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Harington 1

: Harington Harrington of Aldingham, Harington of Exton, Harington of Farleton, Harington of Harington Haverington, Harington Harrington of Hornby Castle, Harrington of Wolfage
Ha25 =26 =29 =30. Osulphus or Oswulf

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Ha24 =25 =28 =29 Robert de Haverington of Haverington and Flemingby temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199
m Christiana
Ha23 =24 =27 =28 Thomas de Haverington
Ha22 =23 =26 =27 Michael de Haverington
Ha21 =22 =25 =26 Robert de Haverington of Aldingham d 1297
m Agnes de Cansfield d 1293, dau of Sir Richard or Robert de Cansfield or Cancefield
Ha20 =21 =24 =25 Sir John de Haverington or Harington of Aldingham, 1st Lord b c1281, d 02.07.1347 Sir John's wife is named in TCP Harington as Joan, in BE1883 Harington as Margaret daughter of Sir Richard Barlingham, and by BP1934 Harington as Juliana daughter of Sir Richard Barlingham. 'The Harington Family' book and also suggest that she was Joan, daughter of Sir William de Dacre who was Sir John's guardian for about 5 years after his father died. Noting that the issue is not certain, we provisionally follow BP1934 in naming her as ...
m Juliana Barlingham dau of Sir Richard Barlingham
Ha19-1 Sir Robert de Harington dvp by 1334
m by 1327 Elizabeth Multon b c 1316, dau of Thomas Multon, 1st Lord of Egremont
Ha19-1-1 John de Harington, 2nd Lord d 28.05./07.06.1363
m ?? Joan de Birmingham dau of Walter de Birmingham
Ha19-1-1 Robert de Harington, 3rd Lord bpt 28.03.1356, d 21.05.1406
m1 1377 Alice Greystock dsp, dau of William de Greystock, 4th Lord of Greystoke
m2 1383 Isabel Loryng d 21.08.1400, dau of Sir Nigel Loryng and Margaret
-1 John Harington, 4th Lord dsp 11.02.1417/8
m 1411 Elizabeth Courtenay d 18/28.10.1471, dau of Edward Courtenay, 3rd Earl of Devon
-2 William Harington or Harrington, Sheriff of Yorkshire, 5th Lord d 03.03.145/8
m 1407 Margaret Hill dau of Sir John Hill of Hill's Court
-2-1 Elizabeth Harington or Harrington dvp
m by 1442 William Bonvill, younger of Chewton dvp Wakefield 31.12.1460
-3 Reported by was:
Robert Harington b 1385 Rutland d there 1419
-1 John Harington b 1414 Rutland d there 1473/td> -1-1 Robert Harington b 1445 Rutland d there 16 Feb 1501 -1-1-1 John Edward Harington Baronet b 1475 d 5 Nov 1524 -1-1-1-1 John Alexander Harington b 1499 d 25 Aug 1553 London -1-1-1-1-1 Sir John Harington "the poet" b by 1517 London d there 1 Jul 1582 m Isabella Markham b 28 Mar 1527 Allerton d 20 May 1579 London -1-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Harrington
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Sir John Harington ‘the writer’ of Kelston and
-1-1-1-1-1-3 Francis Harrington
-4 Reported by was:
Anne Harington
Ha19-1-2 Sir Robert de Harington of Fleet
m Mary Kirkby
Ha19-1-2-1 John de Harington d 1401
m Agnes Flete dau of Laurence Flete
-1 Robert de Harington d 1419
m x de la Laund dau of John de la Laund
-1-1 John or Robert Harington of Exton
m Catherine Colepeper dau of Sir Thomas Colepeper
-1-1-1 Robert Harington of Exton, Sheriff of Rutland d 1501
m Maud Prisett dau of Sir John Prisett
-1-1-1-1 Sir John Harington of Exton, Sheriff of Rutland d 1524
m Alice Southill dau of Henry Southill
-1-1-1-1-1 Sir John Harington of Exton d 1554
m Elizabeth Moton dau of Robert Moton of Peckleton
Ha19-1-3 Simon de Harington ancestor of Haringtons of Bishton. The following connection is taken from 'The Harington Family' book and but no mention is made of Sir John in any of the other sources identified below although TCP Harington does recognise that Sir William of Hornby was a kinsman of the above William, 5th Lord Harington. BE1883 specifically states that Sir Robert, shown above as elder brother of the following Sir John, was an only son. Confusion over the name of Sir John's son also gives rise to concern that something here may not be right. Note that the Hornby Castle held by this family was in Lancashire whilst the Hornby Castle held by the Conyers family see 'Conyers01' was in Yorkshire.
