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Altena 2: Counts of the Mark, Dukes of Cleves, Dukes of Julich
Adolf II, Count of the Mark (d 1347)
m. (1332) Margaret of Cleves (dau of Theodoric IX, Count of Cleves)
1. Engelbert III, Count of the Mark (b 1333, d 1391)
  m1. (before 11.10.1354) Richardis of Julich (d 1360)
  A. Margaret von der Mark (d 1410)
  m. (1375) Philipp von Falkenstein und Munzenburg (d 1407)
  m2. Elisabeth von Sponheim (b 1365, d 03.09.1417)
2. Adolf III, Count of Cleves and the Mark, Archbishop of Koln (d 1394)
  m. (1369) Margaret of Julich (dau of Gerhard of Julich)
  A. Adolf I, Duke of Cleves (b 1373, d 1448)
  m1. (1400) Agnes (b 1379, d 1401, dau of Elector Palatine Ruprecht III)
  m2. (1406) Marie de Bourgogne (b 1393, d 1463, dau of John 'Intrepidus', Duke of Burgundy)
  i. John I, Duke of Cleves (b 16.02.1419, d 05.09.1481)
  m. (22.04.1455) Elizabeth of Nevers (dau of John, Count of Nevers)
a. John II, 'der Kindermacher', Duke of Cleves (b 13.04.1458, d 15.03.1521)
  m. (03.11.1489) Matilda von Hessen (b 01.07.1473, d 19.02.1505)
  (1) John III, Duke of Cleves and Julich (b 1490, d 1539)
  m. (1510) Marie of Julich and Berg (b 1491, d 1543, dau of William VII, Duke of Julich and Berg)
  (A) Wilhelm 'der Reiche', Duke of Julich, Cleves and Berg (b 28.07.1516, d 05.01.1592) had issue
  m. (18.07.1546) Marie, Archduchess of Austria (b 15.05.1531, d 11.12.1581)
  (B) Sibylle of Cleves (b 1512, d 1554)
  m. (1526) Johann Fiederich I, Elector of Saxony (b 1503, d 1554)
  (C) Anne of Cleves (b 22.09.1515, dsp 17/28.07.1557)
  m. (06.01.1540, div 07.1540) Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England (b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547)
  (D) Amalia of Cleves (b 1517, d 1586)
  (2) Adolf of Cleves (b 1498, d 1525)
  (3) Anne of Cleves (b 1495, d 1567)
  m. (1518) Philip, Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg (b 1486, d 1539)
  b.+ other issue - Adolf, Engelbert, Dietrich, Philip, Marie
  ii. Adolf of Cleves, lord of Ravenstein (b 1425, d 1492)
  m1. Beatrix de Coimbra (d 1462)
  a. Philip of Cleves-Ravenstein (b 1456, d 1528)
m. (1485) Francoise de Luxembourg-St. Pol (d 1523)
  b. Louisa of Cleves (b 1457)
  m2. (1470) Anne (d 1508, dau of Philippe, Duke of Burgundy)
  iii. Margaret of Cleves (b 24.02.1416, d 20.05.1444)
  m1. (1433) Wilhelm III, Duke of Bavaria (d 1435)
  m2. (29.01.1441) Ulrich V, Duke of Wurttemberg (b 1413, d 01.09.1480)
  iv. Catherine of Cleves (b 1417, d 1479)
  m. (1430) Arnold von Egmond, Duke of Geldern (b 1410, d 1473)
  v. Marie of Cleves (b 1426, d 1487)
  m. (1441) Charles, Duke of Orleans (b 1391, d 1465)
  v.+ other issue - Engelbert (b/d 1433), Elisabeth, Agnes, Helene, Anne (d young)
  B. Dietrich II, Count of the Mark (b 1374, d 1398)
  C. Gerhard, Count of the Mark (d 1461)
  D. Margaret of Cleves (d 1412)
  m. (1394) Albrecht I, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing (b 25.07.1336, d 13.12.1404)
  E. Mynta Elisabeth of Cleves
  m1. (after 1393) Reinold von Falkenburg (d 1396)
  m2. (1401) Stefan II, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (b c1337, d 26.09.1413)
  F. Engelberte of Cleves (d 1458)
  m. Count Friederich III von Mors und Saarwerden (d 1448)
  G.+ other issue - Johanna (Abbess), Katharine (d 1459), Irmgard, others (d young - Heinrich, Walter, Johann, Wilhelm, Jutta)
3.+ other issue - Dietrich (d 1406, Bishop of Liege), Eberhard (priest), Metchild, Margaret, Elisabeth

Sources: GenEU (Cleves5), 'Royal Genealogies'.
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