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Loftus 1: Loftus of Anneville, Loftus of Clara Castle, Loftus of Clonard, Loftus of Elye, Loftus of Fethard, Loftus of Killyon Killyan, Loftus of Loftus Hall, Loftus of Monasterevan, Loftus of Mount Loftus, Loftus of Rathfarnham, Loftus of Richfield
Edward Loftus of Swineshead
1. Robert Loftus
A. Adam Loftus of Monasterevan, Chancellor of Ireland, 1st Viscount of Ely or Elye b 1568, d 1643, 2nd son
m 1597 Sarah Bathow d 01.08.1650, widow of Richard Meredyth, Bishop of Leighlin
i. Sir Robert Loftus dvp 11.10.1640
m 08.1621 Elinor Ruishe d 05.1639, dau of Sir Francis Ruishe or Rushe
a. Anne Loftus
m Richard Lennard Barrett of Bellhouse or Belhus d 1696
ii. Edward Loftus of Monasterevan, 2nd Viscount of Elye d 11.04.1680
m 28.02.1635 Jane Lindley d 14.11.1684, dau of Arthur Lindley of Middleham Castle
a. Arthur Loftus, 3rd Viscount of Elye bpt 18.06.1644, d 06.11.1725
m1 c12.1675 Douglas Savage dsp dau of William Savage of Castle Rheban
m2 c12.1676 Anne Hawkins d 17.03.1701/2, dau of William Hawkins of Dublin
1 Jane Loftus d 1713
m 24.08.1699 Charles Moore, 'Lord Moore' bpt 01.12.1676, dvp 21.05.1714
m3. 02.04.1706 Letitia Rowley dsp 19.07.1765, dau of Sir John Rowley of Castle Roe
b. Sarah Loftus
m Charles Kirke b 04.09.1633, d 1664
iii. Alice Loftus d 13.06.1649
m Charles Moore, 2nd Viscount of Drogheda b c1603, d 07.08.1643
iv.+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
2. Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Armagh then Dublin, Chancellor of Ireland b c 1533, d 05.04.1605
m Jane Purdon dau of Adam Purdon of Lurgan Race or Lurganrace
A. Sir Dudley Loftus of Rathfarnham Castle b 1561
m Anne Bagenal dau of Sir Nicholas Bagenal of Newry
i. Sir Adam Loftus of Rathfarnham Vice Treasurer
m Jane Vaughan dau of Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove
a. Sir Arthur Loftus of Rathfarnham
m 1624 Dorothy Boyle dau of Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork
1 Adam Loftus, Viscount Lisburne d 1690
m Lucia Brydges dau of George Brydges, 6th Lord Chandos
A Lucy Loftus d 05.02.1715-6
m 07.1692 Thomas Wharton, 1st Marquess of Wharton b 08.1648, d 12.04.1716
2 Letitia Loftus
m Thomas Coningsby of Hampton Court
3 Eleanor or Ellen Loftus
m Theobald Bourke, 4th Viscount Mayo dsp 05.06.1676
4 Jane Loftus b c1643, d 1728
m Robert Gorges of Kilbrew b c1626, d 1701
b. Lettice or Anne Loftus d 26.10.1633 apparently of this generation
m Richard Parsons dvp
m2 Kean O'Hara of Coolany & Annaghmore d 1675
c. Mary Loftus probably of this generation
m Thomas Boyd of Dublin
1 Letitia/Lettice Boyd d before 20.12.1707
m1 07.1682 William Boyd, 2nd Earl of Kilmarnock b c1663-4, d 20.05.1692
m2 John Gardiner or Gardner
d. Sarah Loftus apparently of this generation
m1 John Itchingham of Dunbrody
m2 Sir Thomas Dancer, Bart
e. Margaret Loftus d by 1698, 5th dau probably of this generation
m sp Sir Walter Borrowes of Gilltown, 2nd Bart b c1620, d 1685
ii. Nicholas Lofus of Fethard b 1592, d 1666
m 1623 Margaret Chetham dau of Thomas Chetham of Nuthurst and Hacketstown
a. Sir Nicholas Lofus of Fethard b 1635
