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Deane 2

: Deane of Dromore, Deane Lords Muskerry
Commoners includes a note which reports: "The Deanes of Dromoreo have no known connection with the Deanes of Cromlin, except through the Freemans, or, if any, a very remote one, derived from the family of Deane, seated for centuries in the county of Suffolk."
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Matthew Deane
1. Sir Matthew Deane, 1st Bart of Dromore in co. Cork b 1626, d 10.01.1710, 3rd son, to Ireland Commoners reports that Matthew married Martha Boyle then a dau of Thomas Wallis of Somerset then the Dowager of Richard, 3rd Earl of Barrymore, identifying Martha Boyle as moter of Robert and the other two marriages as sp. BP1934 shows the following:
m1 Mary Wallis dau of Thomas Wallis of Somerset
A. Sir Robert Deane, 2nd Bart of Dromore d 14.09.1714
m. Anne Bettridge dau of Colonel William Bettridge
i. Sir Matthew Deane, 3rd Bart of Dromore d 11.03.1746-7
m. Jane Sharpe dau of Rev. William Sharpe, son of James Archbishop of St. Andrews
a. Sir Matthew Deane, 4th Bart of Dromore d 10.06.1751
m. Salisbury Davis d 14.11.1755, dau/heir of Robert Davis or Davies of Manley Hall
1+ issue - Salisbury, Mary, Charlotte
b. Sir Robert Deane, 5th Bart of Dromore d 02.1770, 3rd son
m. 24.08.1738 Charlotte Tilson dau of Thomas Tilson of Dublin
1 Sir Robert Tilson Deane of Springfield, 1st Lord Muskerry b 19.10.1747, d 25.06.1818
m. 07.056.1775 Anne Fitzmaurice d 30.07.1830, dau of John Fitzmaurice by Anne Sheehy son of John of Springfield Castle
A John Thomas Fitzmaurice Deane, 2nd Lord Muskerry b 27.09.1777, dsp 24.12.1824, Major General, 2nd son
m. 17.01.1815 Sarah Haynes d 02.08.1852, dau of M. Haynes of Bishop's Castle, m2. James Dawson
B Matthew Fitzmaurice Deane, 3rd Lord Muskerry b 29.03.1795, d 19.05.1868, 4th sonhad issue
m1. 13.08.1825 Louisa Dorcas Grady d 25.09.1846, dau of Henry Deane Grady of Lodge by Dorcas, dau of Thomas Spread of Ballycannon
m2. 13.04.1864 Lucy dsp 16.01.1867, widow of Col. Edward Aldrich
m3. sp Elizabeth d 04.12.1884
C Belinda Anne Deane
m. _ Moore of Widcombe?
D+ other issue - Robert Fitzmaurice b 1776, dvpsp 18.02.1796, William b 1792, d 1811
2 Grace Deane
m. Rev. Charles Hawtrey of Devonshire
3 Eliza Deane
m1. 13.11.1772 Rev. James Pitman of Alphington
m2. William Clarke
4+ other issue - Jocelyn b 1749, d 11.1780, MP, Charlotte, Jane, Alicia
c. Meliana or Melianna Deane
m. John Spread of Ballycannon
d. Jane Deane
m. William Freeman of Castle Cor
e.+ other issue - Thomas dsp, Dorothy d young
m2. Martha Boyle dau of Richard Boyle, Archbishop of Tuam, widow of Lt. Col. John Nelson
m3. Dorothy Ferrer dau of John Ferrer of Dromore, relict of Richard, 2nd Earl of Barrymore

Sources: BP1934 Muskerry with some support from Commoners vol 2, Deane-Freeman of Castle Cor
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