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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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    Wo13 Nicholas Workman

    Patriarch of this family was Wo13/12 Nicholas Workman
    Wo13 Nicholas Workman of Kings Stanley, b about 1500 in Stanley, Lasboro, Gloucestershire, England
    Died: JUN 1543 in Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England Buried:
    Married: Lillian Julyann Gyllian d 1554 Will probated 1554
    In his will written 13 Jun 1543 he makes bequess to his sons: Richard, Umffrey, William, John, Thomas and Edwarde and to his daughters: Jone, Alyce and Katheryn. Although one would guess under the assumption of primogental thinking the sons are named first in the order of birth before the daughters who are named later in the order of their births, that Richard was the eldest but Umffrey the second was more adept in conducting business and hence named co-executor with his wife, Julyan. This Nicholas Workman had at least three brothers living in Gloucestershire
    W013-2 Thomas Workman d 1546 in Sutton m x Edden d before 1546. Will requested brother William and father-in-law Thomas Edden to bring up his orphaned children, Elizabeth, Agnes, Joane and Kathryn
    Wo13-3 William Workman will probated 1693 at Hardwicke Gloucestershire named wife Elinor and two sons, Henry (already had a son John) and William Workman.
    Wo13-4 Henry Workman will dated 3 Mar 1559 probated 18 Sep 1563 at Minchinhampton Gloucester, named wife Isabell and children Gullm, John, Thomas, Humfrey, Mary and Elizabeth as well as another brother:
    Wo13-5 James Workman.
    There were probably also sisters
    The name, Workman, is believed to be of Orcadian origin from Old Norse "verkmen", as a skilled, specialised and accomplished professional rather than a common laborer, as we understand it now in "work of art" or "great works" or as Germans understand it in "Werk" when referring to a significant publication.
    Wo12-1Richard Workman b about 1525 d bur Framton Cottrell Gloucester made his will 18 Jan 1591 probated Oct 1591
    m Mary had son Thomas, made brother William overseer, not mentioned in mother's will.
    Wo12-2Umffrey Workman b about 1527 d before 1583 in Lasboro His will dated 20 Jan 1583 probated Apr named brother John Hathway
    m c 1546 Joane /Johane Hathway b 1536 d in Lasboro dau of Robert Hathaway b 1500 d 1545 and Catherine
    Wo12-2-1Thomas Workman b before 1554 (named in grandmother's will) d in Alderly will dated 27 Mar 1585 proved 10 Sept 1585. names his wife, Agnes Hale dau of Robert Hale, their surviving children:
    Wo12-2-1-1Robert Workman b 16 Oct 1580 probably d y
    Wo12-2-1-2Nicholas Workman b 21 May 1583 in Alderly
    Wo12-2-1-3Elizabeth Workman b 7 Apr 1585 in Alderly
    Wo12-2-1-4xy Worman b after Mar 1585
    Wo12-2-2Lylian Workman b before 1554 mentined in grandmother's will,
    m Henry Ford
    Wo12-2-3Kathryn Workman b 1541/by 1554 merntiond in grandmother's will
    m?1 William Gosemore
    -1 Elianor Gosemore b c 1560 m y Thurston of Sherston Magna Wilts (An Edward Thurston witnessed the will of William Atkins probated 1583 also ?another was a will overseer at Canterbury in 1629) This y Thurston - rather wild gusstimation - may have been this witness "Edward Thurston" and the father of: -1-1? Malachias Thruston -1-1-1 John Thruston Th12 of Wellington, Somersetshire was baptized in the Parish Church of Wellington, England, on 8 June 1606, He was Chamberlain of the City of Bristol, England for eleven years and eleven months. He died in 1675 on April 8th, and was buried in St. Thomas' Churchyard on the south side of his 1st wife. m1 12 Jan 1627/28 in Bristol, Thomasine Rich Ri12 ? b 24 Aug 1604 d 30 Nov 1647 in Bristol, widow Warren and dau of ?, Edward Thruston of West Buckland, b. 1608 Wellington Somerset Engl
    m Thomasin Prowse dau of Clement Prowse of Hemyoke Devon
    -1-1-2 Edward Thruston of West Buckland, b. 1608 Wellington Somerset Engl
    m Thomasin Prowse dau of Clement Prowse of Hemyoke Devon
    -1-1-1-1 John Thruston 1 Feb. 1629/30 -d 3 Feb 1630
    -1-1-1-2 Thomasine Thruston 6 Feb. 1631/32 >m on 11 Sept 1653 at ?... Parish Church Bristol John Hunt b 11 Sep 1630, England
    -1-1-1-3 Justinian Thruston b 11 Sep 1634 d 27 May 1645
    -1-1-1-4 Alice Thruston b 26 Sept. 1635 d age 26
    -1-1-1-5 Ann Thruston b 23 Dec 1636
    -1-1-1-6 Malachy Thruston b 19 January 1637/38 in Bristol, Gloucester, Engl m MARTHA PORTER in Bristol, Gloucester
    -1-1-2-1 Edward Thruston of West Buckland matr Exeter College, Oxford 13 Nov 1640
    -1-1-2-2 Malachy Thruston of Exeter, Dr. in Phisick Caius College Cambridge in 1665 fellow of Sidney Sussex College, d 3 Jun 1701 Thruston, b. 1608 Wellington Somerset

