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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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West: West, de la Warr
Thomas West in Swallowcliffe a 1275 presumed father of ...
We20 = 24 Sir Thomas West in Swallowcliffe d 01.11.1343/4
m before 1321 Eleanor Cantilupe a 04.1344, dau of Sir John Cantilupe of Hempston Cantelupe
We19 = 23 Sir Thomas West of Hempston Cantelupe b c 1321, d 03.09.1386
m before 1365 Alice Fitzherbert d before 01.09.1395, dau of Reynold Fitzherbert of Midsomer Norton by Joan Hakluyt, sister/heir of Edmund
We18 = 22 Sir Thomas West of Oakhanger, 1st Lord b 1365, d 17/9.04.1405
m before 02.05.1384 Joan de la Warr d 24.04.1404, (dau of Sir Roger La Warr, 3rd Lord and Eleanor de Mowbray) widow of Ralph De Wilington of Sandhurst, Gloucester d on 16 Aug. 1382 v.p.
We17-1 Sir Thomas West, 2nd Lord b 1392, dsp 30.09.1416
m before 02.07.1406 Ida de St. Amand b 06.05.1392, d before 06.11.1416, dau of Almarle, 3rd Lord St. Almand
We17 = 21 Sir Reginald or Reynold West, 3rd Lord West, 6th Lord de la Warre b 07.09.1395, d 27.08.1450/1
m1 before 17.02.1428/9 Margaret Thorley d before 24.11.1433, dau of Robert Thorley of Tybeste
We20 Sir Richard West, 7th Lord De La Warr b 28.10.1430, d 10.03.1475-6
m before 10.06.1451 Catherine Hungerford d 12.05.1493, dau of Robert Hungerford of Heytesbury, Lord
We19 Thomas West, 8th Lord De La Warr b by 1432, d 11.10.1525
m1 before 24.08.1494 Elizabeth Mortimer d 1536, dau of Hugh Mortimer of Mortimer's Hall by Eleanor, dau of John Cornwall
We18-1 Sir Thomas West, 9th Lord De La Warr dsp 25.09.1554
m before 24.08.1494 Elizabeth Bonville dau of Sir John Bonville of Halnaker
We18-2 Eleanor West
m Sir Edward Guilford or Guildeford
We18-3 Dorothy West br>m Sir Henry Owen of Easebourn
We18-4 Elizabeth West identified in TCP Worcester as the Elizabeth who married ...
m Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester b c 1460, d 15.04.1526
We18-5+ other issue - William dsp, Anne, Margaret
m2 Eleanor Copley dau of Sir Roger Copley of Roughway and/or Gatton
We18-8 Sir Owen West d 10.1551
a Mary West
m1 Sir Adrian Poynings, Governor of Portsmouth d c1571
m2 Sir Richard Rogers
b Anne West
We18 Sir George West of Warbleton d 1558
m Elizabeth Morton dau of Sir Robert sb Anthony? Morton of Lechlade
We17 Sir William West, 1st Lord De La Warr b before 1520, d 30.12.1595
This title was a new creation.
m1 before 1555 Elizabeth Strange dau of Thomas Strange of Chesterton
m2 Anne Swift d after 10.1611, dau of Henry Swift of Andover
The following comes from Visitation Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, West Lord Delaware.
We17-2 Sir Thomas West of Testwood, Southamptonshire d 11.08.1622
m _ Hotofte
1 Mary West
m Sir John Leigh of Couldrey
We17-3 Margaret West
m1/2. Thomas Arundell
It appears that Margaret also married ...
m2/1. Humphrey Clarke of Buckford
We18-10 Leonard West a 1554
m Barbara Gascoigne dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
Not mentioned by any of our sources, but probably of this generation though if so by which marriage is unknown, were ...
