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Malet: Malet of Curry Malet, Malet of Deandon, Malet of Enmore, Malet of Eye
Ma30 Robert Malet a Norman
m ?? an English lady
A few web sites suggest that the mother of the following William Malet was a daughter of Leofric, Earl of Mercia who died in 1057. Whilst it is surely more likely that she was a generation or two before rather than after the Earl, because Leofric's wife was Lady Godiva, sister of Sheriff Thorold who is shown below as husband of 'the Countess Lucy' William Malet's granddaughter, such a connection might help explain why Lucy is sometimes referred to as a daughter of Aelfgar, Leofric's son and successor.
Ma29 William Malet, Sire de Graville, Sheriff of York d c1071 §B
m Hesilia Crispin dau of Gilbert Crispin de Bec
BP1934 starts with this William but does not identify his wife other than to say that he was "connected by marriage with William the Conqueror and King Harold". The Mallet site names her Heselia Crispin without identifying her further. She may have been the daughter of Gilbert, Count de Brionne, but it seems more likely that she was of the family of Gilbert Crispin de Bec. However, that understanding has led to nervousness that there is confusion on this page as the Crispin source suggests that her husband was Robert Malet, not William, and reports a source as saying that she was probably the mother of the William Malet who fought at Senlac, more commonly called the Battle of Hastings 1066. This would make Hesilia William's mother rather than his wife. Furthermore, as Hesilia and Elise appear to be variations of the same name, and noting the confusion between Gilbert de Bec and Gilbert de Brionne, we are concerned that Elisee de Brionne, shown as wife of the following Robert, may be being confused with Hesilia Crispin. This requires further investigation.
Ma28-1 Robert Malet of Eye d Tinchebrai 1106, Lord Chamberlain
Robert is reported to have wanted Robert 'Curthose' to have succeeded William the Conqueror in England as well as Normandy and to have been banished by William 'Rufus' when he took the crown instead. He continued to support the Robert and died at Tinchebrai Tinchebray where the youngest brother Henry Henry I of England defeated Robert to keep England and Normandy under single control. Some sources say that his family fell into disgrace, losing the 'Honour' of Eye, which is why a son/grandson, Hugh, changed his name to Fitchet.
m Elisee de Brionne identified on various web sites including 'the Mallet site', see note about Hesilia Crispin above
i. William Malet of Eye
a. Ernest Malet, Sire de Graville ancestor of Malets in France
b. Hugh Malet thought by some, including BP1934, to have been Hugh Fitchet - see note @@@ below
Ma28 Gilbert Malet
Ma27 Robert Malet of Curry Malet
Some web sites show this Robert to be the Robert we show as his uncle. The following comes mainly from the Mallet site.
Ma26-1 William Malet of Curry Malet d 1169
m Maud Mortimer
Ma26-1-1 Gilbert Malet of Curry Malet d 1194
m Alice Picot dau of Ralph Picot
Ma26-1-1-1 William Malet of Curry Malet d 1217
m 1204 Alice Basset dau of Thomas Basset, lord of Headington
Ma26-1-1-1-1 Helewise or Hawise Malet d 04.05.1287
m1. before 23.03.1216/7 Hugh Poyntz d before 1220
m2. Sir Robert de Musegros of Brynham, Cherleton and Norton b 1198, d 29.01.1253/4
Ma26-1-1-1-2 Mabel Malet
m1. Nicholas Avenal
m2. before 1223 Hugh de Vivonia or Vyvon, in Poitou of Chewton
a John de Vyvon dsp 1314
b William Fort de Vivonne or Vyvon of Chewton d by 22.05.1259
This connection is supported by TCP Derby.
m Maud Ferrers d 12.03.1298/9, dau of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby
1 Joan de Vyvon b 1251, d 01.06.1314
m Reynold FitzPiers, Sheriff of Hampshire d 05.1286
2 Sibyl de Vyvon b 1253, a 07.1306
m Guy de Rochechouart
3 Mabel de Vyvon b 1255, a 02.1290/1
m Fulk, Sn d'Archiac a 1294
4 Cicely de Vyvon b 1257, d 10.01.1320/1
m John de Beauchamp of Hatch d 24.10.1283
c Hawise de Vyvon
m Walter de Wahull d 1269
Ma26-1-1-1-3+ other issue - Hugh, William, Bertha
Ma26-1-1-2 Sir Ralph Malet
Ma26-1-1-2-1 Sir William Malet
a daughter
m1. Sir Simon de Hestercombe
m2. Sir Thomas de Timworth
b Amice Malet
m Sir Walter de Gayton
Ma26-1-1-3 other issue - Robert, Ma26-1-1-4 Gilbert
Ma26 Sir Baldwin Malet of Enmore
BP1934 shows Sir Baldwin as son of Hugh Fitchet, younger son of William Malet of Eye see @@@ above. The Mallet web site reports that this view is not unknown, being based on research published in 1885, but reports also research published in 1938-9 which suggested that this may have been based on a misinterpretation with the descent shown here being more likely. That site also reports the suggestion that reference to Fichet may have come through Sir Baldwin's wife, Emma, who may have been daughter or step-daughter of Hugh Fichet whose wife Basilea may have been the heiress of Enmore. BP1934 identifies Baldwin's wife as ...