m1 Susan Adderley dau of Thomas Adderley of Innishannon
1 Margaret Loftus
m Thomas Mildmay of Lisburn
m2 Eleanor Butler dau of Sir Edmund Butler, Bart of Garryhundon
2+ other issue - sons dsp, daughters
b. Henry Loftus of Loftus Hall b 1636, d 1716
m1 Amy Gorges dau of John Gorges of Coleraine
1 Margaret Loftusprobably of this generation, of this marriage
m Highgate Boyd of Rosslare
A Mary Boyd
m John Wigram
2 Jane Loftus d 03.03.1734probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
m Thomas Cosby d 05.1735, Major
3+ other issue - son d young, daughter
m2 Anne Crewkern dau of Henry Crewkern of Exeter
5 Nicholas Loftus of Loftus Hall, Governor of Wexford, 1st Viscount of Ely b c1687, d 31.12.1763
m1 after 1706 Anne Ponsonby dau of William Ponsonby, 1st Viscount Duncannon
A Nicholas Loftus, later Hume-Loftus, 2nd Viscount, 1st Earl of Ely d 31.10.1766
m 18.08.1736 Mary Hume d 10.1740, dau of Sir Gustavus Hume or Home, 3rd Bart of Castle Hume
i Nicholas Hume-Loftus, 2nd Earl of Ely, 3rd Viscount b 11.09.1738, d unm 12.11.1769
B Henry Loftus, 4th Viscount of Ely, Earl of Ely b 18.11.1709, dsp 08.05.1783
m1 1745 Frances Munroe d 08.1774, dau of Henry Munroe of Rose Hall
m2 1775 Anne Bonfoy d 14.08.1821, dau of Captain Hugh Bonfoy
C Mary Loftus
m 05.1734 William Alcock of Wilton d 1779
D Anne Loftus b 08.11.1718, d 10.11.1768
m Charles Tottenham of New Ross b 1716, d 10.11.1795
E Elizabeth Loftus d 06.1747
m 31.12.1736 Sir John Tottenham, 1st Bart of Tottenham Green d 29.12.1786
Their son assumed the name Loftus and became 1st Marquess of Ely.
m2 Letitia Rowley dsp 19.07.1765, dau of Sir John Rowley of Castle Roe
partners unknown
F Sir Edward Loftus, 1st Bart of Mount Loftus and Richfield b c1742, bur 17.05.1818
m 17.03.1758 Ann Read bur 03.08.1818, dau of Rev. Paul Read
i Sir Nicholas Loftus, 2nd Bart of Mount Loftus and Richfield, Sheriff of Kilkenny then Wexford b c1763, d unm 16.08.1832
ii Sir Francis Hamilton Loftus, 3rd Bart of Mount Loftus and Richfield d unm 12.03.1864
G Nicholas Loftus
6 Henry Loftus d unm
iii. Edward Loftus of Ballynebarney had issue
m Anne Hartpole dau of G. Hartpole of Shrule
iv. Samuel Loftus had issue
m Mary Bagenal dau of N. Bagenal
B. Sir Thomas Loftus of Killyon Killyan and Clonard d 14/01.12.1635, Constable of Wicklow Castle, 4th son
m Ellen Hartpole dau of Robert Hartpole of Shrule
i. Sir Dudley Loftus of Killyon or Killyan and Clonard d 1648, 2nd son
m Cecilia Ware dau of Sir James Ware
a. Thomas Loftus of Killyon and Clonard
m1 Susanna Elkenhead dau of Henry Elkenhead
1 Dudley Loftus of Killyan d 1714
m Anne Smyth dau of Thomas Smyth of Dromcree
A Thomas Loftus of Killyan
m1 Alice Rochford dsp 13.07.1748, sister of Robert Rochford, 1st Earl of Belvedere
m2 1759 Jane Perceval dau of Robert Perceval of Knightsbrook
i Dudley Loftus of Killyan d 1807
m 1795 Jane Gore d 1831, dau of Earl of Arran
a Dudley Loftus d young
b Catherine Loftus
m Sir George Rich
c Elizabeth Georgina Loftus d 11.09.1880
m1 Thomas Lowther Allen dsp, Colonel
m2 1817 William Magan
ii Anne Loftus presumably the Ann Lucinda who married ...
