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Vernon: Vernon of Haddon, Vernon of Harlaston, Vernon of Shipbroke
Ve32. William de Vernon a 1052, of Vernon in Normandy b about 1040
Ve31. Richard de Vernon, lord of Shipbroke a 1086 in England A Vernon who must have married a Pyle girl and emigrated to Chester Co PA is probably a descendant of this family. The marriage of a Pyle girl to a Vernon who immigrated to Chester Co Pa is needed to explain a group of over 50 of the author's autosomal DNA matches with ancestors from this area.
Ve30. William de Vernon 2nd son
Ve29. ?? de Vernon With a son being born about 1160 there are likely to have been three generations between the latter and the combatant at Hastings
Ve28. Hugh de Vernon of Shipbroke If he outlived his son he must have been born about 1160
BP1934 identifies the following Richard as great-grandson of William, 2nd son of Richard Baliol of Shipbroke above. Some web sites indicate that Hugh was son of William rather than grandson. Visitation 1580 shows that the Warine who married Auda Malbank was son of Richard a 1121, brother of Mathew de Holgreve & Erdeswike, son of Warin de Vernon brother of Hugo who dsp, son of Richardus de Vernon. We follow BP1934.
m x Baliot b about 1165 dau of Reginald de Balliot or Balliol identified on some web sites, ?Baliol
Ve27 Richard de Vernon dvp If he was outlived by his father and had two sons born as late as 1210 he must have been born about 1180
m Avice de Avenell dau of William de Avenell of Haddon
Ve26 Warine de Vernon of Shipbroke b about 1200
m Auda Malbank dau of William Malbank of Wich Malbank
Ve25 Warine de Vernon of Shipbroke
m Margaret de Andeville dau of Ralph de Andeville
Ve24-1 Warine de Vernon dsp
Ve24-2 Margaret or Margery de Vernon
m Richard de Wilbraham
Ve24 =26 Edith de Vernon
m Sir William Stafford
-1 William Stafford of Sandon m Cecily de Waure dau of Robert de Waure
-2 Robert Stafford St22 b c 1280, d m Gundreda
-1-1 William Stafford of Sandon ?= William Stafford of Bromshull b 1278, d 1307 m Isabella Stafford dau of Robert de Stafford
-2-1 Isabella de STAFFORD d 1309
-2-2 Johanna STAFFORD St22 d 1342 m. Sir Peter de Gresley d 1310 ( Stafford shows the marriage of a Sir Richard de Stafford (1302-1380) and Isabel de Vernon so there were obvious family connections, but this Richard seems to have had only four brothers named Ralph, William, Humphrey and Jacobus)
-1-1-1 Sir John Stafford of Sandon = Sir John Stafford of Bromshull b c 1320 m1 Katherine Hastings mentioned by the IGI m2 Margaret Stafford + ch dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford
-2-2-1 Sir Geoffrey Gresley Gr21 m 1324 Margaret Gernon b 1304 d 1352 daughter of Sir John Gernon of Launton, Oxford b 1277
-2-2-2 Thomas Gresley
-2-2-3 Peter Gresley
-2-2-4 Edmund Gresley
-2-2-5 Sir Robert Gresley
-2-2-6 Roger Gresley
-2-2-7 Sir John Gresley
-1-1-1-1 Sir Humphrey Stafford b about 1350 IGI shows this Sir Humphrey as third son of Edmund de Stafford, 1st Lord. BE1883 shows him as the heir of Sir John son of William of Bromshull and elder brother of the Ralph who was ancestor of the Staffords of Grafton and also those of Blatherwycke. We follow BE1883 which identifies his wife merely as daughter and heir of _ Greinvill m before 1365 Elizabeth Greville dau of Adam Greville
-2-2-1-1 Sir John Gresley Gr20
-2-2-1-2 Sir Nicholas Gresley
Ve24-4 Rohesia de Vernon
m John Littlebury
Ve23 Ralph de Vernon of Shipbroke rector of Hanwell Except for the identification of his son Ralph, the following comes, with some input from various web sites, largely from Visitation Cheshire,1580, Vernon - various. We are still in the process of investigating the contradictory information provided by that and other sources.
