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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Wharton 1: Wharton of Croglin, Wharton of Gillingwood, Wharton of Kirkby Thore, Wharton of Offerton, Wharton of Wharton, Wharton of Winston
From within The Rankins of NV / The Publication / book 2 chapter 4 which is no longer easily acessible.

Wharton coat of arms
sable, a maunch argent; on a bordure or, eight pairs of lions gambs saltire wise erased gules
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Gilbert de Querton
m 1280 Emma Hastings co-heiress of Croglin
1. Henry de Querton of Croglin
A. Hugh de Querton
i. William de Querton/Wharton
a. John de Querton/Wharton
1 Henry Wharton of Wharton m. Elizabeth Musgrave - see below
BP1934 & BLG1952 both start with Henry but Visitation starts with his father Thomas NB. not John.
Thomas Wharton
1. Henry Wharton of Wharton a temp Henry V who r 1413-1422
m c 1376 Elizabeth Musgrave dau of Sir Thomas Musgrave of Harcla Castle by Isabel, dau of Thomas, Lord Berkeley
A. Sir Thomas Wharton of Wharton and Croglin
m ?? Lowther dau of Lowther of Lowther
i. Henry Wharton of Wharton
m Alice Conyers dau of Sir John Conyers of Hornby
a. Thomas Wharton of Wharton MP
m Agnes or Margaret Warcop dau of Reginald Warcop of Swerdale
1 Sir Thomas Wharton of Helagh, 1st Lord b c 1495, d 23.08.1568
m1 1518 Eleanor Stapleton dau of Sir Bryan Stapleton of Wighill
A Thomas Wharton, 2nd Lord b 1520, d 14.06.1572
m 1547 Anne Ratclyffe dau of Robert Ratclyffe, 1st Earl of Sussex
B Sir Henry Wharton
m Jane Mauleverer dau of Sir Thomas Mauleverer
C Joane Wharton
m William Pennington of Muncaster d 14.03.1573
D Anne Wharton
m Sir Richard Musgrave b 08.1524, d 10/1.09.1555
E Florence Wharton
m Thomas Forster of Ethertson
m2 18.11.1561 Anne Talbot dsp 03.02.1584, dau of Francis Talbot, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury
2 Jane Wharton probably of this generation
m John Fulthorpe of Hipswell
B. Gilbert Wharton d 1436
m Joan Kirkby heiress of Kirkby Thore
i. John Wharton of Kirkby Thore, Westmorland a 1461
m 1440 Isabel Lancaster dau of John Lancaster of Brampton, widow of _ Fleming
a. John Wharton of Kirkby Thore a 1506
m Elizabeth Fenwick dau of Henry Fenwick of Wallington
1 Gilbert Wharton of Kirkby Thore
m1 Catherine Machell dau of John Machell of Crackenthorpe
m2 Elizabeth Crackenthorpe dau of Crackenthorpe of Newbiggin
b. Christopher Wharton of Offerton, co. Durham
1 Christopher Wharton
m Margaret Cowdray
A George Wharton of Newton Wallis
m Mary Gilpin dau of Ewen Gilpin of Gilpin Bank
i Christopher Wharton of Offerton & Wingate Grange a 1615
m Alice Shepperdson dau of William Shepperdson or Shepperson of Bishop Wearmouth
a Elizabeth Wharton
m George Middleton of Silksworth a 1615
b Mary Wharton d 11.1613
m Cuthbert Mitford, younger of Mitford dvp 11.1613
ii Richard Wharton
ii.+ other issue - Edward rector of Wharton, William, Henry minister of Kirkby Thore
Picture kindly provided by Raymond E.O.Ella
Photo of Warton/Wharton tomb one of four panels in Kirkby Stephen Parish Church, Cumbria.
This coat of arms is an unusual and very difficile example of quartering: The primary division is two halves or rather a half on the left as the paternal coat of arms and two quarters on the right as two maternal coats of arms.
The left half bears again typical initial quartering, i.e. the paternal arms (Wharton: sable, a maunch argent; on a bordure or, eight pairs of lions gambs saltire wise erased gules.) and may be a most unconventional quartering of Wharton with the cross coat of arms which we see again on the far right.) in first and 4th quarter i.e. upper left and lower right and identical 2nd and 3rd quarters, which are in turn multi-quartered and would represent the earliest maternal line and most likely of an heiress.
From the pedigree above the coat of arms so quartered with Wharton would be Warcop, Conyers, Lowther or Musgrave, although the Heralds may have put all of these together in one unusual grant.
However we see that Agnes/Margaret Warcope's mother was Thomasin Ratclyff, dau of Thomas Ratclyff of Derwentwater and Margaret Parr, dau of Sir William Parr, which brings us to a rather large choice for sub-quarterings.
The bottom right quarter would be the latest maternal line has Furnival on 6 martlets, ie., small birds. Next on the left of that is Ufflete/Usflete with 3 fleur-de-lis on it. Hence, the coupled honored with this armorial bearing on the tomb is probably the Wharton with the closest Usflete connection
Above in the upper right quarter is usually a more remote maternal line that it is is Stapleton with a lion rampant on it as the first third on the left, which we find above as Sir Tomas Wharton 1st Baron and Eleanor Stapleton were parents of Thomas, 2nd Baron Wharton, who married Anne Ratclyffe dau of Robert Ratclyffe, 1st Earl of Sussex, which is likely to be the 3rd the three slanted bars have yet to be identified and right third seems to consist of a block above and an X cross below, also in need of identification.

Sources: BP1934 Wharton, BLG1952 Ringrose-Wharton of Skelton Castle, Visitation Durham, 1575-1651, Wharton of Wingate Grange
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