds an area by the grace of the King. The Title Holder can be a Prince, Earl, Duke, Count, Viscount, Baron, etc. A Reeve didn't have to live in the county that he served, he could serve several Counties and/or Manors. Williamus Prater’s lands descended to his first born son, William.
The Delamares were married into other Prater allied families, Kingston, St. John, Paulets (Powellets), Powys, Ivys, Carew, Courtney, etc. The Delamare name is still very well known today in England. Brice R. Prather's 8th great grandfather, Anthony Prater of Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire was married to Judith Ivy, whose mother was a descendant of Delamare.
Anthony's brother Richard lived in Nunney Castle until his death in 1580 and his Prater heirs lived there until 1645, when Col. Richard Prater, Brice R. Prather's 2nd cousin 8 times removed, lost the Castle to Fairfax , the commander of Cromwell’s forces, in a battle that took place at Nunney. It was never lived in again. The Castle Nunney stands today but all of the floors have been removed or burned. Its Mote, walls, and towers are still in tact and its magnificent presents remain in the center of the Manorial village of Nunney, Somerset County, England.
Prater, Delamare, and Paulet tombs are in the church at Nunney. Sir John De La Mere inherited large estates from his kinsman Lord Bohn, the Earl of Hereford. (The Bohn heir was Mary Bohn who married King Henry III and then it was given to John De La Mere as tenant-in-chief of the Crown). He was also kinsman to the house of Clare, Earls of Gloucester/ Sir Thomas Hungerford / Sir John Bishopstrow, in Wiltshire / Lord Henry de Montfort / Lord Kingston, Earls of Kingsbourgh (Baron King in Ireland) and many others.
Williamus was the Prater that first registered his coat-of-arms sometime around the year 1086, stating that his manorial estate was Eaton Water in North Wiltshire County (now Eaton Hastings).
Richardus Prater, Brice R. Prather's 14th great grandfather, a bishop in the Catholic Church in England, was part of an emissary group sent to Austria to create an alignment with the Austrians to join the English against the French. The famous "Prater Park" in Vienna, Austria got its name from Richardus Prater.
Richardus Prater, a Bishop, was in charge of large tracks of church lands in Austria. To help create a greater "bond" between the church and the royal house of Austria, Richardus gave a 10 kilometer area to the royal family. This area was unlike most of the well hunted lands that the royal family and other noble families of Austria held. Because it belonged to the church, no one dare hunt on this land unless given permission and none was given, thus the area was heavily laden with wild game.
After receiving the land, the royal family used it as a hunting reserve but by the 17th century the game had been hunted out and the royal family opened it to the general public as a park. Today there is an amusement park located at one end of the park. This amusement park began in the 1700's as a place that was an encampment for those who came to entertain the royal family. It has evolved into a famous amusement park to entertain the public and is one of the largest and oldest amusement parks in Europe.
John Prater, like others in the history of the family, held a position in the judiciary. He may have been a Bailiff or Reeve, acting or "Holding" under Sir Anthony Kingston.
Research by: Gary Benton Prather
Gentleman John Prater, Esquire of Inglesham Manor, Brice R. Prather’s 10th great grandfather, owned several thousand acres, bordering three shires (or counties) including several manors. Some of these were Inglesham, Eaton Water, Hook, Stanton St. Bernard, Latton and properties in Nunney, Oxford, etc. The family controlled the woolen trade in that part of England. They owned all the major wool washing/processing centers as well as controlling major grazing and thousands of head of sheep. But they were titled gentlemen, not farmers. They held extremely powerful positions in the kingdom.
Praters (Prathers) still live in nearby Manors today at Eaton Water on the Cricklade, Wiltshire Co., England, but sadly they know little about their heritage.
Our First Prather American Immigrant:
Thomas Prater was born in Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England. When he was a young man, England was expanding its control and development of the Colonies in America. The King of England knew he could not hold control of his distant domain without the allegiance of his subjects that went there. So keeping with the feudal system, he offered property to those "born of gentry" that would go there to claim it. By doing this he knew that the younger children born to those who held power and/or property by the grace of the King in England would go to the Colonies to claim land for themselves. The younger children of "the gentry" of England generally had very little inheritance, due to the practice of giving the bulk of a father's property to the first born son in the family (along with any titles). Thus, the only way a younger son could gain title, position, or property was by marriage or by the grace of the King. This new offering of the King to give property to anyone born of gentry was well accepted by the young men of England who were looking to improve their chances for success and prosperity.