    -1-1-1-6-1 JAMES Thruston b c 1658
    -1-1-1-6-2 JOHN Thruston b Abt. 1663 Va d 1709 m Margaret d aft 1709
    -1-1-1-6-3 MALACHY Thruston, JR, b 1659, Norfolk Va m REBECCA WARREN 1680 in Va The connection to Warren
    -1-1-1-6-4 JAMES Thruston, b. c 1667 Virginia
    -1-1-1-6-5 SARAH Thruston b c 1669 Va m Capt Richard Chashire
    -1-1-1-6-6 JANE/Jeane Thruston b c 1673 or 1671 Va
    -1-1-1-6-7 MARTHA Thruston b c 1680, Va. ?= m Harwood Cary b c 1680, 2 d 1720 Goochland Va of Skiff Creek, Warwick Co
    -1-1-2-1-1 Edward Thruston of West Buckland matr Exeter College, Oxford 13 Nov 1640 m Dorothy Soper dau and heiress of Simon Soper of Tiverton Devon

    -1-1-1-6-3-1 JAMES MALACHY Thruston SR b 1702 m 1724 in Va MARY JANE TAYLOR She b 1709 in Va
    -1-1-1-6-7-1 Mary Cary b 1709 Warwick, Chesterfield Co Va d 1734 NC m Francis Wilkinson 17 Oct St Peters New Kent Co Va d there 1728 Daniel Wilkinson b 16603 Williamsburg Va d 1728 New Kent Va and Rebecca Parke b 1675 St Peters Parish Kent Engl ancestor of Shirley Juanita Becker, author's DNA match
    -1-1-2-1-1-1 Edward Thruston of West Buckland b 1650 matr. Exeter College Oxford 30 Mar 1666
    -1-1-2-1-1-2 John Thruston
    -1-1-2-1-1-3 Thomasin Thruston
    -1-1-2-1-1-4 Mary Thruston
    -1-1-2-1-1-5 Malachy Thruston b about 1660 matr. St John's College Oxford 21 May 1680
    -1-1-2-1-1-6 Alice Thruston b 1662 d 18 Apr 1732 m Richard Wyatt
    -1-1-2-1-1-7 James Thruston
    -1-1-2-1-1-8 Anne Thruston
    -1-1-2-1-1-9 Grace Thruston
    m?2Thomas Snell b c 1542 Leonard Stanely, Gloucester -1 Phillip Snell bap 19 Jan 1583 Stonehouse, Gloucester bur 3 Nov 1648 Leonard Stanley, Gloucester m 22 Oct 1618 Stonehouse, Gloucester Margery Sheene b 26 Apr 1647 Leonard Stanley -1-1 Richard Snell bap 19 Dec 1619 Leonard Stanley, Gloucester d 27 Aug 1649 Leonard Stanley, Gloucester, England
    -1-2 Marie Snell bap Mar 1622 Leonard Stanley, Gloucester bur 19 Mar 1680 Uley, Gloucester m 23 Jul 1647 Leonard Stanley Daniel Spratt bap 8 Aug 1624 Uley Gloucestshire d 1697/8 Leonard Stanley
    -1-3 Samuel Snell bap 22 Mar 1628 Leonard Stanley will dated 11 Feb 1684 Adsett, Flaxley, Gloucester, bur 10 Feb 1693 Adsett, Flaxley, Gloucester

