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Vernon 2

: Vernon of Clontarf Castle, Vernon of Haddon, Vernon of Hilton Park, Vernon of Hodnet, Vernon of Houndshill, Vernon of Kinderton, Vernon of Sudbury
Sir William Vernon of Haddon b 1416, d 1467 Knight of the Shire for Derbyshire (1442-1451 and 1467) and Staffordshire (1455-1456), and Treasurer of Calais, as well as Knight Constable of England

Remained in the family until required by the RAF during World War II from 1942 - 1957.
It was then sold to Oxford University, but is now a retreat.
m Margaret Swynfen b about 1440
She was sometimes known as Margaret de Pype but she was the daughter of Sir William Swynfen of Pype Ridware, Staffordshire, who had inherited the Pype Estate from his mother.
Sir William Swynfen b in Lichfield, Staffordshire.
m Jocosa Spernor alias Durvassal before 1406
1. Sir Henry Vernon of Haddon d 1511
m Anne Talbot dau of John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury
A. Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon d 1517
m Margaret Dymoke dau of Sir Robert Dymoke
i. Sir George Vernon of Haddon, 'King of the Peak' d 1567
m Margaret Talboys dau of Sir George Talboys of Kyme
a. Dorothy Vernon d 24.06.1584
m Sir John Manners of Haddon Hall d 04.06.1611
b. Margaret Vernon
m Sir Thomas Stanley of Winwick d 1576
B. Thomas Vernon of Stocksey
m Anne Ludlow dau of Sir John Ludlow by Elizabeth, dau of Richard Grey, Lord Powis mother of Eleanor, presumed mother of ...
i. ?? Vernon
a. Henry Vernon dsp
ii. Eleanor Vernon probably of this generation
m Francis Curzon of Kedleston b c1524
C. Humphrey Vernon d 1542
m 1493 Alice Ludlow dau of John Ludlow of Hodnet
i. George Vernon of Hodnet d 1553
m Elizabeth Pigot dau of Thomas Pigot of Chetwynd
a. Richard Vernon d young
b. John Vernon of Hodnet b c1546, d 1592
m 1564 Elizabeth Devereux dau of Sir Richard Devereux
1 Sir Robert Vernon of Hodnet b 1577, d 1625
m Mary Needham dau of Robert Needham of Shavington and Shenton, Sheriff of Shropshire
A Sir Henry Vernon, 1st Bart of Hodnet b 1606
m 1636 Elizabeth White dau of Sir Richard White of the Friers
i Sir Thomas Vernon, 2nd Bart of Hodnet d 1684
m Mary Kirke dau of George Kirke
a Sir Richard Vernon, 3rd Bart of Hodnet b 1678, d 1723
b+ other issue d unm - Diana, Henrietta
B Elizabeth Vernon
m 1675 Robert Cholmondeley of Vale Royal d 1679
2 Elizabeth Vernon a 11.1655 4th daughter
m before 30.08.1598 Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton b 06.10.1573, d 10.11.1624
3+ other issue - 12 children some d young
ii. Thomas Vernon d 1556
m Helena Shirley dau of Ralph Shirley
a. Walter Vernon of Houndshill b 1552, d 1592
m Mary Littleton dau of Edward Littleton of Pillaton
1 Sir Edward Vernon of Houndshill b 1584, d 1657
m Margaret Vernon b c09.1592, dau of Henry Vernon of Hilton and Esingtonbelow
A Sir Henry Vernon of Sudbury b 1615, d 1658
m Muriel Vernon dau of Sir George Vernon of Haslington
i George Vernon of Sudbury b 1635, d 1702
m1 Margaret Onely dau of Edwin Onely of Catesby
a Onely Vernon dsp
b Meriell Vernon not known by which of her father's marriages, presumed by the 1st
m1 23.04.1685 James Boothby of Ashbourne bur 04.03.1687-8
m2 Thomas Vernon Dr.
