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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Saxons 1

There are two alternative ancestries offered for Woden aka Odin or Wotan or Bodo.
This ancestry is shown by 'RoyalData' and reports the Icelandic 'Prose Edda'. It is certainly myth with respect to the first eight generations that may be true in part or whole. But credabilty does not start until Sceaf: 'The Royal Line of Succession', published by Pitkin Guides Ltd in 1996, ISBN 0-85372-404-0 or later.
Munon, King of Troy
m Troan dau of Priam, King of Troy
1. Thor or Trorg b between 260 and 950 BC
m Sibil or Sif
A. Loridig b between 240 and 910 BC
i. Einridig b between 220 and 870 BC
a. Vingethorg b between 200 and 830 BC
1 Vingenerg b between 180 and 790 BC
A Modag b between 160 and 750 BC
i Magig b between 140 and 710 BC
a Sceaf or Seskefg b between 120 and 690 BC
1 Bedwig b between 100 and 630 BC
'RoyalData' reports: "The Anglo Saxon Chronicles shows Bedwig as a grandson of the biblical Noah at this point, whereas the Prose Edda shows the lineage from Thor to Odin." The birth date guessed going back in time from 215 AD assume a difference of 25 years per generation, but the difference can be as little as 15 or as much as 65 years. Taking the latter figure for all generations we arrive at 630 BC as the absolute earliest possible date of birth as 630 BC. Noah must have lived at least 1000 years earlier, which means either at least 30 generations have been left out or the descent is pure invention. Continuing this guesstimation back on the alternative descent we see there is "only" a gap of about 200 years or about 8 normal generations for meeting this plausibility test.
A Hwala or Hathra b about 105 BC
i Itermon b about 80 BC
a Heremond or Heremod b about 55 BC - continued just below
A. Heremond or Heremod b about 55 BC - continued just above
i. Sceldwa or Skjold b about 20 BC
a. Beaw or Bjaf b about 5 AD
1 Taetwa b about 30 AD
A Geata b about 55 AD
i Godwulf b about 80 AD
a Finn b about 105
1 Frithuwulf b about 130
A Frealaf b about 155
i Frithuwald b about 180
a Woden or Odin b 215 AD - continued below
m Frigg
The following alternative descent comes from 'Royal Genealogies'. It is taken from transcribed notes and probably contains spelling errors. Birth dates are the author's guess.
Hardwick, King of Saxons b about 150 BC d 90 BC
1. Anserich, King of Saxons b about 80 BC d 4 AD
A. Wilke I, Prince of Saxons b about 50 BC d 30AD
i. Svarticke I, Prince of Saxons b about 10 BC d 76
a. Svartich II, Prince of Saxons b about 20 AD d 80
1 Sigward, Prince of Saxons b about 45 AD d 100
A Witekind I, King of Saxons b about 70 AD d 106
i Wilke II, Prince of Saxons b about 105 d 190
a Harbod, King of Saxons b about 170 d 256
1 Woden or Odin or Bodo, King of Saxons b 215, b 215 d 300 - continued just below
m Frea
a. Woden or Odin or Bodo or Wotan, King of Saxons b 215 d 300or here§A
m Frigg or Frea b about 230. The dates here need reconciliation
1 Witte or Wecta I, King of Saxons b about 260 d 350 ancestor of Dukes of Saxony and of Kings of Kent
2 Bealdeagus or Baeldeg b 253 ancestor of Kings of Wessex, Bernicia and Northumbria
3 Cacer or Casere ancestor of Kings of East Anglia
4 Saxonets or Seasus or Saxnext ancestor of Kings of Essex
5 Witelgeltis or Watholgo b about 250 ancestor of Kings of Mercia
6 Webden or Wecta or Wedaeg b about 255 ancestor of Kings of Deira and Northumbria
The following son has so far been found only in 'RoyalData'.
7 Winta had issue ending with Ealdfrith b about d 796, no connections yet found with another in this database
According to 'RoyalData', the Icelandic Prose Edda shows also Skjoldr of Denmark, Seminger of Norway and Yngvi of Sweden who have not been found in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. 'Mathematical' has tracked two of them as follows:
8 Skjold, King of Danes b c237
p. Skadi
9 Saeming, King of the Norse b c239

Sources: as reported above 'RoyalData', etc.
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