    -1-2-1 Giles SPRATT b c 1647 Uley, Gloucestershire, bur 13 Sep 1718 Uley m Mary JONES
    -1-2-2 Joane SPRATT b Uley m 8 Apr 1665 Uley Nathaniel DANE
    -1-2-3 Giles SPRATT of Uley, m 17 May 1669 Kimborough PEGLER
    -1-2-4 Philip SPRATT of Uley b c 1651 m Ruth Freame b c 1653 Uley dau of Daniel Freame and Joan

    -1-2-4-1 Philip Spratt bap c 1678 Uley, d 8 Feb 1766
    -1-2-4-2 Daniel Spratt b 4 Apr 1681 Uley d 2 Jul 1743 Staverton, Gloucester, England
    -1-2-4-3 Elizabeth Spratt bap 1 Feb 1682 Uley, bur 15 Dec 1752 Staverton, Gloucester m 25 Nov 1706 Staverton, Gloucester Thomas Burroughs son of Richard/?Thomas Burrows
    -1-2-4-4 Thomas Spratt bap 25 Dec 1684 Uley

    -1-2-4-3-1 Thomas Burroughs
    -1-2-4-3-2 Daniel Burroughs
    -1-2-4-3-3 Phillip Burroughs
    -1-2-4-3-4 Elizabeth Burroughs m 18 Feb 1743/4 in Staverton Henry Gardner son of Richard Gardner and Prudence Jennings.
    -1-2-4-3-5 Robert Burroughs
    -1-2-4-3-6 John Burroughs
    -1-2-4-3-7 Mary Burroughs
    -1-2-4-3-8 Joseph Burroughs

    -1-2-4-3-4-1 Thomas Gardner b 9 Sep 1745, Staverton d Oct 23 1745 Staverton
    -1-2-4-3-4-2 Mary Gardner b Sep 19 1746, Staverton d Mar 27 1816 Twigworth Gloucs m on Sep 21, 1770 in St. Mary & Corpus Christi, Down Hatherley, Gis John Oakey son of *John Oakey and *Elizabeth Brown.
    -1-2-4-3-4-3 Daniel Gardner b Jan 1 1747/48, Staverton d Feb 21 1794, Staverton
    -1-2-4-3-4-4 Betty Gardner b Dec 22 1749, Staverton
    -1-2-4-3-4-5 John Gardner b Jan 8 1751/52, Staverton

    -1-2-4-3-4-2-1 Thomas Oakey b Nov 16, 1770 Eldersfield Worcestershire d Apr 1 1838, Gloucestershire
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-2 Betty Oakey b May 31 1772 Longford Twigworth Gls
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-3 William Oakey b 1774 d. Jun 27 1775.
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-4 Hester Oakey b Mar 3, 1776, Twigworth Gloucester
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-5 Mary Oakey b by Apr 25, 1779, Gloucester Gls d Apr 19 1847 Quay St. Gloucester, Gls.
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-6 Sarah Oakey b Oct 7, 1781, Sandhurst Gloucester d Mar2 1837 Apperley Deerhurst Gloucester
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-7 William Oakey b 1784.
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-8 Prudence Oakey b by Jun 2 1786, Gloucester Gls
    -1-2-4-3-4-2-9 Ann Oakey b by Sep 14 1791 Gloucester
    Wo12-2-4Christopher Workman
    Wo12-2-5John Workman probably the John of Charvild Gloucester, will made 1605 probated Ju 1606 named his children -1 John Workman
    -2 Thomas Workman
    -3 Giles Workman

