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Pemberton of St. Alban's, Campbell, Evans of Bramford Speke, Wrotham, Plessis of Oxford, St. Lise / Liz
Robert Pemberton of St. Alban's, Hertfordshire
m Catherine
1. Roger Pemberton of St. Alban's
m Elizabeth More dau of Raffe More of St. Alban's
A. John Pemberton of St. Alban's a 1634
m1 Catherine Angell dau of William Angell of London
i.+ issue - John, Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine
m2 Elizabeth relict of _ Audley
B. Raffe Pemberton of St. Alban's
m Frances Kempe dau of Francis Kempe
i. Francis Pemberton
Visitation ends with naming Raffe & Frances's children. This is thought to have been the Sir Francis Pemberton of Trumpington b 1624/5, d 1697 who was Lord Chief Justice of England and married ...
m 1667 Anne Whichcote dau of Jeremy Whichcote, Solicitor General
a. ?? Pemberton
The following comes from BLG1886 Pemberton of Newton & BLG1886 Pemberton of Trumpington which provide little information about the family's ancestry other than to confirm that they are descendants of Lord Chief Justice Sir Francis. Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
1 ?? Pemberton
A Francis Pemberton of Trumpington House, Cambridgeshirefather of Christopher & presumed father of ...
i Francis Charles James Pemberton of Trumpington
a Frances Maria Sophia Pemberton
m Henry Williams Hodgson, later Pemberton of Trumpington b 1819see below
ii Christopher Robert Pemberton d 1822
m 07.1794 Eleanor Hamilton d 1846, dau of James Hamilton of Woodbrook & Strabane
a Christopher Robert Pemberton of Newton, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire b 1801, d 26.06.1884, 3rd sonhad issue
m 13.06.1829 Henrietta Peach dau of Nathaniel William Peach of Ketteringham Hall
b Walter Hamilton Pemberton b 1806
m Maria Lee-Warner of Norfolk
c Stanley Pemberton b 1811, d 07.1880, 6th son
m Marianne Haggitt
d Cecil Charlotte Pemberton
m H.S. Russell
e Mary Pemberton
m Rev. Sir John Lighton, 4th Bart of Merville
f Harriet Pemberton
m Thomas Henry Musgrave
g Eleanor Pemberton
m Rev. Hervey Machell
h+ other issue - John James b 1796, d unm, Richard b 1802, d unm, Alexander Samuel b 1810, d 1826, Charlotte d young, Charlotte Maria d young, Eleanor Charlotte d 1843
iii Charlotte Pembertonprobably of this generation
m Rev. Edward Hodgson
a Henry Williams Hodgson, later Pemberton of Trumpington b 1819, 2nd sonhad issue
m 1855 Frances Maria Sophia Pemberton dau of F.C.J. Pemberton of Trumpingtonsee above
b. ?? Pembertonpresumed to have been a different son from the son whose descendants inherited Trumpington
Identified on various web sites as a grandson of Lord Chief Justice Sir Francis was ...
1 Jeremy Pemderton b 1741, d 14.07.1790, Chief Justice of Nova Scotia
c. Anne Pembertonprobably of this generation
m George Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
d. Jane Pembertonprobably of this generation
m Edward Gould b 1677
ii.+ other issue - Ralfe, Elizabeth, Frances, Anne
- - - - -
1 The following has been pulled together from various web sites plus information kindly provided by a site visitor DA, 03.07.08. Dan Byrne's site suggests that Principal Neil was a nephew of Colonel John Campbell of Black River, Jamaica. An article in 1998 on Major John Campbell d 1685 in the Kintyre Mag by A.I.B. Stewart "AIBS" reported without particulary supporting a theory that Principal Neil may have been son of Major John who may in turn have been a younger son of Campbell of Claonarigh Clunaray or Clenary, a branch of the McIver Campbells. Alternatively, Principal Neil's father possibly Major John or grandfather may have been an illegitimate son of one of the Earls of Argyll.