m Emma de Neville dau of Hugh de Neville
Ma25 Sir William Malet of Enmore this generation omitted by BP1934
m Maud de Kitemore dau of Adam de Kitemore
Ma24 Sir William Malet of Enmore d 1252
m Sara de Sully dau of Raymond de Sully
Ma23 Sir William Malet of Enmore a 1264
m Maria
Ma22 Sir Baldwin Malet of Enmore d 1279
m 1272 Mabel de Deandon dau of Sir Hamelyn de Deandon
Ma21 Sir John Malet of Enmore d 1287
m Sibylla de St Cleere dau of Sir Robertde St Cleere Cl22
Ma20 Sir Baldwin Malet of Enmore and Deandon b 1284, d 1343
m Avicia or Hawise Ralegh dau of Sir Simon Ralegh
Ma19 Sir John Malet of Enmore and Deandon d c1349
m Elizabeth Kingston dau of Sir John Kingston
Ma18 Sir Baldwin Malet of Enmore and Deandon d 1416
m1. Elizabeth Trivett dau of Sir Thomas Trivett
and had:
Ma17 Eleanor Malet
Ma17-2 John Malet
m2. Amicia Lyffe dau of Richard Lyffe of Corypole
Ma18-2+ other issue - John, Hawise, Constantine
Ma19-2+ other issue - Baldwin, Walter, Richard, Isabel, Maud, Johanna, Alice
Ma20-2 Thomas Malet
Ma21-2 Robert Malet
Ma21-2-1 Milicent Malet
m Laurence de Broc
Ma22-2 Raymund Malet
m Melicent
Ma28-1 Beatrice Malet
m1. William of Arques = William d'Arches possibly William, Vicomte d'Arques or William d'Arques ??
Beatrice's second marriage shown below which is not mentioned in the Mallet web site identified below is based on the presumption that the following Lucy was the offspring of such a marriage. According to TCP, which dedicates a whole Appendix to 'the Countess Lucy" Appendix J in Volume VII, her parentage "is one of the unsolved puzzles of genealogy". It reports an early chronicle as saying that "she was a daughter of Aelfgar, Earl of Mercia, and niece or grandniece of Thorold, sometime Sheriff of co. Lincoln". HOWEVER, TCP also says "All that is certainly known is that she was niece of Robert Malet of Eye and of Alan of Lincoln, and that Thorold the Sheriff was a kinsman." TCP then reports the view that she was daughter of Thorold, Sheriff of Lincolnshire. There appear to be arguments for both theories, both of which make reference to the inheritance of various lands. We show her here because at least some 'serious' modern genealogists seem to lean strongly towards the view that she was daughter of Sheriff Thorold Turold of Bucknell by a daughter of William de Malet. As it is suggested in various web sites that William de Malet had only one daughter, Beatrice, and as it appears to be certain that she was married to William of Arques, it is assumed that she married twice.
m2. Thorold or Turold of Bucknell or Bucknall, Sheriff of Lincolnshire d by 1079
i. Lucy 'the Countess Lucy' §T§
Some web sites show two generations of Lucy, often with the second one shown as wife of the Earl of Chester being a daughter of Ivo Taillebois by the first one. TCP notes this view but reports "Charter evidence, however, proves that there was only one Lucy."
m1. Ivo Taillebois, Sheriff of Lincoln, lord of Kendal d c1094
m2. Roger FitzGerold de Roumare
m3. c1098 Ranulph de Meschines, 1st Earl of Chester b c1070, d 01.1128-9
Ma29-2. Durand had issue
Reported by BEB1841 Peyton of Iselham was the following younger brother of William Mallet, Sheriff of Yorkshire ...
Ma29-3. Walter, lord of Sibton
A. Reginald de Peyton of Peyton Hall 2nd son

Sources: BP1934 Malet, referred to above as the "Mallet site"
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