c+ 4 other daughters
m2 Dorothy Shirley sister of Robert, Earl Ferrers
g+ 2 daughters
m3. Catherine Vernon dau of Sir Thomas Vernon of London
i Henry Vernon of Sudbury b c1686, 25.02.1718/9
m1 Anne Pigot b c1692, d 1714, dau of Thomas Pigot of Chetwynd by Mary Venables
1 George Venables-Vernon, 1st Lord of Sudbury and Kinderton b 09.02.1707-8, d 21.08.1780
m1 21.06.1733 Mary Howard d 02.1740, dau of Thomas Howard, 6th Lord of Effingham
A George Venables-Vernon, 2nd Lord of Sudbury and Kinderton b 09.05.1735, d 18.06.1813
m1 16.07.1757 Louisa Barbara Mansel d 01.1776, dau of Bussey, Lord Mansel
i+ 2 daughters d infant
iii Louisa Venables-Vernon d unm 1786
m2 25.05.1786 Georgiana Fauquier d 31.05.1823, dau of William Fauquier of Hanover
iv Georgiana Venables-Vernon b 09.01.1788, d 13.09.1824
m 19.09.1809 Edward Harbord, 3rd Lord Suffield b 10.11.1781, d 06.07.1835
B Mary Venables-Vernon
m 05.01.1763 George Adams of Orgrave, later Anson
m2 22.12.1741 Anne Lee dsp 22.09.1742, dau of Sir Thomas Lee, Bart of Hartwell
m3. 10.04.1744 Martha Harcourt d 08.04.1794, dau of Hon Simon Harcourt
C Henry Venables-Vernon, 3rd Lord of Kinderton b 18.04.1747, d 20.03.1829
m1 14.02.1779 Elizabeth Rebecca Anne Nash or Sedley d 18.07.1793, natural dau of Sir Charles Sedley, 2nd Bart of Southfleet
i George Charles Venables-Vernon, 4th Lord of Kinderton b 04.12.1779, d 18.11.1835 had issue
m 05.08.1802 Frances Maria Warren d 17.09.1837, dau of Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren
ii Catherine Venables-Vernon b c1782, d 29.04.1867
iii Louisa Henrietta Venables-Vernon d 06.03.1861
m 04.11.1816 Brooke Boothby d 04.01.1829, prebendary of Southwell
m2 29.11.1795 Alice Lucy Whiteford d 01.08.1827, dau of Sir John Whiteford, Bart
iv Henry Venables-Vernon b 1796, d 12.12.1845, Lt. Colonel had issue
m 29.08.1822 Eliza Grace Coke dau of Edward Coke of Longford Court
v John Venables-Vernon b 08.03.1798, d 11.12.1875, rector
m1 24.11.1830 Frances Barbara Duncombe dsps 07.12.1848, dau of Thomas Duncombe of Copgrove
m2 15.12.1853 Caroline Paget d 17.07.1894, dau of General Sir Edward Paget
D Edward Venables-Vernon, later Harcourt, Archbishop of York b 10.10.1757, d 08.11.1847
m 05.02.1784 Anne Leveson-Gower d 16.11.1832, dau of Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Marquess of Stafford
i George Granville Harcourt of Nuneham Courtenay b 06.08.1785, d 19.12.1861 had issue 1 daughter
m1 27.03/5.1815 Elizabeth Bingham d 09.09.1838, dau of Richard Bingham, 2nd Earl of Lucan
m2 30.09.1847 Frances Elizabeth Braham d 05.07.1879, dau of John Braham
ii Edward Venables-Vernon b 1787, d 1806
iii Leveson Venables-Vernon b 1788, d 26.07.1860, Chancellor of York
m 19.08.1815 Caroline Mary Peachey d 16.07.1871, dau of John, 2nd Lord Selsey
iv William Venables-Vernon or Harcourt b 06.1789, d 01.04.1871, canon of York had issue
m 11.07.1824 Matilda Mary Gooch d 19.11.1876, dau of Col. William Gooch
v Frederick Edward Vernon Harcourt b 15.06.1790, d 01.05.1883, Admiral had issue
m 1829 Marcia Tollemache d 27.12.1868, dau of Admiral J.R. Delap Tollemache
vi Henry Vernon Harcourt b 1791, dsp 26.02.1853, Lt. Colonel
m 20.04.1835 Frances Harley d 15.10.1872, dau of Edward Harley, 5th Earl of Oxford
vii Granville Harcourt-Vernon of Grove Hall b 26.07.1792, d 08.12.1879 had issue
