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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Welsh 2
1. Paternus of the Red Robe
A. Aeternus
i. Cunedda
m Gnawl dau of Coel Hen
a. Einion Yrth
1 Cadwallan d 517
A Maelgwyn d 547
i Rhun d 586
a Beli d 599
1 Iago d 613
A Cadfan d 617
i Cadwallan, King of Gwynedd d 634
m daughter of Pybba, King of Mercia
a Cadwalwdr d 664
1 Idwal Edward d 712
m Agatha dau of Alan II, Count of Brittany
A Rhodri Molwynog d 754
m Margaret
i Cynan
m Matilda dau of Earl of Flint
a Ethil Eisyllt of Gwynedd
m Gwriad, King of Gwynedd d 825
b. Gwen
m Amlawdd
1 Eigr
m Pendragon Uthyr, King of Britons
Llir Merini or Molwynon, Lord of Gloucester
m Gwenllion dau of Brychon Brecheiniog, prince of Brecknock who lived c490
1. Cradoc 'Vreichvras of Fraich Fras' Strongarm, Lord of Gloucester, later Lord of Brecknock and Fferregg Fferlex
m Tegau Eurfron sole heiress of Pellinor or Pyll Mawr, King in Britain
A. Cawdraff, King of Fferregg & Brecknock
i. Caw
a. Gloyw
1 Hoyw
A Cynvarch
i Cyndegg
a Teithwalch
1 Tegydd
A Anharawdd
i Gwenddy
a Gwynggy, King of Fferregg & Brecknock - continued below
B.+ 5 sons
Gwynggy, King of Fferregg & Brecknock - continued above
1. Hydd or Hugo, King of Fferregg & Brecknock
A. Sir Dryffin Driffen or Driffon, King of Brecknock
i. Maenyrch, lord of Brecknock
BEB1841 does not follow this line but mentions that Maenyrch was ancestor of many families. It seems reasonable to presume that he was father of ...
a. Bleddyn ap Maenrych, lord of Brecknock
m Elin dau of Tewdr Mawr, sister of Prince Rhys
2. Einion
A. Rhys Goch red haired, lord of Ystradyw
m Joan dau of Cadwgan ap Elystan Glodrydd, Prince of Ffereggs
i. Genyllyn or Cynhyllyn or Cyhylyn foel, lord of Ystradyw
m Jennet dau of Sissyltt ap Dyfynwall, lord of Upper Gwent
a. Arthan, lord of Ystradyw
m Ellen dau of Meiric ap Cradoc
1 Howel
m Jennet dau of Gronw ap Llwarch, lord of Cibor
A Griffith 'Tow deg'
m Joan dau of Gronw Fychan, lord of Penrhos Castls
i David
m Maud dau of Llewillen ap Cynvrig Vychon of Llansamlet
a Howell Gam, lord of Penrhos
m Joes Scydmor dau of Sir John Scydmor of Scudamore
1 Howell Yechon ancestor of Williams of Penrhos & Morgan of Pencrug House
2 Jevan
m Ales dau of Morgan Vawr
A Philip
m Janet dau of Madoc Havard
i Howell
m Janet dau of Roger David ap Meiric
a Gwillim
m Gwenllian dau of Jenkin David ap Rees ap Meirick
1 Thomas
m Gwenllian dau of Meiric ap Jevan ap Gronwy
A John ap Thomas
m Ann dau of David Goch ap Jenkin Graunt

1 'RoyalData'
2 BEB1841 Williams of Llangibby
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