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Sutton of Lincoln, Sutton of Washingborough, Sutton of Wellingore, Sutton of Willoughton
John Sutton of Newbell a 1369, 08.1391, MP for Lincoln
m Alice a 1391
1. Robert Sutton of Lincoln d before 21.04.1414, MP for Lincoln
m Agnes
A. Hamon Sutton of Lincoln a 1452, MP
m Matilda or Margaret Vavasor dau of Sir Henry Vavasor of Cockerington
i. Robert Sutton of Lincoln dvpsp before 03.04.1452, MP
m Agnes Hawley d 1462, dau of John Hawley of Girsby, she m2 Thomas Blount, son of ?Lord Mountjoy
ii. Hamon Sutton a 1452, dvp
a. Hamon Sutton d 22.12.1501
m Margaret Sheffield a 09.1525, dau of Sir Robert Sheffield of Butterwick order of the children uncertain.
1 Robert Sutton of Burton by Lincoln b by 1477, d 25.11.1545
m1 Elizabeth Boys dau of ->
+1 Thomas Boys b c 1455 Dover +2 John Boys/Boyes of Woode b c 1400 Devonshire
m Agnes/?Sara Brown b 1400 Stamford Lincolnshire dau of John Brown and Agness
+3 William Boys/Bois/Bosco b c 1350 Goodnestone Kent d 1399
m Jane Coles b 1375 Goodenstone Kent d 1425 Faversham dau Richard Coles b 1330 Lincolnshire
-a Richard de Boyes b 1330
+4 John de Boyes b 1307
m Sarah x b c 1325 Goodnestone Kent d 1390
A Henry Sutton of Wellingore d 06.01.1537-8
m Margaret Hussey d 1577, dau of Sir Robert Hussey of Linwood in Blankney, she m2 William Thorold
i John Sutton
ii Robert Sutton 'of Wellingore' dsp
m Elizabeth Tyrwhit dau of
+1 Sir William Tyrwhit of Kettleby
iii Ambrose Sutton of Wellingore
m1 Faith Tyrwhit b c 1540 Washingborough Lincolnshire + ch dau of->
she m2 Lawrence Meres
+1 Sir William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby
m Isabella Ascough
+2 Robert Tyrwhitt
m Maud Tailboys
+2 William Ascough
m Alice Coppingdale
a+ Robert Sutton of Wellingore dsp 1592
b Hamon Sutton of Wellingore a 1592, dsp?
c Robert Ambrose Sutton b 1687 Colchester Essex d Hempstead Nassau Co NY
m 25 Aug 1613 Sarah Warner b 1591 Kelvedon Essex dau of Samuel Warner b c 1560 Boxted Essex and Mary Downing b 7 Jul 1560
-1 SIMON SUTTON went to Piscataway NJ
-2 SAMUEL SUTTON, went to Piscataway NJ
-3 George Ambrose Sutton b 12 Apr 1613 Tenterden/Sandwich Kent Engl d Apr 12, 1669 in Albemarle Co Perquimans Dist NC Following the Quaker persecution in Mass., George Sutton and his wife, Sarah, moved to Perquimans County in the Colony of Carolina. m1 13 Mar 1635/6 in Scituate Plymouth MA Sarah Tilden d 20 Mar 1675/6 Albemarle Co
-4 John Sutton b 1614 Kent d 1691
-3-1 JOSEPH SUTTON b. Abt. 1636, Scituate, Plymouth Co MA d. January 17, 1694/95, Perquimans Co m Deliverance Nicholson. b 1638 in Lynn, Essex Co MA d Apr 10, 1700 in Perquiman Co
-3-2 ROBERT SUTTON b 1705, NJ m Elizabeth Hardeman
-3-3 WILLIAM SUTTON, b. May 25, 1641, Scituate, Plymouth d. April 28, 1718, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ m2 July 11, 1666 in Eastham, MA Damaris Bishop b Abt. 1646 in Plymouth MA d Feb 6, 1681/82 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co NJ + 13 ch m3 Jane Barnes Jan 3, 1682/83 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co b July 11, 1666 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co + 1 ch
-3-4 JOHN SUTTON, b. 1642, Scituate, Plymouth Co d. November 12, 1691, Southhold, New Jersey.
-3-5 NATHANIEL SUTTON, b. Abt. 1643, Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass; d. December 29, 1682, Sutton's Creek, Perquiman Co NC m Deborah Atine b 1650 d 1732
-3-6 LYDIA SUTTON, b. Sep 13, 1646, Sutton's Creek, Perquiman Co., NC d. 1647, Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass.
-3-7 SARAH SUTTON, b. Sep 15, 1650, Scituate, Plymouth Co d. September 16, 1714, Perquiman Co., NC; m1 ISAAC COX; b. Aft. 1650, England; m2 JOHN BARROW, Feb 1, 1667/68, Perquiman Co., NC; b. 1643, England; d. June 19, 1718, Perquiman Co., NC.
-3-8 ELIZABETH SUTTON, b. August 28, 1653, Scituate, Plymouth Co d. January 21, 1698/99, Perquiman Co., NC m. RALPH FLETCHER, March 11, 1673/74, Perquiman Co., NC; b. 1632, Perquiman Co., NC; d. January 21, 1726/27, Perquiman Co., NC.