    -3-1 Margaret Workman
    Wo12-2-6Humfrey Workman b about 1563 matriculated at Trinity College in Oxford
    Wo12-2-7Edythe Workman m John Archer
    Wo12-2-8William Workman b about 1568 d 8 Sep 1628 Newington Bagpath Cloucester
    m Elizabeth Cocks
    Wo12-2-8-1John Workman b 1590 ?in Lasborough bur 12 Jan 1640 in Gloucester bur St. Nicholas churchyard in the City of Gloucester 12 Jan 1640/1
    m Esther Wood of Brookthorpe, Cam, Gloucester. John's Pritan views brought him the hatred and vengeance of Archbishop Laud.
    Wo12-2-8-2Susanne Workman unm in 1641
    Wo12-2-8-3Anne Workman m Thomas Banks
    Wo12-2-8-4Edmund /Edward Workman bap Mar 1600 Newington Bagpath d 1605
    Wo12-2-8-5Mary Workman bap Apr 1600 Newington m John Bansster of Oxford
    Wo12-2-8-6x Workman b about 1603 m Thomas Broad had at least two sons, John Broad mentioned in grandfather's will and Thomas Broad mentioned in the will of John Workman
    Wo12-2-8-7Giles Workman b 1605 in Newington Bagpath bur 14 Feb 1655/6 Alderly Gloucester, matriculated in Oxford, Magdalen Hall 27 Jun 1623m age 18, B.A. 21 Oct 1626, M.A. 11 Jun 1629, vicar of Wallford, Hertfordshire, minister of Colege School inGloucester, rector of Alderley.
    m Anne Petty b 1613 of Fauley, Oxford dau of Leonard Petty
    Wo12-2-8-7-1James Workman d Jan 1677 matriculated Merton College Oxford 13 Dec 1654
    Wo12-2-8-7-2John Workman b 16 Dec 1638 at Newington Bagpath or Wallford d 24 Jun 1685
    Wo12-2-8-7-3Giles Workman b 1643 matriculated in New College Oxford 10 May 1662 age 19, in 1681 "in travels beyond the sea"
    Wo12-2-8-7-4William Workman d aged 5 after 1655
    Wo12-2-8-7-5Anne Workman b about 1640 m Robert Welman of Oxford
    Wo12-2-8-7-6Elizabeth Workman d age 1 y
    Wo12-3WILLIAM Workman b about 1529,
    Wo12-3-1?Possibly here was:
    y Workman b c 1560
    Wo12-3-1-1 y Workman b c 1590
    Wo12-3-1-1-1y Workman b c 1620 -1 y Workman b c 1650 -1-1 y Workman b c 1680 -1-1-1 y Workman b c 1710 Antrim Northern Ireland -1-1-1-1 John Workman b c 1740 Antrim Northern Ireland d 1810 SC m x Watts -1-1-1-1-1 Jennie Workman b 1785 Laurens Co SC d 1832 m William Hutchinson
    -1-1-1-1-2 James Workman b 1790 Little River Newberry SC d there 26 Mar 1844 m Edney Floyd b 1791 d 1866 dau of Capt Floyd b 1758 d 1836 and Nancy Ann Andrews b 1760 Lunenburg VA d 1857 Newberry SC (dau of William Andrews b 1726 d 1771 and Ann Brooks b 1730 d 1772)
    -1-1-1-1-3 Hugh Workman b 1793 Laurens SC d there 1848
    -1-1-1-1-4 Samual Workman b 1795 Laurens SC d there 1 Mar 1848

