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Wales 29: Edwards of Yspytty, Jones of Yspytty, Price of Plas Iolyn, Price of Yspytty, Vaughan of Llysfaen, Vaughan of Pant Glas
Howel of Rhiwlas
m Margaret dau/coheir of Howel of Rhoswnog
1. Tudur
m Susanna dau/heir of Meredydd ap Madog ap Ithel ap Jonas ap Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn, of Ial
A. Meredydd
m Efa dau of Evan ap Rhys Gwyn ap Dafydd Lloyd ap Goronwy Llwyd ap y Penwyn, of Melai
i. Robert
m1 Myfanwy dau of Dafydd ap Howel Coetmor
a. Lowri
m John Salusbury of Bachymbyd
b.+ other issue - Rhys Goch dsp, Thomas dsp, Howel
m2 Margaret dau of Gruffydd ap Rhys ap Howel Vychan
p. Gwenhwyfer
e.+ other issue - Sir Hugh, Rhys Dew
ii. Sir Rhys of Yspytty & Plas Iolyn a 1485, standard bearer at Bosworth
m Lowri dau/heir of Howel ap Gruffydd Goch ap Gruffydd ap Dafydd ap Madog
a. Sir Robert d by 1534, chaplain, 2nd son
m Margaret or Mared dau of Rhys or Rhydderch Plwyd ap Gruffydd ap Einion Vychan, of Gydros
1 Dafydd Price
m Margaret Salesbury dau of Robert Salesbury
A Thomas Price
i Gaynor
m Robert Ffoulkes of Meriadog
2 Ellis Price "Doctor Goch" of Plas Iolyn, Sheriff d before 24.05.1596
m1 Catherine dau of Thomas Conway of Bodrhydden
A Robert Price disinherited
m Anna Poole sister of Elliw, dau of Sir/Rev. Owen Poole of Llandecwyn
i Jane Price
m1 Ellis Wynn of Rhwngddwyryd
m2 Ifan Lloyd of Coedyrhygyn
m2 Elliw Poole dau of Sir/Rev. Owen Poole of Llandecwyn
B Thomas 'the Poet' Price of Plas Iolyn, Sheriff of Denbighshire d before 29.12.1634, Captain
m1 Margaret dau of William Griffith of Carnarvon
i Thomas Price 'of Plas Iolyn' of Yspytty Ifan 2nd son?
m Jane Salusbury dau of Sir John Salusbury of Llyweni
a Ellis Price of Yspytty & Plas Iolyn Captain
m Elizabeth Webster of Warwickshire
1 Elizabeth Price
m Robert Edwards of Gallt y Celeyn & Yspytty Ifansee 1 below
ii+ other issue dsp - Ellis, Margaret
m2 Jane dau of Hugh Wynn of Bodysgallen
iv William Price of Rhyd Llechog
m Margaret Price of Tyfol
a David Price of Fedwdeg
m Jane dau of Owen ap Reinallt
1 Thomas Price cleric
m Ann Edwards of Tal y Garth
A Sarah Price
m Thomas Downes of London
B+ other issue - David dsp, Jane, Elizabeth
2+ 4 daughters
b John Price
c Peter Price of Cernioge
m Magdalene dau of David Lloyd
1 William Price dsp
2 Thomas Price of Gwernhowel bur 15.10.1755
m 13.10.1732 Sarah Edwards bur 28.07.1762see 2 below
A Sarah Price b 28.08.1741
m Peter Jones of Ruthin
i Peter Jones of Yspytty b c1772, d 09.02.1796
m Maria Kenrick dau of Andrew Kenrick of Nantclwyd
Peter Jones of Yspytty b c1796, d 08.06.1830had issue
m Anne Routh b c1790, d 09.06.1853, dau of Col. _ Routh of Twickenham
B+ other issue - Peter bpt 05.04.1735, dsp, John bpt 04.06.1737, dsp, William b 28.08.1741, Magdalen b 20.11.1733, Elizabeth bpt 11.04.1739, d 19.04.1739
v Peter Price of Cynnlwyd a 1696
m Mary Vaughan dau of Rowland Vaughan of Caergai
a+ issue - Rowland of Garth Angharad dsp, Thomas d 20.04.1716, Edward of Dolgelly dsp 1725
vi Dorothy Price bur 18.06.1632
m Hugh Hookes of Conway
C Richard Price
D Jane Price
m1 Lewis Owen of Dolgelley
m2 John Conway of Gwen Eigron
E Margaret Price
m Pierce Lloyd of Ddol Ederyn a 1627
F Catherine Price
m David Vaughan
G Gaynor Price
m1 Gawen Goodman of Ruthin
m2 Simon Thelwall
3 Cadwaladr Price of Plas Rhiwlas
m Jane dau of Meredydd ap Evan ap Robert, of Gwydir
4 Sir Richard Price Abbot of Aberconway
m Jonet dau of Ellis ap Harri ap Cynwrig ap Ithel Vychan, of Ysgeifiog
A Thomas Wynn of Plas Newydd, Sheriff of Denbighshire a 1595
5 Thomas Vaughan of Pant Glas, Sheriff of Merionethshire a 1603
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Pant Glas, p44.