-3-9 SARAH SUTTON, bap Dec 3, 1648, Scituate, Plymouth Co d. 1649, Scituate, Plymouth Co
-3-10 DANIEL SUTTON b 1639 d Mar 10, 1709/10 Charlestown MA m MARY COLE, Apr 15, 1667 b. Abt. 1639, Charlestown, MA; d. Unknown.
-3-12 NATHANIEL SUTTON b 1643 d 29 Dec 1682 m Deborah Astine
-3-13 SARAH SUTTON, b. Abt. 1648, Scituate, Plymouth Co d. Bef. Sep 1650.
-3-14 SARAH SUTTON b 15 Sep 1650 Scituate Plymouth MA m1 Isaac Cox m2 John Barrow
-3-15 ELIZABETH SUTTON bb 28 Aug 1653 Scituate d 21 Jan 1700 m Ralph Fletcher

-3-1-1 JOSEPH SUTTON b 1670, Scituate, Plymouth d. March 18, 1722/23, Perquiman Co
-3-1-2 CHRISTOPHER SUTTON b. Apr 03, 1685, Perquiman Co d. Nov 27, 1711, Perquiman Co m MIRIAM TOMS b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
-3-1-3 GEORGE SUTTON b. July 08, 1687, Perquiman Co d. Abt. 1733.
-3-1-4 HANAH SUTTON b Abt. 1680, Perquiman Co d. Nov 7, 1702, Perquiman Co m. ROBERT FRANCIS BEASLEY, May 15, 1701 b. July 11, 1678, Perquiman Co NC d. 1719, Perquiman Co
-3-1-5 NATHANIEL SUTTON b 1682, Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. Unknown.
-3-1-7 Sarah Ann Sutton b 1686 Perquiman Co d 17 Nov 1702 Albemarle Stanley NC m Robert Graham Hosea Sr.
-3-3-1 ALICE SUTTON, b. May 13, 1669, Eastham, Barnstable Co m PETER RUNYON
-3-3-2 THOMAS SUTTON, b. November 11, 1669, Eastham, Barnstable Co., Mass; d. 1754.v iii. MARY SUTTON, b. October 04, 1671, Eastham, Barnstable Co., Mass; d. 1740, Piscataway, Middlesex Co m. DANIEL MCDANIEL, December 23, 1689, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., New Jersey; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
-3-3-3 ?
-3-3-4 JOHN SUTTON, b. April 20, 1674, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. December 19, 1750, Piscataway, Middlesex Co
-3-3-5 JUDAH SUTTON, b. January 24, 1674/75, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. Unknown.
-3-3-6 RICHARD SUTTON, b. July 18, 1676, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. February 1731/32, New Jersey.
-3-3-7 JOSEPH SUTTON, b. June 27, 1676, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. December 19, 1682, Piscataway, Middlesex Co
-3-3-8 BENJAMIN SUTTON, b. February 24, 1679/80, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. December 02, 1682, Piscataway, Middlesex Co
-3-3-9 DANIEL SUTTON, b. February 25, 1680/81, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. Abt. 1761, Morristown, Morris Co
-3-3-10 DAMARIS SUTTON, b. 1673, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. Abt. 1730 m BENJAMIN FORCE
-3-3-11 WILLIAM SUTTON, b. May 13, 1668, Eastham, Barnstable Co d. 1668, Eastham, Barnstable Co MA.
-3-3-12 WILLIAM SUTTON, b. 1672, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. Piscataway, Middlesex Co
-3-3-14 JOSEPH SUTTON, b. Sep 11, 1695, Piscataway, Middlesex Co d. March 17, 1772, NJ
-3-5-1 Joseph Sutton b 6 Aug 1673 Perquimans, NC d Jan. 18, 1723 Suttons Creek, Perquimans, NC m Parthenia Durant b 1675 d 1713
-3-12-1 George SUTTON b 2 MAR 1669 NC, Perquimans Co, Suttons Creek d 7 APR 1700 m Rebecca Jones
-3-12-2 Joseph SUTTON b 6 AUG 1673 NC, Perquimans Co, Suttons Creek d 18 JAN 1723 m Parthenia Durant dau of George Durant b 1 Oct 1632 and Ann Marwood
-3-12-3 Rebecca SUTTON b 8 AUG 1676 NC, Perquimans Co d 12 FEB 1758 m John Byrd
-3-12-4 Nathaniel SUTTON b 29 AUG 1681 NC, Perquimans Co d 23 FEB 1724
-3-15-1 Margaret Fletcher b c 1682 Perquimans Co m 27 Jan 1701 Thomas Harvey b c 1670 Engl

-3-1-7-1 Abraham Hosea b 5 Dec 1715 Pasquotank NC d there 1771 m Mary Boswell dau of Joshua Boswell and Mary Poole
-3-5-1-1 Parthenis Sutton b 1705 Suttons Creek NC d 1726 Berkeley Perquimans NC m John Stephens b 1705
