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: Singleton of Broughton, Singleton of Staining

Singleton of Virginia

see also Singleton of Ballygorren
VCH identifies by note several members of this family before James a 1471 but is not clear how they all related to each other. The first few generations, shown in italics, may be mixing-up different branches of the family and should be viewed as wholly speculative. It is not unlikely that, unless we can find a source which helps us make sense of the VCH data, we will remove them in due course.
Adam de Singleton a 1254, 1286possibly the 'Alan'' father of ...
1. Gilbert de Singleton of Broughton d by 1326
A. Thomas de Singleton of Broughton a 1351
B. John de Singletonson of Gilbert, could be son of a Gilbert of this generation
m. Alicewidow of John, mother of Adam and possibly also ...
i. Gilbert de Singletonpossibly of this generation
a. Thomas Singleton
b. Nicholas Singleton of Broughton a 1405
m. Margaret
1 James Singleton of Broughton a 1459
A William Singleton of Broughton d 1490
m. Agnes d by 1519
i Robert Singleton of Broughton b c 1442
ii James Singleton of Broughton a 1471
a Robert Singleton of Broughton d 08.1501
m. Joan d 01.1502-3
1 Richard Singleton of Broughton b c1476, d 09.1504
m. Jane d 1513, m2. Arthur Standish
A John Singleton of Broughton b c1497, d 1522
B+ other issue - Richard, Elizabeth
2 Thomas Singleton of Broughton d by 1535
A Robert Singleton of Broughton d 1557
i Richard Singleton of Broughton d 1557
a Robert Singleton of Broughton d 1557
B Edward Singleton of Broughton b c1511, d 1567
i Thomas Singleton of Broughton b c1558, d by 1604?
a Edward Singleton of Broughton d by 1609?
1 Thomas Singleton, last of Broughton a 1615
2 Mary Singletonprobably of this generation
m. John Comberford of Handsworth, later of Wednesbury b c1597, dsp c1666
iii John Singletonancestor of Singletons of Chingle Hall
iv Grace Singletonprobably of this generation
m. Richard Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston b c1462, d 1507
B Brian Singleton
c. Nicholas Singletonpossibly father of ...
1 Thomas Singletonpossibly father of ...
A Nicholas Singleton of Warton
ii. Adam de Singleton a 1348
m. Pernell
a. Robert de Singleton of Broughton a 1422
m. Joan
iii.+ other issue - Robert, Thomas
Robert Singleton
m. Helen Westby dau of _ Westby of Westby
1. George Singleton, 1st of Steyning or Staining, Lancashire d 1551-2
m. Mary Osbaldeston
A. William Singleton of Staining d 1556
m. Alice Farington dau/heir of Thomas Farington
i. Thomas Singleton of Staining dsp 1563
m. Alice Massey dau of James Massey
ii. John Singleton of Staining d 1589
m. Thomas Anderton dau of Roger Anderton 'of Bickershaw', m2. Thomas Dutton of Dutton
a. Alice Singleton
m. 1596 Henry Birkenhead of Huxley
b. Elizabeth Singleton dsp
m. James Massey
iii. George Singleton of Staining d 1598
m. Mary Houghton dau/heir of John Houghton of Pendleton, m2. _ Livesey
a. Thomas Singleton of Staining b c1592
m. Cicely Gerard dau of William Gerard of Ince
1 Thomas Singleton of Staining d Newbury 1643
m. 1635 Dorothy Anderton dau of James Anderton of Clayton
A John Singleton of Staining b c1635, a 1664
m. Jane Fleetwood dau of Edmund Fleetwood of Rosshall
B Thomas Singleton of Staining
C George Singleton of Staining
D Anne Singleton of Staining d 1719
m. _ Mayfield
i John Mayfield of Staining
E+ other issue - James, Dorothy
2 Alice Singleton
m. John Lecconby of Eccleston
3 Anne Singleton
m. Richard Barbert of Moorhouse in Poulton
4+ other issue - John dsp, Mary, Grace
b. George Singleton
c. Anne Singleton
m Robert Parkinson of Fairsnape
iv.+ other issue - Richard, Helen, Margaret
B. Hugh Singleton
m. Mary Charleton sister/coheir of William Charleton of Charleton
i. William Singleton dsp
C. Margaret Singleton
m. Laurence Charleton
D.+ other issue - Richard, Laurence
- - - of no established connection with the above was:

