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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Wogan 1: Wogan of Picton, Wogan of Stonehall, Wogan of Wiston
Bleddyn ap Maenrych, lord of Brecknock
m Elin dau of Tewdr Mawr, sister of Prince Rhys
1. Gwgan 'lord of Brecknock'
WBO reports that "The progenitor of the many branches of the Wogan family at Boulston, Wilston, Picton, Llanstinan, Stonehall, and elsewhere in Pembrokeshire, as well as in Ireland and England is supposed to have been Gwgan ap Bleddyn, lord of Brecknock". "Wogan" is an anglicisation of Gwgan.
m Cecila dau/coheir of Sir Philip Gwiss or Gwys of Wiston
A. Sir Mathew Wogan
m Alice dau/coheir of Meirchion ap Rhys ap Rhydderch
i. Sir Walter Wogan
m Margaret Stanton dau/heir of Sir Adam Stanton of Stanton
a. Sir Mathew Wogan
Presumably because he married a Picton and Sir John lived about this time and is known to have been of the Picton branch, this Sir Mathew is identified in some web sites as Sir John the Justiciar of Ireland. For the reason noted below, we show that Sir John differently.
m Alice Picton dau of William Picton
1 Sir Mathew Wogan
m Avice Malefant dau of Sir Walet Malefant
A Sir John Wogan of Wiston d 1419
m Annes Werriot dau of Philip Merriot
i Sir Henry Wogan of Wiston - continued below
m Margaret dau of Sir William Thomas of Raglan, sister of 1st Earl of Pembroke
ii Jane Wogan possibly of this generation
m David Perrot of Scotsborough
B. Trahaiarnprobably of this generation
i. Ifan
a. Howel
1 Gwenllian
m Griffith Gruffydd of Henglawdd, later of Tregarnedd
The following connection is wholly speculative. Of Sir John the Justiciar, WBO reports that "There is complete uncertainty about his parentage and early life. We first hear of him in 1281", then being in Wales. WBO reports that he was a member of the Picton branch but adds "The exact relationship between the Picton and Wiston branches of the family has never been determined." The dates do not give much leeway on the generations given that the family name of Wogan was itself new.
C. ?? Wogan
i. Sir John Wogan of Picton, Justiciar of Yorkshire later of Ireland a 1281, d 1321ancestor of Wogans of Rathcoffey
WBO notes some uncertainty as to whether or not the Sir John Wogan who was Justiciar of Ireland from 1308-1313 was the same person as rather than son of the Sir John Wogan who was Justiciar in 1295. Provisionally, we follow those web sites which accept that he was the same person but, noting that WBO reports that his wife Margaret died in 1302 but that his son Thomas was born c1311, we presume that either there was indeed an intervening generation or Sir John married twice, probably with no surviving male issue by Margaret.
m1. Margaret d 1302, dau/coheir of Robert de Valle or Dale of Walwyn's Castle
m2. ??
a. Sir Thomas Wogan b c1311, d 1357, escheator of Ireland
1 ?? Wogan
A ?? Wogan
i John Wogan d before 1420
WBO describes John as "the last of the male line of the Picton branch."
Sir Henry Wogan of Wiston - continued above
m Margaret dau of Sir William Thomas of Raglan, sister of 1st Earl of Pembroke
1. John Wogan of Wiston d Banbury 26.07.1469
m Mawd Matilda Clement dau/heir of Jenkin Clement of Geneu'r-glyn
WBO suggests that the following Sir John was grandson rather than son of John. Provisionally, we follow Griffith in showing Sir John as John's son.
A. Sir John Wogan of Wiston, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire & Cardiganshire d 23.08.1557
m1. Angharad Vaughan dau of Sir Thomas Vaughan
i. Ellen Wogan
m Arnold Butler of Johnstone
ii. Elizabeth Wogan
m David ap John Lloyd
iii. Catherine Wogan
m Richard Morris of Castell Villa
iv. Jane Wogan
m Ednyfed Griffith of Gwyddgwion
v. Ales Wogan
m John Butler of Coed Cynllas
vi. Mawd Wogan
m Ifan ap Jenkine, of Tregaron
vii.+ other issue including Mary, Margaret
m2. Ann Phillips dau/heir of William Phillips of Picton 'of Stone Hall'
ix. Richard Wogan
m Elizabeth Gamage dau of Richard Gamage of Coyty
a. John Wogan, Sheriff of Cardinganshire & Pembrokeshire d 04.05.1580
Griffith names John's wife as Cecilia, dau of Sir Edmund Carr of Winston. WBO names her ...
m Cecil Carne dau of Sir Edmund Carne of Ewenny Priory
1 Sir William Wogan d 1625
m Sibyl Owen dau of Sir Hugh Owen of Orielton
A Sir John Wogan of Wiston, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire d 1644
Griffith names John's wife as Jane, dau of Sir James Colchester of Ireland. WBO names her ...
m Jane Colclough dau of Sir Thomas Colclough of Tintern
Griffith ends with this generation. WBO reports that the Wogans "remained at Wiston until ... 1794".
i Thomas Wogan a 1669, Colonel, MP, 'regicide', fled to Holland, 3rd sonmentioned by WBO
2 Jane Wogan
m John Wogan of Boulston
3+ other issue - Thomas, John, Richard, Ellis
x. Morris Wogan 'of Stonehall' youngest son
a. William or John Wogan of Stonehallprobably of this generation
1 Jane Wogan
m Griffith Lloyd of Forest
b. Margaret Woganapparently of this generation
m 1597 Owen Tucker of Sealyham
x. Jonet Wogan
m Jenkin ap Evan Lloyd Vychan, of Bettws
x.+ other issue - Thomas, Owen
B. Henry Wogan
m Catherine Bateman dau of William Bateman
C. daughter
m Sir William Bateman
D. Elizabeth Wogan
m Richard Owen of Llwchmelyn
E. Mawd Wogan
m Owen ap Sir James Owen
F. Janet Wogan
m Richard Cornwall, baron of Burford b 1493, d 1569
G. Janet Wogan
m David Langham of St. Bride's
H.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, David, William
2. Henry Wogan of Prengest
m _ Jones dau/heir of _ Jones of Pengest
A. Joan Wogan
m1. John Brown of Pentre Ifan son of Sir James
m2. Philip Howel
m3. Hugh Mansel
B. daughter
m Thomas Bowles of Monmouthshire
C. daughter
m Sir Richard Walden of Erith
3. Elizabeth Wogan
m Watkin Vaughan ap Roger Vychan
4. daughter
m1. Henry Donne of Picton
This daughter might possibly be the Isabella who also married as his 2nd wife ...
m2. Thomas Perrott of Eastlington & Haroldston d 23.07.1474
5. Mansel Wogan
6. Jane Joanna Wogan
m Sir William Perrot of Haroldston b c1433, d before 07.06.1503
7. Agnes Woganprobably of this generation
m William Harewell of Wootton

Sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Wiston, p294 + WBO 'Wogan families'
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