m1 22.02.1814 Frances Julia Eyre d 05.02.1844, dau of Anthony Hadolph Eyre of Grove
m2 22.11.1845, sp Pyne Jesse Brand-Trevor d 03.03.1872, dau of Henry Otway Brand-Trevor, 22nd Lord Dacre
viii Octavius Henry Vernon-Harcourt b 26.12.1793, d 14.08.1863, Vice Admiral
m 22.02.1838 Anne Holwell Gater d 26.06.1879, dau of William Gater
ix Charles Vernon-Harcourt b 14.11.1798, d unm 10.12.1870, prebendary of Carlisle
x Francis Vernon-Harcourt of St. Clare and Buxted Park b 06.01.1801, dsp 23.04.1880, Colonel
m 20.11.1837 Catherine Julia Jenkinson dsp 05.12.1877, dau of Charles Cecil Cope, Earl of Liverpool
xi Egerton Vernon-Harcourt of St. Clare and Whitwell b 1803, d 19.10.1883 had issue
m 08.12.1859 Laura Milner b c1826, d 05.02.1889, dau of Sir William Mordaunt Sturt Milner, 4th Bart
xii Louisa Augusta Harcourt d 04.08.1869
m 14.06.1825 Sir John Johnstone, 2nd Bart d 24.02.1869
xiii Georgiana Harcourt dsp 29.10.1886
m 04.12.1846 George E. Malcolm d 02.06.1888
xiv+ other issue d unm - Caroline d 13.05.1815, Anne d 1867
E Elizabeth Venables-Vernon b 2101.1746, d 25.01.1826
m 26.09.1765 George Simon Harcourt, 2nd Earl Harcourt dsp 20.04.1809
m2 Matilda Wright dau of Thomas Wright of Longstone
ii Henry Vernon of Hilton b 06.1636/7
m 1659 Margaret Ladkins d 1699, dau of William Ladkins of Shaw and Helledon
a Henry Vernon of Hilton b 1663, d 24.07.1732
m 1717 Penelope Philips d 25.01.1726, dau of Robert Philips of Newton Regis
1 Henry Vernon of Hilton Park b 21.03.1718
m 26.12.1743 Henrietta Wentworth d 12.04.1786, dau of Thomas Wentworth, 3rd Lord Raby, 1st Earl of Strafford
A Henry Vernon of Hilton Park b 21.03.1748, d 27.10.1814
m1 14.10.1775 Penelope Graham dau of Arthur Graham of Ackley or Hackley House
i Henry Charles Edward Vernon of Harefield Park, later Vernon-Graham of Hilton Park b 28.09.1779, d 22.03.1861 had issue
m 28.02.1804 Maria Cooke d 03.10.1827, dau of George John Cooke of Harefield Park
m2 23.04.1794 Margaret Fisher dau of Thomas Fisher of Acton
ii Frederick William Thomas Vernon-Wentworth of Wentworth Castle, Sheriff of Yorkshire b 20.09.1795, d 13.09.1885 had issue
m 23.11.1825 Augusta Brudenell-Bruce d 23.09.1869, dau of Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 1st Marquess of Ailesbury
iii George Augustus Frederick Vernon b 11.1798, d 1815
B Henrietta Vernon d 02.01.1828
m1 19.07.1764 Richard, 1st Earl Grosvenor b 18.06.1731, d 05.08.1802
m2 15.09.1802 George Porter, 6th Baron de Hochepied General
C Anna Vernon d 23.03.1797
m 18.11.1768 Noel Hill, 1st Lord Berwick of Attingham b 04.1745, d 06.01.1789
D+ other issue - William d 06.1775, Levison d unm 21.09.1831, Lucy, Caroline, Jane d unm
2 Richard Vernon of Hilton b 18.06.1726, 5th son
m 06.02.1759 Evelyn Leveson-Gower b 26.01.1724-5, d 14.04.1763, dau of John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower
A Henrietta Vernon d 1838
m 09.07.1776 George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick b 16.09.1746, d 1816
3 Penelope Vernon b 06.06.1722
m Sir William Duckinfield Daniell, Bart of Over Tabley
4+ other issue - Thomas Phillips b 20.11.1719, John b 20.01.1720, dsp, Edward b 1723, Elizabeth b 17.01.1724, d young
b+ other issue - Edward in London, George, Thomas in London b c1670, d unm 04.04.1742
iii John Vernon
a Penelope Vernon
m1 Sir William Duckinfield d 12.01.1758
m2 John Astley