Ha19 =20 =23 =24 Sir John Harington of Farleton b c 1320 d 1359
m1 Katherine Sherburne name found on, confirmed in Sherburne family book
Ha18-1 Elizabeth Harington b c 1340
m William de Neville d c 1369
-1 Sir John de Neville, Sheriff of Yorkshire m Alice Sherwood dau of Henry Sherwood -1-1 Sir Robert Nevile of Liversedge d by 1438 m Alice Gascoygne dau of Richard Gascoygne of Hunslet -1-1-1
m2 Katharine Banastre dau of Sir Adam Banastre of Farleton
Ha18 =19 =22 =23 Sir John or Nicholas or Robert Harington of Farleton b 1345, d 1403 Both 'The Harington Family' book and the geneajourney web site name this John as Sir Nicholas of Farleton. A site visitor TG, 06.10.04 reports that 'History of Parliament' suggests that the progenitor of successive generations was Nicholas who had 2 elder brothers who dsp, John and Thomas. See the notes below under his second daughter Isabel.
m c 1363 Isabella English dau of Sir William English
Ha17 =22 Sir William Harington of Farleton & Hornby b c 1365 d 1440
m Margaret Neville dau of Sir Robert Neville of Hornby
TCP Harington notes that "there has naturally arisen some confusion between William, 5th Lord Harington and his kinsman Sir William Harington, of Hornby, Lancs." His wife's identity is given in 'The Harington Family' book.
Ha21 Sir Thomas Harington of Hornby k Wakefield 1460 This Sir Thomas is not mentioned by the geneajourney web site which ends with his apparent sisters, Isabel and Agnes. However, TCP Monteagle contains a note about the father of the undermentioned Anne, wife of Sir Edward Stanley, saying "This Sir John, a Yorkist, and his father Sir Thomas, who was attainted in 1459, were both slain at the battle of Wakefield in 1460." Confirmation that he fits here is found in 'The Harington Family' book.
m Elizabeth dau of Lord Moulton
Ha20 Sir John Harington of Hornby Castle k Wakefield 1460
m Maud Clifford dau of Thomas de Clifford, 8th Lord
Ha19-1 Anne Harington b c1455, dsp 05.08.1489
m Sir Edward Stanley of Hornby Castle, 1st Lord Monteagle d 06/7.04.1523
TCP Monteagle describes Anne as coheir of her father. TCP Stanley quotes Dugdale as reporting that Elizabeth "said to be da. and coh. of Sir John Harrington of Hornby Castle", and then relict of Sir John Stanley, was in 1503 subject of a licence to marry Richard Beaumont. Whilst this was noted under reference to the Sir John Stanley d 1437 who is shown below as having married Isabel or Elizabeth Harington, the dates suggest strongly that they were of a different generation, probably fitting here.
Ha19 Elizabeth Harington
m1 Sir John Stanley
m2 c1503 Richard Beaumont
Ha20-2 Sir James Harington of Brierley
m Joan Nevill of Oversley
i+ issue - William, John
Ha20-3 Sir Robert Harington
m Isabel Balderstone dau of Sir William Balderstone
i James Harington Dean of York
Ha16 Isabel Harington d 1441
m1 Sir John Boteler
Isabella appears also to have married ...
