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Oldenburg 2

: Counts of Oldenburg
Nayo, a lord of Friesland<
m Rira, heiress of Oldenburg
1. Elimar I, Count of Oldenburg d 1108
m Richenza dau of Dedo, Margraveof Stade
A. Gertrud of Oldenburg
B. Elimar II, Count of Oldenburg d c 1142
m Eilika von Rietberg dau of Heinrich, Count of Rietberg
i. Heinrich I, Count of Oldenburg-Wildeshausen d 1167 had issue
m Salome of Geldern dau of Gerhard II, Count of Geldern
ii. Otto of Oldenburg, a canon
iii. Christian I, Count of Oldenburg b c 1110 d 1167
m Kunigunde, a countess of Lockwa
a. Christian II, Count of Oldenburg dsp 1192 This Christian is shown by GenEU as a younger brother of Maurice. On this matter we follow 'Royal Genealogies' and the numbering that source uses for the later Counts Christian.
b. Maurice, Count of Oldenburg d 1211
m Countess Salome von Wickerode
1 Christian III, Count of Oldenburg d 1251
m Agnes, Countess of Altena or Mathildis of Stade
A Otto of Oldenburg, Abbot
B John I, Count of Oldenburg d 1272
m Countess Richeza von Hoya or Margaret, Countess of Lippe
i Christian IV, Count of Oldenburg d 1285
m1 Hedwig of Oldenburg
m2 Countess Jutta von Bentheim
a John II, Count of Oldenburg d 1314/5
m1 Elisabeth of Braunschweig-Luneburg d 1294/8
m2 Countess Hedwig von Diepholz
1 Christian V, Count of Oldenburg d c 1334
A Jutta, prioress
2 John III, Count of Oldenburg d 1344 had issue
m Mechtild von Bronckhurst
3 Conrad I, Count of Oldenburg b c 1300 Oldenburg d 1347
m Ingeborg of Holstein-Segeberg b about 1315 d about 1347 dau Gerhardt IV Graf von Holstein in Segeborg d 1323 and Anastasia Gräfin von Schwerin
A Conrad II, Count of Oldenburg d 1386 had issue
m Kunigunde of Diepholz
B Gerhard of Oldenburg d 1368
C Christian VI, Count of Oldenburg b 1340 Oldenburg d 1423
m Countess Agnes von Honstein
i Dietrich Theodore, Count of Oldenburg d 1444
m1 Adelheid of Oldenburg-Delmenorst
m2 1423 Hedwig of Schleswig and Holstein d 1436, dau of Gerhard, Count of Holstein, Duke of Schleswig
a Christian VII, Count of Oldenburg, King Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden b 02.1426, d 21.05.1481
m 1449 Dorothea of Brandenburg b 1430, d 25.11.1495, dau of Johan 'the Alchemist' of Brandenburg
b Moritz V, Count of Delmenhorst b 1428, d 1464
m 1458 Katharina von Hoya d 1465
c Gerhard VI, Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst b 1430, d 1500
m 1453 Adelheid von Tecklenburg d 1477
d Adelheid of Oldenburg
m1 1443 Ernst III, Count of Hohnstein d 1454
m2 1474 Gebhard VI, Count of Mansfeld d 1492
ii Christian of Oldenburg, a canon
D Agnes of Oldenburg
m Count Ludolf III von Wunstorf b by 1325 d after 1391 son of Johann II von Roden-Wunstorf d 1334 and Walburg von Rosdorf d by 1358
-1 Walburg von Wunstorf d by 1403 m Moritz III von Spiegelberg
-1-1 Walburg von Spiegelberg d after 1430 m Rave VII von Calenberg
-2 Julius von Wunstorf d 1334 and Walburg von Rosdorf b by 1387 d after 1461 mJutta von Diepholz
-2-1 Agnes von Wunstorf m Barnim VIII de Pomerainie
4+ other issue - Moritz d 1368, Gisela
b+ other issue - Christian, Otto Archbishop of Bremen
ii+ other issue - Heinrich, Moritz, Otto II of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst d 1304, had issue, Hedwig
2+ other issue - Otto I d 1162, Count of Oldenburg, Hedwig, Kunigunde, Oda, Salome
iv. Beatrix of Oldenburg
m Friederich von Ampfurt
v. Eilika of Oldenburg
m Heinrich, Count of Tecklenburg
C.+ other issue - John, Burchard dsp

Sources: GenEU Oldenburg1, 'Royal Genealogies'.
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