m Maude Grosvenor
Ve22 Ralph de Vernon of Shipbroke 'the old liver' Ralph is said to have lived 150 years ! This is surely either a gross exagerration or a suggestion that there has been some inter-generational confusion.
m Mary Dacre dau of Ranulph de Dacre
Ve21-1 Radulphus Ralph Vernon of Hanwell
m Margaret St. Petri
A Rawlin Vernon of Mottram
i Radulphus Ralph Vernon
m Agnes Damory dau of Richard Damory, Justice of Chester
a daughter
m Hamon le Strange
Ve21-2 Richard Vernon rector of Stockport
Ve21-3 Thomas Vernon of Lostock
m ?Joan Lostock heiress of Haslington
Ve21 Rose/Roesia Vernon b c 1260
m Sir William de Brereton b c 1260
Ve21 =22 =25 Agatha or Avice Vernon
m Sir Hugh de Venables of Kinderton
-1 William de Venables b c 1304 dsp
-2 Sir Hugh de Venables of Kinderton b c 1306 m1. Elizabeth Mobberley + 2 ch dau of Sir William Mobberley m2 Katherine Houghton + 3 ch dau of Richard Houghton

-2-1 William de Venables dvp 1350 m1 sp Agnes Dutton dau of Sir Peter de Dutton of Warburton m2 Maud Vernon dau of Richard de Vernon of Shipbrook
-2-2 John de Venables dvp m. Isabel Egerton dau of Philip de Egerton
-2-3 Sir Hugh de Venables of Kinderton, Sheriff of Cheshire d 1382-3 m. Margery Cotton dau of Perkin or Hugh de Cotton
-2-4 Roger de Venables of Golborne a 1380 m. Elizabeth Golborne dau of William Golborne of Golborne
-2-5 Joan Venables m. Sir Thomas de Latham

-2-3-1 Sir Richard Venables of Kinderton d 23.07.1403 m. Isabel Langton dau of Rawlin de Langton of Newton and Walton
-2-3-2 Thomas Venables of Horton ancestor of Venables of Horton and Ayton
-2-3-3 William Venables, later of Golborne Constable of Chester m. Blanche
-2-3-4 Ellen Venables m. Thomas Erdeswick
-2-3-5 Emily or Angella Venables This is probably the Amilia, wife of Sir William Brereton, who is shown by Ormerod as being of 2 generations earlier. m 1386 William Brereton
-2-3-6 Isabel Venables m. David Egerton son of Philip
-2-3-7 Margery Venables b c 1370 m1 Richard Bulkeley of Cheadle m2 1393 Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover b c 1368, d 1456
-2-5-1 Isabel de Latham m 1385 Sir John de Stanley b 1340, d 1414

-2-3-7-1 Sir John Mainwaring of Over Peover d before 1481 Visitation 1580 shows Sir John's wife as Margaret Tuchett, dau of Lord Audley, and shows Mary Delves as first wife of their son William. We follow BP1934 & BLG1952 in showing the marriages as follows ... m1 1411 Margaret Delves dau of John Delves of Doddington
-2-3-7-2 William Mainwaring of Ightfield b c1396, d 1499 m Margaret Warren dau of John Warren
-2-3-7-3 Randle Mainwaring of Kirmincham or Carincham m Margaret Savage dau of Sir John Savage of Stainesby and Clifton
-2-3-7-4 Hugh Mainwaring or Manwaring of Croxton m Warren Croxton dau of _ Croxton of Croxton
-2-3-7-5 Elizabeth Mainwaring
-2-3-7-6 Cicely Mainwaring m Thomas Fowlehurst of Crewe
-2-3-7-7 Joan Mainwaring m 1411 John Davenport of Davenport
-2-3-7-8 Ellen Mainwaring m Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth
-2-3-7-9 Agnes Mainwaring d unm
-2-3-7-10 Margaret Mainwaring m1 William Bromley of Boddington family m2 Sir John Nidham judge in Chester
-2-3-7-11 Clemence Mainwaring mentioned by various web sites m 1413 William Beeston of Beeston d 1416
-2-3-7-12 Maud Mainwaring possibly of this generation m William Poole of Poole a 1429
-2-3-7-13 Alice Mainwaring possibly of this generation m William Richard de Spurstowe
partner unknown Cecilia Crew ?