m1 Jane Salusbury dau of Sir Roger Salusbury of Llyweni
A Ellis Vaughan of Llysfaen
m Lowry dau of Meredydd Lloyd of Disserth by Catherine dau of Hugh Conway of Bryseuryn, Ellis's step-mother
i William Vaughan of Llysfaen
m Sybill dau of John Wynn of Rhiwlas
a+ issue - John d infant, John, Ellis, Margaret, Catherine
B Catherine Llwyd
m2 Catherine dau of Hugh Conway of Bryneuryn, m2. Meredydd Lloyd of Disserth
C Thomas Vaughan of Pant Glas, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire d 1654
m Margaret Fowler dau of William Fowler Prothonotary of North Wales
i John Vaughan, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire d 1654
m Joan Townsend dau of Sir Herny Townsend, Justice of Chester
a Henry Vaughan of Pant Glas, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire
m Margaret Norton dau of Bonham Norton of Stretton
1 Thomas Vaughan
m Lucy Vaughan dau of Sir John Vaughan of Trawscoed
A John Vaughan b 1674, dsp
B Thomas Vaughan of Pant Glas dsp
2 Anne Vaughan
m Sir Hugh Williams, Bart of Marle d 22.03.1686
3+ other issue dsp - Henry, Richard b 1619-20, d 05.06.1700, Captain, Catherine
b Thomas Vaughan
m1 Margaret dau of Edward Wynn
m2 Catherine dau of Thomas ap Rhys ap Meredydd ap Einion Vychan
c Anne Vaughan
m John Lloyd of Gwrych
d+ other issue - William, Gaynor
ii+ other issue - Thomas, William, Richard
D Jane Vaughan
m Thomas ap William ap Ieuan Lloyd, of Hafodunos
E+ other issue - Rhys, Robert, Edward, Hugh
6 Catherine Llwyd
m William Salusbury of Llanrwst
7 Margaret Wen
m William ap Ragnallt
8 Lowri
m Robert Salusbury
9 daughter
m Robert ap David Anwyl
10+ other issue - Harri, Robert, Wynn, William, Thomas, Owen, Arthur, Hugh Abbot of Aberconway
b. Morris Gethin of Voelas a 1501
m Anne Middleton dau of David Middleton 'Hen' of Gwaenynog
c. Eva
m1 Dafydd ap Gwillim, of Llwydiarth
m2 Meredydd ap Thomas, of Porthamel
d. Gwenhwyfer
m1 Dafydd ap Howel Gruffydd ap Jenkin. of Llwydiarth
m2 Tudur Vychan ap Tudur ap Gruffydd ap Einion. of Edeyrnion d 1496
e. Margaret
m Gruffydd ap Llewelyn Vychan, of Idl
f. Annest
m Dafydd ap Meredydd ap Howel, of Penllyn
g. Catherine
m1 John ap William ap Morris, of Garth Eryr
m2 John ap Jenkin ap Howel, of Penllyn
h. Elizabeth
m Eliza ap Howel ap Rhys, of Edeyrnion
i.+ other issue - Howel, Dafydd, Cadwaladr
B. Dafydd of Galit y Celyn
Robert Edwards of Gallt y Celeyn & Yspytty Ifan
m Elizabeth Price dau/heir of Captain Ellis Price of Yspytty & Plas Iolyn@1@ above
1. John Edwards
m Sarah Owen dau of Edward Owen of Crogen Iddon
A. Edward Edwards 'of Yspytty'
i. John Edwards, Sheriff of Denbighshire d 1771??
m Sarah Lloyd dau/heir of Jenkin Lloyd of Cochfaes, m2. Rev. Thomas Youde of Rowley's Mansion in Shrewsbury
a. Thomas Watkin Edwards 'of Yspytty', Sheriff of Montgomeryshire n 1775, dsp 1821
b. Edward Edwards 'of Yspytty' b 1781
m Mary Greenaway sister/heir of Charles Greenaway of Barrington & Burford Priory
c. Sarah Edwards d unm 1798
d. Julia Elizabeth Edwards 'of Yspytty' b 29.05.1783, d unm 19.09.1857
e. Harriet Edwards b 30.03.1787, d 24.10.1856
m Jacob William Hinde d 01.07.1868, Captain
B. Sarah Edwards bur 28.07.1762
m Thomas Price@2@ above
C.+ other issue - Ellis dsp, Owen dsp, Elizabeth
2. Robert Edwards rector of Llandderfel
m Lettice Adams dau of Rev. Thomas Adams of Whittington & Oswestry
3.+ other issue

Sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Plas Iolyn in Yspytty Ifan, p204
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