m2 Richard Holland of Denton Ho16 b 1443 Denton Lancashire d there 1501 -1 Thurston Holland, III
-2 William Holland
-3 Margaret Holland b 1469 Denton d 8 Mar 1502 m Robert Hyde
-4 Robert Holland, Sir
-5 Thomas Holland
-6 Peter Holland
-7 Ellen Holland m y Bradshaw
-John Holland

-3-1 John Hyde
-3-2 Hamnet Hyde
-3-3 Agnes (Anne) Hyde
-3-4 Elizabeth Hyde m y Reeve
-3-5 Hamnet Hyde b 1491 d 1526 m Margaret Warren

-3-5-1 Robert Hyde b 1522 d 1571 m Jane Davenport Da13 b c Mar 1525 Bramhall Cheshire d 23 Mar 1566 Cheshire dau of Sir William Davenport and Blanch Warburton
Ha21-3 Agnes Harington d 1490 dates looks strange but not impossible
m Sir Alexander Radcyffe of Ordsall, Flixton and Shoresworth b c1401, d 20.07.1475
Ha17 reported by -1 Elizabeth Harrington b 1415/29 Roughway Sussex
m Richard Copley b 1400
-1-1 Sir Roger Copley b 1429 Roughway Sussex m Jane Hoo b 1447 dau of Thomas Hoo and Eleanor Welles
Lionel Copley b 1432 Yorkshire m Jane Thwaits b 1420 dau of Thomas Thwaits b 1390 grandau of y Thwaits
-1-1-1 Margaret Copley b c 1493 Surrey m Edward Lewknor Le14 b c 1492 Sussex d 7 JUL 1528
Ha21 Sir James Harington
m Ellen Urswick
Identification of their children comes from 'History of Parliament' as reported by a site visitor TG, 06.10.04.
Ha20-1 Sir Richard Harington or Harrington of Old Hall in Westlegh
The following came from The Chetham Society's 'A History of the Chantries within the County Palatine of Lancaster' edited by Rev. Raines, 1862, p 126-8, available on Google Books with thanks to a site visitor DS, 29.01.08 for bringing this to our attention.
m Elizabeth Bradshagh, heiress of Old Hall & Brixworth dau/heir of Sir William Bradshagh or Bradshaw, son of Hugh by Margaret, dau of John Verdun
A Sir William Harrington of Wolfage, Northamptonshire d 12.08.1487
The ''History of the Charntries ..' book identifies William's wife as Margaret, dau of Sir John Pilkington of Pilkington. However, VCH Lancashire, vol 3, Westleigh identifies her as ...
m Elizabeth Pilkington dau of Edmund Pilkington
i Sir James Harrington of Wolfage d 06.1497
m Isabella Radcliffe d 29.06.1520, dau of Sir Alexander Radcliffe of Ordsall
a Richard or William Harrington dvpsp 04.03.1490
m _ Trafford d 04.03.1490
b Alice Harrington
m1 Thomas Ashton of Ashton
m2 Sir Richard Houghton
We query this 2nd marriage as it looks suspiciously like the marriage of her daughter Alice Ashton.