    -1-1-1-1-2-1 Nancy Workman b 1813 d 1904 m John Lewis b 1810 d 1878 son of Maj John Lewis b 24 Aug 1754 Monroe Amherst Co VA d 4 Jun 1823 Sweets Springs Alleghany WV and Mary Preston b 1776 d 1824

    -1-1-1-1-2-1-1 Jefferson Lewis b 1835 d 1920 m Ann
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-2 Sarah Lewis b 1837 d 1908 m Tom Bozman b 1839
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-3 George Lewis b 1840
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-4 Marcus Lewis b 1842
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-5 Josephine Lewis b 1844
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-6 John Lewis b 1847 d 1920
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-7 Edna Lewis b 1850 d 1892 m Elihue haynes b 1844 d 1907 ancestors of Donna Thompson nee Haynes, author's DNA match
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-8 James Lewis b 1852
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-9 Martha Lewis b 1854
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-10 Charles Lewis b 1854
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-11 Dorsey Lewis b 1857 d 1929 m Frances Fleury b 1881 d 1944
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-12 Eddie Lewis b 1859
    -1-1-1-1-2-1-13 dau F Lewis b 1862 d 1933
    Wo12-4JOHN Workman b about 1531, unmarried in 1554, chief legatee in mother's will
    Wo12THOMAS Workman b about 1535
    who probably had a son
    /td> Wo11John William Woertman 1598 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands d 10 JAN 1640 in Amsterdam m Hannah Hanntje b c 1600
    /td> Wo10-1Elizabeth Jans Woertman b c 1630 m1 7 Jul 1647 in America Pieter Jansen Noorman b in Norway m2 6 Oct 1662 in New Amsterdam Dutch Church Joost Jansen Cocquit b Brugge, Flanders, Belgium
    /td> Wo10Dirck Jans "Richard" Workman b c 1630 in Amsterdam
    /td> Wo9-1 Haramita Woertman - Chr. 6/6/1661
    /td> Wo9-2 Femmetje/Phoebe Woertman - Chr. 1/6/1663
    /td> Wo9Jan Derick Woertman Chr. 1665 m Marrietje Teunis Denyse b 3 Apr 1644 in Brooklyn NY
    m 17 Jan 1690/1 in Brooklyn Anna Maria Andriessen/Andries b 1670 in Brooklyn Kings Co NY
    /td> Wo8-1Andries/Andrew Woertman/wortman b 1691
    m Jannetje Post
    -1 Aaltie Wortman b: 1719
    -2 Jannetje Wortman b 1721
    -3 Jan (John) Wortman b 1724
    -4 Agnitje Wortman b 1726
    -5 Teunis Wortman b c 1730
    -6 Elizabeth Wortman b 1734
    -7 Andries Wortman b 1736 m Margaret
    -8 Peter Wortman b 1738 d 1776 Old Bedminster NJ m Sarah Van Nest b 1741 d 1771 Bedminster