m William Thomas Smyth of Glananea d 1818
iii+ other issue - Jane, Martha
B Arthur Loftus d unm, Major
C Edward Loftus of Grange and Clara d 02.03.1785
m Letitia Loftus dau of Robert Loftus of King's County
i Dudley Loftus of Anneville and Clara Castle d 07.08.1805
m Ann Ash dau of Joseph Ash of Ashfield
a Edward Loftus of Anneville and Clara dsp 1824
m Ruth Faulkner of Ballyrickard
b+ other issue - Susanna, Anne
D Smyth Loftus vicar of Coolock
m Sarah Smith dau of Brent Smith of Dublin
i+ issue dsp - Dudley, Thomas, Alice
E Susanna Loftus
m Joseph Ashe of Ashfield
F Elizabeth Loftus
m Laurence Steel of Rathbridge
2 Edward Loftus of Grange dsp 1737
m Susanna Cory
3 Cecilia Loftus
m1 Walter Weldon of Rahenderry
m2 Jones Eustace
m3. Adam Kidder
4+ other issue dsp - Anne, Susanna
m2 Letitia Digby dau of Essex Digby, Bishop of Dromore
6 Adam Loftus d infant
7 Simon Loftus d c1741, Lt. Colonel
m Hannah Johnson dau of Henry Johnson of Clara Castle
A Arthur Loftus of Clara Castle dsp 1781
m Dorothy Weatherhead of Boston, New England
B Henry Loftus of Dublin b c1727, d 12.1792, MP
m Diana Bullock dau of William Bullock of Sturston Hall
i Thomas Loftus dsp 1791, Captain
m Mary Palliser dau of Rev. ?? Palliser of Rathfarnham
ii William Loftus of Kilbride and London b 1752, d 15.07.1831, General
m1 18.02.1778 Margaret King d 1786, dau of Mackerell King of Lissen or Lesson Hall
a Henry Loftus dsp 1823, Colonel
b William Francis Bentinck Loftus b 17.08.1784, d 13.09.1852, Lt. General had issue
m 09.10.1819 Margaret Harriet Langrishe d 07.08.1874, dau of Archdeacon Langrishe
c Mary Anne Loftus
m Henry Duke Loftus dsp 1822, Major see below
d Harriet Loftus
m 04.08.1804 Thomas Bourke Ricketts of Combe House
m2 07.05.1790 Elizabeth Townshend d 1811, dau of George, 1st Marquess Townshend
e George Colby Loftus of Woodland b 15.02.1791, d 05.11.1861, Lt. Colonel
m 1821 Catherine Feaver dsp 13.12.1842, dau of John Feaver of Woodland
f Arthur Loftus of Clare Hall b 07.07.1795, d 08.02.1884 had issue
m 10.08.1836 Mary Anne Ray Clayton d 14.09.1856, dau of Rev. William Ray Clayton
g Charles Loftus of Wyndham Lodge b 21.09.1796 had issue 1 daughter
m1 02.1825 Jane Dixon dau of Col. John Dixon of Gledhow
m2 04.02.1869 Ann Sophia Louth dau of Rev. Robert Louth
m3. 17.11.1880 Mary Lowry dau of Rev. J. Lowry
h Ferrers Loftus b 24.06.1798, d 09.10.1877 had issue
m 11.10.1832 Louisa Bastard dau of Rev. John Bastard of West Lodge
i Frederick Loftus b 17.11.1799, dsp 03.12.1860, Captain
m 1833 Frances Phayre dau of Richard Phayre of Shresbury
j Charlotte Loftus d 21.03.1866
m 24.03.1812 Charles Vere Ferrers Townshend b 16.09.1785, dsp 05.11.1853
k Elizabeth Georgiana Ann Loftus d 05.11.1873 had issue
m 1834 George Best of Eastbury House
l Ann Harriet Margaret Loftus d 1825
m Jane Perceval Compton Loftus
m 07.09.1833 H. Corbet Singleton of Aclare
iii Arthur Loftus Rev.