c Anne Harrington
m 1495 William Stanley of Hooton
d Isabella or Elizabeth Harrington
m John Tresham of Rushton
e Katharine Harrington
m William Mirfield of Hoolley
f Clemence Harrington
m 08.07.1500 Henry Norreys of Speke
g Ellen Harrington
m 1497 Ralph Standish of Standish
h Margaret Harrington
m1 Christopher Hulton
m2 Thomas Pilkington
i Jane Harrington
m Roger either Ashawe of Hall-on-the-Hill or Asheton of Chatterton
j Alianor Harrington
m John Leycester of Tofte
k Elizabeth Harrington
m John Lumley of Northamptonshire
l Agnes Harrington dsp
ii Katharine Harrington possibly of this generation
m Roger Hulton of Hulton Park a 1485
Ha20-2 William Harington
m Ann Parr
Ha20-3 Joan Harington
m Richard Balderston
Ha20 Elizabeth Harington
m Sir William Norreys of Speke b 1386 d c 1440
-1 Thomas Norreys of Speke b c Mar 1420 d 1487/8 Speke Lancashire m Lettice Norreys dau of Thomas Norreys of Derby and Margaret
-2 Catherine Norreys b c 1436 m Robert Grosvenor of Eaton
-3 Agnes Norreys b c 1437 m John Bunbury of Cheshire d c1506
-4 Elizabeth Norreys b c 1438 m Thomas Gerard of Ince
-5 Margaret Norreys m Robert Lathom of Parbold
-6 Beatrice Norreys m John Ireland of Lidiate
-7 Ales Norreys m John Evans of Hawarden
-8 Jane Norreys m William Worthington of Worthington
-9 Richard Norreys b c 1437
-10 Robert Norreys b c 1439
-11 William Norreys b c 1441 priest
-12 John Norreys b c 1443, Edmund Norreys b c 1445
-13 Henry Norreys b c 1446
-14 Christopher Norreys b c 1448
-1-1 Sir William Norreys or Norres of Speke b 1459, d 01.09.1506/7 m Catherine Bold dau of Sir Henry Bold of Bold Hall
-1-2 Thomas Norris
-1-3 Beatrice Norris
-1-4 Nicholas Norris
-1-5 Nicholas Norris
-2-1 Catherine Grosvenor b c 1479 Eaton Cheshire d 1558 m1 Thomas Hough m2 William de Venables of Goldborne and Kinderton
-2-2 Richard Grosvenor of Eaton
-2-3 Joan Leigh, Legh
-2-4 Thomas Grosvenor
-2-5 Ralph Grosvenor
-2-6 Jacob Grosvenor
-2-7 James Grosvenor
-1-1-1 Henry Norreys or Norres of Speke b c 1481, d 07.07.1524 m 08.07.1500 Clemence Harrington dau of Sir James Harrington of Wolfage
-2-1-1 Richard Hough
-2-1-2 Anne Hough b 1545 d 1568 m Richard Leigh son of Richard Leigh and Beatrix Boydell b by 1569 dau of Geoffrey Boydell

-2-1-2-1 Dorothy Leigh b 1568 d 18 Apr 1601 Malpas Cheshire m David Massie b 1566 Broxton Chester son of Thomas Massie and Elizabeth Middleton b 1544 Broxton
-2-1-2-2 Richard Leigh
-2-1-2-3 George Leigh
-2-1-2-4 John Leigh
Ha20-5 child
Ha18-3 Nicholas Harington mentioned by TG, 06.10.04
m Margaret Lathom/Latham dau of Thomas Lathom and Joan Venables
Ha18-4 Isabel Harington b c 1370
m before 1392 Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle d 1415
Ha18 Isabel or Elizabeth Harington b c 1386
m Sir John Stanley, Sheriff of Anglesey d 27.11.1437 Sir John Stanley's wife, mother of the 1st Lord Stanley who was father of the 1st Earl of Derby, is identified in various sources as follows:
- TCP Stanley : "Isabel, da. of Sir John and sister of Sir William de Haryington"
- BP1934 Stanley : "Isabel or Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Robert, and sister and heir of Sir William Harrington, knt. of Hornby".
- BE1883 Stanley : "Isabel, sister of Sir William Harrington, Knt., of Hornby".
The geneajourney web site confirms, as if it were a recent discovery, that she was "not, as previously thought, a daughter of Sir Robert Harington and Isabel Loring" see above. The site also makes it clear that the two sisters, who were possibly half-sisters, were both called Isabel. The suggestion that this one may have been called Elizabeth may have arisen because, as shown above, there appears to have been a later Elizabeth, daughter of the last Sir John Harington of Hornby Castle, who also married someone called Sir John Stanley.
Ha18-6 Katharine Harington
Katharine is mentioned only by 'The Harington Family' book and is the only daughter of this generation mentioned by that book. BLG1952 Hudleston suggests that her father was Sir Nicholas.
m Sir Richard Hudleston
Ha24-2 Michael de Haverington dsp

Sources: BP1934 Harington, TCP Harington or Haverington, BE1883 Harington of Harington, BE1883 Harington of Exton, 'The Harington Family' by Ian Grimble published by Jonathan Cape in 1957, + as noted above from
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