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Nurnberg 1: Burgraves of Nurnberg, Electors of Brandenburg
Frederick I of Zollern d before 1125
m Udilhild of Urach d c1134
1. Frederick II of Zollern d after 1145
A. Frederick of Zollern, Burgrave of Nurnberg d after 01.10.1200/1218
m Sofie von Raabs dau of Konrad, Burgrave of Nurnberg
i. Frederick, Count of Zollern had issue
m Elisabeth
ii. Conrad I, Burgrave of Nurnberg d 1260/1
m Clementia dau of Albert 'the Wise', Count of Habsburg
a. Frederick III, Burgrave of Nurnberg d 1297
m1 before 10.05.1251 Elisabeth of Andechs-Meranien dau/heir of Duke Otto I of Meran
1 John, murdered near Nuremberg ca. 1262
2 Siegmund, murdered near Nuremberg ca. 1262
3 Marie d. before 28 March 1299
m bef. 28 Jul 1263 Count Ludwig V of Öttingen
4 Adelheid (d. ca. 1307), married bef. 25 Mar 1273 Count Henry II of Castell
5 Elisabeth (d. 1288)
m1 bef. 17 Apr 1280 Eberhard II of Schlüsselberg
m2 bef. 13 Mar 1285 Gottfried II of Hohenlohe.
m2 1275 Helene of Saxony d 1309, dau of Albert I, Duke of Saxony
6 John I of Nuremberg ca. 1279–1300
7 Frederick IV, Burgrave of Nurnberg b 1287, d 1332 Fought alongside Louis the Bavarian at the Battle of Mühldorf on September 28, 1322. Frederick IV acquired the town Ansbach in 1331 for the Hohenzollern by purchase. A year later Frederick died, and was succeeded by his son, John II.
m before 2 August 1307 Margarete of Göorz.
7-1 John II of Nuremberg b ca. 1309 d 1357m succeeded his father in 1332. He attained his name by the increase of the Frankish house possession of the Hohenzollern, acquisition of the castle Plassenburg in Kulmbach with the county of Kulmbach by the contract of inheritance which became effective with the extinction of the present owners, the counts of Orlamünde in 1340. In the time of his government, came the outbreak of the plague, which claimed numerous victims in Nuremberg. Because the Jewish population was held responsible for the epidemic, numerous Nuremberg Jews were murdered, without the burgrave intervening against it.
m before 3 Mar 1333 Elisabeth of Henneberg
7-1-1 Frederick V, Burgrave of Nuremberg (before 3 March 1333 – 21 January 1398).
m 1350 Elisabeth of Meissen b 1309, d 1375, dau of Frederick II, Margrave of Meissen
a John III, Burgrave of Nurnberg b c1369, d 11.6.1420
m c1381 Margaret of Luxembourg b 29.09.1373, d 04.06.1741
1 Elisabeth of Nurnberg d 1429
m Eberhard, Count of Wurttemberg d 1417
b Frederick VI, Burgrave of Nurnberg, Elector of Brandenburg b 1371, d 1440
m 1401 Elisabeth of Bavaria b 1383, d 1442, dau of Friederich II, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut
1 John 'the Alchemist' of Brandenburg b 1406, d 16.11.1464
m Barbara of Saxe-Wittenberg d 10.10.1465
A Dorothea of Brandenburg b 1430, d 25.11.1495
m1 12.09.1445 Christopher III, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden b 26.02.1416, d 06.01.1448
m2 28.10.1449 Christian VII, Count of Oldenburg, King Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden b 02.1426, d 21.05.1481
B+ other issue - Rudolf d infant, Barbara, Elisabeth
2 Frederick II, Elector of Brandenburg b 19.11.1413, d 10.02.1471
m 11.06.1441 Katharina, Princess of Saxony b 1421, d 23.08.1476
A+ issue - Johann d infant, Erasmus d young, Dorothea, Margarete
3 Albrecht III Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg b 29.11.1414, d 11.03.1486
