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Wales 55: Conwy of Bryneuryn, Lloyd of Disserth, Conwy of Plas ucha
Cynddelw ap Rhys ap Edryd ap Nathan ap Japheth ap Carwed ap Marchudd, of Plas Ucha in Conway
1. Iorwerth Gam
A. Llowarch
i. Dafydd
a. Meurig
1 Madog
A Rhys this line comes from Griffith p396
i Llewelyn
a Ieuan
1 Gruffydd Gymro
A Tudur
i Cynfrig
a Hugh rector of St. George
m Gwenllian dau of John Vychan ap John ap Gruffydd ap Howel ap Owen Pigot
1 William Hughes, Bishop of St. Asaph d 18.11.1606
m Luce Knowles bur 03.02.1635, dau of Robert Knowles son of John of Denbighshire. m2. David Holland, m3. William Wynne of Melai
A William Hughes dsp
B Ann Hughes d 15.02.1608
m Thomas Mostyn of Rhyd
B Dafydd
i Gruffydd Goch of Rhos m Eva dau of Ifan ap Einion ap Llowarch
a Robin of Grianllyn - continued below
m1 Lowry dau/heir of Tudur ap Gruffydd Vychan, of Gwyddelwern
m2 Euroddyled dau of Llewelyn ap Tudur
b Rhys rector of Disserth
c Howel
1 Lowry
m Rhys ap Meredydd, of Plas Iolyn
Robin of Grianllyn - continued above
m1 Lowry dau/heir of Tudur ap Gruffydd Vychan, lord of Gwyddelwern
m2 Euroddyled dau of Llewelyn ap Tudur ap Dafydd Vychan ap Dafydd ap Einion
1. Hugh Conwy Hen 'of Bryneuryn'
m Elizabeth Salusbury dau of Thomas Salusbury Hen, of Llyweni
A. Reinallt Conwy 'of Bryneuryn'
m Mallt or Maude dau of William ap Gruffydd ap Robin, of Cochwillan
i. Hugh Conwy Vychan 'of Bryneuryn'
m1 Elin dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn
a. Edward Conwy of Bryneuryn
m Ann Puleston dau of Sir John Puleston
1 Hugh Conwy of Bryneuryn
m Catherine Bulkley dau of Thomas Bulkley
A+ issue - Reinallt, Edward, John, Mary, Catherine, Ambrosia, Dorothy, Jane, Elizabeth
2 Robert
m Elin dau of Maurice ap Hugh
3 Elin
m William Prichard see 1 below
4 Catherine
m Piers Ffoulk
5 Jane
m Owen Rogers
6 Elizabeth
m John Wynne
7 Margaret
m Edward Morgan
8 Ann
m Edward Owen
b. Annes
m John ap Griffith Lloyd
c. Margaret
m Thomas ap John ap John
d. Jane
m Hugh Gwyn Holland of Aberconway
m2 Annes dau of Owen ap Meyrick ap Llewlyn ap Hwlkin
e. Catherine
m1/2. Meredydd Lloyd 'of Disserth' see 2 below
m2/1. Thomas Vaughan ap Robert ap Rhys, of Pant Glas a 1604
f. Elin
m1 Hugh Gwynn ap Dafydd, of Bodewryd
m2 sp Hugh Lewis of Llechylched
g. Jonet
m Meredydd Lloyd ap John ap Meredydd Llyd, of Beaumaris
1 Morgan Lloyd alderman of Beaumaris, 3rd son
m Annes dau of Richard ap Morgan ap Hugh
2 George Lloyd, Bishop of Chester a 1559, 1604
3 Elin
m Morgan Wynn in Hengoed
4 Ann
m Hugh ap David Anwyl
5+ other issue - Rowland, David Lloyd alderman of Chester
h. Elizabeth
m Griffith Lloyd ap Rhys ap Griffith ap Llewelyn Vychan
i. Jane
m Reinallt ap John ap Griffith Llwyd ap Howel Goch
j. Ales
m Morris ap John ap Evan ap Evan Vaughan
ii. Edward 'Conway of Bryneuryn'
m ?? dau of Robert ap John, of Bodsilin
iii. Harri Wynn Conwy of Plas Nant had issue
m Jonhet dau/coheir of John Lloyd ap Rhys ap William, of Plas Nant
iv. Elin
m William Hookes of Conway
v.+ other issue - William, Evan, Thomas, David, Edmund
B. Margaret
m1 Reinallt Meyrick of Glyn Lligwy
m2 Rhys ap Howel ap Rhys, of Ystumllyn
C. Lowry
m Robert Vaughan of Talhenbont
D. Jonet
m Ithel Wynn ap Nicholas, of Ystrad Alun
E. Elizabeth
m Morgan Holland Serjeant Porter to King Henry VII
2. John Conwy of Plas ucha, Aberconway
m Nest dau of Gruffydd ap Howel Coetmor
A. William
m Alice or Marsli dau/heir of John Moel ap Madog Fowl, of Trefadog
i. Richard 3rd son?
m Elizabeth dau of Ffoulk Salusbury, Dean of St. Asaph
a. William Prichard of Plas ucha
m Elin dau of Edward Conwy ap Hugh by Elin Griffith of Penrhyn see 1 above
1+ issue - Richard, Robert, Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Dorothy
ii. Thomas
m Jane dau of Humphrey Holland
a. John Williams
m Catherine Throgmorton dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton
1 Robert Williams
m Margaret dau of William ap Meredydd
2 Luce
m John ap William
3+ other issue - Lewis, William, Richard, Ambrose
b. Elin
m Gruffydd ap Roger ap David
c. Catherine
m John Thomas ap William
d. Ann
m Roger ap John
e.+ other issue - Reinallt, William, Hugh, David, Robert, Hugh, Richard
iii.+ other issue - Robert, Hugh of Llandrillo, John, Owen
B. Owen of Trebwll
m Gwenhwyfer dau of Howel ap Rhys, of Anglesey
i. John Owen
m Lowry dau of Maurice ap John
a. Meredydd Lloyd 'of Disserth'
m Catherine dau of Hugh Conwy Vychan see 2 above
1 Lewis Lloyd of Disserth
m1 Grace Mostyn dau of Thomas Mostyn
A Hugh Lloyd of Disserth
m Catherine Madryn dau of Thomas Madryn
B Richard Lloyd
C Elin
m William ap Griffith, of Castellmarch
D Elizabeth
m John Stodart
m2 Elin dau of Richard ap Robert
2 Jane
m William Holland
3 Lowry
m Ellis ap Thomas Vychan
4+ other issue - John, Owen
b.+ other issue - William, Owen
C. Alice or Annes
m John Madryn
3. Rhys
4. Margaret
m Gruffydd ap Rhys ap David ap Howel

Main sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Bryneuryn, p290
Griffith's Pedigrees Tribe of Marchudd, p396
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