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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Morison of Bognie, Harvey of Seaton House, Durie of Grange, Longchamp of Wilton Castle, Talbot of Gainsborough, le Savage of Bobbing Court

m3 Sir Edward Moore of Mellefont d 1602
Alexander Morison
m Elizabeth Garden
1. George Morison of Bognie
m Christian Urquhart dau of Sir Alexander Urquhart
A. Theodore Morison of Bognie
m Catherine Maitland dau of Sir Charles Maitland, Bart of Pitrichie, by Jean Forbes
i. Alexander Morison of Bognie d 17.09.1801
m Catharine Duff dau of John Duff of Cublin
a. Katherine Morison b 1757, d 05.01.1832
m 1783 John Forbes, 5th of Boyndlie b 27.06.1758, d 06.12.1824
B. Susanna Morison
m 27.04.1704 John Forbes, 1st of Boyndlie b 07.02.1680, a 1715
unrelated to the above was
James Harvey of Seaton House, Aberdeenshire
m _ Fiddes
1. William Harvey of Monycaboc b 1752, d 1834
m Jean Lumsden b 1760, d 1837, dau of John Lumsden of Boghead of Kintore by Christian Stephen
A. Catherine Harvey b 1786, d 30.07.1864
m John James Crombie in Aberdeenshire b 1771, d 06.05.1858
unrelated was:
Robert Durie of Grange
m Christine Rutherford sister of Andrew Rutherford, 1st Lord Rutherford, Earl of Teviot
1. John Durie of Grange dsp? before 29.04.1643
2. William Durie of Grange d before 24.01.1662
A. John Durie of Overgrange d 04.1724
i. George Durie, '5th Lord Rutherfurd' d 18.06.1759
George was one of two claimants to the title after the death of the 4th Lord Rutherfurd.
m Margaret Ogilvy dau of Captain David Ogilvy by Jean Thoirs
a. David Durie, '6th Lord Rutherfurd' dsp 15.10.1785
ii. daughter
m _ Anderson
a. John Anderson of Goland
3. Christian Durie presumably the Christian who married ...
m 1633 James Durie of Netherton and Craigluscar b 1583, d 1682
unrelated to the above was:
Hugh de Longchamp of Wilton Castle
m Eve de Lacy dau of Gilbert de Lacy of Hereford, son of Sir Hugh Talbot of Shrewsbury by Emma de Lacy
1. Hugh de Longchamp of Wilton b 1138, d c1194
m Emme de St. Leger dau of Sir Reginald de St. Leger of Wartling
A. Henry Stephen? de Longchamp of Wilton b 1158, d 1212
m Maud de Cantelou dau of Walter de Cantelou or Cantilupe
i. Hugh de Longchamp of Wilton
m Georgia de Columbers dau of Henry de Columbiers
a. Sir Henry de Longchamp of Wilton
m Joan
1 Maud de Longchamp d before 21.11.1302
m Reginald de Grey, 1st Lord of Wilton d 1308
ii. William de Longchamp d c1212
m 1191 Petronilla de Craon dau of Guy de Craon of Freiston
The following is supported by Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906, Pedwardine of Burton Pedwardine.
a. Henry de Longchamp of Warnborough Manor
m Sibyl dau of Sir Thomas de Heringande
1 William de Longchamp dvp?
2 Alice de Longchamp of Burton & Warnborough d 1330
m Roger de Pedwardyne
B. Roger de Longchamp
i. Sibel de Longchamp
m John de Vaux of Walton
C. Margaret de Longchamp
m Roger Robert? de Gresley
The following records the suggestions of the interesting genealogical database at It provides an alternative ancestry for the Talbot and Lacy families. Talbot01 Lacy01
Lesire Talbot of Battlesden, Bedfordshire b c980
1. William Talbot of Battlesden b 1025
m Basilia de Falaise dau of Gilbert d'Evreux being apparently the same person as Gerard de Fleitel
A. Sir Richard Talbot of Battlesden b 1045
m1 Aimee d'Aubigny dau of Guillaume d'Aubigny de Contentin by Adelicia de Plessis
i. Sir Hugh Talbot of Shrewsbury
This appears to be the Hugh, shown on Talbot01 as married to Beatrix Mandeville, who was ancestor of many Talbot families, including the Earls of Shrewsbury. The celtic-casimir site shows an earlier marriage for Hugh to ...
m1 Emma de Lacy dau of Walter de Lacy by Emeline
a. Gilbert de Lacy of Hereford a 1163
This appears to be the Gilbert who was ancestor of the Lacis of Meath, etc., reported on Lacy01.
m2 Beatrix de Mandeville, 'Countess of Essex'
m2 Gunnora de Gournay dau of Sir Gerald de Gournay
ii. Sir Geoffrey Talbot of Swanscombe
This appears to be the Geoffrey, shown on Talbot01 as married to Agnes de Lacy, who had a son Geoffrey and a daughter Sybil. The celtic-casimir site shows the following descendants for another son, William.
m Agnes de Lacy dau of Walter de Lacy
a. William Talbot of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire b c1120
1 Sir Robert Quintin Talbot of Gainsborough d before 1195
The celtic-casimir site identifies Robert's wife only as Ermentrude. It appears that she was ...
m Ermentrude de Ferrers dau of Robert de Ferrers of Eggington
A Ermentrude Talbot
m Henry FitzGerold of Deddington & Kingston
unrelated to the above was:
Roger le Savage of Bobbing Court, Kent d 1311
m Clarice de la Warre dau of Roger de la Warre by Clarice le Tregoz
1. Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court, Sheriff of Kent d 1356
m Margerie Poynings
A. Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court, Sheriff of Kent b c 1365 d 29.11.1410
m 1388 Joan Etchingham b c 1370 dau of->
+1 William Etchingham
i. Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court dsp 25.03.1420
m Katherine Scales
ii. Elizabeth Savage d 1451
m1 Reginald Cobham d 31.10.1405
-1+ 2 sons dvpsp
-3 Sir Thomas Cobham, de jure 5th Lord of Rundale b 1397, d before 1429

-3-1 Elizabeth Cobham possibly the Elizabeth who married ...
m John Seymour
-3-1-1 Sir Thomas Seymour a 1488
m Philippa Hungerford dau of Sir Edward Hungerford
-3-1-1-1 John Seymour of Rode dvp -3-1-1-1-1 William Seymour or St. Maur
-3-1-1-1-2 Anne Seymour m Robert Stawell
-3-1-1-1-3 Margaret Seymour m William Bampfylde
-3-1-1-1-1-1 Joane Seymour dsp 1517 m Sir William not Robert Drury of Hawstead d 1557
m2 William Clifford -1 Lewis Clifford of Bobbing Court had issue, The following needs verification
m Anne dau of Lord Molynes
-1-1 Sir Alexander Clifford of Bobbing Court
m Margaret Colepeper dau of Walter Colepeper
-1-1-1 Lewis Clifford, Sheriff of Kent
m Mildred Bourne dau of Bartholomew Bourne of Sharstead
-1-1-1-1 Nicholas Clifford of Holme and Chart -1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Clifford d 30.11.1581, co-heir
m1 Sir William Brabazon d 09.07.1552, Lord Justice in Ireland
m2 Capt Christopher Blount /td>

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