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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Scots 1
Ferchard, a prince of Scots in Ireland
1. Fergus I, King of Scots d c305BC
A. Ferlegus
B. Mainus d c261BC
i. Dornadille or Dorvididla d c233BC
ii. Nathatus or Nathak
'Royal Genealogies' shows Dornadille as father of Reutherus Reude but 'The Red and White Book' shows Nathak.
a. Reutherus or Reude or Reutha d c187 BC
m daughter of Cerbus, a Pictish king
1 Thor or Thereus
2 Josina or Josyne d 134BC
A Finan or Fynnane d 104BC
i Duritus or Dorstus d c95BC
'The Red and White Book' follows the line of Ewin but 'Royal Genealogies' continues with ...
a Donachus
1 Cormac
A Europa
m Cadallamus below
B Metallanus
ii ??
a Ewin II, King of Scots
1 Edair, King of Scots
A Ewin, King of Scots
2 ??
A Metallanus or Mainus b 33BC, d 29AD
It is possible that this Metallanus or Mainus reported by 'The Red and White Book' is meant to be the same person as the Metallanus reported above by 'Royal Genealogies'.
2. Ferithenis or Ferithais

m Europa dau of Cormac above
1. Corbred I d 67AD
A. Corbred II d 106
i. daughter
m ??
a. daughter princess
m ??
1 Ethodus I d 192 - continued below
2. Hoada
m Arbicagus, King of Britons
A. Boadicea, Queen of Britons = Boudicca Boudica, Queen of the Iceni b c30AD
m Prasutagus, King of the Iceni d 60/61
i. Julia of the Iceni
m Marius, King of Britons d 125
ii. daughter

Ethodus I d c192 - continued above
1. Ethodus II d 238
A. Athirco d 250
i. Findochus
ii. Coscatin
iii. Donald II
iv. Cormachus b about 250
a. Fincormachus b about 275 d 357
1 Eugen
2 Ethedius b about 310
A Erc b about 350
B. Dorus

1 'Royal Genealogies'.
2 'The "Red and White" Book of Menzies', 2nd edition, by D.P. Menzies of Mengieston, privately printed 1908.
Where 2 spellings are given, the first comes from 'Royal Genealogies' and the second comes from 'The Red and White Book'. The information from 'Royal Genealogies' was produced from scribbled notes transcribed from the source which was sometimes difficult to read. It is likely to contain several transcription errors so its spelling is likely often to be wrong. The dates come from 'Royal Genealogies'.
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