Thomas Prater, being born of gentry, was also enticed to come to America. He had relatives who had already made the long trip to America. John Powell was such a person. The name Powell is a variation of the name Powelett (also spelled Paulet) which was an allied family of the Praters for several generations in England (Nunney Castle was purchased from the Paulets by the Praters in the late 1500's; Paulets were cousins of the Praters). Also, the Paulets were intermarried with the Kingstons, Carews, Delamare, and Courtney families who also had marriages with the Prathers.
Thomas Prater, being under age, indentured himself to his cousin, John Powell, and gained passage to America where he worked with John Powell for five years before getting married to Mary (Powell of McKay ?) at which time he received his property in Virginia.
Thomas was the founder of more than 90% of the Prater / Prather family lines in America today. The other 10% were founded by other members of his family that came here at a later time. Most other branches continued with the spelling Prater here in America, while the lines from Thomas have been found to use the spellings Prather / Prater / Prator / Praytor / Prayter / Prayther / Pratter / Prader / Preater / Praeter / Praetor.
Most of these spelling variations occurred during the early establishment of and settlement of territories in Colonial times, or shortly after the Revolutionary War. The spelling variations came about mainly as a result of poor levels of education of clerks, census takers, and the public in general.
Thomas Prater was only 18 years old when he came to the Colonies. It must have been a major adventure for such a young man born and raised on a manorial estate in Northern Wiltshire to board a ship to a new land.
He must have experienced many hardships. It could be compared today with boarding a rocket ship to fly to a new settlement on the Moon.
He came on board the ship Marie Providence which landed at Elizabeth Citties, Virginia (near what is now Newport News). His name is recorded in various spellings (Prater, Prether, Prator, Prather), but Prather is used more often in the Colonies, while Prater was used in England. He came to the Colonies in 1622 from the Latton / Eaton Water Estates, on the Cricklade, Wiltshire, England. Thomas was one of three brothers who came to the Colonies between 1620 and 1623.
On Nov 18, 1660, there were an estimated 1200 settlers in Virginia, until March 22, 1621 when the Indians massacred 347 white settlers. Thomas arrived only a few months after this event. He is enumerated in a muster role ordered by King James I, which was conducted between Jan 20, 1624 and Feb 7, 1624. He was recorded at age 20 years, arriving at Elizabeth Citties, VA on the Ship Marie Providence in 1622.
The hardships he faced on his journey to the Colonies are something that we can not begin to imagine. In a diary found that was written by a ship passenger from England to America a full 110 years after Thomas Prater came, describes the journey this way:
"From England there was great delays, the ship waited either to be passed through customs or for favorable winds." "When we weighed anchor, the real misery began for the voyage from England to the Colonies." Unless they have good winds, ship must sail from eight to twelve weeks, before they reached the Colonial coast, even with the best wind, the voyage lasted for seven weeks. There was much disease on board brought on largely by poor food and lack of good drinking water and aggravated by frequent storms. Our misery reached the climax when one gale raged for three nights and days so that every one believed the ship would go to the bottom with all on board. As the gale raged so that the waves were like mountain tops one above the other, and often tumbled over the ship, one feared to go down. The ship constantly tossed from side to side from the storm and waves, so that we could hardly walk, or sit, or lie and the closely packed people in the berths thereby tumbled over each other, both the sick and the well. It will be readily understood that many of our people, none of whom had come prepared for such hardships, suffered so terribly that they did not survive...
He continued by reporting, "There were thirty two children who died on the ship during this journey." (The year; 1732)
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Thomas Prather
  Male   Family
 Death:  About 1694
  Spouse:  Thomas Mrs Prather  Family
  Marriage:  About 1625   , , England

Thomas Prather
  Male   Family
 Birth:  About 1604   Latton, , , England
  Spouse:  Thomas Mrs Prather  Family
  Marriage:  About 1627   <, Wiltshire, England>

  Male   Family
 Birth:  1606
  Father:  THOMAS PRATER  Family
  Spouse:  MRS THOMAS PRATHER  Family
  Marriage:  < 1627>   <St Mary'S,Chruch, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England>

Thomas Prather     Compact Disc #77     Pin #543516
 Sex: M
 Birth:  26 Dec 1604  Place:   Salisbury,Wiltshire,England
 Death:  abt 1664  Place:   Brookfield,Calvert County,Maryland
Father:  Thomas Prather     Disc #77     Pin #543548
Mother:  Margaret Quintyne     Disc #77     Pin #543549
 Spouse:  Mary Mc Kay     Disc #77     Pin #543517
  Marriage:  abt 1626  Place:  Wiltshire,England

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