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Wales 10: Family of Cors-y-Gedol Corsygedol, Lloyd of Plas-yn-Ial
Osborn 'Wyddel' the Irishman of Cors-y-Gedol a 1293
1. Cynric ap Osborn of Cors-y-Gedol
A. Llewelyn of Cors-y-Gedol a 1343
m Nest dau of Griffith ab Adda of Dolgoch
i. Griffith of Cors-y-Gedol, Sheriff of Merioneth d c1399
m Efa dau of Madoc ab Ellis of Cryniarth, sister of Leoline, Bishiop of St. Asaph
a. Einion of Cors-y-Gedol a 1397
m Tangwystl dau of Rhydderch ab Ievan Lloyd of Gogerddan
1 Iorwerth of Ynys-y-Maengwyn a 1415 had issue
m Gwenllian dau of Cynric ap Rotpert, relict of James Eyton of Eyton
2 Ievan a 10.1427
m Angharad dau of Davis ab y Glwn Lloyd of Hendwr-yn-Edeirnion
A David Constable of Harlech Castle had issue
m Margaret Pulston dau of John Pulston of Emral
B Rhys
m Gwenhwyvar dau of Howell Vychan of Fronoleu
i Ievan a 03.1513
m Laurea Bamville dau of Richard Bamville of Glynn, Constable of Harlech Castle
a John of Glyn a 10.1545
m Gwenhwyrr a 06.1578, dau of Griffith ab Ednyfed of Sylvaen
1 Robert Wynn of Glyn d 1589
m c1544 Katherine dau of Ellis ap Maurice of Clenenney
2 Mary
m John Wynn ap Ellis of Tarwsfynydd
3 Margery
m Edward ap Howel of Court Mymydd Deon
b daughter
m Morgan ap Robert
c daughter Catherine
m John or William ap Madoc Vychan
ii Rhydderch
C Griffith of Hendwr a 1461 had issue
m Isabel dau of Ievan ab Adda of Pengwern
D Margaret
m1 Madoc ap Howell
m2 John ap David Lloyd ap Howell in Penllyn a 1481
E Mali
m David ap Rhys of Cymmer-yn-Edeirnion d by 25.10.1444
F Gwervil mentioned by Commoners but not by BLG1952
m Tudor ap Grono ap Howel of Cadair
G+ other issue a 1461 - Thomas had issue, John, Tannah of Rhyddlan
3 Griffith of Cors-y-Gedol or Corsygedol a 1413
m Lowrie dau of Tudor ap Griffith Vuchan, lord of Gwyddelwern
A Griffith Vaughan of Corsygedol a 1461 ancestor of Vaughans of Corsygedol
B Ellis of Gwyddelwern d 1489
m Margaret dau of Jenkyn ab Ievan, of Plas-yn-Ial or Bodanwydog Bryn Eglwys
i David Lloyd of Plas-yn-Ial
m Gwenhwyfar dau of Richard Lloyd of Llywnymaen
a John Lloyd or Yale of Plas-yn-Ial
m Elizabeth Mostyn dau of Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn
b Jane Lloyd
m1 Edward Trevor of Brynkynnalt
m2 John Hanmer
c Ellen Lloyd
m Robert Lloyd of Halghton
d+ other issue - Griffith Lloyd, Thomas Yale Chancellor of Bangor, Hugh Yale
ii John Wynn of Brynangor, Bryn Eglwys ancestor of Wynnes of Bryntangor
iii Griffith Lloyd ancestor of Lloyds of Rhagatt and Carrog
iv Roger Lloyd of Brynglas Lloyd 'Mr. Ellis of Yale' Secretary to Cardinal Wolsey
m Katherine dau of William ap Griffith Vychan, lord of Cymmer-in-Edeirnion
a John Wynne of Caedwrig ancestor of Lloyds of Plas Einion and Bryn Eglwys
v Margaret
m1 Ievan ap Howell, lord of Rug, Edeirnion
m2 Howell Vychan ap Howell
m3. John Trevor of Wignant
vi Angharad
m Maurice ap John of Clenneneu Rhiwaedog
vii Genhwyfar
m John Eyton son of John of Ruabon
viii Lowry
m Reinalt of Branas
ix+ other issue - Richard, Jenkin, Tudor of Llysfassi, Ievan Lloyd of Rhagat
BLG1952 Yale of Plas-yn-Ial notes that one of the above sons, a Lloyd, was father of ...
a John Lloyd
1 David Yale of Plas Goronwy b c1540, d 1625/6, rector of Llandogla-yn-Ial
m 1588 Frances Lloyd b c1533, d 20.02.1607, dau of John Lloyd of Hartleshorne
C Tudor had issue
D Catherine
m Howell ap Griffith of Crogen-yn-Edeirnion
E Efa
m Madoc ap Griffith
4 Mali
m1 Howell Selye or Sele of Nanney Nannau d c1401
m2 Owen ap Meredith ap Griffith Vychan of Nuaddwen
5 Tibod or Tiboda
m1 Howell, ab Ievan ab Iorwerth, of Cynllaeth
m2 Ievan Vychan ab Ievan Gethin of Abertanat
Commoners identifies Tibod's 3rd husband as Griffth ap Blethin of Mold but BLG1952 identifies him as ...
m3. Howell ap Tudor ap Grono
b. Angharard
m David ap Grono of Burton
ii.+ other issue - Jerwerth, Einion, Angharard, Janet
B. Einion
i. Janet
m Sir Foulk Cholmondeley of Cheshire
2. Einion ap Osborn
A.+ 4 sons "of their descendants, if any be extant, nothing is now known"

Main sources: BLG1952 Williams-Wynn of Peniarth, Commoners vol I, Wynne of Peniarth with input from BLG1952 Yale of Plas-yn-Ial
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