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Wales 60 : Various early Welsh families
Llowarch Hwlbwrch ap Pyll ap Cynan §W§
1. Llowarch Goch
A. Pyll
i. Cynon
a. Meilir
1 Llewelyn
A Gruffydd
i Rhys - continued below
B. Llowarch Vychan
There seems to be much confusion within Griffith's Pedigrees on at least one of the lines of at least one of Llowarch Vychan's sons. p392 shows that, as well as one daughter Lleuki, there were 9 sons: Adda, Ieuan, Cadwgan 1st, Cynfrig Vychan, Dafydd, Cadwallon, Cahelyn, Madog & Cadwgan 2nd. However, noting the different ancestries given on different pages for "the Trygarn generation" identified below and on Ednyfed ap Hwlkin ap Bleddyn, it appears that there are or at least may be duplications between the descendants reported for Ieuan, one or both of the Cadwgans both of whom are shown on p392 as having a son called Ithel Lloyd, and Cynfrig Vychan. First we show the lines of the sons whose descendants seem reasonably clearcut although even so there is a possible duplication within the descendants of one of them then we attempt to work out what has to be sorted out see note @1@ below.
i. Adda
a. Delo
1 Llewelyn
A Dafydd
m Gwenhwyfer dau of Howel ap Ieuan ap John, sister of Dafydd of Anglesey
i Tudur of Llanystumdry
m1 Elizabeth dau of Ieuan ap Griffith ap Cwnws, of Anglesey
a William
m1 Jonet dau of Griffith ap Howel ap Griffith, of Saethon
1+ issue - Griffith, Robert, Hugh
m2 ?? dau of Robin ap John ap Meredydd, of Maesog
4 Evan
m Ellen dau of John ap Evan ap Griffith Wynn
A Richard Tudur rector of Llanystumdwy
B Thomas Tudur
m Catherine Williams
b Gwenhwyfer
m John ap Ifan ap Griffith Wynn
c Mallt
m Lewis ap Howel ap Rhys
d Elizabeth
m Griffith ap William ap Rhys
m2 Gwen dau of Rowland ap Rhys ap Jenkin Vychan, of Anglesey
e Ellen d unm
ii. Dafydd
a. Cynfrig
1 Llewelyn
A Griffith
i Griffith of Castellmarch
There is a cross-reference to p192 but that page shows no back-reference.
iii. Cadwalon
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Pedigree of Nicholas ap Ellis, Archdeacon of Anglesey, p91.
a. Cynfrig
1 Llewelyn
A Iorwerth see @2@ below
i Dafydd
m Morfydd dau of Gruffydd ap Evan ap Sir Gruffydd Lloyd ap Howel ap Gruffydd ap Ednyfed Vychan
a Ellis
m Mallt dau of Hwlkin ap Bleddyn ap Ieuan ap Cynfrig Vychan ap Cadwgan
1 Nicholas a 1474, Archdeacon of Anglesey, rector of Llangilian
m Gwenllian dau of Dafydd ap Evan ap Madog
A Hugh
i Margaret
m Thomas Lloyd of Llysdulas
ii Annes
m John ap Sir William ap Ieuan, of Trefeilir
B Morfydd
m Dafydd ap Robert ap Dafydd ap Gwilim ap Thomas ap Rhys ap Dafydd ap Rhys ap Ednyfed Vychan
i Catherine
m William ap Robert, of Castellmarch d 1562, Archdeacon of Merioneth
C Agnes Annes
m Rhys ap Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, of Bodewryd d 1500
iv. Cohelyn
a. Cyfnerth
1 Maelog Grwm
v. Madog
@1@ Returning to the issue referred to above, we are left with 4 sons as shown on p392 who, we think, may have been confused with each other: Ieuan, two Cadwgans, and Cynfrig Vychan. Ieuan is shown as father of Bleddyn Frych father of Hwlkin & Cynfrig. Cadwgan 1st is shown as father of Ithel Lloyd shown on pp276+317 as father of Cynfrig father of Cynfrig Vychan. Cynfrig Vychan is shown as father of Howel father of Iorwerth. Cadwgan 2nd is shown as father of Ifan father of Margaret & Ithel Lloyd father of Cynwrig + Einion + Bleddyn. We do not like the idea of second-guessing such an accomplished genealogist as Griffith so we restrict ourselves to trying to sort out clear discrepancies between different pages in his work and leave the remainder as he showed it, doing no more than drawing your attention to our concern that there may have been further confusion.
iv. Ieuan
The position of Ieuan shows both of the main confusions relating to the descendants of Llowarch Vychan: the one involving the ancestry of 'the 'Trygarn generation' see below and the one involving the ancestry of Ednyfed ap Hwlkin ap Bleddyn. On p392, Griffith shows Ieuan as father of Bleddyn Frych father by Ann, dau of Bell of:
1. Hwlkin, father of Ednyfed & Gruffydd
2. Cynfrig, father of Llewelyn & Richard Trygarn.
This seems to be the Evan Ieuan or Jenkin shown below as descended from the following Cadwgan.
vii. Cadwgan 1st of the name
a. Ithel Lloyd
p392 does not follow this line any further but shows that Ithel's descendants are given on pp276+317. The following comes from Griffith Trygar alias Trygarn p276 & Castelldeudraeth p317 & Plas Gwyn & Llwynogan p54 and from , Griffith Cromlech p88 & Cefn Coch p90, However, the latter omit Ithel Lloyd and show Cynfrig/Cynwrig, father of Evan/Jenkin, as son of Cadwgan whilst Griffith Brynddu, p32 omits Cadwgan as well as Ithel Lloyd, showing Cynwrig as father of Ieuan father of Bleddyn Frych.
