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Saltonstall, Thompson and Wichingham >

This section first uploaded 09.07.07.
Shown by a web site as father of both Samuel and Sir Richard was ...
Gilbert Saltonstall
m. Elizabeth
1. Samuel Saltonstall or Saltingstall of Rogethorpe, Yorkshire
Samuel is the first mentioned by Visitation (Foster 18757, Yorkshire, 1612, Saltingstall of Huntwicke Grange).
m. Ann Ramsden (dau of John Ramsden of Longley)
A. Richard Saltonstall or Saltingstall of Huntwicke Grange, Yorkshire (b 1586, d c1658)
Various web sites report that Richard was the leader of certain colonists into North America. He later returned to England although his descendants appear to have resided mainly in North America.
m. Grace Kaye (dau of Robert Kaye of Woodsome)
i. Richard Saltonstall or Saltingstall 'of Woodsome' (b 1610, d 29.04.1694)
Visitation ends with this generation, noting that Richard was aged 1 in 1612. The following comes from various web sites.
m. Muriel Gurdon (dau of Brampton Gurdon)
a. Nathaniel Saltonstall (b 1639, d 21.05.1707)
m. Elizabeth Ward (dau of John Ward)
(1) Gordon Saltonstall, Governor of Connecticut (b 27.03.1666, d 20.09.1724) had issue
(2)+ other issue
ii. Rosamund Saltonstall or Saltingstall (a 1612)
2. Sir Richard Saltonstall of South Okenden (Essex), Lord Mayor of London
Richard is the first mentioned by Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, Saltonstall of Barkway).
m. Susan or Elizabeth Poyntz (sister of Sir Gabriel Poyntz)
A. Sir Peter Saltonstall or Saltingstall of Barkway (Hertfordshire)
m. Christian Pettus (dau of Sir John Pettus of Norfolk)
i. Susan Saltonstall or Saltingstall
m. Robert Castell of East Hatley
a. Robert Castell
ii.+ other issue (a 1634) - James, Peter, Bridget, Christian, Ann, Elizabeth
B. Susan Saltonstall or Saltingstall
This connection comes from Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Beilby of Killerby and Micklethwaite Grange).
m. Richard Sunderland of High Sunderland
i. Susan Sunderland
m. William Beilby of Micklethwaite Grange
C. Elizabeth Saltonstall or Saltingstall
This connection comes from various web sites.
m. Richard Wyche (b 1554, d 21.11.1621)
i. Sir Peter Wyche 'of London' (Comptroller of the Royal Household)
m. Jane Meredith (dau of Sir William Meredith)
a. Jane Wyche (d 03.02.1691/2)
m. (c10.1652) John Granville, 1st Earl of Bath (b 29.08.1628, d 08.1701)
D. Anne Saltonstall or Saltingstall probably of this generation
m. George Chamberlayne of Wardington
This section first uploaded 11.07.07.
Thomas Thomson of Duddingston
m. Catherine Towers (dau of John Towers of Innerleith)
1. Alexander Thomson of Duddingston
m. Catherine Lawson (dau of Sir William Lawson of Boghall)
A. Alexander Thomson of Duddingston (d by 05.1603)
m. Margaret Preston (dau of Alexander Preston of Edinburgh, sister of Sir John, President of the Court of Session)
i. John Thomson (dsp?)
ii. Sir Thomas Thomson, 1st Bart of Duddingston (d before 03.1666)
m. (mcrt 17.09.1627) Margaret Scrymgeour (a 1684, dau of John Scrymgeour, 1st Viscount of Dudhope)
a. Thomas Thomson (bpt 09.12.1627, dvpsp)
b. Sir Patrick Thomson, 2nd Bart of Duddingston (b 24.12.1637, dsp bur 15.04.1674)
c. Sir James Thomson, 3rd Bart of Duddingston (dsp by 01.1691)
iii. Rebecca Thomson probably of this generation
m. Sir John Hay of Barra and Lands (d 20.11.1654)
It is not known how, if at all, the famous landscape painter John Thomson (b 01.09.1778, d 27.10.1840, minister of Duddingston) connected to this family.
This section first uploaded 12.07.07.
Guy de Croun of Burton
Maddison identifies Guy's wife just as Isabel but some web sites identify her as ...
m. Isabella Basset (dau of Thomas Basset by Alice de Dunstanville)
1. Petronilla de Croun (d 1261-2)
m1. (1191) William de Longchamp
m2. (sp?) Henry de Mara
m3. (1211) Oliver de Vallibus (Vaux)
This section first uploaded 16.07.07.
Wy23. John Wichingham
Wy22. William Wichingham
Wy21 Nicholas Wichingham (or Wynchingham of Wynchingham, Norfolk)
Wy20-1 Edmond (or Sir Edward) Wichingham or Wynchingham 'of Wood Rising'
m. Alice Fastolfe
Visitation identifies 3 daughters: Jone (m. Robert Boys, showing his ancestry and their daughter), Frances (m. Sir William Myll), another (unnamed, m. _ Bardwell). The following otherwise comes from
a. Elizabeth Wichingham
m. William Berdwell of West Herling
b. Frances Wichingham
m. William Nevill of Burscombe
c. Amy Wichingham
m. Richard Southwell of Wood Rising
d. Joan Wichingham
m1. Richard Longstrother
m2. Robert Boys or Boyse (son of Sir Roger by Sybell, dau of Sir Robert Ylley or Illeigh, son of Edmond by Alice, dau of John Plomsted)
(1) Katherine Boyse
m. Sir William Jenney (d 26.06.1523)
Wy20 Elizabeth Wichingham possibly of this generation (this connection is somewhat presumptuous)
m. Sir Thomas Hoo of Luton Hoo, etc., Lord Hoo of Hoo and Hastings (d 13.02.1454/5)

Main source(s):
(1) For Saltonstall or Saltingstall : as reported above
(2) For Thomson of Duddingston : TCB (vol ii, Thomas of Duddingston)
(3) For Petronilla de Croun : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Pedwardine of Burton Pedwardine)
(4) For Wichingham/Wynchingham : Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Jenney)
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