m Ellen Gifford dau of Duke Gifford of Castle Jordan by Mary, dau of Alexander Eustace
a Henry Duke Loftus dsp 1822, Major
m Mary Ann Loftus dau of William Loftus of Kilbride see above
b Arthur Loftus of Rathangan d 05.1861, Captain RN had issue
m Anne Abigail Grey dau of John Grey of Athuy and Rathangan
c William Thomas Loftus d 1825, Captain RN had issue d young
m Ellen Brady dau of Capt. William Felix Brady
C Dudley Loftus d Carthagena c1741
D Mary Loftus
m Rev. John Elrington
8 Susanna Loftus
m1 Francis Obre of Cloncolin
m2 Thomas Richard Barlow
b. Elizabeth Loftus
m Jeremy Jones
c. Elenor Loftus
Commoners shows Eleanor as married to a Duckenfield. BEB1841 Tyrrell of Lynn, in Ireland section shows she married as follows:
m1 George Colley of Edenberg
m2 William Duckenfield Colonel
m3. Sir Edward Tyrrell of Lynn, Bart a 1688
1 Catherine Tyrell
m Robert Edgeworth of Longwood
ii. Adam Loftus 'of Ballymanus'
m Dorcas Cosby dau of Richard Cosby of Stradbally
a. Ellen Loftus
m Vincent Kidder of Aghabointte
b. Ann Loftus
m Thomas Beardmore
c. Martha Loftus
m Walter Taylor
d.+ 3 sons d infant
iii. Edward Loftus of Ballynurgyn
m Mary Bryan dau of James Bryan of Whiteswall
a. Thomas Loftus of Whiteswall
m Thomasin Oxburgh dau of Haywood Oxburgh of Boyn
1+ issue - Thomas, Edward had issue
iv. Jane Loftus
m John Bryan of Baunemore
a. Eleanor Bryan a 11.1673
m Pierce Butler, 2nd Viscount Ikerrin b 03.09.1637
v. Anne Loftus d 1673 probably of this generation
m Francis Cosby of Stradbally Hall
vi.+ other issue - Sir Edward dsp, Francis d unm
C. Anne Loftus a 06.1630, 5th daughter
m1 Henry Colley of Castle Carbery d 1601
m2 George Blount of Donasse or Kidderminster captain
i. Elizabeth Blount this connection given in BP1934 Kingston
m Robert Blayney of Tregonan
m3 before 13.06.1605 Edward Blayney, 1st Lord of Monaghan d 11.02.1629/30
D. Alice Loftus
m Sir Henry Warren of Warrenstown
E. Margaret Loftus
m Sir George Colley of Edenderry d 17.01.1614
F. Dorothy Lofuts d 08.07.1633
m Sir John Moore of Croghan d 26.04.1633
G. Katherine Loftus or Jane, according to Commoners
m1 Sir Francis Berkeley of Askeaton
m2 Henry Berkeley
H. Isabella Loftus d 11.11.1597 / 1612
m Sir William Ussher of Donnybrook
I. Martha Loftus d 19.03.1609
m Sir Thomas Colclough of Tintern Abbey
J. Sir Edward Loftus dsp 1602
K. Adam Loftus dsp 29.05.1599
L. Henry Loftus d young,

1 BP1934 Ely + BE1883 Loftus of Elye, of Ely, Lisburne, TCP Ely and TCB vol v.
2 BLG1886 Loftus of Balcummin and Oldtown, Commoners vol i, Loftus of Kilbride
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