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Wentworth 6: Wentworth of Bockinge, Wentworth of Codham Hall, Wentworth of Gosfield
We26. Henry Wentworth of Codham Hall d 22.03.1482
m1 Elizabeth Howard dau of Henry Howard of Teringhampton
We25 Sir Roger Wentworth of Codham Hall, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire b about 1480 d 09.08.1539
m Anne Tyrell b about 1480 d 1534, dau of Humphrey Tyrell of Little Worley
We24-1 Sir John Wentworth of Gosfield dspms 15.09.1567
m Anne Bettenham dau of John Bettenham of Pluckley or Bickley
i. Mary Wentworth dsp c1554
m 09.02.1545/6 Thomas Wentworth, 2nd Lord b 1525, d 13.01.1583/4
ii. Margaret Wentworth dsp
iii. Anne Wentworth dsp 05.12.1580
m1 Sir Hugh Rich dvpsp 01.11.1547, son of Chancellor Richard, Lord of Leighs
m2 04.1555 Henry FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers or Mautravers b 1538, dvpsp 30.06.1556
m3. before 1580 William or Henry Deane of Dynes Hall
We24-2 Henry Wentworth of Mountnessing b about 1515
Visitation 1612 shows Henry as a generation earlier, as son of Henry Wentworth by Elizabeth Howard. We provisionally follow BEB1841 in showing him in this generation firstly because the dates make this seem slightly more likely, albeit not fully convincingly so, and secondly because there is a suspicion of error in Visitation which shows 2 Henrys for the previous generation, itself not necessarily a problem the first may have died young, but labelling both as the 2nd son.
m Agnes Hamond of Ramesden
i. Sir John Wentworth of Little Horksley, later of Gosfield b 1540, d 13.04.1588, rector of Gosfield
BEB1841 identifies Sir John's wife as Elizabeth St. Lawrence dau of Christopher St. Lawrence, Baron of Howth. We follow the Visitation which is supported by TCP Howth in identifying Elizabeth as his daughter and Dorothy Southwell as her mother.
m1 Elizabeth Haydon dau of Sir Christopher Haydon of Baconthorpe
a. John Wentworth of Gosfield b 1564, d 10.02.1613
m Cicely Unton dau of Sir Edward Unton or Umpton of Wadley
1 Sir John Wentworth, Bart of Gosfield b c1583, d 10.1631
m Catherine or Elizabeth Finch bur 26.09.1639, dau of Sir Moyle Finch, Bart
A Cecily Wentworth bur 01.02.1667/8
m 1619 Sir William Grey of Chillingham, Baron Grey of Werk d 29.07.1674
B Lucy Wentworth d 23.11.1651
m before 25.10.1638 Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Cleveland b 1591, d 25.03.1667
C+ other issue d young - son, Elizabeth, daughter
2 Diana Wentworth
m Lewis Bowles of Hartfordshire
3 Cecylie or Cicely Wentworth d 1642
m 1609 Thomas Finch, 2nd Earl of Winchilsea b 13.06.1578, d 04.11.1639
4 Ann Wentworth
m Sir Edward Gostwick of Bedfordshire
5+ other issue - William dsp, Catherine
b.+ other issue - William dsp, Henry, Edward dsp
m2 Dorothy Southwell dau of Sir Richard Southwell
e. Elizabeth Wentworth d 1627
m1 before 1597 Christopher St. Lawrence, Lord Howth d 24.10.1619
m2 Sir Robert Newcomen, Bart d 1629
f.+ other issue - Richard, Frances dsp
ii. Anne Wentworth b about 1542 d 02.09.1574
m 1555-6 Thomas Wentworth, 2nd Lord b 1525, d 13.01.1583/4
We24-3 Lora Wentworth
m1 _ Shawe
m2 _ Everard
m3. _ Clapton
We24 Margaret Wentworth b between 1500 and 1539
m John Barnes Berney of Norfolk
We25-2. Roger Wentworth of Felsted, later of Bocking
Visitation shows this Roger as of this generation but there is a suspicion of error as it identifies him as 3rd son but also identifies Thomas as 3rd son. Noting the confusion above with Henry, it is possible that Roger was 3rd son of Sir Roger of Cobham Hall rather than his younger brother. There are not enough known dates to help clarify the issue.
m1 Mary
m2 Ann Buckford dau of William Buckford
A. John Wentworth of Bockinge
m Elizabeth Capel dau of Sir Edward Capel of Hadham
i. Edward Wentworth of Bockinge
m Brigett Maxey dau of Anthony Maxey of Bradwell
a. Roger Wentworth of Bockinge a 1634
m Elizabeth Eden dau of Sir Thomas Eden of Sudbery or Bollington/Ballingdon
1+ issue a 1634 - John b c1624, Thomas, Roger, Elizabeth, Mary
b. Elizabeth Wentworth
m James Ayloff son of Sir William, Bart
c. Anne Wentworth
m Henry Capell son of Sir Gamaliel
d.+ other issue - Henry, John, Edward
ii. Henry Wentworth dsp
iii. Ann Wentworth
m Rowland Husse or Huish of Devon
B. Henry Wentworth of Bumpsted
m _ Benlowe dau of _ Benlowe of Finchingfild
C. Ann Wentworth
m1 Roger Parker
m2 Richard Upcher
D. daughter
m ?? Mannock of Gifford's Hall
E. son d young
We25-3. Margery Wentworth
m Sir William Walgrave of Smallbridge d c1502
We25-4. Margaret Wentworth
m1 William Ashfield
m2 Edward Wingfield
We25-5. Elizabeth Wentworth
Visitation 1558 shows Elizabeth as having married, first Richard Alington then _ Cheyney. Visitation 1612 shows just her marriage to Sir William Alington. As the Alington records show that Sir William married again after his marriage to Elizabeth, with no indication that there was a divorce, we presume she married just once to ...
m Sir William Alington
We25-6. Mary Wentworth
m1 _ Tymp'ley
m2 _ Harbey
We25-7.+ other issue - Henry, Thomas, William, Robert
m2 Joane FitzSymonds dau of Robert FitzSymonds
We25-11. Sir Nicholas Wentworth of Oxfordshire
m Joanne Josseleyne
A.+ issue - Henry, Paul, Peter of Buckinghamshire

Sources: Visitation Essex, 1558+1612+1634, Wentworth, BEB1841 Wentworth of Gosfield + TCB vol i, Wentworth of Gosfield
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