2 AIBS reported that Major John is known to have had 3 daughters as follows.
John Campbell d 1685, Major
1. Margaret Campbell
m Lachlan McNeill of Auchensavit
2. Barbara Campbell
m Patrick Mcvicar of Campbeltown
3. Jannet Campbell
m mcrt 25.02.1676 John McNeill son of Malcolm of Carskey
Noting that the web site interest in this family appears to be mainly in Sir Duncan Campbell son of Principal Neil, only partly because of his connection with Bligh 'of the Bounty', we refrain from showing Principal Neil as a son of Major John Campbell but mention it here as a possibility.
?? Campbell
1. Neil Campbell b c1678, d 22.06.1761, principal of Glasgow Univeristy
m Henrietta Campbell dau of Patrick Campbell of Kilduskland
A. Sir Duncan Campbell b 1726, d 1803, owner of the ship 'Bethia' which was later renamed 'Bounty'
m1 1753 Rebecca Campbell dau of Dugald Campbell, cousinbelow
i. Henrietta Campbellprobably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
m Colin Campbell d c1815, in Greenock
m2 Mary Mumford b 1749, d 1827
ii. Elizabeth Campbell b14 Nov 1776
m Alexander Pitcairn in London b 1768
B. John Campbelldescendants in Australia
C. Ann Campbell
m John Somerville
D. Mary Campbell
m 1748 William Richard Betham customs controller in Douglas, Isle of Man
i. Elizabeth Betham
m 04.02.1781 Sir William Bligh, Governor of New South Wales b 09.09.1754, d 07.12.1817, son of Francis in Cornwall by Jane Balsam, Captain of the Bounty, later Vice Admiral
2. Dugald Campbell d 1744probably of this generation
A. Rebecca Campbell
m 1753 Sir Duncan Campbell b 1726, d 1803above
B.+ other issue
John Evans of Bramford Speke, Devon d by 1794, Commander, RN
Commoners vol III, Lewis of Greenmeadow identifies John as 'of Branceford Peak, Devonshire' but BLG1952 Disraelie of Hughenden identifies him as shown here. TCP identifies him as "sometime of Exeter".
m Eleanor Scrope Viney cousin, dau of Rev. James Viney of Bishopston son of William of Gloucester, niece/heir of Gen. Sir James Viney of Taynton or Taignton Manor
1. John Viney-Evans b 1794, d 02.07.1834
2. Mary Anne Evans, later Viscountess Beaconsfield of Beaconsfield b 1789, dsp 15.12.1872
m1 12.1815-6 Wyndham Lewis of Greenmeadow & Pantgwynlais Castle b 07.10.1780, dsp 1838, MP
m2 28.08.1839 Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister, Earl of Beaconsfield b 21.12.1804, dsp 19.04.1881
?? Wrotham
1. Richard Wrotham
A. Richard Wrotham dsp
B. Muriel? Wortham
The Visitation shows a daughter who married a Plesetis Plessetis and was mother of William d 1273-4. This looks as though it might be the Muriel who is reported to have married ...
m Hugh de Plessetis see below
C. daughter
m Shopland
i. Geffrey Shopland
a. Richard Shopland
D. Constance Wrotham
m _ Blount a 1263
E. Christian Wrotham
m Thomas Bicott
2. William Wrotham archdeacon of Tanton, temp King John who r. 1199-1216
This family's name is often shown as 'de Plessetis' which is the Latin version. We start with a Sir John and a Sir Hugh whom we show as brothers but who may have been cousins.
?? de Plessis
1. Sir John du Plessis, Sheriff of Oxford, later 'Earl of Warwick' d 25.02.1262/3
m1 1234 Christian de Sandford d before 25.12.1242?, dau/coheir of Hugh de Sandford of North Moreton by Joan, dau of Hugh de Noers of Great Missenden, widow of Sir William de Sidenham of Titchmarsh
A. Sir Hugh de Plessis 'of Kidlington' b c1237, d before 07.07.1292
m1 before 1249 Isabel Biset dau/coheir of John Biset by Alice, dau/coheir of Thomas Basset of Headington
i. John de Plessis or Plessetis dvp 1729 who appears to have married ...
