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Buchanan 6

: Buchanan of Auchintoshan, Buchanan of Ballecondochie, Buchanan of Carston, Buchanan of Croy Buchanan, Buchanan of Croy Cunninghame, Buchanan of Gilliestoun, Buchanan of Middle Balfunning, Buchanan of Moss
John Buchanan in/of Ballecondochie (Ballinquhondoche) (d 03.05.1603)
m. Margaret Buchanan (dau of Robert Buchanan, 7th of Leny)

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1. John Buchanan of Ballecondochie (d before 07.02.1663)
A. Walter Buchanan of Middle Ledlewan, the Moss, and Gilliestoun
m1. (1634) Janet Finlayson (dau of Thomas Finlayson in Spittal of Killearn)
i. Walter Buchanan of Moss and Giliestoun (dvp 11.1669)
m. Jean Hamilton (dau of William Hamilton of Auchintoshan)
a. Walter Buchanan of Moss and Giliestoun
m. (30.04.1696) Rebecca Hamilton (dau of Gabriel Hamilton of Westburn)
(1) George Buchanan of Moss and Auchintoshan (b 1697)
m. (1731) Mary Buchanan (dau of George Buchanan in Glasgow)
(A) Walter Buchanan of Auchintoshan (dsp)
(B) George Buchanan of Auchintoshan (dsp)
(C) Neil Buchanan of Auchintoshan (d 06.04.1777, 5th son)
m. Anne Bollen Murray (d c03.1777, dau of Thomas Murray of Virginia)
(i) Mary Buchanan (dsp c1789)
m. (08.08.1787) James Davidson
(ii) Anna Buchanan of Auchintoshan (b 1774, d 1810)
m. (1793) William Cross in Glasgow (d 1813)
Their eldest son inherited (and sold) Auchintoshan and took the name Cross-Buchanan.
(D)+ other issue (dsp) - Archibald, Andrew, John
b. Margaret Buchanan
Uncertain by which wife were ...
ii. John Buchanan of Carstoun (a 1685)
m. (14.08.1694) Elizabeth Noble (from Old Kilpatrick)
a. James Buchanan of Carston (b 1714, 3rd son)
m. (1741) Margaret Steven (dau of John Steven in Easter Finnick-Tennent)
(1) George Buchanan of Woodlands (b 1755, d 10.02.1840)
m. Jean Miller
(A) James Buchanan (b 18.01.1785, d unm 05.12.1857))
(B)+ 3 daughters
(2) Archibald Buchanan of Catrine Bank (b 1769, d 1841)
m1. dau of Rev. Robertson
(A)+ issue - James (dsp), John (d unm)
m2. Hannah Struthers (dau of Robert Struthers of Greenhead)
(C) Archibald Buchanan of Curriehill (d 12.06.1890)
m. Julia Pratt Forster of Addersone (d 01.11.1894)
(i) Julia Buchanan (d 04.09.1932)
m. (09.06.1870) Sir James Henry Gibson-Craig, Bart of Riccarton (b 21.09.1841, d 28.09.1908)
(D) Hannah Buchanan
m. _ Keith of Hamilton
(E) Margaret Buchanan
m. _ Bogle
(F) Janet Buchanan
m. _ Bogle
(3)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1742), John of Carston (b 1744), Moses (b 1747), James in Glasgow and Manchester (b 1749), Walter in Glasgow (b 1752), Thomas (b 1758), Agnes (b 1760), Margaret (b 1762)
b.+ other issue - Margaret (b 1696), Patrick (b 1707), Jean (b 1707), Ann (b 1709), Walter (b 1711), Archibald (b 1720)
iii. Elizabeth Buchanan
m. John Ware or Weir or War
m2. (c1647) Margaret Galbraith (dau of John Galbraith in Blairderdie)
iv. Margaret Buchanan
m. Patrick Muirhead of Rashiehill
B. John Buchanan of Middle Balfunning (a 1684)
i. Walter Buchanan of Middle Balfunning and Croy Cunninghame