1 Cynfrig or Cynwrig
A Cynfrig Vychan
Griffith's Pedigrees Cefn Llanfair & Madryn, p224 omits the above 2 generations and shows Cynwrig Vychan as son of Llowarch Vychan and as father of Ieuan father of Bleddyn Frych father of Cynwrig father of Richard Trygarn, Archdeacon Hugh Trygarn, Llewelyn, and others see just below, omitting the Llewelyn we show as their father.
i Evan Ieuan or Jenkin
a Bleddyn Frych
m Ann dau of _ Bell, Constable of Harlech
1 Cynfrig Cynwrig
m Eva dau of Rhys ap Ieuan ap Gruffydd ap Howel ap Meredydd ap Einion ap Gwgan ap Mewydd ap Collwyn ap Tangno identified on p224
A Llewelyn
Both p276 & p317 show Llewelyn as father of Richard Trygarn, Archdeacon Hugh Trygarn, Llewelyn, and others. That is the "Trygarn generation" referred to above. p54 shows only the archdeacon.
2 Hwlkin
A Ednyfed
m Mallt dau of Hwlkin ap Howel, of Presaddfed
B Grufydd
i Evan
a Dafydd
1 William of Gadlys
b Griffith
1 William
A Ellen
viii. Cynfrig Vychan
We suspect that this Cynfrig may have been confused with the one shown above. We think this partly because he is shown as Cynfrig Vychan 'vychan' means small and is often to mean 'the younger' though it can just mean that he was physically small rather than just Cynfrig and partly because of the contradiction on p224 referred to above. More tellingly, however, is the point that p392 shows this Cynfrig as father of Howel father of Iorwerth, ancestor of Annes who married Whys ap Llewelyn of Bodewryd, whose line is clearly the same as that of the Iorwerth shown above as son of Llewelyn ap Cywnrig.
a. Howel
1 Iorwerth see @2@ above
ix. Cadwgan 2nd of the name
It is rare but not unknown for 2 siblings to share the same name. We presume that Griffith knew that he had shown two Cadwgans in this generation and follow his lead. However, we note that both Cadwgans had a son called Ithel Lloyd and so are concerned that confusion between them was not unlikely.
a. Ithel Lloyd
1 Cynwrig
A Goronwy
i Howel of Llyfant in Llanefydd
m Morfydd dau of David Lloyd ap Heilyn Frych
a Evan
m Margaret dau of David ap Einion Vychan
1 David
m Elizabeth dau of David Lloyd ap Tudur
A John
m Jonet dau of Owen ap John ap David
i Margaret
m Pyrs Williams
ii Jane
m William Anwyl
iii+ other issue - Edward, William, Robert, Thomas, Humphrey, Roger, Henry, Jane, Alice, Catherine, Elizabeth
2 Einion
A Meredydd
i Goronwy
a Tudur
1 Ieuan
A David
i+ issue - Ieuan, David vicar of Castle Morton
3 Bleddyn
A Howel
i Goronwy
a Llewelyn
m Margaret dau of Dafydd ap Llewelyn
1 John
A William
m Elizabeth dau of Henry Conwy ap John ap Jenkin Conwy
i Margaret
m Robert ap Meredydd ap Goronwy Dew
a Richard, Bishop of London
b. Ifan
1 Margaret
m Rowland or Ralph Salusbury
x. Lleuki
m Griffith ap Cariadog
a. Dafydd
m Eva dau/heir of Gruggydd Vychan ap Gruffydd ap Meriadog, of Penyfed
1+ issue - Dafydd, Meredydd, Howel
Rhys ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn - continued above
1. Meredydd
A. Dafydd
i. Howel
a. John
1 Gruffydd
A Thomas Griffith a 1575, vicar of Caerwys
B David Lloyd
m Jonet dau of Prys Griffith, serjeant
2. Robin
A. Rhys
m Angharad dau of Gruffydd ap Gwillim ap Sir Tudur
i. Robert
m Jonet dau of Bleddyn ap Llewelyn ap Cynfrig
a. Evan
m Susanna dau/heir of Meredydd ap Dafydd
1 David
m Elizabeth dau of Prys
A Prys Ieuan
m Grace dau/heir of Rhys ap Llewelyn
i John Evans
m Jane dau of John ap Ithel Wynn, of Combe
a Pyers Evans of Pant Ieuan
m Marsli dau of John Lloyd of Brynlluarth
B Griffith of Caerwys a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547, Serjeant-at-arms

Sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Tribe of Llowarch Hwlbwrch, p392
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