Singleton of Virginia

Si10 Robert Singleton b 1599 Blackburn/Blackburn-with-Darwen England d 1660 VA
m Mary x
Si9-1 John Singleton b 1617
Si9-2 Henry Singleton Sr b 25 May 1619 England d c 1680 Gloucester VA
m Susan Ann Newman b c 1630 dau of Thomas Newman and Susannah
Si9-2-1 Robert Singleton
m1 Elizabeth x + 2 ch
m2 Sarah Crowe b 1658 Gloucester VA d there 1698 + 3 ch she m2 y Foster
Si9-2-1-1 Isaac Singleton
Si9-2-1-2 Averilla Singleton
Si9-2-1-3 Susanna Singleton
Si9-2-1-4 Mary Charlotte Singleton b 1696 Gloucester Co VA d May 1789 Charlotte Co VA
m1 William Foster the elder
m2 George Foster
Si9-2-1-5 Joshua Singleton
Si9-2-1-6 Robert Singleton c 1698 d 1743
m Mary Avis b 1715
-1 Christopher Columbus Singleton b 1735 SC m Sarah Hundley b 1736 d 1810 Lincoln Co KY dau of Joshua "Anthony" Hunley Sr b 1711 Gloucester VA d 1784 m2 Frances x b 1709 Amelia Co VA d there 1773
-1 Robert Siongleton
Si9-2-2 Henry Singleton Jr b c 1652
Si9-2-3 Christopher Singleton
Si9-2-4 Daniel Singleton b 1712 Spotsylvania VA d 10 Nov 1792
m Susannah Mason b 1740 VA d 1782 Accomack VA
+1 Bennett Mason b 1728 Accomac VA +2 William Mason b 1685 d 28 Nov 1759 Accomac VA
m Elinor Middleton
+3 William Mason b 1685 England
m Sarah Bennett
+4 William Mason b c 1665
+4 Thomas Fraunces Bennett b 1630 Horham West Sussex d 1675 Sussex DE
m Sarah Hiosmer b 1635 England
+5 William Mason b 1643 Accomac VA d there 1710
Si9-2-4-1 Manoah Nathaniel Hawkins Singleton
Si9-2-4-2 Joannah Singleton b 1748 St Thomas Parish Orange Co VA
m Richard Lancaster b 1745 Orange Co VA d there 27 Sep 1815 son of Robert Lancaster and Mary Mallory b 1725 VA (dau of Thomas Mallory and Elizabeth x)
-1 Benjamin Lancaster
-2 John A. Lancaster
-3 Elizabeth Lancaster m Hutcherson
-4 Larkin Lancaster
-5 Mason Lancaster
-6 Richard Lancaster
-7 Bartlett Lancaster
-8 Thomas B. Lancaster
-9 Jonathan Lancaster
-10 James G. Lancaster
Si9-2-4-3 Edmond Singleton
Si9-2-4-4 Susannah Singleton
m y Lancaster
Si9-2-4-5 Martha Singleton b c 1755 VA m Uriah Proctor -1 George Proctor Sarah Proctor
Si9-2-4-6 Lois Singleton
m Thomas Lucas
-1 John Lucas
-2 Elijah Lucas
-3 Stephen Lucas
-4 Mary Lucas
-5 William Lucas
Si9-2-5 Joshua Singleton b c 1653
Si9-2-6 Samuel Singleton b c 1655
Si9-3 William Singleton -1 Anthony Singleton
probably related to the above was:
Henry Singleton
m Mary McKnight
Andrew Singleton b 1831 Russell Co VA d 1910 Knott Co KY
m Elizabeth Hall b 1839 d 1917 dau of Ezekiel Hall and Chloe Branson
-1 Samuel Singleton b 1869 d 1944 m Kizzie Ritchie -1-1 Aaron singleton b 1889
-1-2 Cornelius Singleton b 1892 d 1963 n Narma Ritchie b 20 May 1886 Clear Creek KY d 20 Dec 1944 Jefferson Co KY dau of Catherine Owens b 1863 Perry Co KY d 19 May 1951 Knott Co KY and William Ritchie b 1866 d 1932 grandau of James ?F. Owens ?= b 1826 m Rachel Campbell b 1825
-1-3 William singleton b 1894 m Bertha Combs
-1-4 Bertha Singleton b 1896 d 1953
-1-5 Linville singleton b 1898 d 1979
-1-6 Mallie Singleton d 1950 m John Young
-1-7 Litton Singleton b 1905
-1-8 Naomi Singleton b 1907
-1-10 Lewis Singleton b 1909
-1-11 Adrian singleton b 1913
-1-12 Claudia Singleton b 1915

-1-2-1 Aileen Singleton b 1921 m1 Hagan Smith b 1913 d 1985 m2 Clark Stone
-1-2-2 Ewell Singleton b 1920
-1-2-3 Harold Singleton b 1923
-1-2-4 Jarvis Singleton b 1925
-1-2-5 Eudis Singleton
-1-2-6 James Singleton
-1-2-7 Ruby Singleton

-1-2-1-1 Jeanna Smith b 1943 m1 Delano Martin son of Hubbard Martin b 3 May 1903 Lackey KY d 27 Jul 1988 Prestonburg KY and Amy Stone m2 Roger Bushnell

-1-2-1-1-1 Jeffrey Martin, authorīs DNA match m Tammy Hodderton
-1-2-1-1-2 Kathy Martin
-1-2-1-1-3 Angela Bushnell m Randy DeBary

1 VCH Lancashire, vol 7, Townships: Broughton
2 Visitation Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Singleton of Steyning with support from VCH Lancashire, vol 7, Townships: Hardhorn-with-Newton
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