m Annabel de Segrave dau of Nicholas de Segrave, 1st Lord
ii. Hugh de Plescy of Kidlington, 1st Lord b c1267, d before 23.08.1301, 4th son
m Margaret d before 03.11.1311
a. Hugh de Plescy, 2nd Lord b 25.04.1295, d before 26.04.1337
m Millicent d 10.06.1361, m2. Richard de Stonelegh
1 Hugh de Plescy, 3rd Lord b 1319-20, dsp 02.09.1349
m Elizabeth de la Beche dau of William de la Beche d c1378, by Eupheme, dau/coheir of Edmund Comyn of Kilbride, m2. Sir Roger de Elmerugge of Elmbridge
2 John de Plescy, 4th Lord b c1332, dsp befoer 26.10.1354
3 Eleanor de Plescy d by 1360
m John Lenveysey d 15.09.1360
A John Lenveysey, later Plescy b c1352, dsp
m 1359 Joan de Missenden dau of Thomas de Missenden by Isabel
iii. Christiane de Plessis or Plessetis
m 1269-70 John de Segrave, 2nd Lord b c1256, d before 04.10.1325
iv.+ other issue - Thomas dvp 1283, Philip a 1286, dvp
m2 by 01.1278/9 Joan de Hoyvill dau of Hugh de Hoyvill, widow of John de Soleham or Suleham of Hempton
m2 before 14.09.1243, sp Margery, Countess of Warwick d 03.06.1253, dau of Henry de Newburgh, 5th Earl of Warwick
2. Sir Hugh du Plessis or Plessetis
Mentioned in BE1883 Plessetts or Plessetis of Warwick was Hugh's son ...
A. Robert de Plecy or Plessets of Upwinborne Placy, Dorset had issue
The following connection to Richard is shown on various web sites which, insofar as they identify a source, indicate that it was the IGI.
B. Hugh de Plessis or Plessetis
m Muriel de Wrotham @@ above
i. Richard de Wrotham
m Gladys dau of Berenger le Romeyn
Visitation Rutland, 1618-9, Durant shows that son of a Plesetis who married a Wrotham was the following William whom we presume fits here.
ii. William Plessetis d 1273-4
a. Richard Plessetis dsp
b. Avelina Plessetis
m John Durant
c. Emme Plessetis
m John Hearne d 1326-7
d. Sabina Plessetis
m Nicholas Peach
1+ issue - Nicholas, Richard
Simon de St. Liz or St. Lise
Visitation shows this Simon as Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Northampton & Huntingdon, showing both that he dsp 1184 and that he had 3 sons. Visitation shows those sons as by Alice de Gaunt but, if they were indeed his sons which we doubt, they must surely have been illegimitate for TCP Huntingdon reports that he had only one legitimate son, a Simon who dvp young.
1. Simon St. Lise
m Anne dau of Richard Bulistra
A. Sir RIchard St. Lise 2nd son
m Maud
i. William St. Lise of Seaton & Thorpe, Rutland
a. Rowland St. Lis
m Agnes Empingham
1 Rowland St. Lise
m Alice Pinchbeck
A John St. Lise dsp
B Margaret St. Lise
m1 Sir Henry Durant of Cottismore
m2 John Burgh
C Elizabeth St. Lise
m William Sheffield
b. Richard St. Lise younger son?
m Joane Gernn
1 Margaret St. Lise
m Robert Poynton
A Robert Poynton
m Anne Heyfford
i Wiliam Poynton dsp
2+ other issue dsp - William, Thomas, Simon, John, Elizabeth
c. Alice St. Lise
m Sir John Liam
d Simon St. Lise
e Thomas St. Lise
f Oliver St. Lise
g Raffe St. Lise
h William St. Lise
i Roger St. Lise
j Nicholas St. Lise
k John St. Lise
l Maud St. Lise
B. William St. Lise
i. Alice St. Lise
m Sir _ de Lyons
C.+ other issue - Simon dsp, Anderw of Prestley
2. Hugh St. Lise
m Emma
A. Henry St. Lise
3. Raffe St. Lise

1 Visitation Hertfordshire, 1634, Pemberton of St. Alban's
2 TCP Beaconsfield + other sources mentioned above
3 Visitation Rutland, 1618-9, Durant
4 TCP Plescy de Plecy, du Plessis + as reported above
5 Visitation Rutland, 1618-9, Durant
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