    -7-1 Jane Gorden Wortman
    -7-2 William Wortman b: 1765
    -7-3 Peter Wortman b: 1767
    -7-4 Cintha Wortman b: 1769
    -7-5 Eleanor Wortman b: 1771
    -7-6 Auston Wortman b: 1773
    -8-1 Maregritta Wortman b 16 Aug 1761 m1 Phillip Van Arsdale m2 Bergun Van Doren
    -8-2 Marie Wortman b 15 Apr 1764
    -8-3 Peter Wortman b 3 Mar 1766
    -8-4 Dircks Wortman b 1768
    /td> Wo8-2Dirck Woertman b 1693 d Bushwick NY
    m Elizabeth b: ABT 1696
    -1 Anna Wortman b: 3 Feb 1722/1723 in New Jersey
    -2 Dirck Wortman b 28 Mar 1725 in NJ
    -3 Jacobus Wortman b 21 Apr 1727
    /td> Wo8-3Jan Evertsen Bout Woertman b 1695
    m1 x + 1 ch
    m2 x + 5 ch
    -1 Janavera Woertman b: 19 Jun 1720
    -2 Willem Woertman b 17 Nov 1721
    -3 Maria Woertman b 9 Feb 1723/1724
    -4 Sarah Woertman b 5 Feb 1726/1727 in Somerville, New Jersey
    -5 Jan Woertman b 1 Feb 1728/1729
    -6 Catherine Woertman b c 1730
    /td> Wo8-4Peter Woertman b c 1698 in New York d c 1776
    m Margaret b 1724
    /td> Wo8-5Elizabeth Woertman b 1699
    /td> Wo8-6Hermitien Woertman b 1704
    /td> Wo8-7Anna Woertman b 1707
    /td> Wo8Abraham Workman b 1709 in New Jersey
    m Anna/Annetje Smith b 1714 in Holland bap 14 Jul 1706 in New York/?Holland
    /td> Wo8-9Jane Woertman b 1710
    /td> Wo8-10Femmetchen Woertman b 1716
    /td> Wo9-4 Geertruy Woertman - Chr. 1667
    m 28 May 1692 Gabriel Janse Sprong b 1665 Brooklyn NY d 1726
    -1 Annetje Sprong m Simon Joosten Duryea b: 1716
    -2 Eightje Sprong
    -3 Jan Sprong
    -4 Ade Sprong
    -5 Marytje Sprong
    -6 Catherine Sprong
    -7 Gabriel Janse Sprong
    -8 Lucas Sprong
    -1-1 Simon Duryea b c 1745
    /td> Wo9-5Teunis Derick Woertman - Chr. 12/28/1669
    /td> Wo9-6Paulis/Paul Woertman - Chr. 4/2/1672
    m Trynte Herens
    /td> Wo9-7Catherine Woertman - Chr. 1667
    /td> Wo9-8Denyse/Dennis Woertman - Chr. 7/27/1678
    /td> Wo9-9Lysbeth/Elizabeth Woertman m Van Zutphen - Chr. 4/4/1681
    m Dirck Vanzutphen
    /td> Wo9-10Annetje (Woertman) Riemer - Chr. 6/15/1684
    m Isaac Deriemer b 1680
    /td> Wo9-11Marretje Woertman - Chr. 11/21/1686
    /td> Wo9-12Peter Derick Woertman - Chr. 1688 Wo9-12-1 Isaac Workman b 1710 in Brooklyn, Kings NY m 1 Jul 1733 Femmetje Ragel b: in New Jersey
    Wo9-12-1-1 Rebecca Workman b c 1733
    Wo9-12-1-2 Sarah Workman b 1734 m Nathan Compton
    Wo9-12-1-3 Stephen Workman b 1735 in Somerville, Somerset Co NJ d 16 Seo 1829 Bellaire OH m Hester Critchfield d 9 Jan 1792
    Wo9-12-1-4 Joseph Workman b 1735 in Somerset Co NJ
    Wo9-12-1-5 Fannie Workman b 1736
    Wo9-12-1-6 John Workman b 1740
    Wo9-12-1-7 Isaac Workman b 1742 in New Jersey
    Wo9-12-1-8 Nancy Workman b 1787 in Monroe Co TN m John Bilyeu b 1785 Green Co KY son of John Bilyeu b 1760 Six Mile Run NJ 2nd gr granson of Pierre Billiou b 1625 La Bassee France and Francoise du Bois b 18 Jun 1622 Wicres France