m1 1446 Margarete of Baden d 24.10.1457, dau of Jacob I of Baden
A Johann Cicero , Elector of Brandenburg b 02.08.1455, d 09.01.1499
m 25.08.1476 Margarete of Saxony b 1449, d 13.07.1501, dau of Wilhelm of Thuringia, Duke of Luxemburg
i Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg b 21.02.1484, d 11.07.1535
m 10.04.1502 Elisabeth of Denmark b 24.06.1485, d 10.06.1555, dau of John I, King of Denmark and Sweden
a Joachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg b 1505, d 1571 had issue
b Anna of Brandenburg b 1507, d 19.06.1567
m 17.01.1524 Albrecht VI, Duke of Meckelenburg-Schwerin b 28.07.1488, d 05.01.1547
c+ other issue
ii Ann of Brandenburg b 27.08.1487, d 03.05.1514
m 1502 Frederik I, King of Denmark and Sweden, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp b 07.10.1471, d 10.04.1533
iii+ other issue
m2 1458 Anna, Princess of Saxony b 1437, d 31.10.1512
C+ other issue
4 Dorothea of Brandenburg b 1420, d 19.01.1491
m 1432 Henry IV, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin b 1417, d 03.1477
5+ other issue
c Elisabeth of Nurnberg b 1358, d 26.07.1411 in Heidelberg
m in Amberg 1374 Rubert III of the Rhein, Duke of Bavaria, German King d 1410
d Beatrix of Nurnberg ca. 1362, Nuremberg d 10 June 1414, Perchtoldsdorf
m in Vienna 1375 Albrecht III, Duke of Austria b 1348, d 29.08.1395
7-1-2-5 Margarete d. 1406, Gudensberg
m in Kulmbach 1383 Landgrave Hermann II of Hesse.
7-1-2-6 Anna b ca. 1364 d after 10 May 1392, a nun in Seusslitz.
7-1-2-7 Katharina d. 1409, Abbess in Hof.
7-1-2-8 Agnes b 1366 – 22 May 1432, Convent in Hof 1376–1386
m in Konstance 1386 Baron Friedrich of Daber, Returned to Convent in Hof 1406 Abbess in Hof (1411–1432).
7-1-2 Margarete (died 1377), married in 1359, Landshut, to Duke Stephen II, Duke of Bavaria.
7-1-3 Elisabeth (died ca 1383), married 1360, to Ulrich, Count of Schaunberg.
7-1-4 Anna (died 1383), Abbess of Birkenfeld and of Himmelkron.
7-1-5 Adelheid, a nun in Birkenfeld from 1361 to 1370.
7-2 Conrad III of Nuremberg (d. 1334).
7-3 Friedrich (d. 1365), Bishop of Regensburg in 1340-1365.
7-4 Albrecht "der Schöne" (d. 1361).
7-5 Berthold b 1320 d 1365, Willibaldsburg, Bishop of Eichstädt in 1354-1365, Chancellor to Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor.
7-6 Helene d. after 1374)
m1 ca 1321 Count Otto V of Orlamünde; 1341/46
m2 Count Henry VII of Schwarzburg.
7-7 Anna d. after 1340
m Landgrave Ulrich I of Leuchtenberg.
7-8 Margarete d. after 13 November 1382
m 1332 Count Adolf I of Nassau-Wiesbaden.
7-9 Agnes d. after 1363
m1 in 1336 Berthold V of Neuffen, Count of Marstetten and Graisbach;
m2 ca. 1343 Count Albrecht II of Werdenberg and Heiligenberg.
7-10 Katharina d. after 11 March 1373
m 1338 Count Eberhard of Wertheim.
8 Anna d. after 1355
m before 3 January 1297 to Count Emicho I of Nassau-Hadamar
b. Conrad II of Nuremberg d. 1314.
c. Adelheid d. 1304, married before 8 July 1241 to Count Rapoto III. of Ortenburg, Pfalzgraf of Bavaria.
d. Sophie d. after 16 June 1276, married to Marquard of Arnsberg-Heydeck.
iii. Elisabeth d. 1255
married to Landgrave Gerhard III of Leuchtenberg.
2. Burchard had issue

Sources: GenEU Hohenzollern1, 2 + ROYL table CCLXIII,_Burgrave_of_Nuremberg et al.
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