m. (c1677) Elizabeth Buchanan (dau of Archibald Buchanan of Blairhennachra)
a. Archibald Buchanan of Middle Balfunning, Croy Cunninghame and Wester Ballat
m. (mcrt 01.09.1713) Helen Callendar (dau of John Callendar of Westertoun)
(1) Archibald Buchanan of Middle Balfunning, Croy Cunninghame and Wester Ballat (dsp 1767)
(2) George Buchanan
m. Margaret Buchanan (dau of Walter Buchanan in Glasgow)
(A) Walter Buchanan of Middle Balfunning, Croy Cunninghame and Wester Ballat (d unm 1809)
(3)+ other issue - Janet, Elizabeth (b c1727, d unm 1767), Ann (d unm)
b. Elizabeth Buchanan
m. (1717) John Buchanan of Provanstoun
ii. John Buchanan of Little Croy aka Croy Buchanan
m. Jean Buchanan (dau of William Buchanan, 1st of Ardoch)
a. William Buchanan of Croy Buchanan (b 1703, d 1776)
m. Margaret Wright (dau of John Wright of Easter Gleans)
(1) Thomas Buchanan of Croy Buchanan (b 1745, d 1802, 2nd son)
m. (1771) Mary Hutton (d 1786, dau of John Hutton of Glasgow)
(A) Jean Buchanan of Croy Buchanan (b 1783, d 1823)
m. (01.12.1807) John Murray (d 1861, of Polmaise family)
(B)+ other issue - William (b 1772, d 1778), James Lapsly (b 1774, d 1801), John (b 1776, d 1777), Margaret (b 1779, d 1780), Mary (b/d 1781)
(2) Jean Buchanan (b 1748)
m. ? Whitehead
(3) James Buchanan (6th son)
m. Jean Buchanan (b 1751, d 1836, dau of George Buchanan in Finnick Drummond)below
(A)+ issue - Margaret (b 1779, d 1866), William (b 1782, d 1806), George (b 1784, d 1810), John (b 1790, d 1791), Jean (b/d 1795)
(4)+ other issue - John (b 1744, d 1800), Archibald (b/d 1747), George (b 1750, d 1751), William (b 1751, d 1773), Christian (b/d 1753), Janet (b 1754, d 1765), George (b 1762)
b. John Buchanan (b 1705, d 1788)
m. _ MacPharlan (dau of George MacPharlan)
(1) Isaac Buchanan (2nd son)
(A) Jean Buchanan
m. Andrew Buchanan of Auchmar
(B) Margaret Buchanan
m. Peter Buchanan of Auchmar
c. George Buchanan in Finnick Drummond (b 1713, d 1778, 6th son)
m. Margaret Buchanan (dau of George Buchanan of Blairlusk)
(1) John Buchanan of Blairennich (b 1743)
m. Agnes Steven (dau of Moses Steven in Easter Finnick)
(A) George Buchanan had issue
m. Isabella Stevenson
(2) George Buchanan in Finnick Drummond (b 1744, d 1832) had issue
m. Anabella Downie
(3) Margaret Buchanan (b 1749, d 1827)
m. John Watson in Millichan
(4) Jean Buchanan (b 1751. d 1836)
m. James Buchanan above
(5) James Buchanan of Dowanhill (b 14.03.1756, d 13.04.1844) had issue
m. Ellison McCallum (d 15.10.1842)
(6)+ other issue - William (b/d 1746), Moses (b 1747, d 1748), Archibald (b 1753, d 1772 in Virginia), Thomas (b/d 1762)
d.+ other issue - Geils (b 1700), Grizell (b/d 1702), Thomas (b/d 1707), Walter (b 1708, d 1721), Archibald (b 1711), Margaret (b 1716, d 1717), Agnes (b 1718), Thomas (b 1721, d 1789)
C. William Buchanan
i. son (d unm)
D. Thomas Buchanan
2. Walter Buchanan

Sources: "Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times" by John Guthrie Smith, published in Glasgow in 1896.
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