We18-11 Catherine West
m Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley b c 1450 d 1491
We18-12 Barbara West of the 2nd marriage ?
m Sir John Guldeford of Hemsted
-1 Elizabeth Guilford m william Cromer -1-1 Dorothy Cromer m c 1519 William Seyliard -1-1-1 Elizabeth Seyliard m Cornelius Beresford
-1-1-2 Jane Seyliard
-1-1-1-1 Dorothy Beresford d 23 Jul 1657 York Co Va m John Brodnax -1-1-1-1-1 Robert Bradnax m Anne -1-1-1-1-1-1 William Bradnax b 28 Feb 1675 Godersham Kent d 16 Feb 1727 Jamestown Va m 1701 Rebecca Champion -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Edward Broadnax m Mary Brown
-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 William Broadnax b 1705 Jamestown d c 1770 Brunswick Co Va
We16-1-2+ 3 sons including Richard, a friar and 2 daughters including Margery, a nun
We16 Margaret West
m Thomas de Echingham of Etchingham Ec15
Ec15 Margaret Echingham b about 1440 m1 William Blount, younger of Mountjoy d after Barnet 1471
m2. Sir John Elrington
Ec15-2 Anne or Elizabeth Echingham b 1460 Ticehurst d 3 Dec 1542
m1. Sir Goddard Oxenbridge
m2 Roger Fynes/Fiennes b 1458 Herstmonceux Castle Hailsham
Bl14-1 John Blount (dsp)
Bl14-2 Edward Blount, 2nd Lord Mountjoy b c1464, d 01.12.1475 m 1475 Anne Cobham (d 26.06.1526, dau of Sir Thomas Cobham)
Bl14 Elizabeth Blount m Sir Andrew Windsor, 1st Lord b 1467, d 30.03.1543
Bl14-4 Anne Blount m1 Sir Thomas Oxenbridge m2 Sir David Owen of Medhurst
Ec14-5 Edward Elrington
Ec14-6 Anne Elrington m. Edward Combes
Ec15-2-1 Sir Thomas Oxenbridge of Echingham ?m Anne Blount Bl14-4
Ec15-2-2 Elizabeth Oxenbridge d 1578 m Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Leighton Bromswall bur 06.1572
Ec15-2-3 Anne Fynes/Fiennes m1 John de Windsor Wi15-5 m2 Sir Goddard Oxenbridge

Wi13-1 Elizabeth Windsor, possibly m George Paulet
Wi13-2 George Windsor
Wi13-3 Eleanor Windsor m1 Ralph le Scrope 9th Lord Scrope of Masham, m2 Sir Edward Neville.
Wi13-4 William Windsor (2nd Baron Windsor of Bradenham)
Wi13-5 Andrew Windsor (b. ABT 1492)
Wi13-6 Edmund Windsor (b. ABT 1494 - d. AFT Jan 1553)
Wi13-7 Anne Windsor
Wi13 Edith Windsor+ married George Ludlow, Sheriff of Wiltshire, had issue.
Wi13-9 Thomas Windsor
Ec15-2-1-1 Elizabeth Oxenbridge m Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby d 13.11.1581
We16-3 Anne West
m Maurice Berkeley of Beverstone
We16-4 Mary West possibly of this generation
m Sir Roger Lewknor
We16-5 John WEST of Waith b ABT 1432, Snitterfield, Warwickshire
m2 Eleanor Neville
-1 Richard WEST of Stainborough
m2 before 19.11.1443 Elizabeth Greyndour d 01.09.1452, dau of Robert Greyndour of Micheldean and Abenhall
We16-5 Mary (Anne) WEST 7. Elizabeth WEST 8. Mary WEST (b. ABT 1447) 9. Catherine WEST (b. ABT 1449
We18-2 Eleanor WEST b about 1340, Snitterfield, Warwickshire, England
m ABT 1352 in Snitterfeld Sir Nicholas de CLIFTON b about 1340
+1 Sir William de Clifton b about 1310 d c 1365
m Margaret Sherburne
+2 Sir William de Clifton b about 1270 d c 1323
m Ailine x
+3 Henry de Clifton b about 1250
We18-2-1 Sir Thomas de Clifton of Clifton b about 1365 a 1415
m Agnes Molyneux dau of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton
-1 a son
-2 Richard de Clifton of Clifton b about 1395 a 1442
m1 Alice Butler dau of John Butler of Rawcliffe
-1-1 James de Clifton of Clifton b about 1425 d 1495
m 1457 Alice Laurence b about 1439 dau of James Laurence of Ashton

Sources: BP1934 De La Warr, TCP West, TCP De La Warr
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