    Wo9-12-1-3-1 Benjamen Workman b 1763 in Maryland d 1850 Moundsville OH m 1790 MD Priscilla Doss b 1765 in Spartanburg, SC d 1864 Buffalo WV
    Wo9-12-1-3-2 Isaac Workman b 1765 in Maryland
    Wo9-12-1-3-3 William Workman b 1767 in Maryland
    Wo9-12-1-3-4 Hannah Workman b 1769 in Maryland m y Foster
    Wo9-12-1-3-5 Stephen Workman b 1771 in Maryland
    Wo9-12-1-3-6 Hester Workman b 1772 Allegheny Co MD m Samuel Clutter
    Wo9-12-1-3-7 Andrew Workman b 1773 in Maryland
    Wo9-12-1-3-8 Jesse Workman b 1775
    Wo9-12-1-3-9 Abraham Workman b 13 Nov 1779
    Wo9-12-1-3-10 John Workman b 1783
    Wo9-12-1-3-11 Hester Workman b 1785
    Wo9-12-1-3-12 David Workman b 9 Jan 1792
    Wo9-12-1-8-1 Cyrus Bilyeu b 1805 in Green Co Ky
    Wo9-12-1-8-2 Benjamin Bilyeu b 1815 in Ky Or Tenn
    Wo9-12-1-8-3 Jessie Bilyeu b 6 Nov 1818 in Monroe Co TN d 6 Oct 1900 in Logan Co m Lauranie Peterman b: 1825

    Wo9-12-1-3-1-1 Joshua Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-2 William Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-3 Elijah Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-4 Hester Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-5 Polly Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-6 Anna Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-7 Bell Jane Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-8 Joseph Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-9 Lewis Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-10 Stephen Doss Workman b 1798 in New Jersey
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11 Josiah Workman b 1800 in Belmont, Oh d Wetzel Co ?OH m 1 Jan 1833 Sarah Liston b: 1809
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12 Eli Workman b 1810 m1 Charlotte + 7 ch m2 12 Oct 1856 Elizabeth Kirkpatrick b 1727 + 1 ch
    Wo9-12-1-3-4-1 Eliza Foster
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-1 Elizabeth Bilyeu b: WFT Est. 1840-1867 in Overton County, Tennessee
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-2 Lee Ann Bilyeu b: WFT Est. 1841-1865 in Illinois
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-3 Jasper Bilyeu b: 12 Feb 1841 in Monroe County, Tennessee
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-4 William (Bud) Bilyeu b: 12 Jul 1845 in Monroe County, Tennessee
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-5 Jacob Bilyeu b: 30 Mar 1846 in Illinois
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-6 Pleasant Bilyeu b: 12 Jan 1850 in Livington, Tennessee
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-7 Landon Bilyeu b: 15 Feb 1853 in Sangamon County, Illinois
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-8 Mahalie Jane Bilyeu b: 21 Sep 1855
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-9 Phelps (Seb) Bilyeu b: 15 Nov 1857 in Monroe County, Tennessee
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-10 Mary Bilyeu b: 1862
    Wo9-12-1-8-3-11 Benjamin Lincoln Bilyeu b: 25 Jul 1865 in Il

    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-1 Normanda Workman b WFT Est. 1823-1850
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2 Ebenezar Workman b 1839 d 8 Apr 1872 m Elizabeth Jane Hill b 1838 d 1928 dau of Thomas Cook Hill b 1811 in New York (grandson of Jonathan Hill b c 1750 ?RI) and Amanda McClain b: 1811 in VA
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-3 Joseph Workman b 1848
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-4 Mary Jane Workman b 1845 in Wetzel Co
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-1 Robert Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-2 Mary Jane Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-3 Alexander Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-4 Marinda Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-5 Caroline Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-6 Isaac Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7 Benjamen Workman b 1840 m Sarah Ann Matheny b c 1842
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-8 Elizabeth Workman b: c 1857

    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-1 Ellen Workman b 22 Feb 1860
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-2 Joseph Franklin Workman b 15 Jan 1862
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-3 Calvin Luther Workman b 1864
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-4 John Workman b 1866
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-5 Thomas Randolph Workman b 15 Aug 1869
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-6 Amanda Workman b 15 Aug 1869
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-7 Charlie Workman b 1871
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-8 Josiah Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-9 Mary Jane Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-11-2-10 Benjamin Workman
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-1 Eli Workman b: c 1857
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-2 Rachel Workman b c 1861
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-3 Barbary Workman b c 1863
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-4 Benjamen Workman Jr. b c 1864
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-5 John L Workman b c 1865
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-6 Margaret E. Workman b c 1867
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-7 Cora Workman b c 1868
    Wo9-12-1-3-1-12-7-8 Simon W. Workman b 1869 d 21 Jul 1942 m1 Luella b 1876 + 4 ch m2 Blanch Crow b 1876 + 2 ch m3 1911 Jane Greathouse + ?5 ch
    /td> Wo9-13Lorewyck Derick Woertman - Chr. 1690
    Wo12-6EDWARDE Workman b about 1539, named in both wills.
    Wo12-7JONE or Jane Workman b about 1533 does not appear in mother's will ?d y
    Wo12-8ALYCE Workman b about 1537 m before 1554 y Aylwarde or Milward
    Wo12-6KATHERYN Workman b about 1541 ?d y
    Thomas Workman