-3-12-1-1 Deborah Sutton b 2 JAN 1698 Perquimans Co, Berkeley District d 18 DEC 1728 Perquimans Co, Berkeley District m 8 May 1718 William Wood b c 1696 Perquimans Co
-3-12-2-1 George SUTTON b 22 AUG 1696 NC, Perquimans Co d 1732
-3-12-2-2 Thomas SUTTON b 20 MAR 1699 NC, Perquimans Cod 1751 m Elizabeth Luerton
-3-12-2-3 Joseph SUTTON b c 1700 NC, Perquimans Co d 1763 m Rachel ___
-3-12-2-4 Elizabeth SUTTON b c 15 SEP 1703 NC, Perquimans Co
-3-12-2-5 Parthenia SUTTON b 8 AUG 1705 Perquimans Co, Berkeley District
-3-15-1-1 Thomas Harvey b 22 Sep Perquimans

-3-1-7-1-1 Lovey Hosea m John Smith son of Joseph Smith b 1720 Perquiman Co and Sarah Ann Jourdan
-3-1-7-1-1-1 Hosea Smith b 5 Nov 1773
-3-5-1-1-1 Josiah Stephens b 1728 Bertie NC d 1821 Edgefield SC m Catherine Borden b 1739 d 1791
-3-5-1-1-1-1 Elisha Stevens b 1750 Edgefield SC d 1834 m elizabeth Fleek b 1757
-3-5-1-1-1-1-1 Lydia Stevens b 1780 d 1840 m Jeremiah Burkhalter b 1774 Edgefield
-3-5-1-1-1-1-1-1 Emaranda Burkhalter b Apr 22, 1819 Edgefeild Co SC d Feb. 15, 1870 Harris Co GA m Tandy Daniel
-3-5-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Daniel b 1846 d 1919 m Mary Bachelor ancestor of Judith Watts Lanclos, author's DNA match
-3-12-1-1-1 Rebecca Wood b 3 JUN 1727 Perquimans Co, Berkeley District m John Clayton b c 1720 Perquimans Co d 22 OCT 1771 NC, Chowan Co, Edenton
-3-12-1-1-1-1 Sarah Clayton b c 1743 NC, Perquimans Co d 1784 m Thomas Maudlin
-3-12-1-1-1-1-1 Jeremiah Maudlin b by 1758 Perquimans Co
-3-12-1-1-1-2 Richard Clayton b c 1750 NC
-3-12-2-2-1 Thomas SUTTON b c 1721 NC d 8/1777 m Sarah Jordan
-3-12-2-2-2 William SUTTON b 1728NC, Bertie Co m Susan Connel
-3-12-2-2-3 Mary Elizabeth "Molly" SUTTON b 6 OCT 1746 NC, Bertie Co d aft 1816 m Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy II
iv Margaret Sutton
m Sir Anthony Thorold of Marston d 1594
v Anne Sutton
m John Rigges
m2. sp Margaret Sutton d by 1545, dau of Sir Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley, widow of John Grey, Lord Powis
2 Hamon Sutton of Washingborough d 1557
m Emlyn Disney d c12.1557, dau of Richard Disney of Fulbeck
A Hamon Sutton of Washingborough d before 30.06.1568
m Elizabeth Fitzwilliam d before 15.12.1581, sister of Charles Fitzwilliam of Clayworth
i Nicholas Sutton of Washingborough
m 20.11.1576 Katharine Skipwith dau of Lionel Skipwith of Cawthorpe
a Robert Sutton a 1592
ii Hamon Sutton of Willoughton a 1580
m1. c03.1598-9 Margaret Pickering dau of _ Pickering of Clee
a+ issue - son, daughter
m2. Judith Wright dau of James Wright of Badley
iii+ other issue a 1580 - Roger, Elizabeth
B Nicholas Sutton of Willoughton a 1580
m Alice Arnway dau of Robert Arnway of Calais
C Mary Sutton
m Thomas Yorke of Ashby d 07.09.1574
D Margaret Sutton bur 27.10.1566
m Nicholas Bullingham probably the Bishop of Lincoln then Worcester
E Jane Sutton
m Robert Brocklesby of Glentworth d before 27.01.1553-4
3 Margaret Sutton
m Nicholas Upton of Northolme by Wainfleet d before 10.11.1533
4 Dorothy Sutton
m Edward Skerne of Waltham
5 Alice Sutton
m Vincent Grantham of Dunholme
6 Anne Sutton d before 07.11.1558
m1. Edward Barnaby of Barton-on-Humber
A Margaret Barnaby d before 30.09.1592
m Philip Tyrwhit d 29.11.1558
m2. _ Portington
7+ other issue - Sir John, Anthony bur before 1525, Nicholas a 10.1588, Jane d before 15.02.1558-9, Mary d 02.1558-9, prioress of Bullington
b. ? Elizabeth Sutton
m William Tournay of Caenby & Glentham
iii. John Sutton a 1452
-2 John Sutton b after 1370, d by 1413
-2-1 issue - John
-2-2 Robert

Sources: Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906, Sutton of Burton-by-Lincoln and Washingborough
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