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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Verney 3: Verney of Allexton, Verney of Fermanagh, Verney of Middle Claydon, Verney of Penley Pendley
This family was probably connected to Verney 1. BEB1841 begins with Sir Ralph, father of John married Margaret Iwarby, father of the Sir Ralph who married Elizabeth Braye but BE1883 starts with ...
Ve19. Sir Ralph Verney
Ve18. John Verney
m Margaret Whittingham dau of Sir Robert Whittingham of Penley, Sheriff of London
Ve17 Sir Ralph Verney, Lord Mayor of London
BE1883 & BEB1841 identified only Margaret Iwardby as wife of Sir Ralph and mother of his children but 'Tudor' shows a second wife, Anne Weston, mother of his children apart from his eldest son Ralph, and also a 3rd wife, Elizabeth Broughton sp.
m Margaret Iwardby dau/heir of Francis Iwardby of Quinton
Ve16-1 Sir Ralph Verney of Penley or Pendley and Middle Claydon, Sheriff of Bedford & Buckinghamshire d 1546
m Elizabeth Braye d 1573, dau of Edmund Braye, 1st Lord
a. Edward Verney of Penley and Middle Claydon dsp 1558
m Dorothy Peckham dau of Sir Edward Peckham
b. Sir Edmund Verney of Penley and Middle Claydon, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire 3rd son
m1 Frances Hastings dsp, dau of John Hastings of Yelford
m2 Audrey Gardiner dau of William Gardiner of Fulmere
1 Sir Francis Verney of Penley dsp
m Ursula St. Barbe dau of William St. Barbe
m3. Mary Blankey dau of John Blankey of Sparrowham
BEB1841 indicates that the following Sir Edmund was of his father's 2nd marriage rather than his 3rd. We follow BE1883 which is supported by BP1934.
2 Sir Edmund Verney of Middle Claydon b 07.04.1596, d Edgehill 23.10.1642, standard bearer
m Margaret Denton dau of Sir Thomas Denton of Hillesden
A Sir Ralph Verney, 1st Bart of Middle Claydon d 24.09.1696
m Mary Blackwell dau of John Blackwell of Wasing and Abingdon
i Edmund Verney dvp
a Mary Verney
m John Kelynge
b+ other issue d young - Ralph, Edmund
ii Sir John Verney, 2nd Bart, 1st Viscount of Fermanaghh b 05.11.1640, d 23.06.1717
BE1883 and BP1934 report that John's marriages were 1 Elizabeth Baker, 2 Mary Lawley, and 3 Elizabeth Palmer with the children by Elizabeth Palmer. TCP Fermanagh shows as follows which is supported by BEB1841.
m1 27.05.1680 Elizabeth Palmer d 20.05.1686, dau of Ralph Palmer of Little Chelsea
a Ralph Verney, 2nd Viscount, 1st Earl Verney bpt 18.03.1683, d 04.10.1752
m 24.02.1707/8 Catherine Paschall d 28.11.1748, dau of Henry Paschall of Baddow Ball by Catherine Appleton
1 John Verney b c1711, dvp 03.06.1737
m 07.1736 Mary Nicholson dsp 1827, dau of Jonas Nicholson of Clapham
A Mary Verney, Baroness Fermanagh b 21.10.1737, d unm 15.11.1810
2 Ralph Verney, 2nd Earl Verney b c1712, dsp 31.03.1791
m 11.09.1740 Mary Herring b 04.02.1716, d 20.01.1791, dau of Henry Herring of Egham
3 Elizabeth Verney d 07.06.1756
m 28.06.1748 Bennet Sherard, 3rd Earl of Harborough bpt 03.09.1709, d 23.02.1770
4 Catherine Verney d unm 1750
b Elizabeth Verney d unm 1767
c Mary Verney bur 28.04.1769
m John Lovett of Soulbury
d Margaret Verney d 17.05.1774
m 20.02.1703 Sir Thomas Cave, 3rd Bart of Stanford Hall d 21.04.1719
A descendant from this marriage succesfully claimed the barony of Braye in 1839.
m2 10.07.1692 Mary Lawley d 24.08.1694, dau of Sir Francis Lawley, 2nd Bart of Spoonhill
m3. 08.04.1696 Elizabeth Baker dsp 12.12.1736, dau of Daniel Baker of London
iii+ other issue - Ralph d infant, 3 daughters d young
B+ other issue - Thomas, Sir Edmund d Drogheda 11.09.1649, Henry Colonel, John, Richard, 6 daughters
c. Sir Richard Verney, Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire a 1550
BE1883 mentions Sir Richard but does not say anything about his descendants. BEB1841 identifies Richard as ancestor of the Lords Willoughby de Broke. It appears that BEB1841 has confused this Sir Richard with Sir Richard of Compton.
d. Urian Verney 'of Fynmor Lodge' youngest son had issue
m Lettice Gifford dau of Sir George Gifford of Middle Claydon
e. Anne Verney
m mcrt 12.05.1555 Sir Nicholas Poyntz b c1535, d 01.09.1585
f. Jane Verney
m Sir Francis Hinde d 1595
g.+ other issue - John dsp, Francis, Ralph
ii. Sir John Verney of Penley, Sheriff of Bedford & Buckinghamshire then Essex and Hertfordshire a 1485
iii. Eleanor Verney
m Sir Edward Greville
iv. Catherine Verney
m Sir John Conway of Arrow a 1547
Ve16 Margaret Verney
m Sir Edward Raleigh of Farnborough
vi. Anne Verneymentioned by 'Tudor' as of this generation
m1 William Cave
m2 Thomas Grey of Enville d 31.12.1559

Sources: BE1883 Verney of Fermanagh, BEB1841 Verney of Middle Claydon + BP1934 Braye
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