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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Welsh 4
Coelgodebog or Coel Goebog a 330 called 'Coel Hen' by 'RoyalData'
1. Ceneu or Cenau
A. Gwrst or Gwrwst or Gorwst Ledlwm
i. Meirchion Gul
a. Elidir Lyadwyn
1 Llywarch Hen
A Dwywg
i Gwair Gwyar, prince of Deheubarth
m Anna Margawse dau of Uter Pendragon mentioned by 'RoyalData'
a Tegid
1 Alcwn or Alcwin - continued below
b. Cynfarch Oer
1 Urien Rheged
A Pasgen
i Lleminod Angel
a Lleon
1 Lludd
A Tegwel
i Marchwiethian - continued below
B. Mar or Mor
i. Arthwys or Garthwys
a. Cynfelin
1 Clynwyd or Cynwyd Cynwydion
A Cadrod Calchfynydd
i Yspwys or Yabys
a Mynan
1 Mor
A Elevan or Elfyw
i Cynan
a Marchudd, Lord of Brnffenigl d c850
2. Gwawl
m Cunedda
Alcwn or Alcwin - continued above
1. Sandde or Handaer
A. Elidir
i. Gwriad or Gwyriad of the Isle of Man, King of Gwynedd d 825
m Ethil Eisyllt or Essyllt ferch Cynan, heiress of Gwynedd
Griffith shows the wives of Gwyriad and his son Merfyn the other way around, with Essyllt as wife rather than mother of Merfyn and Nesta as wife rather than daughter-in-law of Gwyriad. We comment more on this matter under Merfyn on the continuation page.
a. Merfyn 'the freckled', King of Gwynedd b 780 d 844 He crossed from Ynys Manaw (Isle of Man), where he was almost certainly already King, to bring a new stability as well as a new dynasty to Gwynedd after many years of Civil War. He reigned for nineteen years and, sadly, though Gwynedd gained from his rule, an absentee monarch left Manaw open to invasion. The Hiberno-Viking, Godred mac Fergus established himself there in 836 and the country was never recovered.
m Nest dau of Cadel ap Brochwel of Powys
1 Rhodri Mawr (the Great)
There are obviously several generations missing after this!
b. Cadrod Hardd b about 1300
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Tribe of Cadrod Hardd, p395. Griffith p81 starts with Cadrodd Bardd, identifying him as Lord of Bodafon, but suggests that he was living in AD1000. This raises concerns as to the reliability of this connection, possibly indicating confusion between different Cadrods and/or the omission of several generations.
m1 ??
1 Arthen of Trefarthen
A+ issue - Cynwrig, Bleddyn, Madog
Cynwrig is shown as living temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377 which looks distinctly dubious.
2 Ednyfed of Tre Ednyfed in Llifon b about 1325
3 Owen of Trefowen
m2 Angharad dau of Brochel ap Moelwyn
4 Sandde Hardd
m Angharad dau of Gruffydd ap Cadwgan, lord of Nannau
5 Iddon
6 Gwrydyr of Trefadog
Not mentioned on Griffith p395 but shown as son of Cadrod Hardd on Griffith p324 was ...
7 Cilmin Droed Ddu
Marchwiethian, lord of Is Asled, of Llyweni - continued above
1. Marchwystl
A. Ystrwyth
i. Tangno
a. Tyfid Farfayth of Carwed Fynydd
1 Heilyn Gloff of Carwed Fynydd
m Nest dau of Cadwgan ap Llowarch ap Bran, of Porthamel
A Llowarch
m Gwenllian dau of Madog ap Rhirid Flaidd, of Penllyn
i Cynwrig
m Dyddgu dau of Cadwgan Fottwm ap Ednyyfed ap Cadwgan Ddu ap Llwarch ap Bran, of Llys Llowarch
a Cynwrig Vychan a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377
m Morfydd dau of Madog Ddu ap Madog Goch ap Iorwerth ap Gwrgeneu ap Cynferth ap Rhun ap Nefydd Hardd, of Nant Conway
1 Heilyn Frych of Carwed Fynydd & Berain
m Nest dau of Gruffydd Llwyd ap Madog ap Llewelyn ap Ynyr, of Ial
2 Howel of Rhiwlas
m Margaret dau/coheir of Howel of Rhoswnog
3 Einionancestor of Williams of Hafod Garegog
b Dyddgu
c Einion of Caer y Druidion aka Cerrigydruidion
b.+ other issue - Ithel, Elidir of Brynyneuadd
ii. Cadwgan apparently of this generation

1 Griffith's Pedigrees Kings & Princes of Wales, p309
2 Griffith's Pedigrees Stock of the founders - Ednyfed Vychan, p324
3 Griffith's Pedigrees Stock of the founders - Marchweithian, p325
4 Griffith's Pedigrees Plas Iolyn p204 & Berain p223 & Rhiwlas p247
+ 'RoyalData'
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