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Traill 2: Traill of Hobbister, Trail of Holland, Traill of Ratter, Traill of Westness, Traill of Westove, Traill of Woodwick
George Traill of Westness b c1560, d 1634 to Orkney
m1 c1592 Jean Kennedy of Carmunks b c1565, d c1612, dau of Oliver Kennedy of Lochtoun
1. Thomas Traill, 1st of Holland b c1593, d 09.1671
This was the Thomas Traill who served in Germany under Gustavus Adolphus. On his return to Scotland he purchased the lands of Holland and others in the islands of Papa and Westray.
m 02.02.1631/2 Marian Craigie b 1601, d c1674
A. George Traill of Holland b 1633, d 12.1706
m1 05.06.1666 Katherine Baikie b c1640, d 29.05.1668
i. Thomas Traill of Holland
m Marion Traill
a. George Traill of Holland
m Jean Traill
1 Thomas Traill of Holland
m Anne Stewart apparently dau of Archibald Stewart of Brough
A George Traill of Holland
m Mary Swain dau of William Swain
i Thomas Traill of Holland d 1897
m 1846 Margaret Menzies dau of Robert Menzies of Perth
a William Traill of Holland b 1864, 4th son
b+ other issue dvp - George b 1847, 2 sons
B Isabella Traill apparently of this generation
m 1786 William Clouston b 1747, d 1832, minister of Stromness & Sandwick
m2 1669 Mary Graham b c1650, d 07.10.1686
m3. 1675 Marjorie Foulis
B. Gilbert Traill b 1634, d before 1640
C. Elisabeth Traill b 1637
m c1660 George Liddell b c1625, d 27.10.1681, Chamberlain
D. Gilbert Traill b 1640
E. Thomas Traill of Skaill b 1643
m 23.11.1675 Isobel Elspeth Scollay
F. Patrick Traill b 1644, Dean of Guild in Kirkwall
m 05.01.1668/9 Elspeth Baikie b c1649
G. William Traill b 1645
m Isobel Graham b c1648, d 10.09.1682
2. Elspeth Traill b c1605, d 1643
m c1634 Edward Pottinger
A. Elspeth Pottinger b 1635
m 24.11.1654 Patrick Traill of Elsness b 1634, d 06.10.1690 below
3. Barbara Traill b c1603, d after 1677
m 06.01.1636/7 Magnus Baikie d before 1671
4. Robert Traill b c1605
m Elspeth Spens
A. daughter
5. Margaret Traill b c1609
m1 c1627 Lawrence Groat
m2 Walter Dick
6.+ other issue - Oliver b c1596, d before 1611, John b c1607
m2 c1613 Isabel Craigie b c1590, d 1661, dau of Magnus Craigie by Elspeth Paplay
8. James Traill of Westove b c1613, d after 08.1684
m 1648 Jean Cok dau of Rev. Thomas Cok
A. Thomas Traill of Westove b 1648, d 25.10.1689 ancestor of Traills of Westove
m 06.08.1683 Anna Graham b c1660
There is an Ann Graham dau of Patrick Grahame, 1st of Graemeshall who married Thomas Traill of Westove on 17.12.1653. It is not clear whether or not these data conflict.
B. George Traill of Quendale, Provost of Kirkwall b 1650, a 1690
m1 10.04.1674 Elspeth Irving
m2 09.03.1681/2 Anna Baikie
i. George Traill of Hobbister Chamberlain of Earldom of Orkney
m Isabel
a. George Traill minister of Dunaet
m Jean Murray
1 James Traill of Hobbister and Ratter, Sheriff of Sutherland and Caithness
m Janet Sinclair dau of William Sinclair, 10th Earl of Caithness
A George Traill of Hobbister and Ratter a 1830, MP
B James Traill d 1873
m 1824 Caroline Whateley dau of William Whateley of Handworth
i James Christie Traill of Hobbister and Ratter b 1826 had issue
m 1857 Julia Lambarde dau of William Lambarde of Sevenoaks
C. William Traill of Westness b 1653, d 1705
m 15.11.1679 Margaret Balfour b 1662, d before 1705
i. George Traill of Westness
m Margaret Ballenden
a. John Traill of Westness and Woodwick a 1714, dsp 1795
m 1745 Mary Balfour dau of John Balfour of Trenable
ii. William Traill
m Isobel Sea
a. William Traill
m _ McKane
1 John Traill of Woodwick d 03.022.1805
m 16.03.1790 Sibilla Sutherland dau of Rev Hugh Sutherland
A William Traill of Woodwick b 31.01.1797, d 19.05.1858 had issue
m1 09.06.1817 Harriet Sarle d 02.03.1841
m2 07.02.1843 Henrietta Moodie Heddle dau of Robert Heddle of Melsetter
iii. James Traill of Woodwick
m Margaret Traill
a. issue d young
D. Nicola Traill b 1655, d 1688
m 1675 David Covingtrie d 1699
E. Jean Traill b 1657
m 1688 Magnus Craigie b c1650
F. Marjorie Traill b 1659
m1 02.03.1681/2 Thomas Loutit
m2 12.11.1696 John Nisbet
G. Barbara Traill b 1661
m 14.12.1686 John Ogilvy
9. Patrick Traill of Elsness b c1615, d 06.10.1690
m 24.11.1654 Elspeth Pottinger b 1635, dau of Edward Pottinger above
A. John Traill b 26.07.1657
m1 06.03.1678/9 Helen Stewart d 1712, previously Mrs Winchester
m2 21.10.1712 Margaret Stewart
B. David Traill b 21.02.1661/2, d 09.01.1725/6, Provost of Kirkwall
m1 13.0.1683/4 Christian Skene previously Mrs Sinclair
m2 1715 Jean Bruce
m3. 20.02.1722/3 Barbara Baikie
C. Barbara Traill b 12.09.1666
m 25.03.1686/24.02.1686 James Fea of Clestron
D. Andrew Traill b 04.10.1670
m1 1692 Margaret Spence b c1671
m2 13.06.1700 Anna Nisbet
E.+ other issue - Hugh b 30.12.1659, George b 19.06.1663, Jean b 07.07.1665, Patrick b 25.10.1667, Thomas b 16.03.1668/9, Basse b 26.05.1672, Sibella b 14.08.1673, Elspeth b 18.09.1674, Margaret b 16.07.1676, Bessie b 17.05.1679
10. Jean Traill b c1617
m 10.06.1644 John Howison
11. Helen Traill b c1624
m 1646 Thomas Kirkness
12. George Traill b c1628, d before 1658
m 27.07.1651/2 Helen Leeuw b 1631
13. Elspeth Traill b c1623
m 06.10.1651 Edward Mowat
14.+ other issue - William b c1620, Annabil b c1622, Hew b c1626

Sources: BLG1886 Traill of Holland, BLG1886 Traill of Woodwick, BLG1886 Traill of Hobbister and Ratter, Elsie Ritchie
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