    Born: 1540, England

    Married 1570, England, to Agnes Hale

    Died: 1628, Gloucester England

    Another source indicate another intermediate generation:
    Name: Thomas Workman
    Birth: ABT. 1540 in England
    Death: ABT. 1628 in Gloucester, England

    Father: Nicholas Workman b: BEF. 1520 in Stanley, Lasboro, Gloucestershire, England 
    Mother: Lillian Julyann Gyllian b: BEF. 1520 in Stanley, Lasboro, Gloucestershire, England

    Marriage 1 Agnes Hale b: BEF. 1550
    Married: ABT. 1570 in England
    Alyce Workman b: ABT. 1571 in England
    Jone Workman b: ABT. 1574 in England
    Nicholas Workman b: AFT. 1574 in England
    William Workman b: AFT. 1575 in England
    Umffrey Workman b: ABT. 1583 in Gloucester, England
    Elizabeth Workman b: APR 1585 in Gloucester, England
    Robert Workman b: 16 OCT 1590 in Gloucester, England
    Katheryn Workman b: AFT. 1591 in Gloucester, England
    John William Workman b: ABT. 1598 in Gloucester, England
    Edward Workman b: ABT. 1599 in Gloucester, England


    Source: Anderson, Thelma C.. Workman Family History. Salt Lake City, UT, Publishers Press, 1962. Page 9.; as follows:

     Nicolas WorkmanN signed a will in Jun 1543. The will of NicholasS Workman, made 13th day of June 1543, was probated 19 July 1543 by his wife. An abstract of this will follows:

    "In dei nom' Amen the xiijth day of June the yere of our lorde god 1543 and in the yere of the XXXVth reigne of o'r soveraigne lorde henry the eight by the grace of god of Englonde, ffraunce and Ireland, kinge defendor of the feithe, I, NICHOLAS WORKEMAN of kings stanley wth in the Dioces of Glouc", husbandman, being sicke of bodye but of good and perfite memory, make my Testament and last will in maner & fourme following.

    "I bequethe my sowlle to Almighty god & my bodye to be buryed in the churche yarde of kings stanley.

    I geve and bequethe to very of my childers That ys to say to RICHARD, UMFFREY, WILLIAM, JOHN, THOMAS and EDWARDE one kowe to be delyvered to eyther of them ageynste the tyme of their maryage.

    I geve and bequethe to evry of my doughters That ys to saye JONE, ALYCE and KATHERYN one koew to be delyvered as ys abovesayd.

    I geve and bequethe to every of my saide doughters one bedd with the appurtenances to be delyvered to eyther of them as ys abovesaid. And yf yt fortune eny of my seyde Childers to Decesse before the tyme of theire mariage That then I wolde that their legacies to them dewe shall come and remayne to my executors.

    The residewe of all my goods and Catalls not bequethed I geve and bequethe holy to JULYAN my wiffe and UMFREY my sonne whome I make and ordeyne my Executors to bring my bodie honestly in erthe and paye any detts and funeralls and to performe this my last will. Also I will and ordeyne RICHARD COKE to be over seer of this my last will and testament. To this witnessethe Sr. OLYVER BOSEK, curet there and WILLIAM MYLWARD. Proved by J. Workman, 19th July 1543."

    He died in Jun 1543 or Jul 1543 in Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England. (630)