Ve21-6 Richard Vernon ?= m Alice Moreton dau of Richard de Moreton d 1334 m Beatrix de Moreton
Ve21-6-1 Radulphus Ralph Vernon 'of Shipbrok'
i Agnes Vernon
m Sir William Atherton d 29.12.1414
Ve21-6-2 Richard Vernon
m Isabel Malbank dau of Piers Malbank
i Sir Richard Vernon
a Johanna Vernon a 1423
m Robert de Foulshurst
ii Sir Ralph Vernon
m Mary Butler dau of Sir Thomas Butler of Bewsy
a Ralph Vernon of Shipbroke
m Elizabeth Norris dau of Norris of Speke
1 Dorothy Vernon
m Sir John Savage
Ve21-7 Robert Vernon,
Ve21-8 Peter Vernon,
Ve21-9 William Vernon,
Ve21-10 Maud Vernon
Ve22-2 Richard de Vernon
m2? Cecilia Crew
Ve22-3 Lucia Vernon
Ve23-3 Mathew de Vernon of Bricklin
Ve23-4 claimed to be here was:
Alice Vernon b 1212 Northwich Cheshire
m Richard Baguley b 1196 Baguley Bucklow Cheshire son of John Baguley and Helen
-1 Ralph Baguley b 1230 Baguley m Alice de Massey b 1233 Knowsley Lancashire dau of Hamon de Massey and Matilda Timperly -1-1 Robert Baggelegh b c 1265 Baguley m Margaret de Dutton b c 1273 dau of Edward -1-1-1 Sir William Baguley b 1300 Cheadle Cheshire d c 1350 Stockport Cheshire m Clemence Cheadle b by 1312 Cheadle d c 1350 Cheshire -1-1-1-1 Isabel Baggaleigh/Baggiley
-1-1-1-2 John de Baguley
-1-1-1-3 John Baguley
Ve23-5 claimed to be here was
Richard Veronon b 1230 Shipbroke (possible confusion with nephew!)
Ve23-6 Nicholas Vernon b 1218 d 1290
Ve23-7? Margaret de Vernon possibly of this generation
m Ranulph de Bostock
Ve24-2 Sir William de Vernon a 1231
m Margery de Stokeport dau of Sir Robert de Stokeport
i Sir Richard de Vernon a 1252
m Margaret de Vipont
a Sir Richard de Vernon of Haddon and Harlaston
m1 Alionore de Frenes dau of Giles de Frenes
m2 Juliana de Vesci dau of William de Vesci or Vesey
1 Sir Richard de Vernon, Lord a 1311, dvp before 03.02.1322/3
m Matilda Camville dau of Sir William Camville of Aston
A Sir William de Vernon of Haddon and Harlaston b 1312-3
m Margaret dau of Robert, Baron of Stopford
i Sir Richard de Vernon of Haddon and Harlaston b 1370, d 1401
m Johanna Stackpole dau/coheir of Richard Stackpole
BP1934 identifies Johanna as sister of Isabella, wife of Rese ap Griffith. Joan Griffith, heiress of Stacpole, is shown by Griffith records as married to Richard Vernon.
a Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon b 1394-5, d 1451, Speaker
m Benedicta Ludlowe dau of Sir John Ludlowe
1 Sir William Vernon of Haddon b 1416, d 1467
m Margaret Swynfen dau of Sir William Swynfen
b son
c Margaret de Vernon d 1486 probably of this generation
m1 Richard Longueville of Wootton dvp c1444
m2 Sir Richard Roos or Ros of Whitefriers poet
d Agnes de Vernon possibly of this generation
m John Cokayne of Ashborne
B Isabella de Vernon
m 1337 Sir Richard Stafford
Ve26-3+ other issue - Ralph dsp, priest, Robert
Ve31-2. Walter de Vernon to England

Sources: BP1934 Vernon + Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Vernon
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