iv+ other issue - Edward dsp 1734, Richard dsp 1736
B Edward Vernon of North Aston
m _ Guildeford sister of Joseph Guildeford
i+ issue - Mary d unm, Elizabeth
C John Vernon of Clontarf d 13.03.1670, quartermaster general
m1 Anne Huish dau of James Huish of Sand
i John Vernon d unm in London
m2 Elizabeth Walwyn dau of Fulke Walwyn of Much Marcle
ii Edward Vernon of Redmile minister
m Lettice Bankes dau of John Bankes of Uttoxeter
a John Vernon of Clontarf Castle
m Dorothy Grahn d 07.05.1773, sister of Hans Otto Grahn from Hanover
1 George Vernon of Clontarf Castle d before 05.05.1787
m Elizabeth Hughes
A John Vernon of Clontarf Castle
m 1780 Elizabeth Fletcher dau of H. Fletcher of Newton Park
i George Vernon of Clontarf Castle d 1822 had issue
m 1808 Henrietta Maria Gale-Braddyll dau of Wilson Gale-Braddyll of Conished Priory
ii John Vernon of Aubone b 05.1790, d 07.06.1843, minister had issue
m 12.1812 Frances Kearney dau of John Kearney, Bishop of Ossory
iii Francis Vernon d 30.01.1867
m 24.05.1806 Bertram Mitford b 01.10.1774, d 16.12.1844
iv Elizabeth Vernon
m Charles Arthur Tisdakk of Charlesfort
v Maria Vernon
m1 17.05.1806 Hon. Rev. Pierce Butler b 1782, d 1808
m2 Walter Fawkes of Farnley
B George Vernon d unm 10.05.1802
C Frances Dorothy Vernon b 17.11.1755, d 29.07.1844
m 22.10.1776 James Crawfurd of Aubun
D Diana Vernon
m Sir Brodrick Chinnery, Bart
2 Edward Vernon, Sheriff of Dublin
m 01.01.1760 Caroline Catherine Yeates, cousin
A Brabazon Dean Vernon b 27.11.1768, Lt. Colonel
m Helen Bond dau of Harmer Bond of Ballynahallick
B Henry Vernon b 01.05.1771
m 1796 Frances Plunkett dau of Thomas Plunkett of Portmarnock
i Edward Vernon of Grosvenor Place minister had issue
m1 dsp Jane Kingsbury dau of Archdeacon Kingsbury
m2 Harriet Bruen dau of Lt. Col. Henry Bruen of Oak Park
C+ other issue - John Frederick b 21.10.1760, d 18.12.1760, George William b 16.01.1762, d unm 1792, Francis b 20.02.1765, dsp 1796, RN, Charles Hawley b 22.207.1796, d unm 24.06.1835
3 Charlotte Vernon
m Thomas Wright of Houghton
b Edward Vernon d unm 1765, rector of St. George's, Bloomsbury
c Catherine Vernon
m _ Yeates
D Anne Vernon
m George Harper of Twyford
E+ 5 daughters including Mary Catherine Grace Elizabeth who d unm
iii. Catherine Vernon probably of this generation
m Francis de la Pole of Dale Abbey, younger of Radbourne dvp
D. Sir John Vernon d 1545
m Ellen de Montgomerie dau of Sir John de Montgomerie
i. Sir Henry Vernon of Sudbury d 1569
m 1547 Margaret Swinnerton dau of Humphrey Swinnerton of Swinnerton and Hilton
a. John Vernon dsp 1600
m Mary Littleton dau of Edward Littleton of Pillaton
b. Henry Vernon of Hilton and Esington d 21.06.1592
m Dorothy Heveningham dau of Sir Anthony Heveningham
1 Margaret Vernon b c09.1592
m Sir Edward Vernon b 1584, d 1657 above
c.+ 2 daughters
E. Elizabeth Vernon b c 1475 d 1563 m Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet, Sheriff of Salop d 1514
F. Mary Vernon probably of this generation
m William Fisher of Alderwayes & Rolleston d 1519-20
G.+ 4 sons and 4 daughters
2. Benedicta Vernon
m Henry Foljambe of Walton

Sources: BP1934 Vernon, BEB1844 Vernon of Hodnet, BLG1952 Vernon of Hilton Park, Commoners vol iii, Vernon-Graham of Hilton Park, BLG1886 Vernon of Clontarf Castle
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